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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam stands in shock, looking down at the returned engagement ring in his hand. He explains to Steffy that Hope changed her mind and now does not want to marry him. Steffy drapes herself around his pathetic neck and comforts him. She says there is life after Hope and she will be there for him. She loves him, and wants him to be happy. She’s going to take him by the hand and get him out of this hell that he’s in. Maybe he can consider her more than a friend now. He slips the ring on her finger and asks her to marry him. He leads her to the bedroom and they make love. Rick meets Hope walking down the road. He brings her home and she tells Ridge and Brooke that it was not a good night. Rick explains that he followed Liam home and he’s with Steffy. Hope can not think of any explanation for this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the town square, Hope told Bo that she was thinking of the bank statements they found.  Bo said without a name, it was going to be hard to find out who they belong to.  Hope mentioned that the same amount of money was being deposited every month.  Hope wondered why Alice had the statements and why she kept it a secret.  Bo told her they would figure it out.  Adrienne wanted Jack to tell her where heís been.  Everyone reacted to EJís mayoral announcement.  EJ told everyone about his dream about helping Salem.  EJ disparaged the job Abe did as mayor.  Bo reassured Abe that EJ wouldnít win.  At Jenniferís house, Jennifer questioned why Jack came back.  Daniel told her to talk to Jack.  She didnít know what to say to him.  He said he wouldnít let her go through it alone.  They continued to talk about Jack.  Daniel wanted to know if she still had feelings for Jack.  Jack told Adrienne why he was gone.  Adrienne was relieved that heís okay.  She told him to tell Jennifer and Abby the truth, but he couldnít do it.  He said Jennifer wouldnít hear him.  Adrienne thought that Jack might have been purposely hurting Jennifer and Abby.

Lexie went to Stefanoís table and was furious with EJ and Stefano.  EJ tried to defend himself, but Lexie didnít care.  They continued to argue.  Lexie threatened him if he played dirty.  Rafe was joined by an F.B.I. agent.  Rafe wondered where Sami was so he could explain what was going on, but she wasnít there.  Rafe wanted to wait to proceed, but the agent didnít want to lose the upperhand.  They have been waiting for him to come back in the country.  If he left again, they would lose him.  Rafe wanted to wait five minutes.  Hope asked Maggie about Aliceís bank accounts.  Maggie said Alice didnít have any secrets because she was an open book.  Jennifer said she felt anger towards Jack.  She assured Daniel that she wants to be with him, not Jack.  Bo and Hope continued to talk about Alice.  Victor proposed to Maggie at the party.  Before Maggie could answer, there was a commotion.  Rafe told John that he was under arrest for embezzlement, security and misappropriation of pension funds.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jason takes Sam to a house in the woods and tells her that he had planned to spend their wedding night there. He tells her he lived there after the accident and that itís the first place that felt like home. They make honeymoon love.

Ethan regains consciousness in Wyndemere to find Helena Cassadine holding a knife to his throat and saying there are penalties for trespassing. He escapes her grasp and they chat about Luke and Laura. Meanwhile, Luke watches from the shadows. Helena shares some pearls of wisdom and departs. Ethan remains and looks at Laura's portrait until his attention is taken by the sound of a squeaking door. Lucky and Elizabeth talk about Laura. He admits to her that he used. Mac tells Lucky that Dante was shot at Sonny's coffee warehouse. Lucky says he should have been in the warehouse, but he cancelled on Dante. He then comes clean with Mac about everything beginning with being shot up by JT's men. He hands over his badge and gun and goes to GH.

Shawn runs interference with the police conducting the investigation of Dante's shooting at Sonny's coffee warehouse. He gets the female officer to drop her guard. He goes into the bathroom and constructs a bomb, then comes out and says he found it there. Ronnie Dimestico tries to force Spinelli to hand over security footage from the warehouse. Spinelli hands this laptop to Ronnie, but Maxie takes it back and threatens to tell Mac that Ronnie is harassing his daughter. Moments later, Max delivers the same request from Sonny. Johnny goes to GH. Sonny knows Johnny already knows what happened to Dante. He warns him what will happen if he finds evidence that Johnny had anything to do with it. Lulu holds Dante's hand in his room as he struggles to speak. He asks her what her answer is, but before she responds, he goes into cardiac crisis and Steve makes her step away and takes Dante to an operating room. Lulu blames Sonny. Olivia tells Lulu that Dante's love for her will pull him through. Sonny listens from nearby as Olivia demands to know if Johnny had anything to do with Dante getting shot.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Cord Roberts, Clint's oldest son, makes a surprise visit. Little does he know that his ex, Tina, has come back for the reading of Victor's will. Cord tells his father they must not let Rex Balsam ruin their company and is very surprised to hear Clint defending Rex and recognizing him as his son. Shane indicates to his dad that he has some sort of "secret" involving Jack Manning that nobody else knows. And we see a "flashback" of Shane knocking Jack out in the rain outside Victor's home and getting a hold of a gun. Yet that's all we know. Starr returns to the house with original Todd and everybody is horrified to see that she's helped him bust out of jail although they both protest that she had to do it because Irene threatened to kill them all. Todd finally recognizes the mysterious microchip when he sees the ring that Tina apparently got from their mutual mom and he goes to meet Irene at the docks.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Tucker tells Ashley the truth about his deal with Jack and explains that he didn’t want jabot to come between them anymore so he decided to sell it to Jack when he gets the company back from Katherine. Katherine apologizes to Jack for asserting her authority lately and tells him that she values him very much and thinks of him as more of a son then tucker. Jack promises Ashley that she will be part of Jabot if they win the lawsuit and get the company back from Katherine. Neil tries to reach a settlement of the lawsuit with Sofia before going to court but Sofia refuses to settle the lawsuit. Sofia and Neil both agree that they want the baby to be Malcolm’s so that he and Sofia can rebuild their marriage. Neil talks to Katherine about the baby situation and wonders if he slept with Sofia because he was still angry on some level for what happened years ago with Malcolm and Dru. Neil tells Katherine that Malcolm and Dru keeping the secret from him tore his family apart and Katherine remembers Paul telling her that Devon was Tucker’s son and that Tucker had a right to know the truth. Katherine is shocked when Jack shows up in court and sits down beside Tucker and Ashley and she is hurt that Jack betrayed her.

Ronan feels pressure from the DA’s office to make progress on Diane’s murder investigation, but he gets two important leads in the case. The Goodwill store manager confirms that Victor donated the shoes. Diane’s diary is tested and found to be authentic. In it Diane states that if anything happens to her, either Victor or Adam is responsible for her death. Ronan also wonders why the five pages before Diane died are missing from the diary. Ronan calls both Victor and Adam in for questioning at the station, then he leaves them alone in his office to talk. Victor and Adam are unaware that Ronan and Paul are recording them and listening outside Ronan’s office. Heather arrives and reminds both Ronan and Paul that the recording would be inadmissible in court, because state law says that one party has to be aware they are being recorded. Victor divulges that Diane told him that Adam was trying to set him up for her murder. Adam figures out that Victor must have seen Diane the night after Adam left her at the park. When he spoke to Diane, she told him that she had not spoken to Victor yet. Ronan and Paul are happy they have confirmation that both Adam and Victor were at the park the night Diane died. Ronan is willing to take his chances in court with the inadmissible recording, because he found out what he needed to know.

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