Wednesday 9/28/11 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie is lavishing in bed with a sexy teddy on….waiting for Bill and asks him how was the bachelor party. Does she have a game for him! She slowly peels off her clothes and lets them fall to the floor….followed by a hot kiss. Meanwhile Steffy and Liam are in his car parked outside the cliff house and she is trying to persuade him for one last goodbye kiss. He finally gives in just as Hope comes around the car and peeks in the window wondering what is taking Liam so long. She almost chokes when she sees them kissing. Liam pulls away and says he wishes they hadn’t done that. Brooke can’t wait to hear from Hope and succumbs to making a phone call, but Hope is outside and does not get the call. Rick, seeing what is going on with Liam and Steffy, calls his mother and finds out this was the night Hope chose to move in with Liam so she is occupied. He does not tell Brooke what he is seeing. Steffy tells Liam that she loves him and she just had to tell him. He laments that if it weren’t for Hope, then it might have been Steffy…….but it is Hope. Steffy reminds him that when a girl loves a man, that is practically all she thinks about and Hope is concentrated more on her career. It comes first. Maybe Steffy is just being a hopeless romantic, in love with love. Her man is going to be Number One in her life. She wants to go on a journey with her man; him there every step of the way. He thinks that is beautiful and what he wants too, but with Hope. He tells Steffy that she is a good friend. She calls him a lifesaver.

Deep in despair, Hope goes back into the house. She rounds up all of their photos, blows out all the candles and leaves out the back patio door. Steffy calls Bill and says she knows he can’t talk, but she needed to let him know that it didn’t work with Liam. He’s deeply in love with Hope and he’s not going to cheat. Bill tells her not to give up just yet. Hope calls Liam and asks how was his night. He says he would ask her over, but he’s not sure he can handle it the way he feels about her. Maybe it’s better that he be alone. She’s shocked at the word “alone”. He tells her that he wants to be with her, but she went back on her word about moving up the wedding date, so yeah right now he’s really mad at her. She says that yes, she is mad at him too. She doesn’t want to get married any more. Everyone makes their own choices and he has made his and now she is making hers. She asks him to just go look on the fireplace mantle. He does and sees the engagement ring and picks it up and stares at it in his palm. Hope says she does not want to see him again. She’s practically physically sick… is Liam. Steffy walks back in (just thought we’d seen the last of her) and sees Liam holding Hope’s ring.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Everyone was still at the party.  John and Marlena talked about the real reason they were in Salem.  Marlena felt they could trust their family.  John agreed and wanted to tell everyone eventually.  He didnít want to ruin the evening.  Roman and Abe talked about Abe running for re-election.  Abe thought it would be anticlimactic to run without an opponent.  EJ and Kate were listening to them.  Stefano showed up at the party.  No one was happy to see him except EJ and Kate.  Stefano greeted John and Marlena.  After John told Stefano where to go, Stefano walked away.  Lexie apologized for her family crashing the party.  Lexie told Abe she found a headquarters for his campaign.  It is across from the town square.  Lexie told John and Marlena that thereís another announcement.  Daniel tried to introduce himself to Jack, but Jack ignored him.  Jennifer wanted to know what he was doing in Salem.  He said it wasnít his idea to drop in the way he did.  She wanted to know if he told the kids he wasnít dead.  He wanted to talk, but not in front of Daniel.  Jack and Jennifer got into it over Daniel.  Jack asked Daniel if Daniel could give him and ďhis wifeĒ privacy so they could talk.  Jennifer reminded him that they are divorced.

Lexie, Abe, Roman, John, and Marlena celebrated Abe being the mayor.  Jack was surprised to hear that he and Jennifer were divorced.  She told him that he abandoned his wife and children.  Jack denied abandoning them.  Jennifer reminded him that she hadnít seen or heard from him since she left for Aliceís funeral.  She said the only way she knew anything about him was through a blog.  He told her that she couldnít divorce him without him.  She told him she had a judge give her an ex-parte.  He told her he didnít do anything and she couldnít divorce him.  They continued to talk about Jack leaving her and the children.  Jack saw Abby and was happy to see her.  She wasnít happy to see him.  Terri told Lexie it was time to make the announcement.  Lexie wanted to talk about Abe and all his accomplishments as mayor.  EJ thought Abe was lucky to have Lexie by his side.  Kate told him that he needed a good woman too.  Abby left with Chad while Jennifer, Daniel, and Jack followed them.  Jack tried to apologize to Abby, but she didnít care.  She wanted to know why he was in Salem.  He said he came to see her and Jennifer.  Abby ripped into Jack.  Jack wanted to comfort her, but Daniel stopped him.  Daniel told him to give Jennifer and Abby space, but Jack didnít want to hear it.  Jack said Jennifer and Abby were his family and he wasnít leaving them.  Daniel said he already did.  Jennifer tried to get Abby to forgive Jack, but she wasnít ready.  Jack had a reunion with Adrienne.  Adrienne grilled him about where heís been.  Lexie continued to praise Abe until EJ interrupted her.  Abe wanted to know what EJ was doing.  Rafe was on the phone and wanted to know if it had to happen now.  EJ announced that he was running for mayor.  Kate and Stefano were the only ones happy.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Jason and Sam pull over to watch the stars. Sam tells Jason that she really wants to be in Hawaii. He tells her that – that can be arranged. She tells him how she misses Danny. Ethan tells Johnny that Skye left town. Ethan breaks into Wyndemere and finds a shredded portrait of Laura. He tries to get a closer look and is knocked out from behind.

Johnny is angry that Anthony shot Dante. He insists on doing damage control, but Anthony tells him that they are the only ones who know he shot Dante and why. Anthony sinisterly tells Johnny to be nice to him. Johnny goes to the hospital to check out the situation. Sonny insists on seeing Dante, but Epiphany tells him no way. He then calls Max and tells him to find out who shot Dante. Olivia calls Lulu and tells her that Dante was shot. Lulu rushes to the hospital. Alexis runs into Kate and tries to comfort her.

Carly and Abby tell Ronnie that they found Dante. Michael shows up with blood on his shirt and Ronnie assumes that he shot Dante. Michael informs him that the blood was from when he tried to help Dante. Shawn shows up and vouches for Michael. Michael and Shawn think that something is amiss at the warehouse. Michael, Abby and Carly arrive at GH. Sonny talks to Michael about what happened at the warehouse. Kate yells at Carly for turning against Sonny and Jax. Sonny sees Lulu and promises her that he will find out who did this to Dante.

Spinelli is still having issues with the computer. All he can do is play solitaire. Ronnie shows up and demands that he gives him the surveillance footage from the warehouse but Spinelli can’t do it.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Victor Lord Jr.'s will is read, bequeathing everything to his mother, Irene Manning. Everyone knows Irene manipulated it, but the lawyer has to give everything to Irene, including the house. Irene tells Tea and Dani to move out immediately. She invites Jack to stay. Blair slaps her and tells her to stay away from him. Tina Lord sucks up to Irene, calls her "Mom," and says she's missed her. Tina wants something to remember Victor, Jr. by. To Tina's disappointment, Irene gives her his ring that was once their father's. Viki tells Tina she knows nothing of family loyalty. Tea files an emergency injunction. Irene, lurking in the yard, watches Dani leave to go to Destiny. A man brings Irene a time bomb set for one hour, and Irene says that tomorrow no one will be left alive to fight her for the money.

Todd tells Starr she has to get him out of jail because Irene is out so the entire family is in danger. He says Irene wants a microchip so he has to find it before she starts killing people. She tells him to feign a heart attack. When the guards are tending to Todd, Starr takes a gun off a guard's belt and aims it at them. Then Todd cuffs them to the bars and he and Starr leisurely walk out of the jail. Todd arrives at Victor's house to find everyone is ok.

Brody asks for Clint's blessing to marry Natalie. Clint says he will never give his blessing for destroying Jessica. Brody says he and Natalie will get married without his blessing. Jessica snipes at Natalie about being engaged to her former fiancť as a consolation prize because John doesn't love her. She says that Natalie blew into Llanview to destroy the family, and she has finally succeeded. Natalie says she is done with Jessica. Jessica tells Natalie she is trash. Natalie says Jessica is Mitch Lawrence's psycho daughter. Jessica decks her. Natalie hits her back and they continue fighting. Brody pulls Natalie off of Jessica. Clint gets a surprise visit.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Neil and Katherine advise Devon to talk to the people in the accounting and legal departments before he decides if its best to rent or lease studio space for the record company. Katherine helps Devon realize that Neil wants him to succeed even though he may not agree with his choice to choose music over college. Devon apologizes to Neil for being a jerk and tells him that he understands that he wants to keep him from making mistakes so that he can succeed in life. Billy hides in the closet and overhears Victoria talking to Victor on the phone and telling him that she doesn’t know what she would do without Sam. Billy is about to sneak out the door while Victoria is on the phone but Sam arrives so he hides in the closet again. Sam pets the dog and asks Victoria how his darling is doing meaning the dog but since Billy can’t see Sam and Victoria as they talk he thinks Sam is calling Victoria darling. Sam tells Victoria that forgetting about Billy won’t work and she must make peace with her longing for him. Victoria’s dog heads for the closet again and Billy quickly sneaks out while Sam and Victoria are talking and looking for the dog. Victoria takes Sam’s advice and writes an e-mail to Billy telling him how much she loves and misses him and wants him to come home.

The Athletic Club manager calls the police and tells them Diane left a lock box in the hotel safe. Ronan heads to the club with Abby following him since she overheard the conversation and fears Diane may have hidden the DVD with her confession inside the lockbox. Ashley hears a message that Abby left her telling her that she is going to persuade Ronan that Ashley had nothing to do with Diane’s murder. Ashley tells Victor to talk to Abby, so he calls Abby and she tells him she followed Ronan to the Athletic Club. Victor tells Abby to stay there and not talk to Ronan. Ronan easily figures out Abby is following him and asks her to come with him to the police station and watch him open the lockbox. Ronan opens the box and finds a diary, which he has checked by Forensics. Abby tells Ronan that if he wants to talk to her, he will have to contact her lawyer. The police also locate Victor’s shoes at a Goodwill shop in a nearby town. Tests show that the threads on Victor’s shoes match those found at the park the night of Diane’s death. Ronan focuses his investigation on Abby and Victor. Abby tells Victor everything that happened with the lock box and worries that the DVD is floating around somewhere, and if Ronan finds it, she will be in trouble. John Abbott’s ghost returns to advise both Jack and Billy and help them talk through their problems. John advises Jack that if he wants Jabot, he should go for it all the way not just to be CEO. John’s advice leads Jack to tell Tucker that if he wants him to testify for him to overturn the sale of Jabot, then Tucker must promise in writing that he will sell Jabot to him immediately after he gets it back from Katherine. After Tucker agrees to the deal, he and Jack lie to Ashley when she asks them why they were meeting. John advises Billy to stop torturing himself and accept the fact that he and Victoria can’t be together, and she is part of his past. John reminds Billy he is doing all this for Delia’s sake and she is what is important now. Billy takes his dad’s advice and he cries a little as he deletes Victoria’s e-mail without reading it.

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