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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie tells Steffy that she is beginning to sound like a broken record that Hope doesn’t appreciate Liam and she can do better. Why would Liam put up with all of Hope’s other priorities when he can be with Steffy instead? Hope tells Brooke that she hasn’t heard from Liam, but she expects the party is in full swing now so he’s otherwise engaged. She will explain to him when she sees him. The wedding is just a formality and their real wedding will happen in their hearts tonight. Bill slips away from the party and calls Steffy. He tells her that Liam is miserable and he needs her help – get over to Sunset immediately. Ridge explains why he didn’t go to the bachelor party. He’d rather spend the evening with his gorgeous wife rather than Bill Spencer or be a father-in-law type too soon for Liam and force him to behave. Brooke explains that Liam will behave, and Hope is going to be waiting later and spending the night with him.

Bill meets Steffy and hands her a key to Liam’s car. He says she is to drive him home, kiss him goodnight and then do whatever it takes to end this engagement. Of course Liam is surprised when he climbs in the car and sees Steffy is the driver. Rick watches from the shadows as the car pulls away. Bill tells Justin that Hope and Liam are over after tonight. Steffy will see to that. He is not fooling around. He is not going to watch Liam suffer the rest of his life with Hope. Liam reminds Steffy that it’s not up to Bill if he marries Hope or not so he wishes he would drop this idea of trying to split them up. He’s mad at Hope for now for not moving up the wedding, but he’ll get over it and tomorrow all will be okay. Hope hears the car drive up and waits impatiently. Rick is watching as Steffy convinces Liam to practice on her; what he’s going to say to Hope whether it is later tonight or not until the morning. She volunteers to spend the night and when he says that is not a good idea, she proposes a small friendly kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Everyone was still gathered at the town square.  Jack overheard Jennifer talking to Daniel about failing her children.  Chloe told Brady, Nicole, and Kinsey that she got the job in Chicago.  Chloe had to get Lexie to discharge her from the hospital because she has to be there for the weekend.  She owed everything to Brady.  Daniel reassured Jennifer that sheís a good mother.  They talked about her marriage ending.  Jack was still listening to them.  Chloe walked up on Daniel and Jennifer.  Chloe said she was leaving for Chicago.  Marlena and Roman talked about their lives.  Roman wondered if everything was okay with her and John.  She made it seem as if things werenít okay with them.  John and Brady had a reunion that didnít go that well.  When Bo and Hope went to Jenniferís house, they reminisced about the past.  Chloe said goodbye to Daniel.  Daniel reassured Chloe that she would do great in Chicago. 

Kate reunited with Austin.  They talked about Billie and Countess W. EJ and Nicole talked about him being at the party.  They also talked about marriage.  When Bo and Hope were about to leave Jenniferís house, Hope noticed the envelopes.  Bo opened one and found a bank statement.  Hope noticed that there wasnít a name on it.  It only had an account number.  They noticed that the same amount was deposited every month and withdrawn a few days later.  They found a phone number from overseas.  They were curious as to who was making the deposits and withdrawals.  Hope got off the phone with someone who gave her information about the account.  It is a clearing house account that has been open for 20 years.  Hope didnít think it was Jenniferís so it had to be Tom and Aliceís.  Hope said she never heard Tom and Alice talk about the account.  Hope realized that it can only be Aliceís because of the date.  She said that Aliceís will was revised.  There was no mention of the account in any of the paperwork that was drawn up.  Bo thought that Alice could have been blackmailed.  Chloe said goodbye to Brady and Nicole.  Kinsey offered to go with Chloe.  When Daniel and Jennifer were talking about moving in together, Jack tried to get in a position so he could hear better.  A man bumped into Jack, which sent Jack sailing into the cake.  Jack waved and Jennifer reacted.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Kate goes into the church where she was shot at the alter three years ago. Sonny asks her if it is helping her move past it. She says his warm fuzzy moments never last. Alexis asks Kate why she advised Kristina to go into the fashion business. Kate says she didnít advise anything, she simply answered Kristina's questions. Alexis tells her to stay out of Kristina's plans because she is not a mother and doesnít know what its like to be a mother. Kate leaves. Alexis asks Sonny to apologize to Kate on her behalf. She asks Sonny if they can make a pact regarding Kristina. He says she owes him. Alexis is exceedingly hot. Maxie talks to Spinelli about how everything went wrong with planning Jason and Sam's wedding. She asks him to track all her orders and find out where the failure began. As Spinelli is attempting to own up to it, Maxie sees Kate and chases her. Kate just wants to be left alone. Spinelli finally is able to admit to Maxie that he is to blame.

The mysterious person still looks around Wyndemere with a flashlight. He rubs off the dust on the mantle where he had written, "Laura" beneath her portrait. He slashes the portrait. Ethan finds Lucky on the floor looking at pills under the sofa. Lucky says he is practicing restraint. Ethan tells him that he helped Lulu set the stage for accepting Dante's proposal. Lucky hopes he makes it because Dante is checking Sonny's properties alone. Lucky tells Ethan about Laura's illness. Lucky gets up and leaves a message for Dante that he is on his way to help him. Then he receives a call to go somewhere else.

Lulu is disappointed that Dante stood her up for her proposal acceptance date. Anthony congratulates Johnny on his idea to plant drugs in Sonny's coffee warehouse. Michael finds Dante bleeding on the floor in the warehouse. Abby and Carly come in behind him. Michael doesnít want to call 9-1-1 because the police would come and a cop shot in Sonny's warehouse will look bad. Carly, who is applying pressure to Dante's wound, orders Abby to call 9-1-1. Michael calls Max, who sends Shawn to the warehouse. Michael notices that something is out of place, but isn't sure what. Ronnie Dimestico questions Abby and Carly. Johnny receives a call advising him that the "foot soldier" Anthony shot at the warehouse was Sonny's son, the cop. Olivia asks him what happened in Memphis that makes him avoid the subject, but he won't answer. They are talking about Dante's proposal to Lulu when Dante rolls in on a gurney. Olivia calls Sonny and tells him that Dante is in the emergency room with a gunshot wound sustained at Sonny's warehouse, so he and Kate go immediately there. Olivia calls Lulu to give her the news.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

A strange man comes to Victor's home for the reading of the will. Irene wastes no time in getting there although nobody wants her there. Tina, her daughter and Viki's sister, shows up unexpected and unwelcome as well and goes into shock when she finds out for the first time that her mother is not dead after all. Jessica indicates that she is seeking out Robert Ford and is happy when around him. Natalie has accepted Brody's marriage proposal but makes it clear to Rex she is having second thought and that the main reason she said yes is because she "assumes" there's no hope for her and John, unknowing that he was ready to tell her he's still in love with her. Starr goes to see original Todd in jail when it appears he's gotten a handwritten death threat from his mother to kill all of his loved ones if he does not do what she wants. Starr is determined to help her dad get sprung from jail and get what is needed to save his life and get the charges dropped.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Gloria tells Colin that she pretended to be passed out while he was searching around in Genevieve’s secret safe and she wonders what Genevieve has on Colin. Ronan can’t decode the secret account numbers he found inside the safe and he calls for help and Cane hopes that Ronan is being discrete with the information. Cane suggests Ronan talk to Gloria because she may have been able to get some information out of Colin while she was in the wine cellar with him. Ronan talks to Gloria but she figures out that Ronan wants information on Colin and she doesn’t say a word about what happened while she and Colin were locked in the wine cellar. Colin runs into Lily and the twins in the park and she reminds him to stick to the terms of the restraining order. Cane arrives in time to tell Colin to leave and Lily invites Cane to go see her friend at the photo studio where he first proposed to her. Cane is happy that Lily didn’t tell her friend that they were divorced. Neil arrives and tells Lily that he is going to try to stop being so protective of her and give her the advice that he would give a friend who wasn’t his daughter. Neil tells Lily to do what makes her happy in life because all he wants is for her to be happy.

Noah is scared that Faith will grow up without her mother so he advises Sharon to take the deal. Michael also arrives at the prison because Noah asked him to talk to Sharon to get her to think about taking the deal. Michael advises Sharon as a friend to take the deal because if she loses the trail she could get thirty years in jail. Sam advises Sharon to clear her head and make the decision she thinks is right for her so later when Noah comes to visit Sharon tells Noah she has decided to go to trial because she is innocent. Sharon is positive that the jury will set her free and she will come home to her children. Billy is jealous of Sam and despite Michael reminding him what he is risking he sneaks out to Victoria’s house to find out more about Sam. Sam manages to get Neil to persuade Victoria to go to the doctor because he ankle doesn’t feel any better. Victoria tells Neil how much she misses Billy and Neil tells her that what she and Billy have reminds him of his relationship with Dru. Neil advises Victoria to stop caring about what people think and do what makes her happy. Victoria’s doctor tells her that he saw someone who looked like Billy’s twin last night at a conveyance store near the trailer park. Victoria goes to Billy’s trailer and looks for the spare key to go inside and is surprised the key isn’t where Billy keeps it. Victoria’s dog startles Billy and then when he and the dog make friends he has to wait until a girl scout selling cookies stops knocking on the door. Billy tells himself that this was a bad idea and is about to leave when Victoria arrives home so Billy hides in the closet. Victoria arrives home and wonders why he dog is standing by the closet barking.

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