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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric Forrester Jr. is home to stay. Eric is glad to have his namesake and all his children home surrounding him. Brooke tells Rick that his room at home is just the way he left it. He says he will have to find out about Liam for himself. He has been invited to the bachelor party. But with him being Bill’s son, he will have to keep an open mind. And he also wonders how Ridge will feel with him being back in this office. Steffy reminds Liam that Hope could have said no to his engagement, but she fit him in when it was convenient for her and is now stringing him along. She doesn’t want him to make that his life. He says he will think all of this over; he just needs time. She tells Bill that she can not stand the way Hope is using Liam. She will never give up on Liam, just remember the wedding hasn’t happened yet.

Brooke drops in on Hope at the cliff house. Hope plans on surprising Liam when he gets home from his party. He won’t be happy about not moving up the wedding date, but he will be ecstatic that she waiting on him and they have been waiting far too long and she is now willing to give herself to him completely. All of his hurt will fly out the window. The bachelor party gets underway. Rick introduces himself to Liam and laments he hopes to get to know him better. Marcus and Oliver and others muse that the bachelor party is happening so soon yet it seems to be premature……way too premature if the wedding is months away. Bill gives a toast and says he is sure that if Hope is as wonderful and devoted to him as she is now, he won’t be disappointed. All these words ring through his head. Bill tells him that this is where he falls in Hope’s list of priorities and now he’s miserable and it’s killing him. He does not want him to go through with this wedding. He likes Hope fine, but he does not want Liam to commit his life to her. They are cute together, but life is not about being cute. Hope is just using him and he needs to leave her in the past. There is one who is waiting for him and head over heels for him. Katie stops by and warns Steffy to stay away from Hope and Liam. Steffy says he is great and he deserves more than Hope leading him around like a puppy dog. Maybe they should let Liam decide who is the best for him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Everyone is still enjoying the party at the town square.  John surprised everyone by getting out of his wheelchair.  Brady went to the hospital to see Chloe.  She told him that she wasnít going to the audition.  She told him that Kate was going to make sure she didnít get partial custody of Parker.  She let him know that Kate got Quinn to blackmail her into being a prostitute.  Brady tried to tell her that Kate wasnít going to win, but Chloe wasnít sure.  He told her she was going to get ready for the audition and they were going to find Kate and make sure Chloe and Kate got what they deserved.  While everyone was talking about Johnís recovery at the party, Kate announced that she was starting up Countess W again.  Marlena and Sami talked about a new beginning with the family.  Marlena told Sami that she and John were on a long journey and that John was not in the clear. 

Jennifer was talking to Maggie and had a strange feeling (Jack was lurking around).  Jennifer felt like something was going on but she was missing it.  Maggie told her that the party was overwhelming.  Jennifer figured that must be it.  While Kate was on the phone, Chloe took it from her.  Chloe wanted to talk to her.  Chloe told her sheís going to be a mother to her son and Kate wasnít going to stop her.  Kate said that CPS would stop her.  Chloe said that Quinn was more than willing to tell how Kate was involved in his business.  Kate wasnít threatened because there was no proof.  Chloe said there may not be any proof, but it would be bad PR for her business.  The two continued to argue until Chloe walked away.  Everyone made speeches about Tom and Alice at the party.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Jason and Sam’s wedding reception begins as the two share their first dance as husband and wife. To protect Johnny, Anthony shoots Dante at Sonny’s warehouse. Lisa appears to be waking from her coma. Lulu makes preparations for her romantic night with Dante, unaware that he’s been wounded. Olivia and Steven have dinner on the hospital roof. The wedding guests open their fortune cookies. Alexis makes a touching speech about the newlyweds. Sonny and Kate reminisce about the good ol’ days. Molly thinks Maxie should be with Spinelli. Michael and Abby make love in a limo. Lulu calls Ronnie but he has no idea where Dante is. Kristina is contemplating a future in fashion. Franco regrets not giving Jason and Sam a wedding gift. Jason and Sam leave for their honeymoon in Hawaii. Michael finds an unconscious Dante in Sonny's warehouse.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Blair acts "unrealistic" toward Jack in an attempt to bond with him by telling him that Victor was the love of her life, that he did the right thing and told the truth that original Todd murdered the only father he's ever known and that original Todd will get the death penalty and deserves it. And right at that point, Jack is almost ready to admit that he lied. Irene goes to see Viki and tells her that Viki's father should have given herself and Victor his home and fortune when he died instead of Viki. Viki wants nothing to do with her and is outraged that she's been released from jail when original Todd has been falsely accused of murder. Tea agrees to represent him and he admits to her that Irene is threatening him and is his only source for finding the gun that will exonerate him. John is ready to admit to Natalie that he is in love with her. But it's too late when he sees she's not only accepted Brody's proposal but has incorrectly overheard him telling Roxy that he does not love Natalie.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin continues to have trouble with Chloeís gratitude and admits to Billy that he is still love with Chloe, but they broke up because she is only attracted to jerks. Billy advises Kevin that if his posing as Deliaís bone marrow donor gets Chloe to come back to him, then he should enjoy it, because it hurts not being with the person you love. Ronan visits Chloe at the hospital where she tells him that Kevin is Deliaís bone marrow donor and that he shouldnít go out of his way to visit her at the hospital if he is busy with work. Chloe goes by the coffee house to tell Kevin he shouldnít feel awkward about the kiss. She knows they are just friends even though she hoped that they could be something more. Kevin gives Chloe a passionate kiss as Ronan walks in and sees them. He walks by to get his coffee with a hurt look on his face. Phyllis is surprised that Ronan knows Avery is her sister. She tells him that she has to keep Daisy away from Lucy, so he suggests that she call and tell the prison that Lucy canít visit Daisy because she has chicken pox, and Phyllis takes his advice.

Avery and Phyllis argue about her being Daisyís lawyer. Phyllis tells Avery she picked the wrong battle. Michael also tells Avery that she made a mistake representing Daisy, because she isnít Sharon and she isnít innocent. Jack just misses seeing Billy. Billy overhears Victor and Jackís conversation and hides until they leave. After Billy goes in the trailer, Victor arrives and sees him with a bottle of booze. Billy tells him he is just celebrating because everyone is just fine without him. Victor tells Billy he can drink if he wants because Delia doesnít need his bone marrow for a few weeks. Victor even goes to get Billy an expensive bottle of booze, but Billy pours out both bottles because he wants to give Delia the best of himself. Chloe advises Victoria to start a relationship with Sam, because the bad boys are fun, but they never stick around like the good guys. Victoria asks Jack if Billy left because of her. Jack says no and is confident his brother would be here for Delia if he could. Victoria writes an e-mail to Billy to tell him that if he is staying away from home because of her, she understands, but it is okay to come home because they donít even have to cross paths with each other. Victoria tells Billy she is moving on just fine. Billy is hurt as he reads the last line about Victoria moving on and cries a little. Nick tells Avery that Phyllis gets wound up when she fights for something she loves. Avery tells Nick that she once thought Phyllis loved her. Avery tells Nick she and Phyllis used to play video games when they were younger to forget about their problems and those were some of their happiest times together. Nick tells Avery he and Phyllis play video games together too. Avery is hurt that Phyllis never mentioned her to him. Nick gives Avery one of his video games and tells her itís a good way to relieve stress.

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