Friday 9/23/11 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

The nurse hands baby Erica to Mona. Erica relives Bianca’s birth. Bianca looks at Miranda and strokes her hair. Joe relives when Tad was born. Jake and Amanda relive when Trevor was born. Dixie looks at a pic of J.R. Angie and Jesse relive Frankie's birth. At the jail, Angie and Cara defend David and his work. In the park, Greenlee and Ryan play “Red Rover” with Emma. Stuart and Marian are reunited at the hospital. Jesse refuses to release David. J.R. packs his things to leave. Opal tells Erica that Jack is packing and leaving her. J.R. and Jamie run into each other at the airport, where they fight. J.R. accuses Jamie of crawling back to Pine Valley. J.R. informs Jamie about what happened between him and Marissa. At Krystal’s, Jack tells her that he and Erica are over. Kit Sterling arrives to take Erica to the airport and to start her new movie. J.R. remembers Marissa’s words about the restraining order. Tad and Dixie catch up to J.R. at the airport to tell him about Stuart, but he refuses to believe them. He accuses Dixie of having been a bad mother. Brooke and Adam arrive back at the mansion. Adam is upset at how dismal it looks. Brooke informs Adam that she took the inheritance from her Aunt Phoebe and bought the house back. David manages to get out of jail on bail. Jesse thanks him for all the help he has given to Angie and Stuart. Jack tries to convince Erica not to leave with Sterling. Brooke, Adam, Scott and Colby reunite at the house and plan a big party for everyone in Pine Valley. J.R. orders Dixie to stay out of his life. When Opal tells Erica that Stuart is alive, she is thrilled and wants to attend the party, delaying her trip to L.A.

Everyone gathers at the mansion to celebrate. J.R. leaves the flight plan as scheduled but plans to crash the party. When Angie notices her glowing, Randi admits to Frankie that she may be pregnant. Greenlee is thrilled that Natalia and Brot are getting married. David arrives at the party to talk to Adam. J.R. wanders around in the tunnels in the mansion walls holding his gun. He watches Adam and Dixie discussing him. Marian and Stuart prepare to leave the hospital. With a beautiful ring, Adam asks Brooke to marry him, and she accepts. Erica admits she doesn't want to get married but asks Jack to go to Los Angeles with her because she needs him. He refuses and walks out of the party with an "Frankly, Erica. I don't give a damn what you need." Since it's not the ending she wished, Erica vows to get him back. J.R. watches everyone with his gun raised, then shoots.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope calls a quick meeting at Forrester; she has an announcement to make. She realizes it is short notice, but she would like to move the wedding up. Ridge says sorry, but too many plans have been made. She’s disappointed for Liam, but they all tell her it will be okay. Brooke even suggests that although it is not official and she won’t be married but she could give herself permission to make it a physical relationship now. Liam is anxious to tell Bill about his huge news about moving up the wedding. Bill does not see that this will be in Forrester’s best interest with the Hope line and all. Liam tells him do not try to change this; he is going to get married sooner rather than later. Bill changes gear and insists on throwing him the mother of all bachelor parties tonight. Steffy walks in and hear this. Steffy still doesn’t believe that Hope will give him what he wants. He’s not worried, so she and Bill shouldn’t be either. Liam calls Hope and she gives him the bad news. Once again Steffy points out to Liam that Hope has changed her mind and is manipulating him again. It’s totally unfair. Liam tells her to stop it. She does not get to trash talk Hope. Steffy says she doesn’t have to. Hope’s actions speaks enough. She will string him along and have her own way. Steffy says he does not have to wait months, or weeks, she is ready for him right now. They kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At Jennifer’s house, Hope decided to give Daniel, Doug, and Julie one hint about the party.  She said she contacted some people who loved Tom and Alice and some are going to be at the party.  Everyone talked about the party.  When everyone left for the party, there was a shot of the envelopes on the floor.  At the hospital, Brady talked to Chloe about the audition.  She said she’s ready for it.  Nicole came in and they talked about Chloe leaving for Chicago.  After they talked, Brady and Nicole left for the party.  At the DiMera mansion, Kate talked to EJ about the party.  She hoped that he had a date.  He did.  It was Patti Stanger from Millionaire Matchmaker.  The celebration took place at the Town Square.  EJ surprised everyone at the party with his date.  Bo and Roman gave EJ the riot act for being at the party when he wasn’t invited. 

Bo and Hope talked about the special guests at the party.  Carrie and Austin were at the top of the stairs.  Everyone greeted them.  Bo interrupted by telling everyone that Carrie and Austin weren’t the only surprise.  Bo said Austin and Carrie weren’t the guests of honor.  Everyone wondered who it was if it weren’t Patti Stanger, Austin, or Carrie.  Bo and Hope said the guests were going to be a little late.  Jennifer talked to Daniel about how great of a guy he is.  Jack was at a table listening to them.  Carrie told Rafe and Sami that she’s a lawyer now.  Austin talked to Sami and Rafe about being a forensic accountant.  At the hospital, Kate went to see Chloe.  Kate told Chloe that she would never get her son even if she passes the audition.  Chloe told Kate there was nothing she could do to keep her from Parker.  Kate put down what Chloe was going to do for a living.  Chloe said she got money for turning Gus in and she’s going to prove that she’s a good mother.  Kate asked how Chloe turned Gus in and made reference to how he attacked hookers.  The two got into an argument about Kate setting Chloe up with Quinn.  At the party, the special guests arrived.  It was John and Marlena.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante frets over waiting for Lulu to answer his proposal. Ethan helps Lulu take a box upstairs to Dante's apartment containing items for setting the mood to accept Dante's proposal. She calls Dante and arranges to meet him at his place at 9:30. She sets up the wedding proposal scene from Dante's favorite opera, consisting of a chandelier, a red tablecloth, red roses, a candelabra with candles, champagne on ice with champagne flutes. She thanks Ethan for helping her. Ethan tells her that he has discovered that he likes having siblings. Lulu dresses in the costume of the aria in the opera and waits for Dante. Dante and Lucky prepare to stake out Sonny's properties on the waterfront in an effort to catch Anthony doing something that they can tie to the drug ring. Dante will check the Coffee warehouse last, just in case. Dante dissuades Lucky from going to check out the warehouses. Lucky resumes packing up Siobhan's things and finds pills on the floor. Anthony talks to the comatose Dr. Lisa Niles in her hospital room. He wonders why she hasn't awakened yet since her doctor shot her up with enough juice to resuscitate an elephant. Anthony advises Johnny that becoming too emotional creates accidents. Johnny tells his associate that the cops never expect anything to happen at the coffee warehouse and that is why they are going to hit it. Johnny and his associate plant the drugs in the coffee warehouse. Johnny is still inside when Dante comes in. In the coffee warehouse, Dante hears Johnny move and cautiously approaches him, gun drawn. Johnny's gun is cocked, but not aimed. Anthony, with pistol drawn, silently enters the warehouse behind Dante. A shot rings out.

Sonny stops in at Kate's office and asks her to go with him to Jason and Sam's wedding. She tells him that his invitation is in poor taste considering that three years ago today she was shot at the altar in the very same church during what would have been her wedding to Sonny. Matt receives a letter that makes him excited. He allows Kristina to leave the hospital to attend Sam's wedding. Mac unexpectedly arrives as Alexis's escort. Molly says they have another surprise. Kristina stands up. Carly visits Michael at the coffee warehouse to ask him to go to the wedding with her. Abby arrives and Carly says she will get going on her own, but Abby suggests they all go together. Abby tells Carly that Michael working there makes her nervous too. Carly says she has a bad feeling about the place so she leaves alone, forgetting her wedding gift. Spinelli tries to get a word in edgewise to admit to Maxie that he didn't complete any of the wedding tasks she assigned to him Maxie is horrified when she goes into the church and finds no flowers, no string quartet, no minister, and no bride and groom. Jason and Sam wake up married in a hotel room. Sam says they have to go to their wedding. Jason says the guests can wait. Maxie calls Sam and demands that they arrive in 20 minutes. Shawn arrives and tells Spinelli that he is there to ensure that uninvited guests don't get in. Franco already has cameras planted all over the church. Sonny advises Shawn about places to double check for security. Maxie opens the bags with the wedding party dresses. She observes that neither the bride's gown nor the bridesmaid's dresses are what they should be. Guests begin arriving and wonder if they have the correct date when they see the church is empty. No one received an email invitation. Sam and Jason arrive. Jason thanks everyone for coming and announces that they won't have a wedding tonight because they got married yesterday. Maxie becomes infuriated and says they ruined everything. Jason says they still want to spend the evening with their guests. Spinelli announces the location of the reception, but Maxie informs them that the trailer turned over and the food is ruined. Sam suggests having the reception in the Yee's garden where they were married. Franco has cameras on the Yee's garden, watches from his studio, and dances with Sam's wedding dress. Carly remembers the gift she left at the coffee warehouse, so she goes to get it. Kate arrives at the reception in the Yee's garden. Lisa Niles's fingers twitch.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Many people are having dreams. John envisions telling Natalie that he is in love with her but awakens on the bar stool at Rodi's realizing he drank himself to sleep without reaching out to Natalie. Jessica envisions getting back with Brody and having him propose to her, but she awakens to the cold reality that she and Brody are through and he's proposed to her sister. Jack Manning is in the classroom having a dream that his new teacher is Gigi who grills him in front of everyone to admit that he knows all about carbon monoxide poisoning which killed her. Shane sits across from Jack staring at him and revealing he has a secret. Blair informs Starr and then Tea that she believes the only way not to "lose" Jack and salvage any hope of her son developing a conscience is to "back" him and believe that he's told the truth about seeing original Todd kill Victor although she knows he's lying.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

An inmate gets mad at Sharon and they start to fight. When Daisy gets in the way, the inmate punches her instead of Sharon. Daisy calls Phyllis and asks her why Leslie isn’t her lawyer anymore. Phyllis promises to get her a better lawyer. Avery sees Phyllis with Lucy. Phyllis tells Avery she doesn’t want her anywhere near her family. Later Avery accuses Phyllis of using Nick to insinuate herself into her life. Harsh words are exchanged between Phyllis and Avery in front of Nick. Nick thinks Phyllis is too hard on Avery. Phyllis admits she loves her sister but won’t allow Avery to drag her back to her past, because she can’t go back there. Avery goes to the jail to check on Phyllis. Sharon introduces Daisy to Avery who asks her to be her lawyer, because Phyllis manipulated her into turning herself in and giving up her child and never sent her any updates or pictures of Lucy.

Jack figures out Victor sent him on a wild goose chase -- an accusation that Victor denies. Jack remains determined to find Billy. Kevin can’t cope with the gratitude Chloe and Jack are giving him. Jack notices that Kevin is very nervous. Billy writes an e-mail to Victoria that he doesn’t intend to send, but Victor sees it and tells Billy that Victoria has a new man in her life. Billy doesn’t believe Victoria would move on so soon with another man. Victoria goes for a horseback ride at the ranch at Sam’s suggestion to take her mind off Billy. It doesn’t work, but Victoria is determined to get Billy out of her heart and mind. Jack stops by Billy’s trailer but he isn’t there. Victor is surprised to find Jack in the trailer and not Billy. After Victoria twists her ankle getting off her horse, Sam drivers her home and puts an ice pack on it. Billy watches from outside Victoria’s house as Sam carries her upstairs. She laughs saying that this would be very "Gone With the Wind" romantic if he didn’t smell like a horse and she hadn’t twisted her ankle. Billy can only watch the expression on Victoria’s face from the window, and he is hurt because according to what he sees, Victoria looks happy with the man in her life.

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