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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Talking to Jack, Erica blasts Kendall and Bianca for not approving of her book or the movie. Mr. Sterling stops by to let Erica know that they have hired a wonderful scriptwriter. J.R. goes to visit Tad and finds out that he and Dixie are getting remarried. J.R. lets Dixie know that he had seen Babe and she had not been a patient of Davidís. Adam and Brooke arrive at the hospital and finds out that Stuart is indeed alive. Bianca and Marissa discuss how that JR. had crashed their barbeque. Greenlee, Ryan, Zach and Kendall and Marissa and Bianca still party. J.R. tells Dixie that he is leaving town but that he would like to see A.J. before he leaves. Scott and Madison go shopping for the cottage. Scott relives memories of Stuart. Jesse and Adam tell Cara how that Stuart had died. Dixie agrees to help J.R. to see A.J. Stuart goes into cardiac arrest. J.R. says good-bye to A.J. and lets him know that he is leaving town to right some wrongs he had done. Scott asks Madison to move in with him and she accepts. They kiss. Scott gets word that Stuart is alive. Cara lets Tad know about Stuart being alive and also because she is pregnant with Davidís child. Angie drags Adam into the emergency room to talk to Stuart and get him to revive. Stuart comes back to them and opens his eyes.

Erica tells Zach and Kendall about Monk Delano writing her screenplay. Zach and Kendall defend Jack and his reactions to this. Scott and Stuart are reunited. J.R. changes his mind about leaving town. He has another plan in mind. Dixie asks J.R. if he is telling her the truth. Scott informs Marian that Stuart is alive. Marian and Stuart are reunited at the hospital. Adam is thrilled that Stuart is alive. Jesse takes David back to jail despite Angieís protests.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge is happy that Brooke waited up for him. He tells her about little brother stirring up trouble at the office. Suddenly Thorne has become the protector of his ex-wife and children. She suggests that Thorne and Taylor might be good together. Bill confides in Katie that he is worried about his son. He had help from Steffy in writing his first letter to the editor. She’s not pleased to hear this. She even goes so far as to declare their bedroom a Steffy-free zone space, never to speak her name in there. Thomas tells Steffy that she is playing with fire in hoping there is any future with Liam since he is engaged to Hope. She confesses she is falling in love with him and he deserves so much more than Hope who is making him wait for marriage. That will give Steffy time to work her magic. Hope apologizes to Liam for neglecting him lately. They will just have to make time for themselves. And in a few months they will be together forever. He admits he has been a klutz lately; can’t concentrate at work and he’s not sure he can keep waiting for a few more months. He would like her to move up the wedding date if possible. He knows she is planning on the wedding of the century, but he doesn’t care what kind of flowers they have. He just wants to get married and like soon. He’s beside himself when Hope agrees that she will do it. It won’t be tomorrow as she needs to let her parents know and everyone at Forrester, but it will be soon.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At Jenniferís house, Hope figured out that Bo and Jennifer planned something together.  Bo wanted Hope to open a box.  It was a picture of Tom and Alice.  Hope wanted to know where they found all of the stuff they found.  Bo and Jennifer went through all of the boxes.  While they were looking through the boxes, they started reminiscing about Tom and Alice.  There were numerous flashbacks.  At the DiMera mansion, Stefano and EJ talked about a big announcement that EJ was going to make at Bo and Hopeís party.  They talked about EJís plans to make a better life for himself. 

Stefano asked EJ about EJís dance with Nicole.  EJ said he was having fun with her.  Stefano didnít think that Nicole and fun belonged in the same sentence.  They talked about EJís plan again.  Stefano warned him not to ruin the familyís name.  EJ didnít care if Stefano wasnít on his side with this plan.  They continued to talk about the plan.  Stefano finally gave his approval.  Jack called someone to find out about the party in Town Square.  Doug and Julie showed up at Jenniferís house.  They all started talking about Tom and Alice and there were more flashbacks.  Jack saw a picture of Jennifer and knew where he was going to find her tomorrow.  When everyone at Jenniferís house was going to leave for dinner, Hope had a feeling Alice was trying to tell her something.  Bo told her that if Alice were trying to tell her something, she would find out soon.  When Bo and Hope left, letters fell on the floor.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Someone enters the vacant Wyndemere, looks around with a flashlight, and uncovers a portrait of a blonde woman in a long, flowing white dress, and writes, "Laura" in the dust below it on the mantle. Franco hears Maxie telling Spinelli the new location for the wedding. Franco goes to the church and places cameras on all the angel statuettes. Spinelli continues to hide his inhibited computer ability. Dante proposes to Lulu; she says she can't give him an answer. She goes to Maxie for advice. Maxie easily convinces her to say, "Yes." She agrees to help Lulu make her answer special. Lulu says it has to be ready tomorrow night. Lucky begins sorting through Siobhan's things. Dante asks Lucky for advice on getting Lulu to agree to marry him. Lucky advises him to be patient. Dante tells Lucky that the three dead men on the docks did time in Pentonville with Anthony. They agree that something will go down during Jason's wedding. Dante says it is critical for them to be in place tomorrow night.

Robin tells Patrick that they are going to Jasonís and Sam's wedding; he refuses because Sonny will be there. He finally softens up and agrees to go. Sam has cold feet because she is overwhelmed. Jason convinces her to go through with it. They go to a Chinese restaurant, only to find it closed, but a man at the table strikes up a conversation about their motorcycles. He introduces himself as Robert Yee and asks his grandfather to fix them a plate anyway. They tell Robert about all their wedding planning woes. Jason tells Sam that he would marry her right there. Robert says they can, because he is an ordained minister. Mrs. Yee says it was fate that brought them to that restaurant. Robert performs a simple Chinese ceremony in the garden behind the restaurant. Jason gives Sam Lila's ring. Sam gives Jason Alan's ring. They share a "love toast," and Robert pronounces them married. Jason tells Sam they can tell everyone they are already married tomorrow night.

Johnny wants to know what Anthony us up to with Tracy Quartermaine. Anthony goes to see the doctor that is taking care of the comatose Dr. Niles about treatment. Johnny tells one of his men to offload the drugs at the harbor and plant them in the Corinthos/Morgan coffee warehouse. The man says Sonny will know Johnny is behind it. Johnny says Sonny will be at Jason's wedding when he makes the anonymous call to the police. Anthony returns home and hears Johnny talking on the phone. Johnny says, "It has to go down tomorrow night."

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Natalie admits to having second thoughts about marrying Brody. Jessica finds out he's proposed and her sister said no and tells him she knows the sole reason for that is because Natalie is not over John and not because she could care less about what she's done to Jessica by taking her sister's fiancť from her. Jessica wants to be able to not care that her ex fiancť proposed to her sister but realizes she is upset. She goes to see Robert Ford who has admitted to his brothers that he misses Tess. He's happy to see her and she-him. But Jessica is not over Brody and Natalie is not over John either.

Blair tells Starr that although she does not believe that Jack saw original Todd kill his dad, she has to "back" her son because she's afraid if she turns against him, he will shut down and she will lose the boy who once had a conscience. Dani convinces a furious and non responsive Tea to represent original Todd because she believes that he did not kill her father.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane can’t open Genevieve’s safe, because he doesn’t know the combination. Colin returns to the wine cellar and accuses Cane of being the person who passed him food, a toothbrush and toothpaste through the cellar door. Cane swears on Samantha’s soul he wasn’t Genevieve’s accomplice. Colin calls the bank about his accounts but is unable to get any help. Jill is annoyed with Colin because he wants to make sure that Genevieve is on the media tour for Jabot. Colin tells Jill that he wants to take care of Genevieve personally, because she locked him in the cellar to ruin their romantic night together. Jill thinks that is the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to her and forgets about her suggestion that Colin call the GCPD to detain Genevieve as soon as she gets off the plane. Cane talks to Ronan about his suspicions that his mother may have some evidence to convict Colin in the safe, but Ronan says that he can’t do anything without a search warrant. He advises Cane to be patient and wait for Colin to make a mistake. Cane decides not to take Ronan’s advice and blows the cellar up so that the door opens and so does the safe. Ronan arrives and is surprised by Cane’s talent to blow up things. Cane gets the files out of the safe and begins to look at them.

Heather thinks that Ricky intentionally blindsided her by coming to town and not telling her he was working on Sharon’s case. Ricky tells Heather that Avery called him and needed him in town right away, so he didn’t have time to tell her that he was working on Sharon’s case. Paul tells Nick that he hopes he can get to know Ricky and he and his two children can try to be a family. Heather isn’t happy that Spencer didn’t tell her he was going to offer Sharon a deal to serve three years minus time served if she pleaded no contest to involuntary manslaughter. Sharon decides to take the deal despite Victor and Avery’s advice, because she is innocent and Avery can prove it and set her free. Avery asks Nick to bring Faith and Noah to the courtroom for the plea hearing, so that Sharon can have family support. Sharon is about to plead no contest to the charges when Faith says Mama and keeps saying it until Sharon turns to look at her. Sharon tells the judge that she pleads not guilty, because if she pleaded no contest, she would never be able to look her children in the face again.

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