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AMC Recap Written by Mary

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Mary Fickett, who played AMC’s matriarch, Ruth Martin.

Tad is on the phone with Jake asking about the whereabouts of Joe and Ruth. Dixie comes in and inquires about Joe and Ruth Martin. Ruth arrives at Tad’s. Tad and Ruth hug. A woman is brought into the hospital, who claims that she is the daughter of Erica Kane. She sees Maria and wants her to treat her. Amanda arrives to see Jake at the hospital, asking if they can buy the adjoining loft, so they'll be ready when they adopt a child. Joe walks up to join them. Griffin comes to see David at the hospital and tells him that he needs pointers on how to treat the patient. David vows to break out of jail in order to keep his patient from dying. Adam and Brooke arrive at the Chandler mansion and find the things all packed up. J.R. sees Babe and cannot believe his eyes. J.R. starts toward her, but she stops him. Babe tells him not to come any closer. Babe walks over and takes J.R.’s gun from him. Opal and Krystal come into Tad’s and see Ruth. They hug. Ruth lets Opal and Krystal know that she and Joe are moving back to Pine Valley. Jamie surprises Tad with a visit. Babe lets J.R. know that she is not real that that is David just toying with his mind. The Martins come together for a family reunion. Adam finds one of his pistols missing and wonders what happened to it. J.R. comes in saying it's his. He wonders if Adam is going to take the gun from him too. Adam tries to tell J.R. that he gave Scott his inheritance for his own good so that he would stand on his two feet. Adam tries to make amends with J.R., but he doesn’t want to hear it.

Dixie and Tad meet in the park. Tad, unknowingly, calls Opal while he and Dixie propose marriage to each other. Opal and the other Martins listen to the proposal. David asks for Jesse and Angie’s help in saving his patient. Jesse asks for David to reveal the patients' name. David gives in and reveals who it is. The Martins are thrilled to hear that Tad and Dixie are going to be married again. Adam urges J.R. to leave town. David’s patient is brought into the hospital and it is none other than Stuart. Adam thinks he hears Stuart’s voice in the mansion, saying he's there. J.R. goes back upstairs and loads the gun, promising revenge on everyone. Film clippings are shown of the Martins as they have grown and matured as a family. They all gather and take a group picture.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne tells Taylor not to sign anything and not to turn the stocks over to Ridge. Ridge snarks at Thorne this is not any of his business. He tries to dismiss Thorne by sending him off to check on something in shipping. He doesn’t need Thorne’s help, and states that as long as he’s CEO, “little brother” this is his company. Thorne says in his opinion, this company needs a new direction. Ridge doesn’t see why he’s having to explain all his decisions to Taylor and Thorne. This sounds more like a mutiny to him, so bring it on. Bill congratulates Liam for getting the first edition of Eye of Fashion under his belt. And if Steffy helped him this much, think how much more she could do if they were together full time. He points out all her good points plus she seems to be in love with Liam now. He points out that his relationship with Steffy is over. He’s back with Katie now and Liam should be grateful that Steffy is available to him now. Hope tells Steffy it would really be nice if they could work together without being at each other’s throats all the time. Steffy states that she just wants what is best for Liam. Hope holds up her ring finger and says she is what is best for Liam, not Steffy. Liam is surprised when he gets home and finds it all straightened up, candles glowing and Hope slips out of the kitchen from making him a meal. She apologizes for not being there for him when she had to go to Paris just after they were engaged. They kiss and Liam says the way he sees it they have the rest of their lives to make up for it.

Ridge accuses Thorne of trying to take advantage of Taylor and her kids. He’s been preying on them for years to further his own sick advancement. He is seeing her as an express elevator from the basement to the executive suite. He’s not going to tolerate this. His children are never going to listen to Thorne over their own father. Thorne stops him as Ridge turns away, and a shoving match ensues and Ridge pushes Thorne backwards and he shatters a table with glass and falls to the floor. Taylor rushes to Thorne’s aid and Ridge does apologize for it going this far. Taylor kisses Thorne and Ridge wonders what’s up with that. Thorne says he is all right, but they have all taken orders from Ridge his whole life, but no more. Maybe it’s time that someone else sat behind that executive desk and calls the shots. Ridge doesn’t think it will be Thorne. Taylor won’t sit still and allow that to happen. However, Ridge is left with a sickening look on his face when Thorne walks out and says maybe they will take it to a vote. Taylor follows without another word to Ridge.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At Salem rehab, Melanie talked to Nicholas about the trip with Carly.  Melanie wished that she could go with them.  Daniel and Jennifer showed up to surprise Carly.  Nicholas blamed his staying away from Carly as the reason why Carly was there.  In Quinnís hotel room, Quinn and Taylor talked about Gus and what he did to Quinn.  They also talked about leaving Salem together.  Taylor wanted to say goodbye to some people first.  Ivan wanted Vivian to go away with him.  She eventually agreed to go with him.  At the hospital, Chloe got a reward for helping the police catch the attacker.  The reward was a check for a lot of money.  Kinsey told Chloe that Chloe could get Parker back with the money.  At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady found out Nicole was leaving.  He wanted to convince her to stay.  She told him that Gus held her hostage.  Brady asked why she didnít call him.  She told him that EJ was there.  Brady was livid and thought she didnít care about breaking up because of EJ.  Nicole said it had nothing to do with EJ.  She said almost getting killed made her have an epiphany about life.  They talked things over and said goodbye to each other.  Taylor showed up just as Nicole was about to leave.

Carly was happy to see Daniel and Jennifer.  Carly and Jennifer told each other that they were going to miss each other.  Melanie said she would eventually be able to see Carly and Nicholas in Portugal.  Daniel and Carly got closure with each other.  Carly acknowledged that Daniel and Jennifer were going to make a great couple.  Jennifer got a call, but it was static.  Taylor and Nicole talked about Taylor leaving and the two apologized for the things that went wrong between them.  Brady went to the hospital to see Chloe.  He told her that he got her n audition for a job in Chicago.  Now she could be with Parker if she gets the job.  Chloe was ecstatic.  At a foreign airport, someone put their phone away as an announcement played that the flight from Chicago was ready and boarding.  He picked up the bag and went towards the gate.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Dante asks Olivia for help with Lulu. Dante wants to ask Lulu to marry him. Olivia is all excited about Dante’s impending marriage. And she makes Dante practice what he is going to say to Lulu. Dante goes to get the ring and Olivia makes him promise to give her lots of grandbabies. Olivia is getting ready for Dante’s surprise and Sonny stops by to apologize to her. Ethan thinks Lulu and he should set up some high stake games at the Haunted Star. Lulu wants Ethan’s help to disappear for awhile. Ethan tries to talk to Lulu about Dante. However, he ends up agreeing to help her disappear for awhile. Dante swings by the Haunted Star and stops Lulu from leaving. Dante shows his romantic dinner plans to Lulu. He asks Lulu to marry him.

Carly cleans out Jax’s office at the Metro Court. Sonny shows up at the office and Carly insults him. Sonny apologizes for his behavior. Carly doesn’t believe him and kicks him out of the office. Shawn talks to Carly about how she depends on the men in her life. Sonny goes to General Hospital and apologizes to Robin for what happened at her house. Sonny visits Alexis, Kristina and Molly and everything is going great until Ethan shows up. Sonny stops by to see Kate on his round of apologizes. Kristina talks to Ethan about Kate’s visit. Ethan accidentally touches Kristina’s leg and she feels it and can move her toes. Kate has dreams when she looks at the wedding dresses. She remembers Sonny proposing to her. Maxie calls Kate for help and Kate keeps hanging up on her.

Maxie arrives at Sam’s apartment with a new problem with the invitations. Monica stops by for a visit. Maxie realizes that there has been a mistake with the rings - again. Monica gives Alan’s wedding ring to Sam to give to Jason. Maxie tells Spinelli to send out the invitations. Carly stops by to see Sam regarding the tension between them. Alexis and Molly stop by Sam’s to help with the wedding plans. Sam makes Maxie sweat on who is going to be her maid of honor. Molly gives Sam the rock that Shawn gave her as something old and borrowed. Sam’s last visitor is Jason. He catches her in her wedding dress. Spinelli tries to take care of Jason. Edward stops by to see Jason. Edward tells Jason that Sam is perfect for him and that Lila would approve. Edward gives Jason the ring he gave to Lila on their wedding night. Spinelli keeps trying to get Jason to pick out tuxedos. Jason just wants Spinelli to find the 20 million dollars. Elizabeth stops by to see Jason. She says that she has to tell Jason something before the wedding. Elizabeth apologizes for causing the car accident. Shawn stops by to tell Jason about the security for the wedding.

Franco talks to a monkey about Jason and Sam’s wedding. Franco’s prop doesn’t understand why he can’t go to the wedding. Franco hits him. He talks to mini robot things about the upcoming wedding.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

John McBain questions Irene Manning. She points out that Todd is already under arrest for Victor's murder, and that she was in police custody at the time of the murder. John has not ruled out murder-for-hire on her order. Dani asks Todd if he killed Victor. He tells her he would never take someone she loved away from her. He says, since she asked, she must doubt Jack's eyewitness statement. He tells her not to correct herself when she calls Victor her dad. She tells him about her first dad, Ross Rayburn. Todd says he didn't know Tea was pregnant with her and that he is grateful that she had Ross in her life. He asks her to convince her mother to represent him. She says Tea thinks he killed Victor. He tells her that Tea will want to find out who really killed her husband. Irene asks Todd if he is ready to give her what she wants in exchange for the gun that will prove his innocence. Tomas tells Tea that at the time of Victor's murder, he was meeting with his associate about determining whether Irene still had control over Victor. He asks her if she is accusing him because she has doubts about Todd's guilt. Tea says she doesn't have much faith in Jack's "eyewitness" account because Jack is a liar. Tomas gives her a drawing that he did of Victor and Tea's wedding. Dani Tea that Todd said he is innocent and that Tea is the only person that can save him.

Rex returns to Llanview and finds Natalie sitting in the dark in his living room. She tells him that Body proposed to her and she couldnít answer. Rex asks her if she loves Brody or if she is still in love with John. She admits that she is still in love with John, but John doesn't love her anymore. He reminds her that he married Adriana even though Gigi was the love of his life, and it didn't work out. Cutter waits outside of Stacy's hospital room. Kim admits that she is blackmailing Rex with the gun. Cutter is shocked to see Stacy in the bed. He lets Kim keep the gun and she asks him not to tell anyone about Stacy. He says nobody would believe him anyway. Echo tells Roxy that Kim has Rex's gun and intends to blackmail them. Echo shows Roxy a document that she had a lawyer draw up for Rex to return Clintís assets to him. Roxy knows Rex won't sign it. The bartender at Rodi's tells them that Todd Manning was arrested for Victor Lord Jr.'s murder. Echo says they still have to deal with Kim. Echo returns to Rex's house and forges his signature on the document. John won't talk to Roxy about the case, so she suggests they talk about Natalie.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Adam tells Heather that he is prepared to commit perjury to make sure Sharon goes to jail for the rest of her life but Heather wonít allow that so Adam wants to know her strategy so that he can help her case. Heather tells Adam they are going to attach Sharonís character to so he needs to tell a personal incident to prove Sharon has no moral character. Victor, Nick, Noah, and Sam are there for Sharon as the trial begins and both Heather and Avery make good opening arguments to the jury and Heather is allowed to ask questions to Adam about Sharonís character despite Averyís strong objection to the judge. When Heather questions Adam he tells the jury that Sharon abandoned him and her children because she wanted to be with Sam. Avery questions Adam and asks him about the testimony in Sharonís first trial and when he refuses to answer if he thinks Sharon went to Hawaii to kill Skye she makes him read his testimony from the first trial in which he said Sharon didnít want to kill Skye she wanted to bring Sharon back alive in order to get him out of jail. Spencer isnít happy with Heather and he tells her that he will talk to her later at the office.

Colin, opens Genevieveís safe and finds files proving that she has been tracking his secret bank accounts and later someone slips toothpaste and a toothbrush through the cellar door along with a note from Genevieve telling Colin she has taken all the money out of his secret bank accounts and placed it in her own secret bank accounts. Colin is very angry and vows to kill Genevieve when he gets out of the cellar. Cane runs into the twins and Lily at the park and Cane spends some time with the twins. Lily wonders why Cane hasnít done anything to get Colin to leave Genoa city or found something to put him in jail. Cane promises Lily that he will protect her and the twins and nobody will ever hurt them again. Lauren hires Paul to find Colin and he tells her the ticket Genevieve bought for Colin was never uses so Jill later talks to Cane who tells her Genevieve is capable of keeping Colin hostage. Cane and Jill head to Genevieveís house and Cane wonders why the wine cellar door is locked and he calls Colin's name and breaks the door down to get Colin and Gloria out. Lauren and Lily talk about Cane and Lily admits that Cane seems like two different people the gentle caring man she married and the one that has no problem lying to her about his past. Colin lies to Cane and tells him that Genevieve locked him in the cellar to keep him away from Jill. Cane looks around the cellar before he closes it and finds Genevieveís secret safe.

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