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AMC Recap Written by Mary

The Slaters, Laverys, Bianca and Marissa and the children all hold a family barbeque at Zach and Kendall’s. Kendall and Bianca are upset over the fact that in Erica’s memoirs, she exposes all about Kendall and Bianca’s lives. Zach and Ryan discuss going into business together and establish the Myrtle Fargate Foundation with Cambias' money. Kendall and Bianca discuss Erica’s book and how they feel they were exploited. At ConFusion, Mr. Sterling and Erica discuss her daughters and the men in her life. Kit asks how Erica felt when she found out that Kendall was her daughter. J.R. intrudes on Griffin at the clinic. A fight erupts with Griffin gaining the upper hand and giving J.R. an injection. J.R. falls to the floor while Griffin spirits away the secret patient. J.R. comes to to find the person on the gurney gone. Bianca and Marissa discuss Erica’s book and the things that she said about Bianca. J.R. comes in to demand A.J.'s location. Marissa intervenes by reminding J.R. that she has a restraining order against him.

The family gathers at the Slaters for the barbeque minus Jack and Erica. Jack intrudes on Erica and Kit to remind her of her family obligation. J.R. watches the gathering at Kendall’s from outside. Jack and Erica arrive. Kendall and Bianca pull their mother aside to question her about the book and what she said about them. Erica reminds them that this is her book and she will say whatever she pleases. J.R. interrupts to talk to A.J. A.J. wants to call Marissa, but J.R. begs him not to. Erica interrupts them and orders J.R. out. The whole family walks in and sees J.R. there. Zach orders J.R. to leave. At the Chandler mansion, J.R. sees Babe who urges him to save himself. At the Slater home, everyone makes amends with each other as they take a group photo. There are clips of Jack and Erica’s past weddings, Zach and Kendall’s wedding, and Ryan and Greenlee’s wedding.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas is aghast to hear Steffy admit that she is falling in love with Liam. She is not seducing him but…….Ridge is in a hurry to get this meeting started. Marcus pulls himself away from Dayzee long enough to go check for Taylor to see if Thorne is in the meeting or can see her. Taylor makes mention that it looks like Dayzee is seeing a lot of Marcus and growing closer. She tells her of her mysterious man showing up on her doorstep according to what Anthony predicted. Ridge tells the group that the sales are good and the Paris trip exceeded all their expectations. The message has been heard around the world that women can have choices and still respect their bodies. Steffy takes offense to having to hear this all again. Thorne speaks up and says he is questioning some of Ridge’s decisions to spend most of their ad money backing Hope’s line. He would like to see a broader horizon and other lines should be included. He says Thomas is wasting his time spending it in the basement. Ridge says he knows what he is doing; that is why he is running the company. They all have their say and Hope says this is a family business and they are all in this together. Ridge tells Steffy that he is not playing favorites, but he looks at Thomas and says is not renewing the Taboo line; that’s final. In fact, with all the buzz of Hope’s wedding, he wants to throw all his support that way and capitalize on that. Thorne tells him that he’s lost his mind as he huffs off. Stephanie is stunned and concerned as the meeting ends. Hope proudly shows Steffy the mock-up of her wedding invitation, shutting Steffy up for the moment. Hope is grateful to her dad for his support. Brooke, Ridge and Hope all group hug.

Thorne tells Steffy and Thomas that it is not as hopeless as it seems. Steffy thinks otherwise since all of their suggestions were shut down. Thorne says everyone thinks it is all Ridge’s decision, but that isn’t true. Their combined 55% in stocks is more than enough to make major changes around here. They need to go find Taylor and remind her again. Taylor overhears Ridge tell Brooke that Taylor is the least of their worries now. Taylor walks in and says she wouldn’t be so sure….something about hell has no fury like a woman scorned. Steffy finds Hope and taunts her again about her engagement to Liam. But things can change in a heartbeat when you are least expecting it. Taylor speaks with Ridge and finds out that there was a meeting. He says yes and he wants to talk to her about the shares she controls for Thomas. He’d still like her to give those to him so they can be distributed equally. If not that, then at least give him the rights to vote with those shares, and he pulls out a legal document. Thorne interrupts and wonders what is going on. He tells Ridge that this is a crock and he knows it. Taylor should not sign over anything to his brother.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the police station, Gus grabbed Nicole and dragged her in the interrogation room.  Everyone tells him to put the knife down.  Bo tried to convince him to think about what he was doing.  Gus threatened to kill Nicole.  Hope wanted to talk to him.  Gus didnít want to hear it.  He wanted to know how much sheís going to charge him.  He called her a lying tramp like all the others.  Bo stepped in to talk to Gus, but he didnít want to hear it.  EJ showed up.  Gus threatened to kill Nicole if he went in the room.  EJ threatened the police if anything happened to Nicole.  The police tried to reach out to Gus to no avail.  Vivian reached out to him too.  Gus told her that he wanted it to be the two of them.  He told her that Quinn ruined everything.  Hope and Abe told Vivian to talk to Gus and tell him she cared about him.  Vivian didnít want to.  When she refused, EJ said he would hold her responsible if something happened to Nicole.  Vivian gave in and talked to him.  She told him they would leave Salem.

Quinn apologized to Taylor for getting her involved in this mess.  He said he was innocent.  Taylor believed him.  Quinn told her how the police had evidence against him.  Taylor told him the truth would come out and the charges would be dropped.  While they were talking, they overheard that there was a Code 8, which is a call for backup.  While Gus was focused on Vivian, Bo and Rafe went to the interrogation room.  Gus dragged Nicole forward and put his hand against the glass to Vivianís.  He asked if she meant what she said about leaving.  She said she did.  She looked at Roman just as he gave the signal to go in the room.  Gus said she was a liar as Bo, Roman, and Rafe went in the room.  EJ had an unconscious Nicole in his arms.  He asked her to open her eyes.  She finally opened her eyes.  Hope told her the paramedics were on their way.  EJ wanted to know if she were alright.  She said she was.  Nicole thanked him for saving her life.  He said he would never let anything happened to her.  Roman placed Gus under arrest.  When Gus was being taken away, he got into it with Vivian.  He told her that she said she wouldnít leave him.  He ended up calling her his mother. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Spinelli drops Sam's ring. Maxie tells him that the ring isn't as important as Spinelli being Spinelli again and saving her life. Elizabeth gives her statement to Dante. She says Darrel, the janitor told her he was going to give her the same thing he gave Siobhan. Dante tells Mac that Lucky responded to a nearby "shots fired" call. Spinelli tells Lucky that an unseen person shot their assailant with a silenced gun. Lucky surmises that the shooter's intent was to shut Joey Luzetta up. Johnny finds JT behind the bakery and tells him, Joe isn't coming. He burrows the muzzle of his gun in JT's chest and tells him he works for Johnny now. Johnny tells him to give him the names of the other people in the operation. Reluctantly, realizing that Anthony can't kill him later if Johnny kills him now, JT reveals that Anthony is running the operation. He tells Johnny about the boat, the warehouse, Luzetta's bakery being the hub, and the flour packages with stars for apostrophes. Johnny tells JT to make a call and ask someone to meet him there. When Rudy Trujillo arrives, he sees Johnny, and fires. Johnny uses JT as a shield and returns fire, killing the man. He walks away, leaving JT bleeding. Lucky reports to Dante that Maxie and Spinelli are OK, and then sends them to General Hospital to be checked out. He checks Joey Luzetta's body and finds a bottle of pills. Lucky reports to Mac that someone didnít want Joey to talk and that two other men are dead by the warehouse. Max reports to Jason that the drug operation was shut down thanks to Shawn's planning. Jason wants Shawn to run the security at the wedding. Shawn lets Carly into Kelly's after hours and cooks for her. She tells him that she doesn't cook at all. He finds her cooking stories amusing. He puts on music and they dance together. When things get tense, he leaves Carly in Kelly's.

Johnny goes to Anthony and tells him that he cleaned up his mess for him. He says he won't point the finger at Anthony because somebody else pissed him off more. Sonny collars Matt and shoves him against the wall, saying he wants to know about Kristina's health -- and Matt's. Patrick pulls Sonny off Matt. He tells Sonny he is out of control. Sonny heads to Kristina's room and Patrick asks him if he hasn't already done enough damage to her. Kate visits Kristina in the hospital bearing gifts. Kristina wonders if Sonny asked her to come. She assures her that she wouldnít do anything to burnish Sonnyís image and promises to tell Kristina if he tried. Kristina looks in the bag of things Kate bought and says she couldnít possibly accept them. Kate explains that as editor of a magazine she always gets gifts from advertisers and is happy to share. She also gives Kristina and advanced copy of the magazine. Matt gives Kristina an update, advising her that when the swelling goes down, her mobility should return. Sonny goes into Kristina's room and describes a place he wants to take her. Sonny apologizes to Matt for taking his frustration out on him. Maxie watches jealously as Matt examines Elizabeth. She storms over san says their injuries are more important. Matt looks at them and says Spinelli's hand may be fractured, so he will need an x-ray. Elizabeth's gash on her head requires stitches. He tells Maxie that she will feel better if she goes home and takes a shower. Maxie and Spinelli reveal to Jason and Sam that the ring is again lost. When Sam is out of the room, Jason tells Max that Shawn's focus will really be on Franco. Franco takes pictures takes art photos of a crime scene and tells his clapping monkey that he wasn't invited to Jason's wedding and he thinks it is time to return to Port Charles.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo and John both admit they doubt that original Todd murdered Victor Lord and believe it's very possible that Jack is lying even though Jack somehow knew how to "appear" to know what happened. Original Todd gets taken to jail although he protests he did not do it. Right then, Irene goes to see him and he concludes that he knows she has framed him and might very well have killed not only killed Victor but also "arranged" to make both Louie and the gun disappear so that he got framed for the murder. she all but admits she has and that she can help him find the gun to get exonerated if he does what she wants. Brody proposes to Natalie and she tells him no. He concludes it must be because of John. Rick convinces Bas to sign a contract with him so that Bas and Starr can produce music together. Starr and James are adamantly against her working with Rick. But she reluctantly agrees to do it when Rick tells her that their dream will be ruined if they don't work with Rick and tells her she is not serious the way he is. Rex goes to the Kentucky hospital knowing that there is something of significance there regarding Gigi although he does not know specifically what it would be. Kim notices him and attempts to urge the nurse to get rid of him by telling her he's dangerous. But he is able to stay and is very surprised to see her there. He then urges her to tell her what she knows. But she realizes she better not and then she reveals that she is keeping Stacy, Gigi's sister, in the private hospital room and needs to keep a secret that Rex must never know.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Tucker tells Devon that Katherine is setting him up to fail just because she wants to get back at him but Devon tells him that he will make Katherine’s record label a success and will soon see him at the Grammy’s. Tucker is more determined to get Jabot back because he is tired of his own mother trying to take things away from him. Tucker and Ashley are both furious with Abby because she wore a wire for Ronan to try and get evidence on Tucker. Ashley tells Abby that if she can’t accept that she and Tucker are together then she can stay out of their lives. Devon advises Abby to take the high road with Ashley and not lose her relationship with her mother because she needs her mother. Devon tells Abby that someday Tucker will do something to make Ashley see his true colors.

Michael tells Kevin that he told Victor to use him as the fake donor because he is the only person who cares about Chloe and Delia enough to keep the fact that Billy is the donor a secret. Kevin can’t handle the gratitude from everyone and almost tells Victoria the truth but decides not to do it at the last second. Billy almost comes out of hiding and wants to tell everyone the truth but Victor reminds him that if everyone finds out what he did in Asia they will wish he had never returned to town. Victoria sends Billy two e-mails hoping that he will check his e-mail account and return home. Billy does check his e-mail and starts to respond by telling Victoria the truth but then decides not to send the e-mail because he is afraid if Victoria knew the truth she would never want to see him again. Cane heads to Genevieve’s house to try and figure out if Genevieve sent Jill the wine with the family label on it. Cane hears a noise and wonders if there is anyone in the wine cellar but since he doesn’t hear the noise again he walks away. Colin hears Cane’s voice outside the wine cellar but decides he wants to stay in there a little longer since he has found a safe which he is trying to open to see if Genevieve has hidden anything inside the safe.

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