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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Angie looks at Jesse and sees that he is crying. Angie lets him know that she can see. David gives a piece of paper to Griffin with a name on it of a patient that he wants him to care for. Griffin refuses his request. Liza sits at ConFusion and tells Cara that she managed a plea bargain for David and he could be out of jail in 18 months. Cara lets Liza know that she is pregnant with David’s child. Angie and Jesse rejoice over her regaining her eyesight. Angie tells Jesse that she needs to see David and he doesn’t object at all. Maya and Colby talk about her and Lucy being alone. Maya begins to question her decision about leaving Angie and Jesse’s. Colby encourages Maya to go back. At Krystal’s, Frankie and Randi celebrate with Brot and Natalia over their engagement. Natalia has reservations about asking Angie to join in the festivities. Cara insists to Liza that she is raising this child alone. At the police station, Krystal bumps into J.R. and tells him that Marissa is obtaining a restraining order against him to keep him away from A.J. J.R. insists to Krystal that he and A.J.’s real mother will take him back. J.R. tells Krystal that David may be keeping Babe alive and just keeping her away from him. Krystal doesn’t want to even think that Babe may still be alive. Griffin comes out of the room with David and J.R. starts to follow him, but Krystal stops him. Marissa walks up and tells the officer that she has a restraining order against him. J.R. threatens Marissa. Griffin tells Cara that David wants him to care for a patient of his, but that he refused. Cara is surprised by Griffin’s actions. Angie comes to see David to let him know that she can see and it is all thanks to him. They hug. Jesse reveals the news to Frankie, Randi, Brot and Natalia that Angie can see. They revel in the news. Jesse meets up with Maya and Lucy and tells them that Angie can see. Maya is thrilled. Cara tries to convince Griffin to treat the patient. Liza sets strict ground rules for Maya and Lucy to stay at her home while Colby looks on, not really understanding why Liza is doing this.

Jesse and Angie spend quality time together. Cara returns to see David and tells him that she won't keep him from their child. Maya and Lucy go see Angie and Jesse. Maya asks to move back in and Angie agrees. Griffin visits the clinic where the patients are. He starts to leave but then changes his mind. Frankie, Randi, Brot and Natalia arrive at Angie and Jesse’s for a celebration. Film clips are shown of Angie and Jesse’s life together from the time that they first met up to now. Film clips were also shown of Frankie and Randi’s life and Brot and Natalia. A picture is made of the entire Hubbard family with Maya and Lucy. Liza and Colby mend fences between them. At home, J.R. stares at a picture of him, Babe, and A.J., then cocks a gun in his hand.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam awakens and quickly looks on the other side of the bed. He’s relieved to find that Steffy is not there as she wanted to stay the night. With Justin by his side, Bill checks the surveillance tape and sees Steffy’s car still at the cliff house so he assumes that Liam had some fun last night. Steffy brings Liam a cup of coffee and reminds him again that Hope should be there for him. He’s frustrated and shouldn’t be settling for a one-way relationship. She stayed because she wrote his editor letter for him as she just wanted to take a burden off of his shoulders. He’s still knotted up so she gives him a massage. He wishes he could repay her and she suggests there is one thing. He reminds her that he is engaged and he can’t do that. She teases that she will settle for a walk on the beach and one teeny little friendly kiss between friends.

At Brooke’s urging, Hope tries to call Liam. He’s on the beach with Steffy. She frolics with him in the water until she stops and kisses him. They both seem startled at the emotion. When they return to the house, Bill is there. He lets them know he loves the letter on the laptop and he approves that they are together now. Liam explains that Steffy spent the night writing the letter, but nothing else happened. Bill thanks Steffy and leaves. But not before telling Liam that Steffy is good for him. He hasn’t seen him smile this much in a long time. Alone Steffy tells Liam that Hope can not give him what he wants….she can. He does not have to go through with this wedding. Please do not marry Hope.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Bo and Hope were interrogating Quinn.  He claimed he was innocent and would not confess.  Bo reminded him of the evidence.  He warned Quinn that he would be facing murder charges.  Quinn told them that the evidence has planted.  Quinn said that the weapon might not have been the one used.  Hope warned him that the weapon was being tested.  Bo told Quinn that his past was enough to convict him.  Bo got a call from forensics.  Chloe’s blood was on the nightstick.  Quinn said he never attacked anyone.  Hope called him a predator.  Quinn wanted a lawyer.  Bo and Hope were suspicious about Quinn’s guilt since he spoke to them without an attorney present.  At the police station, Abe told Taylor that everything would be okay as long as she tells them everything.  She said that Quinn was innocent.  Roman told her that she could be in trouble too.  He said they have evidence against Quinn and she has a history with him.  Abe said that Taylor was arrested for human rights.  Roman asked if Quinn used her to get information the investigation.  He wanted to know if she impeded the investigation.  EJ and Nicole came in to stop the interrogation of his new client.  Earlier, Nicole asked EJ to be Taylor’s lawyer.  EJ wanted to talk to Taylor.

When EJ, Nicole, and Taylor were in another room, Nicole told her they wanted to help.  EJ wanted answers so he could represent her.  Taylor confessed that she kept tabs on the investigation, but Quinn was innocent.  EJ told her that the police wouldn’t have arrested him without evidence.  Taylor said she knew Quinn and there’s no way he’s the attacker.  At the hospital, Chloe finally woke up.  Lexie checked her out and said she was okay.  Brady asked Chloe about the attack.  Lexie said the attacker was arrested.  Chloe assumed they caught Gus, but they said it was Quinn.  Chloe told them that she remembered what happened and it was Gus.  Lexie stepped out to call the police, but was called away for a code blue.  Brady and Chloe talked about why she had to be a hooker.  Bo and Hope went over past pier crimes.  Hope was shocked when she saw the information.  A young boy was abandoned on the pier 20 years ago.  They realized who it was and told Roman.  They told him it was Gus.  Roman wanted to see the sketch.  The face was a match.  The police were looking at the real attacker (Gus), but they didn’t know it.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Kate slaps Sonny on the face, then urges him to get his life in order. Lulu and Dante talk about Jason and Sam’s upcoming wedding. Dante tells Lulu that Maxie is missing. Spinelli saves Maxie’s life. Anthony and Tracy have dinner together. Unbeknownst to Anthony and Tracy, Luke spies them sharing a dance. Lucky shoots Anthony’s goon in order to rescue Elizabeth. Carly and Patrick talk about the wedding and how it will impact Carly’s friendship with Jason. Spinelli finds Sam’s engagement ring, then Maxie loses it again. Dante and Lucky wonder who is the leader of the hospital drug ring. Johnny warns Anthony to stay out of the Zacchara business. Skye is about to leave on the Quartermaine jet when Luke drops by. Sonny feels it is his own fault that Kristina has the bone fracture. Lulu daydreams about her own wedding. Elizabeth tells Dante that Lucky saved her life. Luke contemplates leaving Port Charles with Skye.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The cops come and arrest original Todd for the murder of Victor Lord Jr. and Jack admits he's the eye witness. Yet, Todd confidently affirms to his son that they both know that Jack is lying and asks him if he really wants to go through with this. But Jack tells him he's ok with having him charged with the murder of his father. However, as soon as Jack is alone to talk to his deceased father, he asks victor if he did the right thing and urges him to give him a sign. Still not having a clue what Clint and Kim's connection to Kim's friend in the hospital in Kentucky has to do with finding Gigi and/or a message she is giving to Rex, Rex still somehow knows he needs to find out what is there that may solve and unravel some mysteries for both himself and Clint. Kim has right then, threatened to turn Rex's gun over to the cops if Echo does not persuade her son to give Clint back his money. So Echo goes to find her son and attempt him to make amends with Clint and give him back his money. Rex does not listen but fuels up the Buchanan jet to Kentucky, finds the hospital and is stunned to see Kim in the very room where he goes.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Gloria and Colin find a casino hidden in the wine cellar and try to pick the door lock with a nail file but have no luck. A person stops by the cellar and drops off a tuna sandwich for Colin. Since he doesn’t like tuna, he tells Gloria she can have the sandwich. Jill wonders where the wine bottle Genevieve sent her came from since it isn't from the Athletic club. Jill tells Tucker that Katherine hired Devon to head her new music label which prompts Tucker to have a talk with Devon. Ashley tells Ronan she argued with Diane the night she died, but she was still alive when she left the park. Ashley tears up the picture that someone sent her in the mail and puts it in the dumpster behind the police station. The policewoman that Ronan has following Ashley takes him the torn picture, and he puts the pieces back together again. Abby tells Victor that she wore a wire for Ronan and may have gotten Ashley in trouble with the police. Victor assures Abby he will take care of everything and Ashley won’t go to jail.

Victor tells Ronan to stop bothering Abby or he will make it his business to find out the secrets that Ronan is hiding especially why he left town after his transplant. Kevin wonders what Victor has on Billy who doesn’t tell him anything just that he thinks it's best that he stay out of Victoria and Delia’s life so he won’t hurt them when he makes another mistake. Victor brings the test results to Billy and Kevin and tells Billy that he is a match for Delia, so the plan to have Kevin pretend to be the donor is now in motion. Victor reminds Billy that he has to stay out of sight for a few weeks and then after the transplant, according to the terms of their deal, he has to leave town again. Ronan continues to be an emotional support for Chloe but Kevin isn’t to happy about it, so he tells Ronan to leave when he sees him at the hospital. Chloe tells Kevin that Ronan called her and then came to the hospital. Chloe wonders why Kevin was unreachable when she tried to call him to tell him about Delia’s fever. When Kevin tells Chloe that he is a donor match for Delia, she is stunned and relieved.

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