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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Zach cleans up the living room as Kendall comes downstairs. Kendall and Zach kiss. Jack sits at the bar at Confusion when Erica walks in. Jack is surprised and happy to see her. Erica gives him the good news about Mr. Sterling’s offer to make a movie based on her memoirs. Jack wants to make wedding plans, but Erica tells him that she is too busy for that now. Cara lets David know that she is having a baby, his baby. J.R. cannot believe that Babe may still be alive. Angie sees a light, but it soon disappears. Frankie wants to tell Jesse, but Angie forbids him not to. David is thrilled by the news and vows to be a good father. Cara insists to David that this is her baby not his. Kendall is quite put out when Zach wants to eat hot wings and beer and to watch a hockey game. Zach grabs Kendall and pulls her down on the sofa by him. Zach flips on the VCR and shows Kendall a video of herself, Zach and the boys. Erica tells Jack that she doesn’t have time right now to plan a wedding. Brooke surprises Jack and Erica with a visit. Dixie asks J.R. what if Babe is really alive. Angie talks to Jesse about helping David to stay in town so he can reveal who the other patients are. J.R. visits David to find out if Babe is really alive, but David refuses to talk to him. Cara intervenes and tells David to talk to him. David agrees to give him five minutes. Erica and Brooke hurl insults at each other over the men in their lives.

J.R. demands answers about Babe, but David refuse to give him any answers. Angie pushes Jesse away when he tries to console her about Lucy. Jesse begins to pack up Lucy’s things. Angie’s eyesight returns because she can see Jesse crying. Kendall gives Zach back his wedding ring. They kiss. David gives Griffin a list of the other patients in his care and tells him to take care of them. J.R. watches from outside the window. J.R. has Griffin followed. Erica wants to know about Adam, but Brooke refuses to tell her anything.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy is stunned to hear Bill really encouraging her to be more than a friend to Liam, He likes Hope, but she is too sweet. She is putting Liam in a diabetic coma. She will never be able to make him happy, but Steffy can. She admits that Bill betrayed her and she no longer loves him. She does love Liam now, but Hope is in the way. Bill says he doesn’t want to see Liam hurt and Steffy can prevent that. Liam needs her and needs her NOW. She knows she can make Liam smile and laugh, but he has to let her. Brooke and Ridge have to literally pull Liam and Hope apart so they can cool off before her presentation. She tells the press that Hope for the Future was a big hit in Paris and the message is getting out loud and clear. They all want to hear about Liam and her engagement. He has to duck out to avoid the hoopla. He contemplates what Steffy has been telling him that he ought to be happy during his engagement, and he’s not. Bill has some surveillance cameras set up at the cliff house. Steffy drives up and surprises Liam as he was expecting Hope. Steffy says that he needs a woman tonight. She is not going to let him suffer one more night alone. Tonight is theirs.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Dario told Melanie that his supervisor said he had to leave for Argentina "tonight". He had to do something and took her with him. At the police station, Quinn declared his innocence. Hope told him that they have seen the evidence. Bo told him that he would pay for what he did. Vivian, Taylor, and Gus showed up. Vivian demanded that Quinn is innocent. Vivian said the evidence was wrong. Hope said they are running tests. Bo said if the evidence links to Quinn, he was going to prison. Later, Bo and Hope talked about their plan to check the surveillance tapes of what was being said after the fact.

Taylor showed up and Bo wondered if she knew Quinn was a pimp. Vivian tried to get Quinn a lawyer. She was determined to be there for her son. Bo showed Vivian Quinn's rap sheet. Vivian accused Taylor is related to Nicole and was livid. Dario showed up at the police station. He told Rafe about the promotion. Rafe was surprised, but wanted him to stay. Dario didn't agree with him. Dario believed he would miss is opportunity if he didn't go for it. Dario invited Rafe, Sami and the kids to visit him. Rafe gave in, but was interrupted by a call. A big suspect was arrested. Rafe locked Quinn in his cell. Quinn warned him that the real suspect was still out there.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu goes to the Haunted Star and finds Ethan on the floor. He tells her a con went south and the Mark took it out on his face. Luke watches from a doorway as they discuss him, Ethan's similarities to him, and Lulu's guilt over forcing Luke to settle down. He listens to them talk about Lucky losing Jake and Siobhan, and then getting back on drugs. Lulu tells Ethan she thinks she should sell the Star. After they leave, Luke looks around the Star. He sees the note Skye left for Ethan, telling him not to suspend his life waiting for Luke.

Lucky and Dante rehash what they know about Elizabeth and Maxie's abduction. Maxie scoffs that Elizabeth is trying to open the locked door. She is certain that Spinelli will rescue them. Spinelli doesn't remember how to use his computer. He runs out of the penthouse when Sam asks him how his camera search is going. Spinelli goes to Luzetta's alley and finds a purposely-placed dollop of icing. He is certain it is a message from Maxie. Elizabeth scoffs at Maxie's trail of icing. Elizabeth and Maxie trick the guard into untying Elizabeth, who in turn, unties Maxie, who sprays the guard with pepper spray. Elizabeth takes his keys. Maxie runs, but the janitor blocks Elizabeth's departure and tells the guard to go find Maxie. Spinelli sees Maxie running and is relieved to see the guard going in the wrong direction. Lucky goes into the bakery and finds the two different packages. He opens one with the star as an apostrophe and tastes the contents. He calls Mac, tells him he has discovered something big, and is booking in evidence. He receives a call about the burned warehouse.

Kate goes to Pozullo's, but before she can go into Sonny's office, she receives a call saying no one is at Crimson to receive a delivery for a fitting that she has no knowledge of. Meanwhile Sonny is about to leave his office when he receives a phone call to which he responds that the Zaccharas must have torched his warehouse because Sonny roughed up Johnny earlier. Dante goes to Sonny's office and Sonny tells him that he wants to report his warehouse torching the proper way because he wants to build a stronger relationship with his son. Dante says he isn't interested in being Sonny's son. He tells him to leave Olivia out of his feud with Johnny, or the Zaccharas won't be alone in wanting retaliation. Dante tells Olivia to stay out of Sonny and Johnny's feud. Olivia tells Dante to fight for Lulu. Kate returns to Crimson and tells Maxie she'd better get there if she wants to keep her job. Olivia comes in and asks her how it went with Sonny. Kate says she doesn’t have time to save Sonny. Kate pays no attention to Olivia's pleas for her to help Sonny. Instead, her attention is on the selection of wedding dresses that have been delivered to her office. Kate calls Lulu and orders her to deal with the dress fitting. Sam goes to Crimson and chooses a wedding dress. Dante comes to Crimson and sees Lulu admiring a wedding dress. Kate returns to Pozzulo's, this time seeing Sonny.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Todd's funeral, Tea is distraught and believes original Todd killed her husband. Jack is determined to "seek justice" for his father even though he knows that Victor is watching over him and knows he's lying to say he saw original Todd kill him. Meanwhile, the new mayor tells Bo that she needs the cops to arrest Todd manning and if he doesn't do it, she will go over his head and get a warrant. Yet he knows she is "motivated" to make an arrest so that she can get re-elected. So the cops go to "surprise" original Todd by finding him and arrest him when he least expects it and knows they have no evidence. Destiny admits to Shaun that she went to see Greg to see if maybe he could help Matthew. Kim tells Echo if she wants her to hand over the gun so that Rex does not get charged with murder, Rex needs to give Clint his money back. Meanwhile, Clint and Rex have a conversation and sound like they might be bonding and care for each other when Rex is ready to help Kim get medical care for her "mysterious" friend as Clint needs and Clint somehow knows that Rex needs some answers about Gigi. And they both seem to know that those two situations are related.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jill thinks Colin is two timing jerk and tells Lauren that Genevieve can have him and then she and Lauren go visit Delia at the hospital. Gloria gets a call from the police because Genevieve’s alarm accidentally goes off and she finds Colin in the wine cellar but she doesn’t know to leave the door open and it shuts behind her trapping her in the wine cellar with Colin. Victoria has dinner with Sam but no matter what she does to distract herself she can’t stop thinking of Billy. Billy can’t stop thinking about Victoria and worrying about Delia and he remembers how he helped Chloe deliver Delia. Kevin doesn’t want to lie to help Billy but in the end both he and Billy agree to put their differences aside to help Delia.

Victor send Jack on a wild goose chase to Hong Kong in search of Billy and Victoria stops by Billy’s trailer and just misses seeing him heading to the hospital. Victor arrives to keep Victoria from going inside the trailer and tells her its time she accepts that Billy may never come back to Genoa City. Kevin distracts Chloe so that Billy can sneak inside Delia’s room to see her and Billy sits at Delia’s bed side and holds her hand and cries and tells Delia he will make sure that she is okay. Billy also tells a sleeping Delia how much he loves and misses her. Kevin tells Chloe that he got a call from the lab because they messed up his test and they asked him to get tested again later Chloe checks on a sleeping Delia who awakens and tells Chloe she dreamed daddy came to visit her.

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