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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad wakes up and finds Dixie gone. Tad finds Dixie downstairs preparing for A.J.’s arrival. Cara looks at her pregnancy test results only to be interrupted by Griffin. Cara and Griffin hug. Angie visits David at the police station to try to convince him to reveal the names of the other people he had saved. J.R. and Colby pack up their things to move out of the mansion. Colby has a box of Adam’s pistols and wonders what to do with them. J.R. sneaks a pistol out of the box and puts it into his duffel bag. Scott comes in and has in his hand copies of Adam’s revised will. Colby reveals to J.R. that his name had been left out of the new revised will. Colby apologizes to J.R. for his name being left out of the will. Angie tries to reach out to David to help him. Cara reveals to Griffin about her cancer scare and how she had told David about it. Griffin questions Cara as to what had been making her sick. Liza interrupts Jesse as he is mourning over his dead daughter. Liza offers to help him get over his mourning. J.R. tells Scott and Colby that nothing is being taken from him again. J.R. visit’s A.J. at Tad’s. A.J. runs into J.R.’s arms and tells him that he has missed him. Cara tells Griffin that she is pregnant with David’s child. Griffin begs Cara to give the baby away. Angie begs David to reveal the names of the other people that he had saved. Griffin begs Cara not to tell David that he is the father of her child. Tad meets with Jesse at Krystal’s and wonders how Angie is doing. Scott and Madison share a hot dog in the park and small talk. J.R. tells A.J. to go upstairs and get his favorite toy that they are going on an adventure.

Dixie walks in with A.J.’s snacks. A.J. reveals to Dixie that J.R. is taking him on an adventure. Dixie tries to talk J.R. out of taking A.J. Dixie reveals to J.R. that David may have saved Babe. Cara visits David to let him know that she is pregnant with his child. Scott and Madison decide to try again. They are interrupted by Colby, who lets them know that Adam is coming home. Frankie brings Angie home from the hospital and see can see a light.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke catches Steffy chastising Hope for not caring or paying attention to how she is treating Liam. He deserves better. Brooke walks in and tells Steffy to back off of her daughter. Hope tells Brooke that whatever Steffy pulls, she is not going to let this bother her. And she tells Steffy that she knows that she wants Liam badly, but they are happier than they have ever been and Steffy is not going to get him. Bill is behind schedule because Liam forgot to attend a meeting or get the letter to the editor out. Bill reams him out that he needs to step up and focus more on work and not just on Hope’s plane coming in. Liam blasts that this no sex thing until the honeymoon is harder than he thought it would be and he can’t concentrate on anything else right now but he knows he has to try. Bill advises Liam that there is only so much stress that he can handle so he can’t always be the good guy. He knows he has promised Hope to be there for her presentation and now he is behind in his own work.

Hope confides in Brooke that this is not the first time she has had to deal with Steffy’s interference, but she isn’t going to bother her. Steffy gave up and left. Liam is right for her….he’s the man who she will spend the rest of her life with and no one can change that. She knows other guys would have a problem with her no-sex policy, but Liam is not one of those guys. Bill advises Liam that if this is a problem for him, then he needs to talk it over truthfully with Hope before it festers. He tells Liam that he is not focusing on his work, he’s dropped the ball. So this is a problem and he needs to tell Hope. Liam admits that he has talked it over with Steffy. Bills seems to find this amusing. Liam asks him not to take any of this out on Hope; he will work on it. Liam goes to Hope’s office, but can’t take his eyes off of her while still saying he is okay with waiting. Steffy goes to Spencer Publications to find Liam, but only finds Bill in his office. Intuitively she can tell he is under a lot of stress. She knows Liam is messing up and Bill doesn’t know why. Bill says he does know why and apparently so does Steffy. He also knows that she probably still has some things to say to Bill over him leaving her and going back to Katie. Steffy states that not really, she has moved on. But she does have issues with the way that Hope is treating Liam. She’s driving him crazy, and the wedding is months away so it’s only going to get worse. She is controlling and manipulating him and he doesn’t deserve that. She’s announced to anyone who will listen that they are not having sex. Commitment to her must not be enough. It’s insulting and humiliating and Liam deserves a woman with the same kind of passion that he has. Bill tells Steffy that he knows she’d like to be that woman….he raises a glass to her and says “here’s to making that happen.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the rehab center, Nicholas noticed how nervous Carly looked.  He wondered if she was nervous about the session with Dr. Norman.  Carly didnít think she could do it.  She said that the therapy was wearing her out.  Nicholas suggested that Carly reschedule.  He wondered if she was afraid to face Jennifer and Daniel.  Jennifer and Daniel were in Dr. Normanís office.  They talked about Carly.  Daniel got a call about Chloe still being in a coma.  At the hospital, Brady and Nicole talked about Chloeís condition.  They also talked about Parker possibly helping Chloe come out of her coma.  At the police station, Bo didnít recognize Quinnís name.  Hope wondered how the DNA guys linked the evidence from the crime scene to Quinn if he didnít have a record.  Rafe reminded them that he was an ex-FBI age and could check him out in the database.  They found out that Quinn is Vivianís son.  They found out heís a pimp.  Hope saw that he was busted in San Francisco for running an escort service.  Hope went to get a warrant.  Bo asked Rafe if there was a picture of the guy.  Hope told Rafe and Bo that Quinn has a record in Eastern Europe.  He was arrested at a human rights demonstration.  She saw that someone was arrested with him.  Bo read that it was Taylor.  Rafe was surprised that Taylor knew him.  Bo wondered if Taylor has been feeding Quinn information about the investigation.  Rafe didnít want to jump to conclusions.  Bo wondered why Taylorís record didnít show up when they did the background check.  Rafe said International wouldnít show up in a basic search.  They left when Hope got the call about the warrant.

Gus hid in the closet when Quinn walked in the hotel room.  Gus was ready to use the stick on Quinn, but Quinn got a call as he was about to open the closet.  Luckily for Gus, Quinn went to the other room to take the call.  That gave Gus a chance to slip out of the hotel room after putting the stick in the bag.  When he was in the hallway, he took out the police radio and heard how the police were on their way.  Gus knocked on the door.  Quinn wanted to know why he was there.  Gus said Vivian was on her way over to talk to him.  They started talking about Vivian.  Carlyís session with Daniel and Jennifer didnít go that well.  The police showed up at Quinnís hotel.  They wanted to search his room.  They questioned him about the days the girls were attacked.  Quinn couldnít answer the question.  Bo thought it was interesting that Quinn knew the dates off the top of his head.  Quinn denied he was the attacker.   They found the nightstick in the closet.  Quinn didnít know what it was.  Hope saw the dried blood on it.  Bo asked if it was his nightstick.  Quinn said it wasnít and he never saw the stick before.  Bo put the cuffs on Quinn.  Hope read him his rights.  Quinn continued to declare his innocence.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Shawn comes out of the shower in his apartment and sees Carly looking through his things. She tells him about a job, but he says Jason has already hired him to take care of things until he is back on his feet. Sonny tells Shawn he can't work for his organization because his PTSD makes him useless. Carly tells Sonny that he is a hypocrite. Sonny asks Carly if she is sleeping with Shawn. She tells him to go back and fix his damaged childhood and to leave everyone else alone until he does. Olivia asks Kate to reach out to Sonny. Kate is not interested. Olivia says Sonny is in a very dark place and doesnít need to talk to Kate the Fake; he needs Costanza Falconeri that he knew in high school to lead him out. Kate says Costanza is gone forever. Later, Kate goes to Pozullo's.

Spinelli, not Jackal, goes to Jason's hospital room. Jason says he has missed Spinelli. Spinelli tells them about Maxie and Elizabeth's abduction by the drug dealers, but they doubt it since Jason only put him on the bakery to keep him out of trouble. Jason asks Sam to contact to Shawn. Jason asks Spinelli to be his best man. Spinelli jumps on Jason in the bed and hugs him. Jason asks him to check all his computer resources to see if he can find any leads on Maxie and Elizabeth. He asks him to call Bernie and sort out the lost 20 million dollars that needs to be transferred. Shawn verifies to Jason that the two women have been missing since yesterday. Jason asks him to get all their men on it, talk to Lucky and Dante about what they know. He says Spinelli is a computer genius and will find what he can in cyberspace. Spinelli, meanwhile, doesn't know what to do with the computer.

Johnny sees Anthony talking to the janitor that steals drugs for him. Anthony asks the janitor how he knows Anthony, but he says he is off duty and walks away. Johnny follows him. Patrick tells Anthony to leave the hospital. Anthony makes a call and says he needs to see the doctor today. He visits a patient - Dr Lisa Niles. Matt and Patrick discuss Kristina's fractured vertebra that was undiscovered before the surgery. Sonny comes into Kristina's hospital room while Johnny is visiting her. He orders Johnny out, but Kristina wakes up and asks Sonny to leave. Kristina is upset that he will never say he is sorry for hurting her. Sam calms Kristina and tells her she knows Sonny is riddled with guilt. Matt has Kristina's results and wants to tell her parents. She orders him to treat her like the adult that she is and give her the information. He complies and then does sensitivity test on her feet. She cannot feel her right foot.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Current Todd's funeral is underway. Everybody in his family is able to get there except for Tea who is too distraught to face it but with the help of Blair who motivates her, she gets there. Jack is determined to get original Todd charged with murder and is very dissatisfied with the fact that the cops have not arrested him. Shaun finds out that Jack assumes he "knows" something that Shaun questions how he could know since Jack did not hear his tape, regarding what happened when Victor got shot. Roxy goes to find Morris the porcupine when she learns that Cutter has him and furiously fights to get him back before it's too late for Rex. Knowing why she might have a "desperate situation" but that she doesn't want to implicate her son, Cutter asks her why she's freaking out over a porcupine and dismisses her. Kim then finds out the gun is in the porcupine and after overhearing Cutter's interaction with Roxy, knows her brother's theory must be correct. They conclude that Rex killed Victor Lord, as he had motive and Roxy has hidden the gun in the porcupine and now realizes Cutter has it and needs it back to save her son from murder charges. And Kim also sees a good way to "motivate" Rex before Cutter has a chance to.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Tucker interrupts Ashley and Abby’s conversation before Ashley can tell Abby what she did the night Diane died but Ronan still has enough on tape to accuse Ashley of lying to the police and obstruction of justice. Abby tries to do damage control by telling Ronan that they can’t use what Ashley said against her since the wire was intended to trap Tucker. Ronan says that he can use what Ashley said as evidence because the court order for the wire covered whatever was said in Tucker’s house no matter who said it. Abby accidentally leaves a condenser microphone inside Tucker’s house because she took the wire off in a hurry before she left and later Ashley and Tucker find the microphone. Ashley meets Abby at crimson lights to confront her about the microphone but neither one of them is aware that Ronan has someone following Abby.

Cane, Lily and Kevin arrive at the hospital to support Chloe and Delia and Jack arrives with a picture of Billy and Delia that Chloe doesn’t want her to have until Victoria persuades Chloe that she should rob Delia of her memories of Billy just because she is angry with him for leaving town. Billy arrives at his trailer just after Jack has left and later Victor comes by and Billy wants an update on Delia’s condition so Victor calls Victoria to tell her that they haven’t found a match for Delia among the family and friends that have been tested. Billy does some research and asks Victor to get in touch with a researcher that is doing experimental treatment for Delia’s leukemia. Billy wonders how they will keep his bone marrow donation anonymous if he is a match for Delia and Victor says he has someone in mind to pose as the donor match and Billy is stunned when Kevin arrives and he tells Victor the plan will never work with Kevin posing as the donor.

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