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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Dixie has a dream about David and the clinic. She dreams about a woman with a bracelet on with the letter “B”. David suddenly appears to her . Tad comes in to see about her and she tells him her dream. Dixie tells Tad that she wants to go to see David and ask him about the woman in the clinic but Tad is against the idea. Tad finally agrees to let Dixie see David as long as he goes with her. At Krystal’s diner, Maya and Colby sit at a table and talk. Maya asks Colby if they are really going to lose their house. Colby asks Maya about Lucy. Jesse and Angie, at home, discuss Maya and Lucy and how much it will hurt when Maya takes Lucy away. Angie asks Jesse to let David stay in Pine Valley so that he can oversee her treatment. Jesse has his reservations. Colby tells Maya about Stuart and how much it had hurt when he was returned to the birth Mother. Liza visits David in jail. David lets Liza know how Ryan, Greenlee, Zach and Griffin had conspired against him to entrap him. Tad and Dixie arrive at the P.V.P.D. to see David and question him about Babe. David refuses to give them any info about Babe. Asher and Caleb arrive at Krystal’s diner. Asher and Colby exchange pleasantries while Liza and Caleb talk. Caleb starts to ask Liza something, but she brushes him off. Colby asks Liza if Maya and Lucy can move in with them. Reluctantly, Liza agrees. Maya arrives home and tells Jesse and Angie that she is moving out with Lucy today. Liza refuses to be David’s attorney.

Jesse and Angie say their good-byes to Lucy. Maya arrives at Krystal’s and finds out that she and Lucy can move in with Liza and Colby. Colby and Asher make amends as does Liza and Caleb. Maya sits alone in the park with Lucy. Jesse visits Ellie’s grave as Liza walks up. Tad and Dixie make love. Angie comes to visit David.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne emphasizes to Taylor that she now has 55% of Forrester. The question is will she use it to her advantage for herself and her children. The both of them have been taken advantage of for years, and now her children are being pushed aside, but together they have the power now. Taylor agrees, she was made to look like an idiot by being left once again by Ridge. This is a huge decision and she needs to think about it as it has serious ramifications. She doesn’t feel the same way about herself now. When she was with Ridge, she was on top of the world. Now her children are being pushed aside and Hope is the shining star. She is tired of being pushed around, but she hates to widen the rift between her children and their father. Brooke tells Ridge the fact that Thomas would even ask for the Taboo Line back means he has not learned his lesson yet. Ridge gets a text from Rick at International. Hope puts Ridge on the spot when she tells the group that the International buzz was that Steffy’s Intimates line was a little too provocative. She thinks they need to tone it down. Steffy says that is not Hope’s call. Hope says no, it’s Ridge’s….he’s the CEO. Brooke agrees. In times of recession, customers pull back and are more conservative. Ridge tells Steffy that he hates to do this. He is not pulling the Intimates line, just will tone it down a bit. It’s best for the company. Rick has said so too. Steffy grouses that yeah, Brooke’s son….once again sabotaged by a Logan.

Ridge hates being caught in the middle. He knows both his children feel the complications in his recent decisions. They may not be angry, but they are disillusioned. Brooke says Thomas and Steffy just have to learn this is not personal, it’s business. He made the right choice. He’s a good father and he did what was best for them. They will see that some day. Thorne tells Taylor that they both want to please, but it’s time they started thinking of themselves. All the rest have been riding this wave for a long time. It’s time they took charge. If Taylor doesn’t take charge, then she and her children will be left in Brooke and Hope’s dust. He wants to see her happy and smile again. She makes a difference in all their lives. This opportunity is not likely to come her way again. Taylor segues way to say she hates to bring it up, but he has such a beautiful heart and she does not want to cause him pain again. He knows she is talking about Darla. He reminds her that it was an accident and he forgave her years ago, now she needs to forgive herself. Darla would be the first to say she wanted them to move forward and go for their future. Fate has given her a gift with all that good karma that she has created over the years. She needs to use that to run Forrester Creations with her children. They deserve it. She says yes and so does he. Thorne says he’s ready. He will stand by her every step of the way. She can stand by a man who thinks the world of her. So she needs to stand up to his brother and Brooke….for herself, for him, for her children because together they will never be the underdog again. They hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the police station, Bo was on the phone with the lab stressing that they were at a standstill until they hear from them.  Bo hoped they could use the DNA evidence to find a name so they can get the monster.  Hope was carrying two paper bags and said it was research.  Bo wanted to know how much the “research” is going to cost.  It turned out to be food.  The caterer Maggie told them about for the party sent over samples so they could finalize the menu for the party.  They talked about the food for the party.  After a while, they started talking about the case.  At Chez Rouge, Quinn and Taylor talked about Vivian.  Vivian showed up without Gus.  Quinn was glad Gus wasn’t with her.  The three got into small talk when Quinn realized he lost his key card.  He had to get another one from the desk or he wouldn’t be able to get in his room.  Gus let himself in Quinn’s room with the key he stole earlier.  He saw a card with a picture of Quinn and Vivian and read the note Vivian wrote Quinn.  Gus ripped the picture.  He only ripped Quinn out of the picture and kept Vivian’s.  Gus pulled off a dry cleaner’s tag from one of Quinn’s suits just in case.

Hope told Bo there was no change in Chloe’s condition.  Brady hasn’t left her side.  They talked about the attacker and how they had to catch him.  Hope wondered why all the attacks happened on the pier.  She thought the pier might mean something.  Bo had an idea that would take time.  Hope was thankful to be doing something.  When Rafe showed up Hope told him what she and Bo were working on.  The three of them were going to check the database to see if anything traumatic happened on the pier during 1990-1995.  Bo got a call that the DNA results were in and being faxed over to the police station.  Gus pulled at the club from a bag.  He had to hide it in the room where Quinn wouldn’t find it.  He looked in the closet and thought that was perfect.  When Gus was about to leave, Quinn finally arrived at the door.  Bo told Hope and Rafe that the DNA got a match on the hairs.  Rafe asked if the guy was in the database.  Bo said the name is Quinn Hudson.  Gus saw the door opening when he was about to leave.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Luke comes into the Haunted Star and surprises Skye. Skye talks to Luke about his hitting Jake and his drinking. Luke denies having a problem with drinking. She asks Luke why he even bothered coming back. Luke says he’s back in Port Charles on business. Skye won’t give Luke any information on his family and suggests that he leaves town with Skye. Luke spies on Lucky at the pier.

Lucky does some checking on Luzetta’s Bakery. Lulu searches Lucky’s apartment and finds his pills. Lulu and Lucky fight about the drugs. Lulu is still upset with Dante for not telling her the truth about Lucky. He tries to explain to Lulu that Dante isn’t the bad guy in this situation. Dante shows up at Lucky’s apartment with information that he didn’t get from Anthony. Dante and Lulu tell each other that they love each other. But Lulu still doesn’t want to be with Dante.

Sam gives Jason a sponge bath. They talk about Sam’s fears for Kristina. Sonny walks in and hears them talking about getting married and is surprised. Sonny tells Jason what happened between him and Johnny. Jason says that he will have someone watch over Sonny while he is on his honeymoon. Sonny says that he doesn’t want Max on him 24 hours a day. Shawn steps in and says that he will be watching Sonny. Sonny is not happy that Shawn is working for them. Shawn and Jason talk business. Shawn tells Jason who he had a PTSD moment when Jax took Josslyn. Jason tells him that it doesn’t matter. Jason tells Sam that he is officially of duty and tells her that it is weird but says he knows how she can make him feel better.

Kristina is still in surgery. Alexis, Molly and Michael wait for news. Molly tells Michael that the bone fragment was probably the result of the bomb that Sonny put in Johnny’s car. Molly cries on Shawn’s shoulder about her fears for Kristina. Shawn gives Molly a stone to help her feel better. Alexis tells Sam and Molly how grateful she is to them and how much she depends on them. Sonny tells Molly that she decorated Kristina’s room nicely. Alexis interrupts them and tells them that there has been a complication in Kristina’s surgery.

Anthony is upset that Johnny messed up his orchids. Dante stops by to question Anthony. Johnny tells Dante that he should be after Sonny and not Anthony. Johnny explains how Sonny came after Johnny and threatened him to stay away from Kristina and how Olivia saved him. Anthony tells Johnny how much he admires him for how he treated Dante. Johnny wants to go back to their original talk and grabs Anthony’s injured hand to make his point. Johnny overhears Anthony talking on the phone about Maxie and Elizabeth.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Blair presses Tomas to tell her if he killed Victor. He says he didn't do it. She believes him. He asks her to convince his son. Starr tells James that Jack is certain that Todd killed Victor and she is just as certain that he did not. Starr tells James that Baz found a producer for their demo, but she won't do business with him because he is the porn producer blackmailed Nate and Deanna. He says they should hold out for a better producer. Baz tells Dani to pick some music that she thinks would be meaningful to victor so that he can put it on a disc for her to use at the funeral. Baz gets a call from Rick, the porn/record producer and tells him that he can speak for Starr.

Rex goes to Gigi's grave and has a conversation. He tells her that he thought seeing Victor Lord and his family suffer would help ease the pain of losing her, but it didn't and he doesn't know how to let go. An apparition of Gigi, dressed in white, with pale blonde hair, and holding a white rose appears. She says, "Don't give up." Nate suggests that Roxy call Delphina for help in finding Morris. Delphina tells Nate Dani needs him. Nate goes to Dani's house to offer condolences. She holds him. Delphina sees the digits "9mm" and wants to know about the gun. Roxy tells her about Echo suspecting that Rex might have killed Victor. Rex tells Roxy that she doesn't need a psychic to find Morris; Cutter Wentworth has him. Rex asks Delphina what Gigi meant by "Don't give up." Delphina gives Rex the message to ask his father. She adds that it is a strong message that should not be ignored.

Cutter has Roxy's stuffed Porcupine, Morris, in his possession. He allows Aubrey to believe he got rid of the gun in the porcupine. Aubrey wonders why Cutter's sister, Aubrey, looked him up after all this time. He tells her his sister needed a loan to help a sick friend and that she goes by Kim these days. Clint arranges to have Kim's sick friend in Kentucky transferred to Llanview Hospital. She tells thanks him for the offer but says her friend cannot be moved. When Kim leaves, she looks at a picture of herself and Stacy. Clint does an Internet search for hospitals in Anchorage, KY, and then starts calling them. Kim goes to Cutter's place. He agrees that the sick friend cannot come to Llanview. Roxy bangs on Cutter's door.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane has his first supervised visit with the kids. Lily tells Daniel to stay away from her because she can’t trust him since he talked to Neil and told him that she gave visitation rights to Cane. Jill gets flowers from Genevieve saying that she told her she would keep Colin away from her. She heads over to her house where Genevieve has everything set up for a romantic evening. She has also left her computer on showing a copy of an electronic ticket in Colin’s name to her same destination. Jill has no idea that Colin is in the wine cellar getting drunk on wine from 1956 and vowing to get revenge on Genevieve. Jill heads to Lily’s to talk to Cane and ask him if his parents could have left town together. He tells her that he hopes they have left town together, so they will stay away from her.

Tucker asks Ashley to marry him and she agrees which makes Abby very upset, so she agrees to wear a wire for Ronan to get evidence that Tucker killed Diane. Tucker causes a distribution problem for Jabot. Jack wants to handle it by talking to the distributors while Katherine wants to talk to Tucker. Jack does what he wants despite Katherine’s orders while she talks to Tucker. Tucker admits to Katherine that he intends to sink Jabot unless she sells it back to him. Katherine says that will never happen. Jack is able to stop the work slow down by offering the distributors and truck drivers incentives to continue working. Jack tells Katherine and Tucker the good news but she is angry with Jack for disobeying her orders. Jack is upset that Katherine doesn’t respect his leadership of the company. Jack tells Tucker that if he gives him a contract promising total control of Jabot, he will help him get the company away from Katherine. Ashley gets more pictures in the mail from the night Diane died. When Abby arrives to talk to Tucker, Ashley can’t take the pressure anymore and tells her that she was in the park the night Diane died and something she did is coming back to haunt her. Abby tries to stop her from saying anything, but Ronan has already heard every word that Ashley said.

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