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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Krystal sits on the sofa in Tad’s living room. On her lap, she holds a memo pad where she writes notes entitled “The Future.” tad comes in and inquires as to what she is doing. Krystal lets him know that she has to get out of here or she will never leave. Jake joins Ryan at the bar at Confusion. Greenlee comes to visit Kendall to discuss a new project idea for Fusion. Scott and Colby, busily, pack up books for the move out of the mansion. Brot lets Natalia know that he is handing in his resignation at the police station. Natalia wonders as to what is going on. Brot opens up to Natalia and lets her know how he had helped Jesse to cover up the fact that Ellie had died shortly after being born and they had switched Lucy for Ellie. Krystal arrives at the diner to work on her list for the future. Liza soon joins her to pour out her heart as to how she doesn’t have many friends and now she had lost her daughter. Jake and Ryan cannot believe that David is finally behind bars. Krystal begins to open up to Liza about Babe.

Brot opens up to Natalia about a friend of his who had been killed when he had taken Brot’s place. Natalia promises her love to Brot forever. Krystal tells Liza that she has a friend. Scott and Colby promise to be family no matter where they are. Kendall tells Greenlee that she doesn’t want to go back to work full time that she wants to spend time with Zach and the boys. Colby is surprised to see Krystal and Liza bonding. Tad arrives at the diner to pick up Krystal and take her home. Brot and Natalia make love. Ryan arrives at Kendal to pick up Greenlee.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope returns from Paris and flies into Liam’s arms. Steffy is not a happy camper. Thorne is in a daze thinking about the kiss he gave Taylor. He tells Thomas he was thinking about his mother. Thomas tells Thorne that after all the years he has put in at Forrester, he should be upstairs at the meeting and celebrating, not stuck in the basement with him. Thomas realizes the stocks he just got from Stephanie should be Thorne’s and he feels badly about that. Thorne says Taylor needs someone to stand with her on this matter. Brooke is upset that Steffy is trying to still cause trouble and wants her to leave the meeting. Ridge asks her to lighten up. He tells Steffy that he wants her to stay, but she declines and leaves. Ridge tells Brooke that they need to give the lovebirds some privacy. Steffy comes home in a huff and laments to Taylor that Brooke didn’t throw her out….she left on her own, but it was clear she was not wanted. She knows Ridge will side with Brooke as always. Steffy wants to hear more about the man who came to Taylor’s door and if he swept her off her feet.

Liam and Hope wrap themselves in each other’s arms and don’t want to let go. He quips that maybe they should lock the door. Liam does reassure Hope that Steffy played nice and did not hit on him (did I dream all of that? If she was any more direct, I’d hate to see it). Thorne returns to Taylor’s. Looks like everyone is playing hooky today. Thorne confides in her that Ridge and Brooke taking over gets to him sometimes. He takes what they give him and tries not to let it get to him, but Thomas has done some wonderful things and it’s not right for Ridge to hold him back. He shows Taylor some documents and says everything is about to change for her and her family. Now she and her family combined have 55% of Forrester. She is delighted that her prince really came through and she gives him a kiss. He muses that by changing her fate, it may change his too. Thomas tells Ridge that their clients are still interested in Taboo. They are just sitting in the basement collecting dust when they could be making money. He tells Brooke that he is sorry he betrayed her, but he needs another chance to show her how serious he is. She says she can’t and Ridge says he should have know better to have ever asked. Thorne says it will feel so good to win for once. Good guys always come in last and they have to stick together as underdogs. Together they can do anything.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the police station, Hope ran the sketch through the facial recognition program.  She felt that they were getting close to the guy even though it was a long shot.  At the Cheatin’ Heart, Melanie left Brady a nasty message because he made sure Dario had a promotion.  She was upset with Brady because Dario thought he deserved the promotion.  Melanie blamed Brady for ruining two lives.  Dario let her know that he heard her say how her life was ruined because of the promotion.  The two talked about the promotion.  He told her he would turn it down because she is important to him.  She wanted to talk about it later.  Dr. Norman and Carly talked about Carly not being able to forgive herself.  Dr. Norman said that the road trip could be a step back for Carly if Carly has guilt hanging over her head.  Dr. Norman suggested that Carly let Nicholas know the real her.  Dr. Norman felt that the best way for Carly to forgive herself would be to make amends to everyone she’s wronged.  At the Brady Pub, Gus questioned Vivian about where Quinn was.  He wondered why Quinn wasn’t there.  Vivian believed that Gus’ jealously is affecting his work.  Gus denied being jealous.  Vivian gave Gus reasons why he was jealous.  She suggested he take up a hobby.  He said he has one.  He’s a vigilante.  Vivian wondered who would be scared of him.

Taylor was surprised to be naked in bed with Quinn.  He asked if she regretted spending the night with him.  She said she didn’t.  They talked about not being able to get over each other.  They talked about Chloe and how she’s in a coma.  Quinn threatened to kill the guy for going after Chloe.  At the Brady Pub, Bo and Hope talked about the party they are planning.  They talked about revitalizing the Town Square.  It was a dream of Tom and Alice’s.  The two talked about Alice, Shawn, and Tom and got emotional.  Melanie went to see Carly to get advice on her situation with Dario.  Carly advised her not to stand in Dario’s way of doing what he wanted to do.  Carly recapped about doing that to Bo when she knew he wanted Hope.  When Melanie left, Dr. Norman brought Carly the list of people Carly needed to make amends.  Carly wanted to start with Daniel and Jennifer.  Vivian and Gus showed up at Quinn’s hotel room and saw Taylor there.  Vivian wanted to be friends with Taylor.  When Quinn and Taylor left to change, Gus asked if Vivian wanted him to check up on Taylor.  Vivian didn’t want him to do that.  When Melanie went back to the pub, she found out Dario turned down the promotion.  She also found out Brady didn’t arrange the promotion.  At the police station, Bo and Hope found out there was no match for the sketch.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Robin tries to explain to Patrick why she took him off Kristina's surgery. He says she made the right call. They go into the shower to make love. Maxie goes into the GH locker room to go through Matt's stuff looking for Sam's engagement ring. She remembers taking the ring off at Luzetta's Bakery when she got the cake samples. Spinelli tries to remember what happened at Luzetta's bakery, or the relevance of the words baker or bakery. A few feet away, one of Anthony's henchmen is holding Elizabeth hostage. Spinelli gives up and leaves. Lulu looks for Spinelli and recalls being at his non-wedding with Dante. Dante comes into Lucky's place and sees the Hydrocodone bottle. Lucky admits that he slipped and asks him to prevent him from making a buy. Dante suggest a meeting or rehab, but Lucky is afraid to leave the bathroom at his apartment. Lucky finally listens to his messages for Elizabeth and wants to go find her. He and Dante figure out that she must at Luzetta's Bakery, where he had been shot up. Maxie goes to Luzetta's and gets in the dumpster to look for the ring. Spinelli goes to the dock, lays on the ground, and sings "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." He catches one of the napkins blowing away from the dumpster and sees that it has the Luzetta's logo without a star as the apostrophe. Maxie finds the ring and starts to get out of the dumpster. Anthony calls his henchman and tells him to get rid of the girl. When they come out of the bakery, they see Maxie getting out of the dumpster. Lucky and Dante arrive at Luzetta's and call Elizabeth. Her phone rings in the dumpster. Spinelli holds something in his hand and observes that Maximista has been there too.

Anthony tells Tracy that he knows she was once married to Gino Soleito and that when he died ELQ received a large infusion of cash. Tracy surmises Skye talked to him. He tells her they are having dinner tomorrow at Metro Court. Sonny holds a gun to Johnny's head. Johnny says Kristina is not in the hospital because of him, but because of Sonny's car bomb. Olivia walks in and screams for Sonny to stop. He refuses, so she gets Johnny's gun, fires a warning shot, and tells Sonny to unhand Johnny. She talks Sonny down says he is in trouble and needs help. He disagrees and leaves. Olivia asks Johnny to take the high road. Sonny makes a call and gives the order to take care of Johnny.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Original Todd goes to talk to Blair about how it is that Jack has become a bully and responsible for killing a woman. They argue about whether Jack is not unlike his rapist father and/or child molester grandfather or whether it's the last 8 years of being raised by Victor or if she has neglected to properly raise Jack. Meanwhile, Jack goes to the station and tells John he now "knows" that original Todd murdered his father. John is not about to take his word for it but realizes its "very odd" that Jack would know the exact words that John has heard the two of them saying on the tape recording Shaun gave him. Little does John know that Jack overheard Shaun play the tape for Starr behind closed doors. John then confirms that to Bo and they both realize that he has grounds to arrest original Todd for murder.

Destiny and her mom go to visit and offer their condolences to Tea and Dani. Tea and Felicia talk privately about Nora's "determination" to raise Destiny's baby. Phylicia tells tea that she believes her daughter has been manipulated and coerced. Tea is fascinated to hear that and they conclude that maybe Tea could represent Felicia's legal interests.

Cutter and Aubrey discover the gun inside Morris the porcupine and when he remembers it was Roxy's porcupine and she was seen distracted and arguing with Echo about something involving Rex, they put two and two together that Rex might have used that very gun to kill Victor Lord, his two moms were trying to protect him by hiding the gun and that is the explanation. Right away, Cutter knows if a perfect way to blackmail Rex now that Rex is rich. Aubrey tells him she will not be any part of that. but as soon as Cutter is alone, he puts his plan into motion.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Devon shows Roxie his first original painting that he bought for his office because he wants it to look classy when he is auditioning new talent. Neil thinks that buying the painting wasn’t a good business decision and warns him that Katherine won’t be happy about how he is using her investment. Neil later tells Katherine that he knows she had good intentions but giving Devon a job is interfering with the way he is trying to parent his son. Tucker looks at the painting and tells Devon that if he picks talent the way he picks art he may just give his record label a run for his money. Tucker tries to persuade Jack or Jill to partner up with him to get Jabot back but both of them turn down his offer.

Jack tries to warn Katherine about Tucker but she tells him that she doesn’t have time to talk now and they will talk later. Paul has an awkward conversation with his son Ricky who is in town to help Avery with Sharon’s case. Paul advises Katherine to tell Tucker and Devon the truth but she doesn’t want Tucker to turn Devon into Gordon Gecko JR. Paul tells Katherine that he is going to tell Tucker and Devon the truth even though it would be breaking the confidentiality agreement he signed. Paul thinks that Devon and Tucker have a right to decide if they want to have a relationship and Katherine doesn’t have the right to keep the truth from them. Heather and Ricky meet in person for the first time since they had only written to each other on FacePlace and Heather isn’t happy that Ricky is working for the defense. Avery tells Sharon that Adam is testifying for the prosecution and seems eager to do it. Avery assures Sharon that she is ready for him and even eager to cross-examine Adam. Genevieve locks Colin in the wine cellar of her house in order to keep him from going to a romantic dinner with Jill at the mansion. Genevieve smiles as she leaves the house with her suitcase to do the marketing tour for Jabot.

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