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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica and Mr. Sterling discuss the movie that he wants to make of her life. She still has her reservations about it. Jesse and Frankie come home and find Angie with Lucy in her lap. Angie lets Jesse know that no one is taking Lucy from her. Maya comes out and takes Lucy while Jesse takes Angie to her eye appointment. Zach and Ryan struggle over a gun with the gun going off and shooting Ryan. David wants to call for help, but Zach refuses to let him call. Mr. Sterling tells Erica the ideas he has for the movie about her life. Cara meets with Kendall at Krystal’s to discuss Griffin and his whereabouts. Cara reveals to Kendall that she is pregnant with David’s child. Zach stops David from helping to save Ryan’s life. Kendall tells Cara not to tell David about the child. After much consideration, Erica sets the conditions on Mr. Sterling making a movie about her life. At the hospital, Jesse takes the blame for the trouble that he and Angie are having over Lucy. David confesses to Zach that he had been a silent partner in the casino business and he had known about the plane going down. Zach points a gun at David and shoots him.

Angie and Jesse go in for her eye appointment. Frankie begs Maya not to take Lucy away from Angie, David checks to see if he had been shot, but there is no blood. Ryan gets up out of the floor fine. Griffin also gets up off the bed to David’s surprise. Kendall gets a text message that she shows to Cara. David starts to leave when Kendall and Cara walk in. Erica lets Mr. Sterling know that she is on board with making her life story a movie.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam welcomes Thomas back from Paris. He remarks that Hope is the hit of the town. Stephanie tells Brooke that she won’t give up. She needs another chance. She knows Brooke has her doubts and she doesn’t blame her there at all. She has gone back on her word too many times, but she thinks she can do it this time. She would like to get back in good stead with Taylor as well. Brooke says she believes Stephanie is honest and sincere this time so that is all she can give her for now. Thorne stands in the rain and asks Taylor why she has that weird look on her face; she can invite him in. He tells her that he is worried about her. She doesn’t want to talk about Stephanie; anything else. Thomas is surprised by his father being back in the office so late. He tries not to grumble but says he would like to get out of shipping and the basement office. He’d like to get back to the Taboo Line.

Nick doesn’t take kindly to Owen and Jackie cross examining him as to where he’s been. No, it wasn’t with Taylor. Taylor confides to Thorne that she just can’t trust Stephanie anymore. Stephanie made her trustee and she is going to see that it stays in his hands. Steffy and Thomas are going to be the future of Forrester. Ridge states again that he is not penalizing Thomas. There is nothing wrong with being in shipping. Thomas is his son and he loves him. Ridge knows he wants to bring back the Taboo line, but there is a bigger lesson here. Thomas says Taboo can be bigger and stronger if his dad will give him a second chance. Ridge says he wants that too, but not enough time has gone by. He hurt a lot of people, and it’s not going to help things by reviving Taboo. That is not going to happen again that Thomas goes behind his back to get things done. Thorne is not upset with Taylor because she won’t give the stocks back so Stephanie could give it to him and his family. He’d like to see the trustee papers. He admires her for coming to Thomas’s defense. Thomas is now in the basement and as underdogs they need to stand together. Taylor jokingly tells him about Anthony predicting that a prince would come to her door on a stormy night. He wonders if she considers him her prince. She thinks it is a mere coincidence. He kisses her and says perhaps not.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At Sami and Rafeís place, they celebrated the fact that she doesnít have cancer.  They talked about Sami getting a job and how another paycheck would help them out.  After that, they made love.  At the Cheatiní Heart, Dario told Gabi that he had great news.  He got a huge promotion.  Heís a project manager for Internet expansion.  Everyone (Will, Chad, Sonny, Melanie, and Abby) were all happy for him.  Melanie told Dario that they would spend less time together.  She assured him that she was happy for him.  He told her how important the promotion was to him.  He let her know that he would have time for her.  At the hospital, Brady told Chloe to fight so she could come back to everyone.  Kinsey wanted to talk to him.  She was thankful for everything he has done and how he answered the policeís questions.  They talked about the police not finding out that Chloe is a hooker or she would lose Parker.  Kinsey was afraid that Chloe wouldnít wake up.  They started talking about how he feels about Chloe.  He was upset that Chloe didnít come to him for help.  Kinsey had to leave, but Brady didnít want her to go alone.  She said she was fine since they were the only ones who knew that the attacker went after hookers.

At Chez Rouge, Nicole confronted EJ about what he wanted from her.  EJ was being vague and talked about her being his wife. Nicole reminded him that he slept with Taylor and asked her for a divorce.  She told him that he made her sick because he slept with her sister.  He apologized to her.  Nicole wanted him to explain the situation with him and Taylor.  He told her that he didnít know what he saw in Taylor.  While they were taking about Taylor, Nicole told him that Taylor has a criminal record.  He didnít believe her.  She said she was telling the truth.  She told him that Taylor was arrested for protesting.  They continued to talk about Taylor until they talked about how they first met.  She ended up leaving.  Brady beat himself up for not realizing that Chloe had trouble with money.  Nicole showed up at the hospital to check on Chloe.  She tried to get Brady to leave for a while, but he wanted to be by Chloeís side.  He felt he owed her that much.  Nicole tried to keep him from blaming himself for Chloeís situation since no one knew about it, but it didnít work.  He felt he should have known.  He was convinced he had to stay with her even though he canít change what happened.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lulu confides in Olivia about her breakup with Dante. Olivia and Johnny run into each other on the pier. Kate Howard returns to Port Charles. Sonny and Carly argue over Morgan. Skye informs Edward that Tracy funded ELQ with illegal money. Molly and Sam talk about Kristina’s surgery. Anthony isn’t happy to find Elizabeth gagged and bound by his thugs. When Lulu finds Spinelli in Kate’s office, she sees he is back to his old self. Shawn implies to Carly that he’s looking for a job at the hospital. Sonny wonders if Kristina’s bone fracture was caused by the car bombing. Anthony brings Tracy dinner at the ELQ office. Spinelli returns to the bakery but doesn’t see Elizabeth or Anthony’s goons. Sonny overhears Molly and Johnny talking about Kristina at the hospital. Kate makes a mysterious phone call. Sonny confronts Johnny, then holds a gun to his head.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Original Todd talks to Natalie telling her he does not trust her for taking Jessica's boyfriend and that she and Brody and John better drop the charges against him. She informs him that he is a suspect and they also get into a conversation where she informs original Todd of the first time that he is a bully, harassed a tormented Natalie's nephew Shane until Shane tried to kill himself. And Jack and his friends locked Shane's mom in a basement where she died of carbon monoxide poisoning but Todd enabled his son to get away with murder. He is shocked to hear that. Shaun goes to see John and later goes to see Starr informing her of his suspicion about who killed Victor Lord. Jack overhears and is determined to take the law into his hands believing that original Todd killed his father. Morris, Roxy's porcupine is missing and so is the gun that she and Echo need to hide in order to protect Rex from getting charged with murder. Cutter purchases the porcupine at the flea market suspecting nothing and intends to give him as a gift to Aubrey. he somehow knows this porcupine is their "ticket to good fortune". Kimberly comes by and meets Aubrey for the first time. And when Cutter and Aubrey least expect it, the gun falls out of inside the porcupine.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jill wants Genevieve to take her place on a marketing tour for Jabot since she can’t go because of Delia but Genevieve asks Jack to tell Jill to go on the marketing tour. Chloe and Victoria work together to help Delia not to be scared of her first treatment. Jill figures out that Devon is Tucker’s son and that is why Katherine is putting him in her will. And agrees to keep it a secret because Neil is a wonderful father to Devon. Devon tells Abby it must be awful to have Tucker as part of her family. Tucker tells Katherine that he has all the ammunition he needs to bring her down but she tells him to just accept the sale of Jabot and move on because he doesn’t need the money.

Phyllis tells Nick that she left her house when Avery was 10 or 11 and hasn’t seen Avery since and she and Avery both agree that they don’t want to be a part of each other’s lives. Nick has a rough time understanding this but Phyllis refuses to talk more about the subject. Phyllis blames Sharon for just sitting by and letting this secret blow up in her face but Sharon wonders how any of this is her fault. Adam arrives at the jail to tell Sharon his operation was a success and now he has his eyesight back. Avery tries again to persuade Adam to testify at Sharon’s trial. Victor finds Billy in a prison in Burma and tells him that he will get him out if he promises never to see Victoria again. Billy tells him to go to hell and then Victor tells him Delia is sick and needs to find a bone marrow match. Victor then tells Billy that he has to make a choice and Billy thinks that Victor is cruel and sick making him choose between his wife and his daughter.

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