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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan and Greenlee insist to Jesse that David is indeed hiding something in one of the warehouses. Erica at her book signing, is on the phone and she insists to the person that she is looking for Mike Roy in the warehouse. David remembers his conversation with Cara when she had been testing herself for leukemia. Zach interrupts David about Ryan hounding them over what is in the warehouse. Cara gets her test results and is just about to open the envelope when Jake and Amanda interrupt. Opal interrupts Erica to introduce her to Sam Brady and to let he know that they are going to Hawaii. Sam does a check on the warehouse and finds out that it is leased to Orpheus. Nervously, Erica knocks over the statue of herself. Cara offers to help Jake and Amanda to adopt a child. David orders Zach to let him know what he had done to Griffin. Erica talks to a guard at the clinic to ask about Mike Roy, but the guard denies that a Mike Roy had ever been there. David overhears Cara talking to Jake and Amanda about helping them to adopt a child and he interrupts. Jesse orders Ryan to just let this go. Zach interrupts them and once again threatens Ryan’s life. Ryan insists on knowing what David is hiding. At the hospital, David makes a slip about Griffin. Cara demands to know what had happened to Griffin. David tries his best to cover his tracks by telling her that he knew that she would want to tell Griffin the results of her blood work. A man watches Erica as she arrives back at the book signing. The man approaches Erica and introduces himself as Mr. Sterling. Mr. Sterling offers Erica a deal that she cannot hardly pass up. David wants to be with Cara when she gets the test results, but she insists on reading the test results herself. Greenlee asks for David’s help in stopping this madness between Zach and Ryan before something devastating happens. Ryan knocks Jesse down and escapes from him. Zach wheels a gurney into a room and on the gurney is a body covered up with a sheet.

Mr. Sterling tells Erica and Opal about wanting to make a movie about her life, but Opal turns him down flat. David and Greenlee arrive at the clinic and interrupt Zach. Greenlee pulls the sheet off the body and it is Griffin. Ryan also arrives and sees that Griffin is dead. Ryan begins to blame David for killing Griffin, but Zach confesses that he had killed Griffin as a sign of his loyalty to David. Cara finds out that she is pregnant. Ryan and Zach struggle over a gun and in goes off.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

No new episode.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

EJ and Kate ate together at Chez Rouge.  They talked about Stefano as well as EJ trying to legitimize the DiMera name.  They also talked about EJ’s love life.  Kate believed that he needed a wife to soften up his image.  Brady and Nicole were at the hospital to check on Chloe.  Brady wondered whether to call Chloe’s parents.  Nicole thought they should wait to do it.  Nicole got an email from Brandon.  Brandon emailed her that he might lose his job.  After Nicole read her message, she called someone who had information about Taylor.  Lexie was making notes on Chloe’s chart when Chloe said Gus’ name.  Lexie didn’t hear her and wanted her to repeat herself, but Chloe didn’t respond.  Brady wondered how Chloe was doing.  Lexie wanted Chloe examined because she could be coming out of her coma.  Bo and Hope talked to Roman about Mandy’s description of the attacker.  The sketch wasn’t that helpful, but Bo and Hope are sure they’ve seen him before.

Gus was at the Cheating Heart and thought about the strands of Quinn’s hair that he placed at the crime scene.  Quinn showed up at the Cheating Heart and asked Gus why he disappeared when Vivian needed him.  Quinn told Gus to check on Vivian.  Gus reminded him that he didn’t take orders from him.  Gus pushed past Quinn and left the Cheating Heart.  Taylor was also at the Cheating Heart and wanted to talk to Quinn about their kiss.  She regretted that it happened.  Nicole arrived in time to hear Taylor say she regretted something.  Bo, Hope, and Roman continued to talk about the case.  Someone left a police radio at the pier and Gus found it and took it.  Nicole confronted Taylor and Quinn about their conversation.  Taylor and Quinn didn’t tell Nicole anything so Nicole left.  Quinn and Taylor talked after Nicole left. Quinn reminded Taylor that he covered for her by changing her record so no one will know why she was arrested.  After a while, they ended up kissing again.  Chloe started shaking when she thought about Gus attacking her.  Lexie and Brady were with her at the time.  Brady wanted to know what was happening, but Lexie wasn’t sure.  Chloe continued to think about Gus hurting her.  After a while, Chloe finally stopped shaking so Lexie wanted to examine her again.  Lexie thought it could be a sing that she’s coming out of the coma.  Hope noticed the strands of hair at the crime scene.  Bo thought it was too short to be Chloe’s hair.  Roman wanted to get the hair to the lab immediately.  Gus heard what happened and smiled.  Gus continued to listen to Bo and Hope investigating the case.  Bo and Hope talked about the weapon.  There’s a shot of the nightstick on Gus’ desk.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jason asks Carly why she isn't talking about Jax. She says Jax is gone. She tells him that she sent Morgan to military school so Sonny will have no access to him, claiming that he isn't a good father and she doesn't trust him. Sonny goes to the hospital to be with Kristina before her surgery. Kristina doesn't want him there, but he refuses to leave her side until she goes into surgery. Alexis believes Kiefer Bauer was responsible for the bone chip in Kristina's neck, but Molly thinks it was Sonny's doing. Sonny overhears Carly telling Jason that she doesn't care what Sonny thinks. Sonny says she sent Morgan away to get back at him. Carly goes on a rant and Jason tells her to stop. She leaves and Jason urges Sonny to give it time and think things through before reacting. Sam tells Jason that she is scared for Kristina. Jason says Kristina has the same doctor as him and he will pull her through too. Patrick insists on doing Kristina's surgery in spite of being exhausted. Robin tells him he needs to rest and gives the surgery to Matt.

Anthony finds Skye at the Haunted Star, where Ethan had taken her to be safe from Anthony. She thinks he is there to kill her, but he offers her a deal instead. He tells her that he will continue with Tracy and leave Edward alone in exchange for her silence about what she found out about him. As an added bonus he says he will leave her daughter alone. Ethan visits Edward and asks him to help him get out of town. He won't name the person but Edward knows it is Skye and tells Ethan that the ELQ jet will be waiting for her. Ethan calls Skye and tells her that everything is arranged, but she tells him it is unnecessary. He returns to the Haunted Star and finds her gone.

Anthony calls the General Hospital janitor that moonlights for him and tells him the shipment is arriving tonight. Elizabeth sees him going into the med closet. She calls Lucky but he doesn’t answer. Lucky is suffering from withdrawals and tries to convince himself that he made a mistake and that it will never happen again. He recites the names of everyone he cares about and washes the pills down the drain. He looks in the mirror and swears that he will never be like Luke. Elizabeth follows the janitor to Luzetta's Bakery. She tries to call Lucky again, but someone grabs her from behind, causing her to drop her phone.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sebastian informs Starr that he sent in their musical demo and got an offer from a music producer. It looks positive to both of them until Rick the porn producer walks into the house uninvited and informs them that he is their producer. They first tell him they want nothing to do with him but later realize that they don't have many options knowing how competitive the music recording business is. Tomas comes by to tell his son he knows he gave his father up to the cops. Besides Tomas and original Todd, there is also suspicion cast upon both Rex and Brody. Echo is haunted with the possibility that her son lied to her about killing Victor Lord. She takes the gun in her purse and sits alone at the flea market when Roxy catches her. She informs Roxy that they both need to protect their son. Roxy offers to hide the gun and puts it inside her stuffed porcupine. Cutter attends the flea market with "good intention" to buy some stuff for himself and Aubrey while still poor and purchases the porcupine unaware of what's inside of it. When Roxy and Echo discover it's gone, they freak. Natalie admits to Brody that Victor's secretary informed her that she overheard Brody making death threats and telling Victor that he cannot let him ruin Brody's life with a "secret", she asks him what is up with that. He is confident that she will never know the truth about Liam and shows her the gun that he has. When John is alone in his office, Shaun Evans comes by unexpectedly and tells him he thinks he can shed some light on who killed Victor Lord.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

No new episode.

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