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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Amanda catches up to Jake at the hospital. She sees him working on something and wonders what it is that he is trying so hard to hide from her. At the Chandler mansion, Scott comes into the living room and confronts J.R. about the business being bankrupt and the house in foreclosure. Cara bumps into David in the hospital corridor. David wonders why she is giving some of her patients to other doctors. Cara starts to leave the hospital, but David asks to accompany her wherever she is going. Dixie comes to see at Krystal’s in a chicken outfit and calls herself, “Dixie Chicken.” Tad is surprised to see how she is dressed. Dixie lets Tad know that they have a reservation at the Confusion bar. David asks Cara out to lunch and give her a choice as to where she wishes to go. J.R. and Scott argue over the fact that the business is going bankrupt and they will be out on the street. Madison surprises Scott with a present of a new microwave oven. As they begin to leave, Marissa arrives and wonders why Scott hadn’t returned any of her calls. Tad and Dixie arrive at the Confusion bar for their celebration but runs into some difficulties when he tries to get her out of her chicken outfit. Cara shows David her “Trouble dolls” and also gives David his “Trouble dolls.” Jake and Amanda and Trevor arrive in the park and interrupt them. Marissa lets J.R. know that A.J. wants to see him but they begin to argue. Colby comes in and asks J.R. as to when he was going to tell her that the house was in foreclosure. Marissa leaves in a huff. Colby wants to call Tad for help but J.R. takes the phone from her and throws it across the room.

Jake and Amanda discuss the possibility of adopting a child. David and Cara lie down in the grass and watch the clouds. Krystal arrives at the P.D. to bail Tad out of jail, but is happy when the charges against him are dropped. Dixie goes to check on J.R. while Krystal lets Tad know that she is moving out of his house. J.R. refuses to let Tad get involved in this mess. Dixie arrives at the Chandler mansion and Colby lets her know about the foreclosure on the house. J.R. vows to fight for the house and for A.J. Colby calls Brooke and Adam for help. Cara and David spend the day together before she finds out the results of her blood work. Tad asks Dixie to move back in with him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie wants to keep on working for the food bank, but Dayzee tells her that she needs to slow down and rest. Stephanie says she is sorry that it didn’t work out for her and Thomas, but Marcus is certainly a good guy she can depend on. Amber tells Marcus they had a baby together, so please do not shut her out. He declares that he’s not. He will always be Rosey’s father and be there for her. Everyone at Jackie M’s is wondering why they haven’t heard from Bill with his offer. They are ready to pounce on it. Steffy stops by Taylor’s and her mother confides in her what Anthony told her that this mysterious man is supposed to come to her door and sweep her off her feet. Right on schedule, they look out on the terrace and it’s going to be a stormy night….look for that stray cat now.

Stephanie realizes that Marcus comes with a few complications with Amber and Rosey. Dayzee says she knows, but she is the one that Marcus wants to be with. Marcus reminds Amber that their getting together is not in the cards so she needs to remember that. Amber tells herself that Marcus didn’t say he wasn’t attracted to her, so he hasn’t said no yet. Thorne and Thomas have come back from Paris, but Hope and Eric stayed for a while. Ridge tells Brooke that he can’t help but be worried about Taylor. In the midst of the rain, Taylor looks out and spies a stray cat. They giggle that Prince Charming now must be on his way. Steffy says she just needs to be open to the possibility. Taylor doesn’t want her to worry about her personal life. Stephanie drops in on Brooke and they too discuss Taylor. Stephanie tells her that she just wants Brooke to know that Stephanie is worthy of being friends again and that she will let her try. The doorbell rings and Taylor opens the door and says, “you”.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Daniel looked at Chloe’s chart and realized that she was in a coma.  He rushed to her room. Daniel couldn’t understand why Chloe was attacked.  Daniel wanted Roman to find the person who attacked Chloe.  Bo took Mandy to see the sketch artist so she could identify her attacker.  Lexie told Sami and Rafe that the abnormal cells weren’t cancerous.  Sami and Rafe were relieved.  Jennifer showed up at Victor’s place to give Maggie some things since she’s staying with Victor for now.  They talked and Victor showed up with gifts for Maggie.  Victor wanted to take Maggie out.  Vivian and Gus were at Chez Rouge.  Gus assumed Vivian arranged a special dinner for them, but he thought wrong.  She arranged the dinner for her and Quinn.  Vivian didn’t think there was room for three people. 

Sami told Roman about her good news and she and Rafe went to celebrate. Mandy, Bo, and Hope were with the sketch artist.  Vivian told Gus to leave while she was having dinner with Quinn.  Later on, Victor and Maggie, Daniel and Jennifer, and Sami and Rafe arrived at Chez Rouge.  All three couples had a great time.  The sketch artist finished the sketch and Mandy recognized the man as her attacker.  Gus was on the pier and noticed the crime scene tape where Chloe was attacked.  Two cops showed up on the pier to investigate.  While they were preoccupied, Gus planted Quinn’s hair at the crime scene.  Lexie checked on Chloe.  After Lexie walked away, Chloe moaned and said Gus’ name.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie has misplaced Sam's engagement ring again. She brings cake samples from Luzetta's Bakery. Jason thinks Kelly's tastes better but Maxie informs him that appearance is more important than taste in a wedding cake. She also informs him that Spinelli is going to be his best man. Matt tells Maxie that he has a surprise for her, but she is too busy to spend time with Matt. Matt then invites Elizabeth to join him for the picnic he had prepared on the roof to celebrate publishing his cancer study. Kristina tells Molly, Alexis and Michael that Ethan convinced her to have surgery. Michael reminds her that Ethan as her boyfriend is a delusion. Kristina snaps at Molly when she mentions what a cute couple Abby and Michael are. Alexis sees Sam crying in the corridor from being overwhelmed with Jason, Kristina, and the wedding. Molly and Kristina tell Sam that it's too late to make arrangements, but Kristina can’t keep a straight face when she says Sam will have to postpone. She reveals that everything is on hold for Sam & Jason's final approval. Alexis asks Sam if she is sure she doesn't want to postpone the wedding.

Carly runs into Shawn at Kelly's and he tells her he lives there. She offers to help him get a job as a professor at the university, but he declines. Carly visits Jason in the hospital. Carly has a fit when Jason tells her that he gave Michael a job because he quit ELQ. He assures her that it is a completely legitimate job at the coffee warehouse. Carly is still concerned about Michael's blind devotion to Sonny. Jason asks her why she hasn’t mentioned Jax. Abby picks up Michael at the coffee warehouse and observes that he is not loading trucks. He asks her to sample some coffees. He tells her that as the new warehouse manager, he will order the one that she likes best. He tells her he also enrolled in some evening classes. Michael and Abby proceed to make love in the warehouse.

Skye returns to her hotel room to find it ransacked with an orchid left on the pillow. Ethan tells her that this is what Johnny was warning her about. He insists that she move out of the hotel. He takes her to the now-vacant Haunted Star and goes to make arrangements for her to leave town. The electricity in the Haunted Star flickers off. Anthony comes in and says he couldn’t let her leave without a proper send-off.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Cristian gets a call from his employers at LU that there's a teaching opportunity that needs to be filled in Barcelona, Spain. he is reluctant to leave although his mother encourages him and both she and Rama tell him that maybe there is something "missing" in his life in Llanview that he will be able to find in Barcelona. Meanwhile, Jessica confirms to Robert Ford that although she is not certain about her future with a man, she and Cristian are not getting back together. Cristian was her first love many years ago when they were teenagers but it's in the past. And she reveals to Robert that she is not angry with him nor is he unwelcome to come to her home and talk to her when picking up Ryder. And they talk about "first loves" where he reveals that he did not have a "life" in high school and believes that the first time he found "real love" was with Tess. Hearing that, Jessica is in awe not knowing what to say or think. Meanwhile, Cristian leaves and meets his co-teacher in Barcelona. He stares at her looking stunned and declares that she "looks like somebody he used to know". She tells him her name is Erin. And we see that she is Erin Torpey, the actress who played Jessica when she and Cristian were teenagers. There's still the unsolved mystery of who killed Victor Lord Jr. And Todd's secretary goes to privately meet with Natalie and tells her she has a very strong suspicion that Brody could have killed Victor. Hearing that, Natalie is puzzled as to Brody's motives to do that. Sebastian also reveals to both Starr and to John McBain, that he has suspicions about his own father who could not account for his whereabouts right at the time when Victor was killed.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis asks Avery not to tell anyone they are sisters. She explains that when she came to Genoa City, she invented a new past for herself. Phyllis agrees but in exchange for her silence, she will testify that she knew there was information on the memory card that could clear Sharon although she didn’t see or hear what was on the memory card. Nick arrives at the courthouse and overhears Phyllis yelling at Avery to keep her mouth shut about them being sisters. Tucker gets his investigative team searching for Billy at Ashley’s request. Later he and Devon both go get tested as possible donors for Delia and discover they have the same rare blood type AB negative. Due to their rare blood type, they decide to donate for the blood drive as well.

Ronan tries to get tested as a possible donor, but he can’t because of his medical condition. He decides to stay so Chloe can have someone to vent her anger with, but he turns out to be very supportive and encouraging to Chloe. The doctor tells Chloe that a mach for Delia has not been found in the national registry nor among the people who have been tested. Ashley tells Tucker that today he showed he was the man she still loves. They kiss and make up. Katherine puts Devon in her will. Jill overhears Katherine talking to her lawyer and wonders why she is suddenly putting Devon in her will. Victoria has a tough day on her wedding anniversary; she remembers Billy. When Sam brings a stray dog to Victoria’s house, she decides to keep him. While Victoria is remembering Billy, we see him lying on a bed tied up with a gag in his mouth.

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