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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Opal prepares for her reunion with Sam Brady while Krystal and Dixie watch. At Pine Valley Hospital, Angie begins to wake up from her surgery with Jesse by her side. Jake and Tad discuss how things can full circle for everyone such as Greenlee and Ryan, Kendall and Zach and now Opal was hoping to get just as lucky. Zach and Ryan are brought into the police station in handcuffs by Brot, who had just arrested them. Ryan accuses Zach of not ever intending to bring him back to Pine Valley alive. David advises Jesse and Frankie to give Angie their full support. Brot calls Jesse to let him know that he had just arrested Ryan and Zach for breaking into David’s warehouse. Dixie lets Krystal know how badly she had hurt Tad when she had gone to see David and had let him treat her. Tad questions Jake as to how Amanda is doing. At the Confusion bar, Opal is reunited with Sam Brady but their reunion is short lived when Verla Grubbs arrives and tries to steal Sam’s attention away from Opal. Dixie tells Krystal that she is trying to get David to help her to remember what had happened to her when she was in the clinic. Jesse and Angie arrive home and Angie is anxious to see Maya and Lucy. Frankie arrives at Jesse and Angie’s. Frankie looks for Maya and Lucy but finds them gone. Angie senses that something is wrong and wants to know what is going on. Jesse tries to relieve her worries that Maya would have taken Lucy and left. Angie cannot bear the thought of not ever seeing Lucy again.

Tad kisses Jake on the head as a way of thanking him for helping him get through his worries about Dixie. Krystal assures Dixie that everything will be fine between her and Tad. Brot tells Ryan that he has nothing to arrest David on because it was Ryan, who had broken into David’s warehouse. Zach and David continue to argue over Ryan’s interference in the Orpheus Project. Sam tells Verla that he will not invest in her reality television show that he came back to Pine Valley to see Opal. Frankie finds Maya and Lucy in the park and brings them home. Maya lets Angie know that she would never leave with Lucy without telling them good bye. Sam invites Opal to go to Hawaii with him. Dixie arrives at Krystal’s diner in a chicken outfit.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor drops by Dayzee’s to help with the food drive. Anthony wants to read her future and proceeds to tell her that she will meet a new man in her life. He will mysteriously come to her door, a cat will be involved. Please wait for him. Stephanie appears and says she wants to see Taylor. She knew she wouldn’t come if she knew that beforehand. Marcus shows up and plants a big kiss on Dayzee. He spies Stephanie with Taylor and figures trouble is brewing. Taylor asks Stephanie what does she want. Stephanie says at the moment they are not friends and that doesn’t even seem possible, but she’d like to know what can she do to make that possible. Justin and Donna visit Amber and Rosey. Amber bemoans the fact that she is not truly happy since she is not with Marcus. She asks Donna if she can count on her for her support. Donna and Justin are honest and say they are supporting his relationship with Dayzee. They really can’t forget or forgive some of the things that Amber did in trying to pass off her baby for money. She tried to rob Marcus of his child. Amber agrees that she was desperate and did things she didn’t even recognize.

Stephanie confesses to Taylor that she loves her like she is her own child. She loves and respects her. Taylor sees is more that she was vulnerable and just another person that Stephanie can control and manipulate. On her best days now, she would not want that back. Stephanie has to accept her for who she is. She rips up the contract that Stephanie wants to cancel giving Thomas her shares. Taylor tells Stephanie that she doesn’t hate her. At one time she wanted the same thing Stephanie did. She assures Stephanie that she has her own mind, she can think for herself. She is tired of sitting on the sidelines waiting for life to happen. Her life is just beginning and she is ready for it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Dr. Norman asked Carly about her therapy session.  Carly said she was sick of sharing her feelings.  Dr. Norman tried to convince her that it was a good idea to get therapy.  Melanie and Nicholas joined Carly for lunch.  Lexie wanted to know who attacked Chloe.  After Lexie checked on Chloe, she went to her office to check her computer.  She called Sami and wanted her and Rafe to meet her in her office because Sami’s test results are ready.  Bo and Hope saw Brady in the back alley where Chloe was found.  Bo and Hope began investigating Chloe’s attack.  Later, Brady visited Chloe at the hospital.  Rafe went to Chloe’s room to check on her.  Sami went to Lexie’s office, but no one was in there.  Sami checked Lexie’s computer and was shocked by what she saw.

Dr. Norman continued her session with Carly, Melanie, and Nicholas.  It seemed to go well this time.  Bo and Hope didn’t understand why Chloe was attacked since they think she’s not a hooker.  Sami didn’t understand why her file was empty.  She heard Rafe and Maxine talking and hid under Lexie’s desk.  After Maxine walked out of the office, Rafe wondered where Sami was.  Sami’s phone rang and Rafe found her.  While Brady was with Chloe, she regained consciousness.  Lexie showed up in her office and told Sami and Rafe that the test results were done.  Sami was ready for them.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Lulu packs up her stuff at Dante’s loft. Maxie stops by the loft to help Lulu with her packing. Maxie’s help turns out to be not what Lulu wants. It seems that Maxie’s way of helping is to unpack for Lulu. Maxie tells Lulu how she tried to help Spinelli and how she feels that she’s failed him. Lulu asks Maxie about what is going on between her and Matt. Dante shows up at the loft with flowers. Lulu argues with Dante about his keeping secrets from her.

Sam visits Kristina in the hospital and gets her to help her with the wedding plans. Alexis gets on the wedding plan train – all to distract Kristina from what may be happening to her. Alexis stops Dante at the hospital and asks for his help in finding Sonny, so that she can tell him about Kristina. Patrick comes in to tell them that Kristina has a bone fragment that is pinching on a nerve and that is what is causing all of her pain. Patrick wants to operate on her and remove the bone fragment before it can possibly paralyze Kristina. Kristina asks Ethan if it would bother him if she ended up in a wheelchair. Ethan talks her into having the surgery and Kristina makes Ethan promise her that if she makes it through the surgery he will dance with her at Sam’s wedding.

Michael visits Jason in his hospital room. Michael tells Jason what has been going on while he has been in the hospital. Jason tells Michael that he thinks that Sonny was wrong and Michael tells him that he doesn’t see it that way. Michael sees Anthony at the hospital and threatens him.

Skye is trying to leave Port Charles – but Anthony stops her. Anthony threatens Skye against leaving. Luckily Ethan arrives to help her. Ethan asks Skye why he needs her help. Turns out that Skye wants to go home and see Lila Rae and needs Ethan to watch over Edward. Skye tells Ethan some of what is going on between her and Anthony. Ethan tells Skye how everything unraveled after Jake died with Luke. Skye returns to the Metro Court to find her room trashed.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Sam refuses to believe it when Jack says Scarface killed their dad. Blair explains it in a way that a small child can understand. Shane goes to La Boulaie to express his condolences to Jack. Jack tells him that his father's murderer will go to jail. Shane tells him his mother's murderer is still free, for now. Echo sees that Rex has a pistol and wonders if he shot Victor. He assures her that he did not. He tells her that he was at Gigi's grave making sure she was still there. He says he had her exhumed and now he knows she is dead. Echo recommends that Rex get the handgun out of the house anyway. Shane overhears them talking about the gun. Echo unloads the pistol and notices a round is missing. She concludes that Rex was lying when he said it had never been fired.

Tea slaps Todd when he expresses condolences for her loss. She accuses him of killing her husband, he denies it, but she doesn’t believe it. She rubs Victor's qualities, including in the bedroom, in Todd's face and points out that Victor never raped anyone. Natalie tells Brody that they have determines that Victor Lord Jr. was shot by a 9-caliber pistol. Brody nervously observes that it is the same type that was taken from Dorian's safe. John sends Brody to find Louie, the man Todd gave the gun to. John expresses his condolences to Natalie. Brody returns and said there was no sign of Louie or his stuff. John and Natalie enter the interview room just as Tea is pushing Todd. John assumes it was the other way around. John tells him that they didn't find Louie or the gun and suggests that he get a lawyer. Todd says Delgado will represent him. Victor's secretary comes to the station and says she has information about the murder that involves Brody Lovett.

Ford thinks he sees and hears Tess telling him to go to Jessica and get Tess out. Jessica kisses Cristian and they both feel sparks. Cristian wants to get back together but Jessica isn't sure. Ford arrives at Llanfaire in time to witness Jessica and Antonio sharing another kiss and asks Jessica what is going on between her and Cristian.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Avery tells Sharon’s family and Sam that she missed the deadline for stopping the recording of Sharon and Skye’s argument to be admitted into evidence on purpose because she hopes to find the rest of the recording because she thinks the recording might help Sharon’s case. Avery also tells everyone that she only pretended to be distracted and be wildered so that the prosecution thinks that they have the upper hand on her. Victor tells Avery that he will testify on Sharon’s behalf and tell the court everything this time. Phyllis sees Nick talking to Sharon at the jail and stroking her face later Nick goes to the coffee house to explain to Phyllis that what she saw didn’t mean anything and he wants to be with her not Sharon. Nick and Phyllis kiss and Avery walks in and sees them and then walks right out of the coffee house.

Everyone in town comes together to be tested to see if they are a bone marrow match for Delia. . Jack even asks Victor to help search for Billy and since Ashley can’t get tested she asks Traci to get tested and Traci says she will get tested as soon as possible. Victor tells Sam that Billy is a piece of garbage who has really hurt Victoria and it would be better if he weren’t around at all. Sam tells Victoria that maybe Billy left for her sake since he felt that there was nothing he could do to fix his mistakes. Ashley decides to ask Tucker to help find Billy and Victoria is determined to find Billy because Delia needs her daddy to tell her everything is going to be all right.

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