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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica is at the airport awaiting her flight when she is surprised by Verla Grubbs. At first, Erica doesn’t recognize Verla. Verla asks Erica to be her guest on her reality television show. At the hospital, Tad and Jesse await word on Angie’s eye surgery. Krystal and Ryan discuss the possibility of what if Babe is still alive. Kendall sits alone at the Confusion bar when Greenlee comes in from her shopping excursion. Greenlee reveals that she had purchased a sexy little number to seduce Ryan. Kendall remarks how much she misses things between her and Zach. David catches Cara doing a blood test on herself because she fears that her cancer is back. Zach comes in and interrupts them. Zach lets David know that Ryan is trying to cause them trouble, but he will take care of Ryan the same way he had Griffin. Tad offers Jesse comfort over Angie’s eye surgery. Jack interrupts Krystal and Ryan talking about David and the possibility that he could have saved Babe. Jack tells Krystal to listen to Ryan and let this go. Krystal lets Jack know that Erica is going to Los Angeles in order to find Mike Roy. Verla tells Erica the reason why she is in town is to steal Sam Brady away from Opal. Greenlee gives Kendall pointers on how to deal with her marriage to Zach. David comes in and gives Tad and Jesse a report on Angie’s surgery. Jake offers Cara congratulations on getting her green card and becoming a legal citizen of the United States. David interrupts them and Cara whisks David away before he can tell Jake that Cara’s cancer may be back. Jack confronts Erica as to the real reason why she is going to Los Angeles is to find Mike Roy.

Erica makes up all kinds of excuses to Jack about her trip and that he is the only man for her. Frankie, Randi and Krystal join Jesse and Tad at the hospital to await word on Angie’s surgery. David offers Cara help in dealing if her cancer is back, but she wonders why he is wanting to help her. David assures her that it is only because she is his friend. Angie’s eye surgery is over, but they have to wait to see if it is a success. Erica invites Jack to go to Los Angeles with her, but he declines. Ryan and Greenlee make love as does Zach and Kendall. Kendall notices large scars on Zach’s back. Zach gets a phone call and refuses to let Kendall know what it is all about.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Eric that her wedding gown is perfect and she hugs him for designing it. She can’t wait for the three months when Liam can see her in the dress. She realizes three months is a long time and wants Eric’s views on a guy having to wait that long. He wonders if it is a problem for her other than Liam. Steffy catches Liam working on her video. She muses that she hopes he got inspired. She wastes no time in telling him that Hope should not have left for Paris today with him feeling this way. She starts in again that it may be admirable that Hope wants to wait for sex, but he doesn’t. She is dictating to him what he can and can not do. She notices Liam holding his neck and realizes he has a cramp and she offers a massage. She takes off his shirt before he can say no and begins with her magic fingers. Hope calls and interrupts. She assumes he is alone of course. She gushes about her wedding dress. She reminds him again only three more months. And he’s the only man she will ever love. He thinks of Hope, but turns back to Steffy. Bill waits with Justin while Katie is in with the doctor. He hopes she is getting a clean bill of health.

Owen tries to cheer Jackie up that yes Hope and Steffy are both young and beautiful, but they had a lot of living to do. They can’t hold a candle to her. Justin hears Katie’s doctor, Dr. Maponya, is leaving to go back home and he drops in to say goodbye. Seems they knew each other back in South Africa. She kisses him on the lips when saying goodbye and says it is not a good idea that she stay over for a few more days as he suggests. Liam asks Steffy what is she looking for in a guy, really. He knows there is a good guy out there for her. She says she thought she knew what she wanted a few weeks ago, but now she just wants a soul mate, someone she can hang out with and enjoy the music. He wants the same thing. She says he deserves to be loved that way unconditionally, yet she doesn’t think he has that now. She doesn’t want to rag on Hope, but she worries about him and his happiness. She worries that a piece of paper and a few words will change everything. Things may still not work out. She may not even like sex, what then? She doesn’t know what it’s like to be a woman, and he needs a woman. He reminds her that Hope wants to wait three months and that doesn’t seem like so long to him……until Steffy kisses him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Brady and Nicole talked about Chloe at the pub.  Nicole reminded Brady that they have to keep their stories straight about Chloe’s attack.  EJ showed up at the pub and talked to them.  EJ taunted Nicole about bouncing between him and Brady.  Brady got in EJ’s face and EJ thought he was going to beat him up again.  Brady was tempted to do it.  During their argument, Nicole slapped EJ.  Brady told Nicole that EJ wasn’t worth fighting with anymore.  Sami saw Rafe using his laptop and saw him looking at cancer information.  She assumed that Lexie told him that she has ovarian cancer.  Sami was upset.  Rafe let her know that Lexie didn’t call.  She reminded Rafe that he told her not to read info that’s online.  She thought he shouldn’t have looked up the info and ran into the bedroom.

Sami calmed down and she and Rafe made up.  Nicole thought EJ was jealous that she was with Brady.  EJ let her know that he wasn’t jealous.  He knew that her relationship with Brady wouldn’t last.  She reminded him that he was the one who came between her and Brady.  After they went back and forth, EJ walked out of the pub.  Later, EJ talked to Kate about her company.  Brady and Nicole talked about their relationship.  Brady told her that he wanted to take it one day at a time.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lucky goes to GH to claim Siobhan's body. Matt tells him they can’t release her. He tells him the autopsy showed no traces of lethal substances or physical trauma. Lucky concludes that someone murdered her and the police will take over. Matt tells Lucky that Siobhan's sister Meagan is also there to claim Siobhan's body. Meaghan blames Lucky for Siobhan's death. Lucky looks at his bottle of Hydrocodone. Dante goes to Elizabeth's house to ask about Siobhan's death because she was the last to see her alive. She tells him that Siobhan asked her to get Lucky so she could tell him something she knew about the people who drugged him. Matt comes by and Elizabeth admits to Matt that she wanted Siobhan out of the picture. He tells her that is not the same as wanting her dead and warns her not to say that to anyone else. Dante goes to the hospital and tells Lucky what Elizabeth said. Lucky concludes that Siobhan must have stumbled upon drug ring information that was incriminating enough to make them silence her. He now agrees with Meaghan that Siobhan was murdered because of him. Dante suggests that Lucky take himself off the drug ring case because of the risk to his sobriety. Siobhan's wedding ring is returned to Lucky. Elizabeth sees him looking at it and avoids him. Lucky goes into a conference room and takes some pills.

Anthony finds Kristina unconscious on the docks and calls 911. Michael sees her and concludes that Anthony did something to her. Kristina wakes up in a hospital bed. She doesn't remember anything past walking to the warehouse where she was found. She tells Patrick she has been a little dizzy and off-balance lately. Anthony tells Michael to tell Sonny that he owes him one. Patrick tells Anthony to leave his patient alone or he will have security remove him. Anthony calls to make an appointment to create a reason to be in the hospital. Jason wakes up with fuzzy memories, but he the same Jason that went into the operating room. Patrick tells him he has to stay in the hospital for observation for a few more days. As soon as he leaves, Jason tries to get out of his bed, but Sam stops him. He tells Sam to let Maxie and Kristina to handle the wedding plans because he doesn't want to delay their wedding. She gives him the notebook of honeymoon destinations that Kristina compiled and tells him to choose. Steve and Olivia make out in the hospital locker-room and end up making love in the shower. He asks her to go away with him for a weekend.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Cristian goes to see Jessica after Rama has encouraged him to see if he could re-kindle his romance with his first love. Aubrey talks to Rama about whether she and Cutter are really ready to go back to the way they were when they first fell in love, before they starting doing their scamming business and she was known as Christine. We then find out for the first time that Kimberly is Cutter's sister, the real Aubrey Wentworth. She didn't used to look like she does now. She had plastic surgery with money she stole from Rama. Rama admits to Aubrey that she is on the warpath to get revenge upon the real Aubrey for that. All the people who have known Victor Lord Jr. to be Todd for the last 8 years mourn his death. They all consider the possibility that original Todd killed him. Both Rex and Brody are suspects with motive and without alibis to prove they did not do it.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Thee DA decides to allow Heather to handle Sharon’s pre-trial hearing, because he noticed that she has lost more cases against women lawyers. Avery and Heather are evenly matched as Avery wins a motion not to have Sharon’s escape mentioned during trial and Heather wins a motion to allow a recording of an argument between Sharon and Skye to be part of prosecution evidence. Phyllis wants Kevin to be part of Lucy’s life and tells him he has to visit her often. Phyllis considers allowing Lucy to call her Mommy. Jack thinks that is a wonderful idea because she should give Lucy all the love in the world.

Chloe feels guilty because she wasn’t there when Delia first got sick. She takes her anger out on Ronan who arrives at the hospital to support her. Chloe tells Ronan to leave because it is his fault that she wasn’t there for Delia and that Chance can’t be there with his family during this crisis. Nina tells Ronan to stay away from both Chloe and Heather, because she thinks he only wants to be with them because they were involved with Chance. Kevin Jack, Phyllis, Jill, Esther, and Victoria arrive to give Chloe moral support as she worries and cries over Delia’s condition. The doctor tells the family and friends gathered that the tests show that Delia has leukemia and will need a bone marrow transplant as soon as possible. Victoria decides that it's time she look for Billy so that he can be there for Delia during this crisis.

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