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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Cara packs up her belongings to leave Tad’s home, but feels a little sick. Erica confronts Zach as to why he is defending David and why he had been acting strange since he had came home. Frankie asks David for a favor to observe Angie’s eye surgery. David lets him know that the surgery had been postponed because of high blood pressure concerns of Angie’s. Jesse apologizes to Maya for keeping her baby from her. Maya lets him know that no apology is necessary. Frankie bursts into Jesse and Angie’s and wants to know why the surgery had been cancelled. Angie is both hurt and confused that Jesse would want her surgery postponed. Tad tries to get Cara to stay longer at his home, but she refuses. Opal gets a text message from Sam Bree that he wants to see her. Opal shares the message with Krystal. Opal wants to see Sam, but she had already promised to go with Erica to Los Angeles. Krystal begs Opal to see Sam. Opal lets Krystal know that Erica believes that David may have saved Mike Roy. Erica points out all of David’s faults to Zach, but Zach still refuses to give Erica any information about David and the Orpheus Project. Erica tells Zach about Mike Roy. Zach urges Erica to let this all go. Tad and Cara discuss how good they have been for each other. Jesse and Angie let Frankie know what had happened to the baby. Frankie wants to see the baby’s grave. Angie insists to Jesse that she wants to have the surgery. Tad asks Cara what she will do about David, but Cara refuses to go there again. Tad and Cara hug and kiss good-bye. Angie arrives at the hospital for her surgery. David wants answers before he does the surgery. Angie lets David know that her baby had died. Frankie tells Maya his feelings toward her working taking care of Lucy when the baby had been really hers. Zach insists that Erica leave this whole mess alone.

Maya lets Frankie know that she doesn’t want to hurt Jesse and Angie, but she cannot give her baby up again. David pours out his heart to Angie about his baby that died on the operating table, because Joe Martin wouldn't allow him in. Krystal thanks Cara for putting a smile back on Tad’s face. Tad finds out that Jesse told Angie everything about the baby. Tad goes to see Maya but doesn’t know what she will do about the baby. At the hospital, David walks in on Cara as she's running a blood test on herself because she fears her cancer is back.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor fires back that if Brooke is that worried about Liam while Hope is out of town, then she has bigger problems than Steffy. Brooke reminds Steffy again that Bill rejected her and now she’s going through the same routine again with Liam. She needs to remove herself and just stay away from that relationship. Steffy blasts that Hope is trying to hold her man by withholding sex and controlling him. Brooke says that Liam respects Hope’s choice and they need to accept that too. Bill catches Liam obsessing over the lingerie video with Steffy. They both agree that Steffy looks hot, but Bill says Liam needs to forget her and concentrate on business. However, Liam can’t and at every opportunity he keeps returning to the video. He calls Steffy and asks why she never told him about the Intimates campaign. She’s glad he likes it. He says he is disappointed that Hope left town immediately after they got engaged, but he’s working through that. It’s been a long day and he just wants to go home and relax. The Forresters arrive in Paris and Eric opens a press conference with Hope For The Future. Hope faces the music and gladly answers the questions from the press that she is living her message. The choice is hers….and if a man really loves you, he will respect that decision.

Eric shows Hope a wedding dress he has designed for her. She absolutely falls in love with it and truly feels that now she is going to be married. Brooke relays her fears about Steffy to Ridge. He says he knows Liam is going to be frustrated for a few months, but he thinks he can handle it. Even at home and relaxing, Liam keeps going back to Steffy’s video. Visions go through his head of him proposing to Hope….then back to Steffy’s video and her hot body……Hope asking him to wait for their wedding night…..back to Steffy and her hot body. Steffy slips in unnoticed until she creeps up behind him and declares that she looks damn good. Why would he settle for that video when he can have the real thing?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Days did not air on Monday, September 5.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ethan wonders how Johnny and Skye know each other. Skye says they met once and she leaves. Ethan tells Johnny, "to each his own." Johnny says Skye is going after his father and that appears she is enlisting Ethan's help. Johnny says Skye has something on Anthony and that it would be foolish for her to try to go after him alone. He hires Ethan to track Skye and keep her out of trouble. Kristina tells Sam that Ethan is pretending to be with Skye now. Sam says Kristina has a way of fantasizing one-sided relationships that almost get the unwilling other party killed by her father. Kristina then places all the blame for her relationship troubles on her father. Kristina goes outside on the dock and clutches the side of her neck as she hyperventilates and multiple conversations simultaneously replay in her mind until she faints. Anthony finds her there. Maxie goes to the alley where Jackal, PI is staking out the Bakery. She tells him that Jason needs him to be his best man. Anthony meets with one of his minions, who doesn’t like Jackal hanging around. He tells Anthony that the shippers know what to do with the Luzetta's packages with a star as the apostrophe. (As does the one Jackal, PI has). Anthony says he wants everything loaded into a boat that will be waiting in the harbor on Friday. Johnny goes to Luzetta's and tells Anthony he is spreading himself too thin. Anthony realizes Johnny heard his conversation with his minion. Jackal, PI looks at the constellations of stars in the sky while trying to decipher one z, two T's in Luzetta’s. He concludes the answer is in the stars. Jackal, PI goes to GH to see Jason. While he talks to the unconscious Jason, Spinelli's memories pop in and out. He says he can't lose him, calls him "Stone Cold," and doesn't know why he said that. He tells Jason that he feels as if he has been floating outside his body. He remembers the hospital, hostages, Dr. Niles holding a gun on "his Maximista" and not being able to bear the thought of losing her. Speaking in his normal, Spinelli way, he tells Jason he can't lose him and asks him not to go. Jackal goes back to Luzetta's and looks at the sign, not realizing the absence of a star. He throws away the package he has been carrying in his pocket.

Carly is angry that Sonny came to her house to see Morgan and she refuses. Sonny suggests that she allow him to see his son or she will see what a cold-blooded bastard her can be. She reveals that Morgan isn't there; he is at a military school where Sonny can only see him with Carly and armed guards. He tells her that taking Morgan away from him is the same as Jax taking Josslyn from her. He notices her unsigned divorce papers and suggests that she wants to continue living in limbo. After he leaves, she puts the still unsigned papers into a drawer. Sonny tells Michael that Carly sent Morgan away to Military school to keep him away from Sonny and that she changed his name to Morgan Benson. Edward and Michael discuss the possibility of Jason waking up the way he was before the first accident or waking up with a completely new personality. He tells Edward about his intention to leave ELQ. Edward hopes Michael doesn’t go to work for Sonny. Sam hopes that the Jason who loves her is the one that wakes up. While she holds his limp hand, he suddenly grasps hers and opens his eyes.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rama tells Cristian she wants to help him find the love of his life. After brainstorming about his history of women, she concludes that maybe he should reconnect with his first love, Jessica Brennan. Meanwhile, Jessica talks to her father about whether or not he intends to get back with Kimberly. He tells her he wants her to find the right man and is relieved that she is no longer "considering" Robert Ford. Original Todd is still a suspect in the murder of Victor. But Vimal finds out about the murder and goes to see Brody, implying that he believes Brody did it until Brody persuades him not to give him up. Rex is also alone with a secret and a gun. Natalie is with her brother, ready to move in with Brody and be a family with him and baby Liam. She is suspicious of her father with Kim but Jessica tells Clint she sees nothing wrong with her father considering getting back with Kim. We also notice Aubrey and Cutter together both considering cleaning up their acts and getting back to the relationship they used to have. And we find out that Cutter knows Kimberly and that she is the real Aubrey Wentworth.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ronan and Chloe make love twice and afterwards Chloe persuades Ronan to tell her why he left town but he doesn’t give her much information all he tells her is that the FBI didn’t give him a choice and he had to leave town. Chloe thinks Ronan left because he was getting too close to Chance and Nina and that scared him. Chloe finally gets home and is told by Nina that Jill and Esther took Delia to the hospital because she had a fever of 105 so Chloe heads to the hospital. Nina is heartbroken and fears that she may never have a relationship with her son so she asks Heather to talk to Ronan. Heather tells Nina she has already tried talking to Ronan and it didn’t do much good and Heather is sorry she can’t help Nina. Genevieve finds Colin’s cuff link on her desk and notices that he things have been moved around and she figures out that Jill and Colin made love at the office. Jack promises Genevieve that he will persuade Katherine to fire Jill and he also shares with Genevieve that one he gains controlling interest in Jabot he intends to go after Beauty of Nature and once he has it he will create the largest cosmetics company in the world.

Paul tells Katherine that he found the aunt of the woman who went by the nickname Candy Cane her real name is Yolanda Hamilton Devon’s biological mother. Paul tells Katherine that Yolanda’s Aunt doesn’t know the name of Devon’s biological father but she did remember that he went by the nickname Mick which was Tucker’s nickname short for McCall. Katherine is stunned by the news that her grandson has been in town all this time. Paul tells Katherine to put her differences with Tucker aside and tells him Devon is his son but Katherine asks Paul to keep this a secret. Tucker fires Devon because he didn’t bring him an artist to replace Noah in twenty-four hours. Devon talks to Neil and is hurt when Neil tells him that he should trey to have a career in business. Neil later talks to Tucker and Tucker accuses him of not supporting Devon’s dream of being a music producer. Neil is angry and tells Tucker he has no right to tell him how to be a parent because he doesn’t have any children. Tucker tells Neil he has no right to tell him how to run his business because it isn’t his responsibility to hold Devon’s hand he isn’t his father. Katherine tries to make peace with Tucker and tell him about Devon but Tucker tells Katherine he has no interest in making peace or having any relationship with her at all so Katherine doesn’t tell Tucker Devon is his son. Katherine meets with Devon and offers him a job as the president of a new record label that she wants to start at Chancellor industries and Devon is thrilled and accepts the offer.

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