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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica and Opal go through the list of clinics that she had stolen from David’s office and wonders if Mike Roy could be in one of the clinics. Jack stops by to let Erica know about a trip to Los Angeles to promote her book. Erica jumps at the chance to go and look for Mike. In the living room of the Chandler mansion, J.R. remembers his conversation with Marissa in which she had refused to be blackmailed. At Krystal’s, Tad overhears Marissa and Bianca talking, and wonders what J.R. had done now. Marissa fills Tad in on the sex tape that J.R. has. Dixie interrupts J.R. and wonders what he is up to now. Jesse finds Angie asleep on the ground next to her daughter’s grave. Angie tells Jesse about the dream that she had had about their daughter. David brings Agnes flowers as a thank you for helping Cara to stay in the country. Agnes urges David to remember his father’s words. J.R. insists to Dixie that he will get A.J. back. Erica meets up with David at the hospital and lets him know that she doesn’t care how many of her old lovers that he has saved and then she throws away the list of the names of the clinics. Erica visits Agnes, who gives her a message from Mona that she be satisfied with her life as it is. Erica retrieves the list of names from the garbage. Tad arrives at the Chandler mansion and lets Dixie know what J.R. is up to with the sex tape and blackmailing Marissa. Jesse takes Angie home to deal with Maya while he goes in search of Brot. Jesse sees Brot at the hospital and lets him know that Angie knows about the baby. Jack confronts David about him telling Erica that Mike Roy may be alive. Tad and Dixie vow to stand by J.R. J.R. leaves in a huff.

Marissa and Bianca look at a house but is upset when they see a SOLD sign on the property. Bianca calls the realtor and finds out that the house can be theirs if they want it. Bianca makes an offer and then waits. Bianca, Marissa and the children get the good news that they get the house. J.R. confronts them and vows he will get A.J. back. Angie reveals to Maya that Lucy is her child. Maya is relieved to have her baby back. Angie asks Maya to live with them for awhile until they find her baby. Brot wants to take the blame for this mess but Jesse refuses to let that happen. Jesse tells David that Angie’s surgery will have to be postponed.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick and Jackie go over the papers that Bill presents them. Yes, he wants to get Katie back in the fashion business, and taking down Forrester would be a bonus. He’d like to think they can make a deal. Steffy tells Liam that if he still wants Hope, he will have to play by her rules. He will be frustrated as she has run off to Paris now. Maybe that is sweet and old-fashioned for her to want to wait for her wedding night, but Steffy feels it is just her way to control him. Thomas catches Hope alone on the jet and apologizes to her for carrying on the berry-eating lie about her mom. She forgives him, but tells him it was so wrong as it almost ruined her mother’s life. Thorne tells Hope that he likes the new fabrics they are using in her designs. Brooke drops by the office to see Steffy, but only finds Taylor there also for the same reason. Taylor says if Liam is engaged to Hope, then Brooke should be able to trust him. Brooke says she does trust Liam; it’s Steffy she is not so sure about. Ridge stops by to see Bill. He points out that his daughter is engaged to Bill’s son so for their sake they are going to have to find a way to not be at odds. History has a way of repeating itself and he wants to preclude that. He proposes Hope for the Future to be splashed all over Spencer Publications, a bigger return for his 12 ½%. He gives Bill the link to his secure web site. Steffy tells Liam that she is not going to let him sit there and mope. She invites him out for a movie, a drive, bowling, whatever…..or they could just chill here. He doesn’t think that is a very good idea. He appreciates that she has come there, she cares and is trying to make him laugh, but he thinks she should just go. He needs to get to the office anyway. She gives him a big hug and says it is not fair to him to be alone….call if he needs her.

Eric is glad that Hope wants to send out a positive message. Eric, Thomas and Thorne are all surprised to hear her say that although she is engaged now, she is going to wait until her wedding night and Liam is okay with that. Brooke tries to encourage Taylor to talk to Steffy and get her to lay off of Liam. He’s another guy not available to her right now and Taylor needs to remind her of that or she will be hurt again. Steffy comes in and realizes something is afloat between them. Not that it is any of Brooke’s business, but she admits she was just with Liam. Bill shows Liam the video that Ridge just gave him the link to. Liam warns him about steering clear of Steffy. Bill says the only reason that Steffy is interested in Liam now is because of him. He broke it off and she is pissed so she is going after Liam for revenge. Liam says Bill is just full of himself. He continues to watch the video and can think of nothing else even though Hope calls that they arrived in Paris. After bantering back and forth, Brooke warns Steffy not to mess with Liam. They have agreed to wait until the wedding night and he and Hope will work out their differences.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Bo and Roman tried to convince Daniel to let them interview Mandy again.  Daniel didn’t think Mandy was ready for that.  Bo wanted Mandy’s help before someone else got hurt.  Chloe was beaten up and unconscious on the pier.  Jennifer and Hope visited Maggie at Victor’s place.  They talked to Maggie about her staying with one of them and not Victor.  They didn’t want Maggie to get hurt again.  Maggie tried to convince them that she knows what she’s doing with Victor.  Victor walked in the room and overheard their conversation.  Brady and Nicole had sex again.  They talked about Victor wanting her to move out.  Someone called Chloe, but she was still unconscious.  Kinsey called Brady to tell him about Chloe, but Nicole took the phone and hung it up.  Nicole wanted to talk about their relationship.  Brady wanted her at the mansion.  He received a text about Chloe.

Bo told Roman he thinks Mandy knows her attacker.  Roman thought the attacker hates women.  They continued talking about the case.  Brady read the text and called Kinsey.  Kinsey believed that Chloe was in trouble.  Brady and Nicole got ready to help Kinsey look for Chloe.  Later Jennifer and Hope arrived at the hospital.  Hope and Bo talked about Maggie and Victor.  After a while, Hope wanted to know about Mandy.  Chloe came to only to find out her cell phone was dead.  Brady and Nicole met with Kinsey to look for Chloe.  Kinsey broke down and told them that Chloe was a hooker and thinks the attacker got to her.  Brady realized the attacks happened on the pier and wanted to look for her there.  Chloe started walking away from the pier.  Chloe ended up in an alley and passed out again.  Brady, Nicole, and Kinsey found her.  Nicole thought Chloe was dead.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick stops Anthony from going into Jason's room. Sonny and Anthony exchange threats. Patrick kicks Anthony out. Sonny tells Patrick not to meddle in other people's affairs. Steve reveals that Jason is not in his room because Sonny anticipated such an occurrence so they set up a sting to catch him. Steve says they also believe Anthony is behind the missing drugs. Patrick is angry that he didn't know about it and gangsters are running the hospital. Robin is angry that no one told the chief of staff and that the entire staff disrespects her. She tells Patrick that if he thinks he would make a better Chief of staff, he can have the job. He tells her his surgical skills don't translate to managing people, she is good at it, and he will help her any way he can.

Tracy catches Skye in Edwards’s safe at ELQ. Johnny is amused by the women fighting with each other. Johnny asks Skye what she has on Anthony so that he can protect Edward. Anthony goes home and tells Johnny to expect retaliation. Sonny, Max, and Milo burst into Johnny's penthouse. Sonny calmly tells Johnny that Anthony is making it difficult to keep the balance. He tells Johnny to do something about his dad or Sonny will have to do something about both of them. Johnny tells Anthony to behave or he will report him to the SEC. Anthony returns to ELQ with the same plant he took to GH and tries to give it to Tracy. She throws him out, but he is pleased about a micro device in his hand.

Kristina goes to the Haunted Star and Ethan sends her away saying she shouldn't be there. She follows him around, bugging him until Skye comes in and asks her to leave so she can talk to Ethan. Kristina then eavesdrops on Ethan talking about her to Skye. She sits on the dock outside, crying and then has a pain. He brings Skye up to speed on Luke and Maya. Skye asks Ethan to look after Edward to protect him from Anthony Zacchara. Johnny walks in just in time to hear it. Abby concludes that Michael made his decision since he wasn't at work. He thought she broke up with him so he was getting ready to move out. They talk for a while but she tells him if he thinks her only concern is keeping her job at ELQ, then he can go ahead and leave. Finally they make up. Shawn tells Carly that Jax's deployed parachute was found therefore he got out of the plane before it crashed. Carly wonders why Jax hasn't contacted her if he isn't dead. He tells her he missed the final interview for the job in D.C. so he won't be going. Shawn gets a phone call advising him that Jax's boat is not in its slip in the harbor. Carly wants to tell Morgan but Shawn advises her to keep a lid on it for now. She asks him to tell the harbormaster that she sold the boat. Sonny shows up at her door.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The man we've known for 8 years as Todd Manning who is now found out to be Victor Lord Jr. has been shot to death. Tea, Dani, Jack, Starr and Blair are all devastated. Yet others are clearly relieved. Nobody has seen or heard from original Todd and he is a prime suspect since Blair knows he had a gun and admitted he might use it on Victor. Jack adamantly believes original Todd did it and that John will let him get away with it because John blames Jack for Gigi Morasco's death as well as current Todd for letting his son get away with it. Tomas has also been unaccounted for during the shooting when Sebastian wonders where his father has been for the last 2 hours when he forgot to meet his son at Capricorn and has no credible alibi. Tomas admits that he will not rest until his sister gets rid of current Todd and we remember Dorian informing him that Blair has a terrible problem being unable to get over Todd and find another man. Rex also returns after being gone and unaccounted for in the storm when Shane asks but does not get a straight answer from his dad where he's been. Brody is also similarly "spooked" and under suspicion when we recall his intent to "silence" current Todd after current Todd threatened to let it be known that Brody is not Liam's father and Brody's admitting that he might seriously consider killing Todd for that and the fact that he let Jack get away with Gigi's death. Yet there is no proof or revelation of who did, in fact, do it, however.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin goes out on a date with a girl he met at the coffee house last week. Chloe is hurt when Kevin tells her he can’t have lunch with her because he has a date. Chloe is happy that Delia is getting over her cold but is still waiting for some test results from her last doctor visit. Jack tells Katherine that he will give her every last cent he has if she will sell him controlling interest of Jabot. Katherine agrees to think about his offer. Jack tells Jill and Genevieve that if they can’t find a way to get along, they are both fired. Colin brings Jill flowers at her office to congratulate her on her new job. He explains that all he wanted was to rebuild his family but all he did was tear his family apart. Colin tells Jill he will never regret coming to Genoa City because he met and fell in love with her. Colin and Jill make love on top of her desk.

Daniel and Neil both advise Lily not to let Cane back in her life but she tells them the twins need their father and her decision is final. Lily tells Cane that she will revise the divorce papers and allow him to have supervised visitation with the kids. Chloe confronts Ronan about being more respectful to Nina because she is a good mother. Chloe also wonders why Ronan left town so suddenly and Ronan tells her that she has no idea why he left town and why he came back town. Ronan then leaves Chloe in the middle of the basketball court without another word. Chloe follows Ronan to his room wondering what he meant by his words and Ronan grabs Chloe and tells her to be quiet and then the argument stops and Ronan gives Chloe a kiss.

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