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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad begs Cara to go to the Immigration hearing but she refuses. David interrupts their conversation. Just then a woman and man bring Agnes into the hospital. David assures her that she will be fine. At Krystal’s, Marissa tells Bianca about J.R. blackmailing her. In the living room of the Chandler mansion, J.R. lets Scott know that A.J. is coming home. Jesse stands by Angie as she grieves the loss of Ellie. Angie asks Jesse to tell her about Ellie. J.R. lets Scott know that he has a secret weapon in his fight against Marissa. Scott watches the sex video of Marissa and Bianca. Cara examines Agnes and feels that she has botulism poisoning. Jesse tells Angie all about Ellie. Angie questions Jesse as to where the baby had came from that he had placed in her arms. After thinking about if for a few moments, Angie comes to the realization that the baby is Maya’s and the b baby is Lucy. Agnes gives David a message from his dead father about he has handled his life and his association with other people. David asks for Agnes’ help in helping Cara to stay in the U.S. Tad lets Dixie know that Cara has refused to go to the Immigration hearing. Tad lets Dixie know how he had felt when he had seen her with David. Dixie tells Tad that if this is going to work then they must resolve their issues. Scott vows to stop J.R. from blackmailing Marissa. Marissa and Bianca vow to stand together and fight J.R. together.

Colby sees the sex video of Marissa and Bianca. Colby is extremely upset with J.R. over his actions. Liza arrives to discuss the case. Colby advises Liza to drop the case. Liza tells Colby about the deal that she had made up with J.R. Colby moves out of the mansion and back in with Liza. Angie wants to tell Maya the truth about the baby, but Jesse has objections. David tells Cara the good news that Agnes had helped her to stay in this country. Cara interrupts Tad and Dixie to let Tad know that she was a legal citizen and that he was free. Tad and Cara are both reluctant to say good-bye to each other. Outside, Cara takes off her wedding ring.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Hope that they just got engaged. He is asking her not to go to Paris. She asks him to understand. It’s not like it’s going to be forever. And if he wants to, he’s family now and can tag along. He says it’s business so no he shouldn’t interfere. It’ll drive him crazy, but he’ll handle being alone for that short time. But he hopes she is not going to ask him to wait three months for the wedding. He admires her, but that doesn’t make him want her any less. He’s never had this feeling about another person. She explains that it is not that long a wait and later they will be so glad they waited. She apologizes, but says now she has to go. Thomas is excited about going to Paris too, but Steffy says she will pass. This is Hope’s first big international junket. Thomas knows how Steffy feels about Liam, so where does Liam’s engagement leave her? Steffy says so they are engaged, but a lot of things can happen and there might be a wedding or not. Engagements are called off all the time and especially when the bride has some sexual hang-ups or expectations. Brooke explains to Donna and Katie that Liam and Hope have not slept together yet, and she’s okay with that. Katie says they just left Liam’s and he is a little down. She’s not sure that he is going to take this latest news very well.

Brooke catches the jet before it takes off. She whispers to Eric that for Hope’s sake that she’s not sure this is the best time for this trip. He tells her that he doesn’t know what is going on, but they can’t cancel this trip. It is too important. Liam studies photos of both virginal Hope and Steffy in her lingerie line and has a doubting look on his face. Hope calls one last time to say goodbye. She knows this is asking a lot of Liam, but she tells him to be patient. Three months won’t seem that long until they are married and she will spend every night with him. He turns around and there is Steffy standing in his doorway, teasing him again for leaving the door open for just anyone to walk in. She points out that despite the fact that he is engaged, Hope rejected him on the one special night they were going to have. She doesn’t think he deserves that or really wants to live that way. She moves in closer and hugs him. He’s not sure how to react.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Quinn told Taylor that heís shutting down his operation.  Quinn wanted to protect Taylor from the attacker.  Kate and EJ talked about her going to Victor to start Countess Wilhemina.  EJ told Kate that he approved of her business plan and will give her the money.  Victor and Brady disagreed about Bradyís relationship with Nicole.  Lexie told Sami and Rafe that Samiís test results showed abnormalities.  Sami believed that she had cancer.

Abe ran into Taylor at the Cheating Heart.  Abe almost saw her with Quinn.  Lexie told Sami and Rafe that Sami didnít need surgery and that she could run tests from what she has now.  EJ continued to convince Kate that it would be a good idea to work on Countess Wilhemina together.  Rafe tried to convince Sami that they can get through this crisis together.  Kate wasnít sure that EJ was serious about his offer.  She had conditions before she agreed to work with him.  He agreed to her terms and they had a deal.  Taylor finally agreed to help Quinn to keep him quiet, but she didnít want him to go after her heart or pride.  Chloe was on the phone with Kinsey when she was attacked.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Alexis comes home to a surprise – Carly on her doorstep. Carly tells Alexis that they need to stand together against Sonny. Alexis replies that Kristina is old enough to make her own decisions, and she won’t try to keep her away from Sonny anymore. Carly does not understand why Alexis won’t take her side against Sonny. Alexis tells Carly that she never loved Jax like she should have. Alexis tells Carly that she is just as guilty for Jax’s death as Sonny is. Kristina stops by Michael’s office and he tells her that they need to rally the troops around Sonny. Kristina doesn’t feel the need to help Sonny. Kristina continues to experience odd pains.

Robin and Patrick discuss Jason’s case. Robin wants Patrick to work on something else and they get into an argument about Robin’s job as Chief of Staff. Milo is guarding Jason’s hospital room and Maxie runs into him. Maxie has found Sam’s engagement ring and wants to give it Jason to give to Sam but Robin says that she’s not allowed to see Jason.

Elizabeth doesn’t understand why Matt covered for her with the missing medication. Matt and Elizabeth discuss her attachment to Lucky. Patrick interrupts their conversation and tells Matt to stop whining. Lucky arrives at General Hospital to tell Elizabeth what happened at her house. Siobhan’s autopsy report comes back. Maxie runs to Matt and complains about Robin. Robin comes upon them and is looking for Patrick.

Lulu walks in on Lucky and Dante discussing Lucky’s recent drug issues. Lulu starts yelling at Lucky for lying to her about his drug use. Dante tries to explain the situation to Lulu, but she’s not buying it. Lucky tells Lulu that he is hurt by her disbelief in him. Lulu finally relents and listens to Lucky’s explanation on his drug use. Lulu expects Dante to jump in and get Lucky off the case. When Dante doesn’t agree with her – Lulu jumps down Dante’s throat about Sonny being his father.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Bo tells Nora he would love to raise Matthew's child if that is what Destiny wants. Destiny's grandmother blames Nora for Destiny keeping her baby. She says she won't let those people take her grandchild. She tells Nora that she will not allow her to replace Matthew with Destiny's baby. Dani bails on Destiny when it gets to intense. When she gets home, an officer advises her not to go inside but she does anyway.

Tea goes home and looks for Victor. She finds him laying on his back in a pool of blood. She calls 911 and tries to save him. When he regains consciousness she asks him who shot him. An officer tells John about Tea's 911 call. The ambulance arrives and the paramedic pronounces Victor dead just as John and Brody arrive. Brody finds Jack's keys on the ground. Jack is MIA and Blair is worried because the gun is missing from Dorian's safe and she thinks Todd might go after Victor with it. Brody tells John that Blair called to report the missing gun. The hospital calls Blair that Jack is there. She worried that he was shot. They tell her that he was found in front of the ambulance bay, unconscious with a lump on the back of his head. Jack doesnít know what happened or how he got there. Brody gets a call saying Jack is in the hospital. John goes to the hospital to have Jack identify his keys. He tells them that Victor is dead. Todd Manning stands in the rain, holding a gun and allowing himself to get drenched. The man that fished him out of the river asks him why he is throwing the gun in the river; he can take it off his hands so he can trade it to the police for $100.00.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The test on the antibodies in Sofia’s blood reveals that her baby boy is healthy. Since the antibody level didn’t rise, the baby isn’t Neil’s, so the father could be either Malcolm’s or Neil’s. They will have to wait until after the baby is born to know the truth, because Sofia doesn’t want to risk an amniocentesis test. Lily advises Sofia to stop worrying about who her son’s father is and fight to make a good life for her child even if she has to do it alone. Sofia advises Lily not to cut Cane out of the twin’s life because they will grow up feeling like their father died.

Lily is affected when Cane gives her the divorce papers and tells her he is moving back to Australia and makes her promise to be happy. Cane also tells Jill and she is heartbroken by the news. Cane wants Colin and Genevieve to go to Australia with him but they refuse to leave town and Cane says he is leaving anyway. Katherine and jack solve the marketing director problem by hiring both Jill and Genevieve and Jack is left with the task of telling them both the news. Jill and Genevieve both blame Colin for making Cane leave town and their hatred for him grows. Genevieve is also heartbroken by Cane’s news and is consoled by Tucker declares war on Katherine and vows to undo everything she did while she was in charge of his company. Paul looks like he has found out the identity of Tucker’s son but the scenes are silent just with music in the background. Devon and Olivia try to persuade Malcolm to forgive Neil but Malcolm feels that if this child is Neil’s then Neil will have gotten to raise two children that should have been his children. Cane is about to board the plane when Lily arrives at the airport holding the twins.

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