Tuesday 8/30/11 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 8/30/11 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall comes home and finds no one home. Zach soon arrives as does Ryan and Greenlee. Mass confusion erupts over the fact that Zach had purchased that Ryan had intended to purchase for Kendall and Greenlee. Cara calls Griffin and once again leaves him a message. David overhears her message to Griffin. Cara rushes out in order to try to find Griffin. Dixie asks a nurse about Griffin, but is told that his patients have been turned over to someone else. Maya questions Tad if he has any information about her baby, but he refuses to tell her anything. Jesse opens up to Angie about their baby being dead. Angie doesn’t believe him at first, but Jesse tells her the truth about what had happened with the baby. David wants to help Dixie, but she refuses, at first, but then agrees to let him help her. Cara visits Kendall to question her about Griffin and if she had heard from him. Dixie questions David about the other woman in the clinic, but David pretends as though Dixie had been hallucinating. Maya finds Lucy in the park with Frankie and Randi. Lucy is crying and will not stop. Maya begins to talk to her and get her to stop crying. Maya lets Frankie know that Tad will not help her to find her baby. Frankie tells Maya about Tad’s baby being gone for awhile. Tad interrupts David and Dixie. Tad storms out without letting Dixie explain.

Angie asks Jesse to take her to the place where her baby was buried. Dixie follows Tad home to try to explain, but Tad doesn’t want to hear her explanation. Cara walks in and overhears their argument. Jesse takes Angie to the spot where Elli is buried. Angie is hesitant, at first, but then she begins to talk to the baby’s grave and cries as she grieves for the baby. Cara lets Tad know that she is not going to the Immigration hearing. Kendall becomes upset over Ryan’s and Greenlee’s attitude toward Zach. Zach visits David, who wants to know what he had done to Griffin, but Zach refuses to tell David anything about Griffin’s whereabouts.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At Forrester’s, everyone congratulates Hope as the new “woman”. Eric tells her the reviews are sensational. Hope wants to talk about the wedding and even invites herself to have it at Eric’s house. Ridge surprises Hope by telling her they are sending her on a trip to Paris. The European press is going crazy, and she will want to get her message out there. This will be perfect. Oliver shows them a hot video of Steffy for her new line, Intimacy. Liam is embarrassed to explain to Bill, Justin and Donna that Hope did not spend the night at his house; she is at work today. And he makes it clear to Bill that he doesn’t want this engagement to turn into a media circus. Steffy grouses to Taylor that she is not going to work today as they will all be fawning over Hope. She feels sorry for Liam though. Yes, Taylor knows all about that….that Hope changed her mind and did not spend the night with Liam. She hopes Steffy will not take this as a sign to pursue another man that is not interested in her.

Bill is sorry to hear that Hope wants to wait for the honeymoon night. Hope calls and says she is coming over; she has some big news for him. He’s terribly quiet when she tells him that they are sending her to Paris like immediately to capitalize on the publicity of her new line and the engagement right now. Then when she returns they can talk about the wedding. She thinks they can pull it together in about three months. Steffy prods her mom to see if she will agree that Hope is being manipulative when she wants to wait. Taylor says she thinks it is admirable, but both parties have to agree or there will be real problems. Hope apologizes to Liam for having to leave so quickly. She’d love to spend the day with him. He asks her not to go then. She is not her collection. It’s just what others expect of her. He wants to love her in a way she has never been loved, but he needs her here. He doesn’t understand why they are waiting. He wants to show her how much he loves her. He pressures her a bit by saying “right now.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Daniel surprised Jennifer with a romantic evening and they made love.  Melanie visited Maggie at Victor’s place.  They talked about her condition and Carly’s condition.  Carly and Nicholas continued their therapy session with Dr. Norman.  They had a breakthrough and admitted that they love each other.  Nicholas told Carly that he would be there for her.  Kinsey and Chloe talked at the pub.  Chloe told Kinsey that she needed money to pay her rent and bills.  Quinn walked in as Chloe talked to Kinsey about her money problems.  Chloe didn’t have a choice and had to ask Quinn for more work.

Kate showed up at Victor’s place and talked to him about starting Countess Wilhemina up again.  Victor listened to her plan, but he wasn’t interested.  Brady walked in on their conversation.  Victor thought Kate went to him because Stefano wasn’t interested in the business deal.  Brady was interested in Kate’s plan even though Victor wasn’t interested.  Quinn reminded Chloe that she quit prostituting.  He didn’t want her to be a prostitute after the attacks.  She decided to call a john on her own.  Melanie saw Nicholas at the rehab center.  They started fighting about his treatment of Carly.  Carly thought Dr. Norman pushed Nicholas too hard.  Dr. Norman thought they made progress.  Carly thought Dr. Norman ruined her life.  Carly was ready to leave the rehab facility.  Dr. Norman tried to talk her out of leaving.  Nicholas and Melanie went to Carly’s room to see her.  Chloe called a john while someone watched her holding a nightstick.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu goes to Tracy and tells her she is afraid that Lucky might turn to drugs after everything that has happened to him lately. Tracy tells her to focus on her own happiness instead of getting wrapped up in other people's problems. Dante tells his mother that he gave Lulu a key to his apartment, a name plate, and an invitation to move in, but Lulu didn't like it. Olivia is surprised he didn't give Lulu something romantic too. She advises him that the truth is what Lulu wants most, so he should tell her about the secret he is keeping. Lulu runs into Olivia, and Olivia wonders how mad Lulu is with Dante after the lame birthday present. Lulu says she just inst sure if she is ready to move in with Dante because her brother has being going through so much. Olivia repeats the advice that Tracy gave. Lucky continuously eyes his bottle of Vicodin while taking care of Aiden for the day. He has a long one-sided conversation with Aiden in which he says he cannot lose Aiden, too. Dante tells Lucky that he has to tell Lulu his secret. Lucky tells him that's a bad idea. Dante wonders if Lucky is hiding something else. Lucky asks Dante why he cares if Lucky is using. Lulu arrives just in time to hear it.

Sam tells Sonny about Jason's surgery. Kristina brings wedding planning binders for Sam to look at, stumbling and dropping the binders on the way. Sam wonders why Kristina is being so clumsy. Sam doesn’t want to think about the wedding before she knows if she will have a groom. Alexis tells Sonny that it appears that Jax may be dead. She tells Sonny that he is losing control and needs to pull himself together before it gets worse. Kristina goes into Jason's room and finds her mother attacking her father. Kristina accuses Sonny of killing Jax and without giving him the opportunity to respond, she storms out and almost faints again in the corridor.

Skye receives a gift and assumes it is from Anthony, only to learn it is from Johnny when he arrives at her door and introduces himself. He plays a recording of her conversation with Anthony and asks her to expound on the details of their deal. Within minutes, they are in bed together. She ties him up and shuts him down. She leaves him tied to the bed and goes out. Skye goes to ELQ and returns the money she took to help Jax. Tracy comes into the office and gleefully gloats about catching her in the act.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jack observes original Todd with a gun and warns both current Todd and his mom that original Todd is armed and dangerous and his father could get killed. We see Rex with a plan holding a gun. Brody also has a "plan" for victor Lord Jr. after Victor has threatened to expose Brody's secret that Liam is not his child. Bo has exhumed Gigi's grave for Rex and has told Nora that he understands Rex's need to never give up hope not unlike their hope for Matthew who is not dead and who could still get better although they always get their hopes up for nothing when they see that their son has made no changes. Nora is still determined to raise Destiny's and Matthew's baby although it does not seem anybody else is as "enthused" about the idea as she is. And at the end of the episode, we see Victor lying in the floor in a puddle of blood after somebody has shot him unseen and unknown.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Noah tells Devon that he is giving up on the record deal to take a job with Jabot and later when Devon tells Tucker Noah has left but he wants to stay Tucker gives Devon twenty four hours to find a new artist or he can forget about his job. Paul and Katherine talk to one of Tuckers former groupies whose nickname was lollipop and she tells then that there was another groupie with the nickname Candy Cane was pregnant with Tucker’s child but she doesn’t think Tucker knew she was pregnant. Neil and Malcolm play an aggressive game of basketball and Malcolm tells Neil that no matter who the father of the baby is they will no longer be family. Sofia, Malcolm and Neil arrive for the sonogram and Olivia tells them the baby is a boy but everyone is still waiting for the results of the paternity test.

The marketing director of Jabot leaves the job for health reasons and Katherine hires Jill because she needs someone to keep an eye on jack. Katherine promises Jill that if Jack doesn’t meet the expectations of his contract she will become the CEO of Jabot and if Jack does a good job after a year they will discuss a more permanent position with the company. Jack hires Genevieve for the job and shows her where her office is and they are about to make love when Jill arrives and says she is the new head of marketing then the catfight begins which Jack has to referee.

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