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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the Chandler mansion, J. R. sits in a chair while gazing at the laptop in front of him. Dixie comes in to join him. J.R. insists to Dixie that he will get A.J. back. Bianca and Marissa both have ads for a four bedroom house. They decide to move in together and raise their children together. Erica dreams of her conversation with David concerning someone whom she had loved very much that he had been able to save. Cara and David kiss, but suddenly she pulls away from him. Cara tells him that them making love was a one time thing. Angie lets Maya know what a huge responsibility raising a child is. Maya lets Angie know that she wants her child back. Tad cannot believe what Jesse is telling him that Lucy is really Maya’s child. Dixie questions J.R. as to what his plan is to get his child back. J.R. receives a call and leaves the room. Dixie calls Marissa to ask her to bring A.J. by for a visit. Jesse opens up to Tad as to what had really happened to his child. Dixie arrives at the hospital for her appointment with Griffin, but sees Frankie instead. Dixie and Frankie discuss her lapse in memory that she cannot remember anything that David had done to her. Frankie refers her to another doctor, who can help her. Bianca stops by Erica’s to let her know that she and Marissa are moving in together. Erica is thrilled for her. Erica and Bianca argue over the fact that Erica will not forget about Mike Roy and her love for him. David is quite put out when Cara will not make love to him again and accuses her of making love to him only to get info about the Orpheus Project. Marissa stops by J.R.’s to let him know that A.J. refused to come to see him. J.R. threatens Marissa with the info he has about her and Bianca sleeping together. Erica bumps into Dixie and wants to know if she can remember anything about the person, who was in the bed next to hers. Jesse takes Tad to the baby’s grave.

Dixie finds it difficult to remember anything about her time in the clinic until she remembers something about a bracelet with the letter “A”. Cara lets David know that she had made love to him because she wanted to. J.R. shows Marissa the CD that he has of her and Bianca making love. Erica visits David and questions him as to who, that she had loved so much, had he saved. David refuses to give her any answers. Tad lets Maya know that he cannot help her to find her daughter. Jesse arrives home to Angie. Angie tells him about Maya wanting to find her daughter and where she had left the child. Jesse tells Angie that he has something to tell her. Erica finds a file which contains a list of the names of the clinics where the patients are kept that David had saved. Erica runs her off a copy of the list of clinics.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy continues to tell Liam that he is always going to be frustrated if he stays with a Logan. They use their sexuality or in this case, lack thereof, to control their men. She doesn’t think he deserves that and is glad he is here. He needs a woman, not a girl. Hope grew up with her mother as a sex object on every poster across the city. No wonder she has issues. He questions her why she thinks she and Hope are so different. He claims Steffy has issues with her mother too. He declares that Hope is the best part of him. Brooke fills Ridge in on the details that nothing happened between Liam and Hope…..and that Steffy had stopped by. Ridge hopes she finally gets it that not all men are available. Brooke agrees that she doesn’t think Steffy will interfere in this although Taylor seems to think Liam is still fair game. She hopes Ridge will tell her that he's not. Hope calls Liam on his cell, but no answer so she calls around to others including Oliver and finds out that Liam is at The Bikini. She says she is headed there now.

Hope walks into the cabana just after Liam leaves; she confronts Steffy. Steffy blasts back that Hope has issues, but she will respect their engagement and she is going to go in a different direction. They both wish each other good luck. Liam returns and she tells him that once again she has just wasted her life in wanting something she can’t have. She has caused him enough trouble. She doesn’t want to hurt Hope. She is a lucky girl. She has Liam. It’s hard not to be jealous. He’s very impressed how she handled herself tonight. She advises him to go find Hope. He does, but not before he takes one long look backward.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Nicholas joined Carly in her therapy session with Dr. Norman.  Carly and Nicholas talk to Dr. Norman about their problems.  Things hit a snag when Carly and Nicholas donít care for Dr. Normanís line of questioning.  She convinced Carly that this is tough, but she can get through it.  Roman wanted answers about Samiís condition.  Lexie told Roman that Samiís pulse rate soared and she was given medication to control it.  Unfortunately, Sami lost consciousness again.  Lexie said that the staff havenít been able to wake Sami up yet. 

Later Lexie told Roman and Rafe that Sami was okay now and that she had an allergic reaction to the anesthesia.  Lexie told Sami that the cysts were removed and they have to wait a couple days for the results.  Will, Gabi, Chad, Abby, and Sonny enjoyed a day at the beach.  T showed up and saw them all having a good time together.  Rafe remained by Samiís side in the recovery room.  He surprised Sami by having a banana split delivered to her.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

During the operation, Sam and Elizabeth dream about having a baby with Jason, Carly has regrets about not being with Jason, and Monica dreams that Jason has become the latest hospital chief-of-staff. Each of the dreams end differently: in Carly’s dream, Michael ends up dying in a car crash; in Elizabeth’s, Jason becomes paralyzed; and Monica dreams that Jason gets in a terrible car accident after taking drugs. Patrick is able to extract the particle from Jason’s brain. Everyone nervously awaits Jason’s diagnosis.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When John releases Irene from jail, she calls current Todd to tell him that she can "help" him knowing he will depend on her for help as it's only a matter of time before all the people in his life realize he's an imposter and forget all about him while original Todd reunites with them. And she knows she can motivate him to keep her out of jail. But current Todd does not want to cooperate with her nor see her as his mother. Brody is at the station observing Todd's animosity and reminds Todd that they have a "deal" where it would not be in Todd's best interest to tell John that he and not Brody is Liam's father knowing what Brody knows about Todd's secrets. Natalie and Jessica both affirm that they do not care for nor respect each other and don't want to reconcile although Clint tells his two daughters he'd like them to reconsider instead of behaving as he did with his brother, Bo. Kimberly is still on the prowl in Llanview, with a "motive" to reconnect with Clint. And she reveals to Shaun when she sees him outside of Buenos Dias, that Stacy may be alive.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sam moves into Victoriaís garage apartment and also helps her put a bike that she bought for Reid the next time he visits her. Victoria asks Sam about Sharon and is amazed that he took Sharon in without asking her why she was running away and that he was also able to forgive her when she told him the truth. Nick and Ashley search Adamís room and find out that he has left town to have surgery although they get confirmation Ashley wishes there was a way to get inside Adamís head an figure out his plan and why he sent her that picture of her in the park the night Diane died. Nick decides to go talk to Sharon to see if she can figure out what Adamís next move will be.

Daniel and Lily go out on another date and run into Cane and Abby and Abby is hurt to see Daniel with Lily. Lily wonders why Cane hasnít signed the divorce papers yet and he tells her that he knows in his head itís the right thing to do but his heart is keeping him from signing the papers. Avery tells Sharon that Phyllis is her sister and that it wonít affect the way her case is handled. Sharon wants to fire Avery at first but then reconsiders when Avery promises not to keep any more secrets from her. Phyllis confides in Michael and tells him that she had to leave a bad situation with her dad even though he wasnít physically abusive like Kevinís dad. Michael wonders if Phyllis feels guilty about leaving her sister and she tells him no because Avery has done well for herself. Avery calls Phyllis in for a deposition and Phyllis tells Avery that she didnít see or hear what was on the memory card that could clear Sharon. Nick goes to the prison to asks for Sharonís help to figure out Adamís next move but then reconsiders because it is selfish of him considering everything she has on her plate right now. Sharon tells Nick that Avery is a very good lawyer and the only hope she has of being a free woman.

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