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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica sits alone in the condo when Jack comes to visit her. Jack questions Erica as to why she is letting keep control of the hospital. Tad arrives at Jesse’s to help Maya find her daughter. Tad wants to go to Jesse but Maya asks him not to. Brot asks Jesse’s blessing to marry Natalia. David examines Angie’s, but gives her the bad news that Griffin may ruin the chances for her to see again by going to the FDA. Zach comes home and finds Griffin alone with Kendall. Zach questions Griffin as to why he is alone with his wife. Kendall hugs Zach and welcomes him home. Cara also arrives. Zach asks Cara to take over his treatments. Once again, Griffin warns Cara about getting involved with David and the Orpheus Project. Angie tells David to reveal to the people of Pine Valley who his other patients are so they would be behind him. Erica and Jack look at pics of her ex-husbands and lovers. Jesse gives Brot his blessing to marry Natalia. Jack asks Erica what had David promised her to get her on his side. David tells Angie that he is not using Orpheus to hurt people. Angie surprises David by telling him that she will work with him. Brot asks Natalia to marry him and she says, “yes.” Angie asks David had he saved Babe. David refuses to give her an answer. Zach threatens Griffin’s life if the goes to the FDA.

Zach makes his threat abundantly clear as to what will happen to Griffin if he goes to the FDA. Cara arrives at David’s and lets him know what had happened at Zach and Kendall’s. Cara asks David had be been doing something so that his patients would be under his control. David opens the door and offers to let her leave if she doesn’t believe in this project. Cara goes and locks the door and she and David begin to kiss. Opal tries to talk some sense into Erica concerning her looking at pics of her lost loves. Erica remembers Mike Roy. Jesse questions Tad about his asking too many questions about a missing baby. Jesse insists that Tad let him handle this. Tad refuses to go along with Jesse. Jesse owns up to Tad that he knows where the baby is that the baby is Lucy. Griffin gets a text to meet Kendall that there was something that he needed to see about Orpheus. When Griffin arrives, it isn’t Kendall he meets but Zach.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy is aghast that Liam is being made to wait for Hope for their wedding might. They are engaged and he made that commitment, so he doesn’t need this. She drags him by the arm and wants to see him privately. She goes into one of the cabana tents at the Bikini Bar and starts drilling him about his fiancé pushing back the time table for her to give herself to him. He muses that this is a little private matter between him and Hope, not for Steffy to deal with. Liam denies that Hope has issues with sex. Brooke made some suggestions, but it just wasn’t Hope. She doesn’t take sex lightly; she respects her body. She’s being a role model. Steffy thinks it’s more than that. Hope is trying to control him and that will continue after they are married. Taylor comes to see Ridge and says she is very concerned about Steffy. No one was expecting this engagement, least of all Steffy….yet another man who she is interested in that won’t be interested in her. Ridge calls Brooke to find out if she knows anything. Brooke tells her it did not happen for Hope tonight. That’s about all she knows. Liam tells Steffy that he’s here just to clear his head a little bit, not to get wasted. She tells him fate intervened again, just the way it did the night he saved her life. Brooke questions Hope and is disappointed that she got into the lingerie, but still wanted to wait. Hope says she felt like someone else. She felt like Brooke and she never wants to feel like that about men.

A new girl, Ashleigh, spots Oliver and grabs him, plants a kiss on him and asks him to dance. Taylor wants to know what the phone call had to do with Steffy. Ridge tells her all he knows is about Hope; nothing happened that was supposed to happen. But they are still engaged and none of the other is anyone else’s business. Hope tells Brooke that she is not judging her. She isn’t trying to preach or push her values on anyone else, but she wants to make other decisions in her life. Brooke hugs her and tells her that she is very proud of her. Liam tells Steffy that Hope is just trying to make the right choices. Steffy bugs him again about Hope holding out and that it has to be hurting Liam. She doesn’t want to put down Hope, but Liam saved Steffy’s life and she is thinking of him. She understands him and doesn’t want him to have a future like this. She does ask if he has set the wedding date yet; she figures Hope will put that off as long as she can. And the longer the engagement, the more she will put Liam off. He can’t put up with that the rest of his life. He’s a good guy, and it’s okay to think of himself. She says she just wants him to be happy and he’s not. She moves in closer and takes his hand. She says she thinks she is falling for him. Don’t let himself drown in these issues. He saved her life, so let her save his. She coos in his ears not to marry Hope. Hope tries to call Liam, but he’s otherwise busy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Bo and Roman were with Daniel waiting to talk to Mandy.  Roman asked Daniel about Sami.  Daniel told him that she was still in surgery.  Hope was in Mandyís hospital room.  Mandy was nervous that other cops were going to question her besides Hope.  Hope assured her that she will be by Mandyís side.  Mandy was finally ready to cooperate with the police.  At the pub, Gus has fantasies about Vivian dumping Quinn.  Vivian ruined his fantasy by snapping at him.  He reminded her that Quinn ruined his plan to destroy Carly.  Vivian believed she didnít have anyone now.  Gus told her that she had him.  She laughed and he was upset.  Vivian wanted Gus to buy Quinn a gift so he would make up with her.  Gus was upset about it.

Quinn and Taylor were on the pier and they argued about what happened to the prostitutes.  While they were arguing, Quinn told her that he cares about her and wants to protect her.  She wasnít interested since she was never one of his girls.  Rafe thought about his life with Sami while she was in surgery.  Roman asked Rafe about Sami.  Roman talked to Rafe about Sami as well as Mandy.  The police asked Mandy about what happened to her.  Mandy wasnít useful because she didnít like talking about that night.  Sami made it out of surgery, but she had trouble breathing and passed out.  Vivian and Quinn met on the pier.  They talked and made up again.  Rafe wanted to know what was going on with Sami.  Lexie told Rafe that Sami had complications after the surgery.  Lexie gave her medication to fix the problem.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth blames herself for Siobhan's death. Jason decides to have the surgery right away. Patrick refuses to allow Matt to assist with Jason's surgery. Sam tells Matt not to use Jason's surgery as a competition with Patrick. Carly warns Michael that Sonny is using him. Carly tells Jason that Sonny agreed to allow Michael fill Jason's shoes because Michael is the only person he trusts. Jason gets upset and Sam tells Carly not to do this 10 minutes before his surgery. She tells Jason to think about himself first for this one time. Jason and Sam cuddle until he goes to surgery. Sam imagines being married to Jason before, then remembers the man with the gun. Carly remembers meeting Jason, and then imagines Michael disapproving of Jason. Elizabeth recalls being with Jason and then Jason discovering she had not been taking her birth control pills. Monica imagines Jason avoiding the accident with AJ and becoming Chief of Staff at General Hospital. Then she sees him doing cocaine. Monica wonders if Jason will return to the way he was before the first accident. Something goes wrong with Jason's surgery.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rex persuades Bo to exhume Gigi's grave when he sees that her date of death is missing. He has a "vision" that Gigi is still alive somewhere and he needs to get to her. Meanwhile, Shane calls Brody over to the house and tells him that he needs his help taking matters into his own hands to make Jack and Todd Manning pay for his mother's death. Brody tells Shane that he knows neither himself nor Shane nor Gigi behave the way the Mannings do. Yet Brody remembers that he has felt a need to "threaten " Todd not to tell anybody the secret about John being Liam's father and the fact that Brody is covering it up. So he has another "motivator" for Todd although he does not tell Shane. Meanwhile, all the people in Todd's life are still living with the "dilemma" about whether to believe or recognize the Todd they've known for 8 years who's really Victor, or original Todd. Bo tells original Todd that the police cannot help him and have to arrest him for trespassing when he goes to The Sun and current Todd calls the cops to have him removed. Bo tells him that all they have is Irene's word and that is not proof that he really is Todd Manning.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Colin tries his best to win Jill’s heart back by giving her a lunch of all of her favorite foods and after some coaxing he gets her to admit that she doesn’t hate him but she can’t forgive him. Genevieve and Jack also arrive for lunch at Glowworm and Genevieve uses Jack to make Colin jealous and Jack doesn’t mind helping Genevieve but he tells her one day it won’t be about Colin. Jill gives Colin a passionate kiss before she leaves just because she enjoys making Genevieve angry and tells Colin not to get the wrong idea about the kiss. Nick gets the test results on the envelope that was sent to Ashley and there are no fingerprints on the envelope but the DNA from the saliva has the same Y chromosome markers as the sample Nick submitted for comparison so Nick tells Ashley the person that sent her the envelope has to be Adam.

Spencer makes Heather co-counsel on Sharon’s retrial since the DA she was working with had a heart attack and now Spenser must handle the case. Phyllis has a very tense reunion with her sister Avery Bailey Clark and asks her to keep their relationship a secret. Nick and Ashley tell Michael the truth about where they were the night Diane died as well as about the phone calls Nick has been getting and the picture that was sent to Ashley. Michael promises to help them both if the police question them again. Phyllis also tells Michael that she has a sister who has come back town and she is worried that her past will come back to haunt her. Adam can’t buy a plane ticket because the DA’s office put him on the no fly list so he asks Spencer and Heather if he can leave for an experimental procedure to improve his eyesight. Spencer and Heather don’t believe Adam until he shows them a letter and then they allow him to leave town but once he is in the hallway Adam smiles like he has other plans and he just fooled the DA's office.

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