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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Zach attempts to make Griffin an offer he cannot refuse. David is in his office at the hospital when Cara comes in all excited about her new job. Tad lets Dixie know that Cara will soon be working with David on the Orpheus Project. At the condo, Ryan thinks of Gillian. Greenlee interrupts him and asks him if he was thinking of Gillian. He confesses that he was. Greenlee and Ryan discuss the possibility that David could be just using them to make them suffer. Ryan comes to the conclusion that Gillian is dead. Tad questions Dixie if it could have been Greenlee, who was with her in the room. Cara is excited over her new job until David tells her that Griffin is threatening to go to the F.D.A. Griffin lets Zach know that he doesn’t want anything to do with the Orpheus Project. Tad tells Dixie that Cara had told David everything about their fake marriage. Griffin meets Cara at Krystal’s to discuss Cara quitting her job on the Orpheus Project, but Cara refuses to quit. Greenlee comes to visit Kendall to discuss Zach and how he is supporting David and to tell her that Ryan is going to purchase a building for Cambias Industries and for Fusion. Ryan accuses David of just manipulating him and Greenlee into thinking that their loved ones is alive. Zach interrupts them. Zach confesses to Ryan that he had purchased the building that Ryan had intended to purchase for Kendall and Greenlee. Tad walks in and interrupts Griffin and Cara. Griffin tells Cara to just think about them leaving town together. Tad sits down with Cara and wants to discuss what they will say to the Immigration board. Zach lets David know that he doesn’t trust him.

Griffin visits Kendall to discuss Zach and his change of attitude toward David and how the treatment could have had terrible side effects. Ryan lets Greenlee know that Zach had purchased the building that he had intended to buy. Tad and Cara discuss the questions that the Immigration board will ask. Dixie pays David a surprise visit and accuses him of being jealous of Tad. Kendall starts to leave to pick up Zach, but Griffin catches her by the arm. Zach walks in and witnesses their actions.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam is trying to understand why it was all right one moment, and now Hope wants to wait until their wedding night. Steffy drops by to see Hope. When Brooke tells her that she is not there, Steffy says she probably can find her at Liam’s. Brooke suggests that she is a smart, beautiful girl and she doesn’t want to make that mistake again. Just leave them alone tonight. Steffy gives Brooke a framed photo of Hope from the Eye of Fashion to celebrate her engagement to Liam. She says under different circumstances she and Hope could be friends; she does not hate her. Brooke helps her re-wrap the photo and leave it for Hope….although she laments that she does not expect Hope home tonight. Smart girl, Steffy gets the picture. Hope takes a shower and washes all the smell off her body and the goop off her face; she feels better now. Liam quips they could set the wedding date by being in Las Vegas in four or five hours. Hope wants her entire family to be there so that thought will have to he put on hold.

Hope explains that her mom has been with a lot of different men. Hope did not know all of them even, but she just wants to feel like she is building a life with just Liam. There is no need in rushing when they have their whole life ahead of them. She’d told him before that she wanted to wait. She thought being engaged would change that. She gets him to say that she’s special and for her he will wait. He knows she has principles and that is one of the things he admires about her the most, so he’s okay with her decision. His lips say that, but his eyes indicate some doubt. Brooke is surprised when Hope comes home after all and even shares that she did not sleep with Liam. She decided again that she wants to wait. Steffy spies Oliver at the Bikini Bar and joins him….can’t wait to trade barbs with him about Hope not spending the night with Liam after all. Then Liam walks in and she makes a beeline to him, questioning him unmercifully about Hope kicking him out of his own bed and him being there at the bar alone. She notices and is amused at his slightly embarrassed look when he finally has to tell her that Hope wants to wait for their wedding night.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Nicole told Taylor that she checked the Internet and found out about her dirty secret.  Taylor thought Nicole was bluffing.  Nicole told Taylor about the mug shot she found.  She threatened to show it to Roman.  Taylor lied and said she was arrested for protesting at the demonstration.  Nicole warned Taylor that she was going to continue digging for dirt.  At the DiMera mansion, Kate and EJ talked about the problems going on with her company.  EJ thought she should have gone to Stefano for help.  While they were talking, EJ let Kate know that he’s claiming his birthright.  At the hospital, Lexie told Roman that Mandy wasn’t ready to talk to the police.  Roman tried to convince Mandy to cooperate with the police.  Bo and Hope had a romantic morning in bed.  Bo made breakfast for Hope and they talked about their lives together after they made love.  Rafe helped Sami get ready for her procedure.  Lexie tried to convince Sami that she should tell her family about her condition.  Sami only wanted Rafe to know the truth.

Roman sent Bo and Hope texts to get to the hospital to see Mandy.  Later, Bo and Hope arrived at the hospital to see Mandy. Roman believed that Mandy’s ready to talk.  Hope went into Mandy’s room and pleaded with her to help the police.  Roman overheard Lexie and Rafe talking about Sami’s condition.  Roman demanded to know what happened to Sami.  Rafe ended up telling Roman what happened.  Roman told Sami that he loved her and would be there for her.  Bo called Roman and Sami told him to work on his case.  Rafe would keep Roman informed about Sami.  Taylor wanted to know why Nicole wanted to dig up dirt about her.  Nicole threw up in her face that she stole EJ.  Taylor apologized to Nicole for everything.  Nicole was still determined to find out about Taylor.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis goes to the police station to view evidence. She sees the newspaper headline about Jax's plane crash and death. Mac consoles her. Elizabeth tells Matt that Siobhan died. Steve wants to see all the nursing logs to determine who had access to the med cabinet because some pills are missing. Matt knows Elizabeth took them for Lucky's case and his overdose. Elizabeth is afraid she will lose her job. Lucky is about to take a pill when Ethan comes in. Lucky blames himself for Siobhan's death. Matt gives Lucky Siobhan's hospital pillow with Lucky's name partially scrawled on it. Lucky wonders what she was trying to tell him and determines that he has to find out. He agrees to let Steve request an autopsy. Max brings Jason up to speed on everything that has been happening while he has been in the hospital. Patrick assures Sam that he and Robin will do everything they can for Jason. Sam kicks Max out of Jason's room just when Jason is about to give Max orders. Max tells her Jason is putting his affairs in order in case he doesn't make it. Robin finds something in Jason's chart that suggests the object lodged in his brain is a piece of dashboard from his fist accident years ago, that went up his nose. Max finds Jackal, PI staking out the bakery in a dumpster. Diane goes there looking for Spinelli and while she is there, breaks up with Max. Jackal, PI tells Diane to pay attention to the little things or risk missing it all. Diane tells Jackal, PI the history of the bakery and the names of the original owners. Jackal finds the spelling of "Luzetta's" with a single “Z” and double “T” odd. He concludes that something isn’t right about everything concerning this case. He looks at a bag and finds the incorporation date is 1970, not 1895 as Diane said. He notes that the current recipe is not the original recipe.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Viki goes to say good by to Dorian and wish her well. At first they argue and both appear to be glad to be rid of each other. Viki blames Dorian for almost having Clint killed. Dorian tells Viki she is very disappointed in Viki giving Clint a free pass after all the crimes he's committed and what he did to David by letting Clint stay in her home with all the luxuries. And right when they are ready to happily part company, they get locked in a room together. At that point we relive their long history together. And they declare that they are enemies but also dear friends with how each has stepped up to help the other with many things. Brody goes to confront Todd and warns him that he better not reveal that John is Liam's father and ruin Brody's future with Natalie or Todd will be sorry. Meanwhile, Kimberly comes to see Clint and he wonders why she'd contact him unless she's in trouble and needs something. John is ready to take Kelly's advice and reach out to Natalie but decides not to do it when he sees she is serious about moving in with Brody and having a future with him.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Colin brings Genevieve divorce papers and she tells him that she told Jill that they slept together before he made the phone call in front of Jill asking for a divorce. Colin goes to Jill and tells her that after he made love to Genevieve that night he knew he didn’t love her anymore. Colin tells Jill that she is the only woman he wants and he will not stop fighting for her. Noah turns down Jack’s offer to put some background music in the commercials for the new cosmetics line but later he decides to take the job and calls Jack and leaves a message for him that he has changed his mind about his offer and he doesn’t care what his family thinks about it. Noah gets in an argument with Nick because Noah thinks Nick should visit Sharon and bring Faith to see her as well. Nick shows up at the prison and Sharon apologizes for not telling him and her children that she was alive. Nick can’t forgive Sharon but they do come to an understanding and he brings Faith to see her.

Jack goes to see Genevieve to celebrate her divorce and they almost make love but she stops and tells him she isn’t ready because she has only been with Colin. Genevieve tells Jack about her marriage and a little about her children and Samantha’s death then Genevieve is touched by how supportive Jack is and they make love. Avery tells Sharon that the DA informed her that the new trial starts next week and Phyllis does an Internet search for Avery’s name and sees her picture and is shocked. Phyllis later sees Avery talking to Adam and says “its you what are you doing here.”

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