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AMC Recap Written by Mary

In the park, Cara lets Tad know that she had slept with David. Tad cannot believe his ears that Cara would endanger her freedom by doing this. J.R. comes into the living room and finds Dixie, sitting in a chair. He begins to look around for a package. Dixie questions him as to what he is looking for. At Krystal’s, Marissa lets Bianca know how surprised she was to gain full custody of A.J. At the condo, Ryan packs for a trip, but refuses to tell Greenlee as to where he is going. Zach and David watches as Kendall and Griffin have a talk. David lets Zach know that Griffin has feelings for Kendall. Griffin asks Kendall to help him to keep David away from Cara. Kendall comes into Zach’s room and finds Zach out of bed. Zach asks Kendall as to what Griffin is upset about, but pushes her away when she tries to help him back into bed. Tad blasts Cara for her recent actions when David walks up to join them. David lets Tad know that it is he, who is hurting Cara. Cara blast David for putting Tad down. Greenlee remembers her talk with David in which he had told her about Gillian. Griffin visits Ryan and Greenlee to ask for their help in keeping David away from Cara. J.R. watches a sex tape of Marissa and Bianca and wonders how the judge would react. J.R. sees Bianca and Marissa leave the diner, he goes over and starts to put the CD into the hard drive when he is interrupted by Liza. Liza warns him as to what he is doing. Opal also confronts him about the CD, but he lies and tells her that he was going to put A.J. a new game on the computer. Opal, reluctantly, believes him.

Liza confronts J.R. again and demands the CD before he can do any more harm. J.R. gives her the tape, but pulls another CD from his pocket. Marissa and Bianca go house hunting. Tad lets Dixie know about Cara and how she is working with David. Dixie becomes upset that she cannot remember what David had done to her. Tad tries to hypnotize Dixie for her to remember what David had done to her. Dixie remembers another woman being in the same room with her. Greenlee tells Ryan that David had made mention that Gillian may be alive. David and Erica have a confrontation. Erica threatens to shut down the hospital. David tells her that if she does that then she will never know who else he had saved. Zach lets David know that Griffin was going to the F.D.A. David vows to stop him. Ryan imagines seeing Gillian and telling her good-bye.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge thinks it over. Brooke tells him to relax; Hope says she is ready and tonight she and Liam will celebrate their engagement. He says Liam is a great kid. He will give him that, but he’s still a Spencer and he worries about that. He will be watching him to make sure he doesn’t turn into a clone of his father. Brooke doesn’t think that Bill will ever do what he did to Katie again. He messed up big time and he knows it and is trying to right the damage. Steffy finds Oliver as he had been texting her. He’s down. He knows that Hope must have accepted Liam’s proposal. She says she is really sorry, but yes she was up on the roof and saw Liam put the ring on Hope’s finger. Another man who is now not interested in her. She thought she might have a chance. Liam tells Hope that she looks special and he’s glad they waited. She takes her bag and slips away, telling him she will be right back. She unpacks her bag and looks at her choices. She mulls over wearing her own comfortable T-shirt or a sexy, filmy, black teddy and hose that Brooke provided and she smells the provocative perfume. After an eternity, she calls Liam into the bedroom and he is more than pleased with what he sees.

Oh my God, he tells her that she is so beautiful. He kisses her; she starts unbuttoning his shirt and takes it off. They kiss some more and he picks her up and takes her to the bed and lays her down gently. More and more kisses and he slips the straps of her teddy off. As he is progressing, she suddenly tells him to wait, something is not right. He says it is perfect, but she can’t continue. She needs to wait. Ridge isn’t exactly thrilled that Brooke interfered and helped her daughter pick something out to wear tonight. She is just so happy that all is working out so well for Hope. Hope apologizes. She says this whole setup with the outfit and smell of the perfume is not her. It was all her mom’s idea. She’s rather have her old oversized T-shirt. He advises her if she is not comfortable with what she does have on, perhaps she can take a shower and wash all the makeup and perfume off and wear the T-shirt. He will be comfortable if she is. She thanks him but then asks a much bigger question if he can wait until after they are married……on their honeymoon.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Sami and Rafe discussed her condition again.  He wanted to make things better for her.  Lexie called Sami and told her that she had a cancellation and that Sami could get her procedure done the next day.  Hope argued with Roman about the prostitution case.  Roman didn’t want her to do it.  Hope continued to plead her case.  Bo was looking through the mail and saw a note from the attacker.  Roman wanted to take the note to forensics.  Bo and Hope left the police station to investigate the prostitution case.  Quinn saw Taylor at The Cheating Heart.  They talked about what happened to Mandy.  Quinn believed that Taylor would continue to cover for him.  Taylor wanted him to move on from this type of life.  While they were talking, they saw Roman on TV talking about the prostitution case.  He wanted anyone with any information about it to call.  Taylor threatened to call the police.  Quinn insisted he didn’t attack the women.  He also thought that she took his Tablet.  He warned her that everything is backed up on the Tablet so she wouldn’t be able to stop his business.  She didn’t know what he was talking about.

Chloe went to the DiMera mansion to confront Kate about setting her up as a prostitute.  Kate reminded Chloe about the way she hurt her sons and she wasn’t going to allow her to hurt Parker.  They continued to argue back and forth about it.  Chloe eventually left the mansion.  Nicole overheard EJ talking to Stefano on the phone and assumed they were stirring up trouble.  Nicole reminded him that he lost his kids and Taylor.  They also talked about Nicole being with Brady again.  Nicole wondered if he was jealous.  EJ assured her that he wasn’t jealous of her relationship with Brady because he was the one who left her.  Sami believed that she’s being punished for all of the past things she’s done in her life.  Rafe told her to have faith and believe that God loves her.  Bo and Hope walked up to EJ and Nicole while they were talking.  Bo and Hope got digs in on EJ about the things he’s done.  They told EJ about the person attacking women.  They wanted EJ to cooperate and tell them who he sold his drug business to.  Nicole tried to help EJ out with Bo and Hope’s questions.  After they left, EJ told Nicole she’s one of his favorite ex-wives.  Chloe confronted Quinn about Kate’s plan to set her up to lose Parker.  She told him that she quit.  Quinn didn’t want her to quit.  While they were talking, Quinn received an incriminating photo of Chloe.  Chloe knows that she’s a target now.  Quinn said he would protect her, but Chloe didn’t believe it.  The bartender gave Quinn his Tablet, but R.I.P. was scratched on the back of it.  Nicole showed up at the police station while Taylor was talking to Roman.  Nicole was determined to find out her secret.  Hope was on the phone.  She learned from Bo that the attacker knows his way around Salem.  Someone wearing gloves was watching her while carrying a nightstick.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Maxie and Spinelli are still at Georgie’s grave and talk about Maxie’s heart transplant. Spinelli feels that he failed Georgie. Maxie tells him that he couldn’t save Georgie – because it wasn’t his responsibility – but he did save her. Maxie keeps trying to get Spinelli to realize how valuable he is to her and that this Jackal PI persona isn’t really him. Spinelli tells Maxie to stay away from him. Spinelli puts a cupcake on Georgie’s grave. Tracy looks into ELQ business. Skye finds Tracy and starts making accusations. They talk about family issues and love. Skye brings up Gino Solieto to Tracy again. Asher interrupts their discussion and Tracy gives him an assignment. Asher and Anthony talk on the phone and Tracy catches him. Dante is still looking for Jax. Olivia brings Dante some coffee and talks to him about going have Sonny. Dante says that he won’t ever cover for Sonny again.

Abby talks to Sonny about Michael. Sonny tells Abby that he respects his son and Abby just wants Sonny to let him go. Michael gets in on the discussion and defends himself and Sonny. Michael apologizes for Abby – Sonny said that she cares about him and is right to say what she feels. Michael tells Sonny that Abby just wants what is best for him and that she has strong feelings. Carly comes upon Sonny and Michael talking. Carly is upset that Michael isn’t taking her side against Sonny. Dante comes up and interrupts the family argument. Dante fills them in on what they found in Jax’s plane wreckage.

Anthony catches Johnny following him. Anthony tells Johnny to stop following him. Crazy Anthony makes a little appearance. Johnny calls someone and has them tailing his father – he knows that Anthony is up to something. Abby and Johnny bump into each other. Johnny asks Abby what is bothering her. Skye meets with Anthony and gives him the memory stick with all of the information about Tracy and the Solieto’s. Anthony gives his word not to mess with Edward. Skye tells Anthony that if he hurts Edward – she will use the information that she has on him to take him down.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Bo talks to Renee about what disappointments Asa's sons turned out to be. Renee tells him to stop talking nonsense and look at what a great father he has been. He tells her it’s time for him to start telling everyone he is going to be s grandfather. Renee breaks up in laughter thinking David and Dorian were having a baby. When she realizes it is Matthew, she becomes serious. Joey discovers that Clint is missing. Viki is concerned that Bo will turn Clint in. Joey suggests that Viki's concern for Clint is more than just concern. Clint goes to Buchanan Mansion to have a father-son moment. He clarifies to Rex that he wants a moment with Asa in the room where he always pays his respects on the anniversary of Asa's death. Rex orders Clint to leave, but then changes his mind and puts Asa's picture and a glass of bourbon on the mantle so Clint can toast him. He gives Clint a glass of water and says he won't let him mess up Gigi's heart. Bo watches from the doorway and hears Clint call Rex, "son." Bo enters and doesn't arrest Clint. Instead, he joins in the toast. Later he tells Nigel to take Clint home. Viki is furious when Clint returns to Llanfair. Joey suggests to Clint that perhaps he still cares for Viki.

Rex goes to Gigi's grave and asks for a sign, ready to admit that she is dead. When he picks up the old bouquet of flowers, he sees the date of death has been removed from the headstone. Stacy Morasco's friend, Kim, shows up La Boulaie and tells David she is there to get Clint back. David tells her Clint is broke. She knows and doesn't care. She asks David not to interfere. He agrees and says he won't tell anyone about her working at the Spotted Pony. Kim goes to Llanfair to see Clint. The Cramer women surprise Dorian with a party to congratulate her on her new Senate seat. Addie gives her a photo album of all of them. Everyone tells Dorian how much they love her and then they say their farewells. Blair and Addie go home and see David practicing Swedish. They tell him that Dorian had to say goodbye to the most crucial person in her life. As Dorian is putting her photo album in a bag, Viki comes into her office. Joey and Kelly leave Llanfair to return to London.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Tucker is ruled competent to run his company but the judge refuses to stop the sale of Jabot to Chancellor industries because it isn’t within his area of expertise he tells Tucker to handle the problem. Katherine feels guilty about what she did to Tucker because she knows he signed papers he didn’t understand because of pride. Katherine tells Tucker she won’t fight to annul his marriage anymore and Tucker knows it was a trick to distract him while she got her hands on jabot. Ashley tells Tucker she saw Diane the night she died but didn’t kill her and she didn’t tell him because she didn’t feel ready to tell him. Tucker vows to fight to get both Ashley and Jabot back. Phyllis tells Nick that Deacon saw her at the park that night with Diane but she makes it clear to Nick that she didn’t kill Diane.

Ronan tells Adam that further tests on his ring show that the chip on his ring was made after Diane died so he asks him not to leave town. Paul asks Ronan to drag the creek where it meets the river and the police returns with the memory card that Adam threw into the creek but Ronan hasn’t seen it yet because everything they found in the creek is taken to the lab. Avery is able to prove that too jurors in Sharon’s trial passed notes during the trial and the DA knew about it the entire time. Avery confronts the DA and he promises to get Sharon a new trial. Avery tells Victor and Sharon the news at the prison. Avery also tells Nick the news but hides from Phyllis who also wants to meet her.

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