Tuesday 8/23/11 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Amanda and Jake prepare to leave the hospital when she senses a change in his attitude. She knows that he is upset over the fact that she can never have any children. Maya and Angie take a walk with Lucy. Maya lets Angie know that Mookie is in California. Krystal finds Dixie at J.R.'s home and wonders why she isn’t at Tad’s with the girls. At Tad’s home, Cara lets Tad know that she will not be staying there every night. Tad wants to discuss her taking a job with David, but Cara doesn’t want to discuss it. Griffin looks at a pic himself and Kendall when Greenlee comes in and interrupts him. David walks in and confronts Greenlee about talking about him behind his back. Zach urges Kendall to walk away from this marriage and find her someone, who will keep her safe. Kendall refuses to leave Zach and instead asks him was he sorry that he had come back to her. Zach insists that he wanted to come back to her and the boys. Tad warns Cara about working with David, but Cara doesn’t want to hear it. Dixie owns up to Krystal that it scares her to think that she could be happy with Tad after all the mistakes that they had made. Kathy comes running in and asks Dixie to attend a party with them. Amanda asks Jake what his feelings are toward her having the hysterectomy. Jake kisses Amanda to relieve her worries. Tad interrupts them and lets Jake know that Cara is staying in Pine Valley. Amanda urges Jake not to fight with David anymore. Greenlee overhears Zach telling Kendall that she needs someone else. Cara reports to work with David and is happy until Griffin interrupts them. Griffin begins to warn Cara about David. Krystal tells Amanda that David had let it slip that Babe may be alive. Zach lets David know that he knows that there are others.

David refuses to let Zach know who the other patients are. Griffin lets Tad know that Cara was with David last night. Angie finds out from Maya that she abandoned her baby. Maya begs Angie not to tell Jesse, so Angie promises they will find her baby together. Cara lets Tad know that she slept with David. Dixie dreams of David and wonders why she cannot remember what he did to her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Brooke that she was so overwhelmed that she could not answer Liam in front of all those people. But it did happen later under the stars and she jumps with joy that now she is engaged to be married. Liam seeks out Ridge to talk to. Liam says he and Hope needed time to be alone and think this over, but she has said yes. They are engaged. Ridge says he understands it was sort of sudden and he knows that Hope wanted a commitment form Liam before she became intimate. He can’t help but wonder if this sudden proposal has something to do with that. Liam says Hope has stood by him and will always be there for him. He wants to spend all his days with her in marriage, and it would mean so much to him and to Hope especially if they had his blessing. Ridge tells Liam that he has some reservations of him being a Spencer, but right now he only wants one thing settled and that is how Liam feels about Steffy since she has admitted she has feelings for him. Liam laments that they share a bond, but Hope is the one he loves and the one he wants to marry. He’s never been more certain of anything in his life. He’s going to give her every ounce of love and support that he can. He’s proud to have Ridge’s blessings. Hope tells her mom that now that she is engaged, she thinks maybe the time for her and Liam to be together is now. She packs her bag to spend that first night with Liam, and her mom is okay with that and even has a suggestion what she should wear over the comfy old T-shirt that Hope suggests.

Amber wants Marcus to see Rosey before she puts her down for the night. In front of Dayzee, she starts makes noises about how Marcus is so sweet with his baby. She wishes he would move back in and see Rosey all the time. Marcus makes it known that he loves his daughter. They produced something very good and Amber is a good mom, but he’s with Dayzee now. She tells Dayzee later that she’d like her to back off and give her and Rosey a chance to make a family with Marcus. Dayzee says if the thought that is what Marcus wanted then she would, but that is not the case. He’s made it pretty clear to her from the beginning. He loves his daughter, but he’s not in love with Amber. And after all that she has done to him, it’s unfair of her to believe that it will happen. They both were raised pretty much without a father, but Marcus will be around, just not living with Amber. Amber should be grateful that Marcus will be in Rosey’s life and will care and support her, and not to expect any more. Brooke shows Hope a very sexy teddy that she saved from her Forrester Bedroom Line. She thinks it will set the mood for the first time she is intimate with a man and she wants it to be special. Hope thanks her but says no, this is so not her. Brooke gives her a hug and says she wants this to be everything Hope dreamed it would be. Brooke tells Ridge the good news and that this will be a very special evening for Liam and Hope. Liam sets the mood at his house with candles, soft music and fireplace blazing. He kisses her and says he wants this night to be everything she dreamed of. “This is our moment.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

At the rehab center, Carly recalled hearing Nicholasí voice in her room.  Carly talked about her condition with the nurse.  Nicholas visited Carly again.  Will and Gabi were at the loft.  Gabi hinted that she and Will could have sex again.  Will seemed hesitant about that.  Will tripped over a garbage can and Gabi saw Samiís pregnancy tests and thought Sami was pregnant.  Sami wanted to know if she had cancer.  Lexie told her they have to wait and see.  Sami and Lexie continued to talk about Samiís condition.  Rafe assured Sami they would get through this together.  Later Sami and Rafe went home and saw Gabi and Will.  Sami told them that sheís not pregnant.

At the Brady Pub, Will apologized to Gabi because the movie sold out.  T showed up and revealed that he knew Will and Gabi had sex.  T also started ranting about kissing and Sonny.  He believed Sonny was messing up his life.  Rafe and Sami talked about her condition.  Rafe wanted to know if sheís going to tell Will.  She didnít want to burden Will if it turned out to be nothing.  Rafe believed it will be nothing.  He wanted her to get dressed because he had an idea.  Justin and Adrienne were on the pier and talked about Sonny staying in Salem and not being able to contact Jack.  Sonny told Will and Gabi that he and Chad are going to start an unofficial website.  Sonny wanted Willís help too.  T walked up to a girl.  He tried to ask her out, but she turned him down.  He thought it was because she saw the picture of him with Sonny.  She didnít have a problem with homosexuals.  She had a problem with jerks.  T glared at Sonny and prepared to get even with him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie takes Jackal, PI to Georgie's grave and says she hopes Georgie can help him. She says both she and Georgie are there for him. She gets upset when Jackal doesn't remember Georgie since their friendship was so important. He tells her not to get too upset because of the problems with her ticker. Lucky panics when Siobhan stops breathing. Steve comes in and starts CPR. When he tells Elizabeth to get a crash cart, she freezes. Lucky blames himself for not letting Siobhan leave Port Charles when she wanted to. Elizabeth says it was her fault. Siobhan flat lines. Lucky holds Siobhan's hand and listens to the voicemail message she left the day he was drugged and notes that those were that last words she said to him. He takes a pill. Something flashes under the bed. Steve tells Elizabeth to tell him everything that happened because she was the last person to see Siobhan alive. Elizabeth resents the insinuation. He says he is ordering an autopsy.

Sonny has a conversation with God about his regrets about hurting his children. Skye steals money from the safe in Michael's office. When Michael and Abby come in, she tells them about Carly and Jason's car accident. Michael and Abby go to the hospital. Abby listens while Sonny tells Michael about everything that happened while they were away. Abby lectures Michael about taking his father's side. Michael walks off. Sonny sees Abby in the hallway and asks her where Michael is because he wants him to try to get information about Jason's condition. Michael is returning and hears Abby telling Sonny to do right by Michael because if he continues this way, it will destroy Michael. Jax is hiding behind crates down on the docks. He sees Carly praying for him to be alright, but he does not reveal himself. He listens to Carly and Shawn talking about good times between Jax and Carly. Shawn assures her that Jax will come back. Shawn piques Jax's interest when he asks Carly if she is really going to keep her boys away from Sonny from now on. She confirms it. He tells her not to lose hope. Skye goes to the docks and give him the money she stole and a change of clothes. He warns her about getting involved with Anthony. Jax reminisces about asking Carly to marry him on these docks and then he leaves.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

It's the 4-year anniversary of Asa Buchanan's passing. Bo is at his father's gravesite admitting that he kind of wishes Asa was back since everybody's lives have been in shambles without him. Renee also comes by and greets him while visiting Asa. Clint is also aware of this day. While staying at Viki's on house arrest, he tells Nigel that he knows his father would be disgraced to know that Clint has allowed himself and Nigel to give up his house to Rex. So, although Viki tells him she will not "help" him get to Asa's and he knows it's a parole violation, he is determined to defy it to get to Asa's home so that he and Nigel can toast Asa. But sure enough, as soon as he escapes, the alarm goes off and Viki and Joey know he's gone and gotten himself into trouble. Joey is ready to move to London with Kelly. Aubrey comes by and admits she is till not over Joey. John comes by Kelly's home to say good bye to her and she urges him not to give up on Natalie like she almost gave up on Joey. Rex reveals to Natalie that while at The Spotted Pony in KY, he ran into Kimberly the pole dancer who was briefly married to Clint after attempting to scam him with her best friend, Stacy, Gigi's sister, whom everybody believes has died. It sounds like Kimberly is going to attempt to reach out to Clint and get him back. She knows that she will have to "defy" David who broke them up. And it appears that Stacy Morasco, Gigi's sister, may not be dead.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Heather returns home and has a confrontation with Ronan because she is mad that he refuses to explain why he left soon after his surgery. Heather decides that even if Ronan did explain she wouldn’t believe a word he said to her. Paul tells Heather that he is consulting on Diane’s murder case and is Ronan’s partner. Heather meets with the DA and asks him to hire her to work on the legal aspect of the case and the DA decides to give Heather a job on a trial basis. Ronan meets with Nick and Ashley and interrogates them again. Ronan tells them that if they don’t tell him the truth he will have no choice but to arrest them. Ronan gets a phone call and leaves Nick and Ashley alone to talk but Nick and Ashley are unaware that Ronan has hidden a tape recorder in his briefcase which he has left in the booth and the tape recorder records Nick and Ashley discussing that they will tell Ronan they were at the park that night just walking by and Ashley dropped her phone and Nick called her because he wanted to find out if she knew where Abby was but Ashley didn’t know where Abby could be. Ashley and Nick also think that Phyllis and Tucker could have had something to do with Diane’s death and they decide to protect them. Ashley and Nick decide to tell Tucker and Phyllis the new cover story. Ronan later listens to the recording on the tape recorder, which adds strength to his theory that Ashley, Tucker, Nick, and Phyllis, worked together to kill Diane.

Tucker’s lawyer calls and tells him that Katherine wants to sell Jabot back to Chancellor. Tucker’s lawyer persuades the judge to call an emergency competency hearing. Tucker asks Ashley to be there. She says she will but when hearing time comes, Tucker can’t remember Ashley’s new cell phone number. Tucker tells the judge that he has done everything the court has asked of him and gives the judge new reports from his doctors stating that he is ready to run the company. The judge reads the reports and agrees with Tucker’s doctors and asks Tucker if he wants him to stop the sale of Jabot. Tucker says he would have never approved the sale of Jabot. Katherine shows the judge the contract with Tucker’s signature. The judge asks Tucker to look at the contract and asks him if that is his signature. The judge tells Tucker that if he signed that contract and is competent like he claims, then he will allow the sale of Jabot to go through; but if he doesn’t remember signing the contract, then he is not competent to run his company.

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