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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Both Liza and Colby reprimand J.R. for his remark concerning Marissa being a lesbian. Liza cautions J.R. that remarks like that would cost him A.J. forever. Tad comes home, frustrated, that he nor Jake can find Cara. Dixie wants Tad to open up to him concerning Cara, but Tad refuses to burden Dixie with his problems. Dixie lets Tad know that she also wants to help Cara. At the hospital in Zach’s room, Zach defends David’s actions to Ryan and Greenlee. Ryan and Greenlee cannot believe their ears as to what Zach is telling them. Ryan questions Zach as to why he would defend David. Zach lets Ryan know that he had told David that his plan was going down, but he wanted David to keep it a secret until David could save his life also. Marissa stops by Tad’s and lets him and Dixie know that she had been granted full custody of A.J. since J.R. hadn’t shown up at the custody hearing. Liza tells J.R. to find himself another attorney to represent him in the custody hearing. Colby urges Liza to reconsider. Cara and David kiss. David pulls away and starts to leave, but Cara urges him to stay. They once again start to kiss, which results in them making love. Dixie tries to comfort J.R. over Marissa being granted custody of A.J. Dixie vows that she will stand by J.R. and help him. J.R. tells Dixie how much that he has missed her. They hug. Zach and Kendall insists that they will stand by David. David lets Cara know that he cannot let her leave Pine Valley. David asks Cara to join him in the Orpheus Project. Cara tells him that she will think about it. Zach asks Ryan to drop this vendetta against David for his sake.

Dixie helps J.R. to pour out all the liquor in the house. Cara starts to leave David’s when Griffin arrives. David tells Griffin that he has given Cara his job at Orpheus to which Griffin is very much against the idea. Cara goes to see Tad to explain to him that she started to leave town but changed her mind since she was taking David up on his offer to work for the Orpheus Project. Tad is against the idea. Cara lets him know that it is not his decision to make. Tad and Marissa discuss how J.R. and Dixie poured out all the liquor in the house. Marissa promises to help J.R. if she can see that he is really trying to change. Marissa promises J.R. that if he really wants to change, then she will get A.J. to come to see him. J.R. vows revenge on Marissa. Zach lets David know that he wants to join him in the Orpheus Project.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope looks at Liam down on bended knee. She looks at the huge engagement ring; she looks at the audience, the photographers, Liam again who is asking her to marry him…..she dashes off the stage and Liam follows. Steffy tells her dad that Hope got scared. She’s not ready for an intimate relationship and she thinks that is what this is about. She also tells Oliver that she does not think this will end in an engagement. Hope has issues with intimacy. She needs to find Liam right now. Liam follows Hope to the roof and wants to know what just happened. She said she freaked out, but she just needs a little time to gather herself together. He wants to know what she is thinking. He apologized for springing this on her. She admits it was charming and romantic and she does likes his quirkiness. He admits he didn’t give it any thought that she might not want it this way. It wasn’t exactly personal or intimate.…..She says it was such a romantic, incredible gesture and one she will never forget. She could never be upset with him. Taylor tells Brooke and Stephanie that Liam probably overcompensated, but he definitely has feelings for Steffy. Stephanie wishes she knew how Hope feels, but perhaps she is just not ready to be married. Marcus takes charge and makes an announcement to the media. He and Dayzee get closer.

Brooke tells all that this will die down and by the end of the day she is sure there will be an engagement. There will be a wedding and Steffy will just have to accept that. Hope tells Liam they have been through so much. But she just needed to be alone with him. She could not answer him in the public. Thomas tells Oliver that his heart is with his sister, but she’s gotta get over Liam or she will get her heart broken again. Hope wants to hear those words one more time – “will you marry me?” Liam pulls out the ring, down on bended knee again and says he loves her, always will love her for the rest of their days and he wants her to be his wife. “Will you marry me?” with Steffy looking on behind the opened door, they kiss and Hope says yes.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Kinsey read that there was a third attack in Salem.  She remembered Chloe’s warning about the attacks.  Bo and Hope talked to DA Woods about the attacks.  Taylor warned Quinn that she couldn’t cover for him anymore.  She wanted him to keep quiet about their past.  He told her that he wouldn’t do that.  He’d sell her out if he went down for his “business”.  Sami was worried that she couldn’t give Rafe any babies.  Rafe assured her that he was happy with her kids.  Kinsey warned Chloe that she could get attacked if she keeps prostituting.  Sami and Rafe went to the hospital to see Lexie.  Rafe wanted Sami to get the tests done.

Nicole talked to Brady about their relationship.  Chloe begged Quinn to let her go after the other prostitutes were attacked.  Taylor overheard Bo and Hope talking about the attacks.  Quinn and Chloe got into an argument about her working for him.  She wanted to know why she had to work for him.  He said it wasn’t something personal.  She discovered that he is working with someone to set her up.  Rafe wanted Abe to help get funding for the prostitution case.  Rafe showed Abe what Mandy looked like after the attack. Abe was convinced and wanted to give the police extra money to solve the case.  Hope wanted to go undercover to catch the attacker.  Bo wasn’t sure that it was a good idea.  Hope was able to convince Bo to help her.  Taylor spoke to Mandy at the hospital and Mandy said Quinn’s name.  Hope walked in the hospital room and wanted to question Mandy.  Taylor lied and said Mandy didn’t say anything.  Quinn noticed that his computer was missing.  A person with gloved hands had it and looked at Chloe’s picture.  Lexie told Sami that she had cysts that had to be removed.  Sami was afraid she had cancer.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lucky senses that he has met the bakery’s pastry chef before. Anthony gives Siobhan a deadly dosage of drugs. Sonny and Robin argue at the hospital. Skye finds Jax near the harbor. Carly confronts Sonny about putting Jax’s life in danger. Carly makes it clear that she is through with Sonny. Elizabeth calls Lucky and tells him that Siobhan is awake. Elizabeth relays to Lucky that she and Siobhan had a good chat. Sonny runs into Robin when he goes to Jason’s hospital room. Robin doesn’t want to be friends with Sonny anymore. Shawn and Carly talk on the pier. Jax witnesses Skye and Anthony meeting to discuss business. Maxie brings Spinelli to Georgie’s grave. Lucky panics when he finds Siobhan unconscious in her hospital room. Sonny prays in the hospital chapel. Carly shows up where Jax is hiding out.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody is wondering what to do regarding the fact that the Todd Manning they've all known for 8 years is really Victor and original Todd has been prevented from all that is rightfully his. Dani and Starr have their dilemma regarding how they have both known current Todd but only Starr knows original Todd as well. Jack adamantly tells original Todd that he could care less who is whom, he only recognizes current Todd as his father and could care less about original Todd. Current Todd assumes that Tea is done with him as she only loves the "real" Todd and now knows that he's Todd's brother, Victor. but she concludes that she loves him and they sleep together. Original Todd stands outside the door and observes them together shocked.

When Rex is at The Spotted Pony, he notices a stripper known as Gigi and discovers it's Gigi's sister Stacy's best friend, Kimberly. she is shocked to find out that Gigi is gone and that Rex has found out that Clint is his father after she's left Clint and that Clint has gotten into so much trouble. And Rex continues to "see" Gigi.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor has another flashback of standing near the stream in the park and seeing Diane’s body inside the stream. Lily goes to Daniel’s place to apologize for not making love on his birthday and he is so understanding that Lily decides to make love to him and assures him it felt right for her to move on with her life. Ronan searches Victor’s place for some very expensive shoes because the imprint of these shoes was found at the crime scene. Ronan doesn’t find the shoes on his search but asks Victor where he was the night Diane died and Victoria tells Ronan that Victor was with her all night. Victor wonders why Victoria lied for him and Victoria tells Victor she loves him and will do anything to protect him and Victor tells his daughter that the doesn’t need to protect him from anything. Nick wonders why Deacon was on a date with Phyllis and Deacon tells him that he and Phyllis have a strong connection to each other.

Phyllis tells Gloria that she thinks Deacon killed Diane, but Gloria tells her that Deacon was working at Gloworm all night. Phyllis starts to write a blog about Deacon but deletes it when he threatens to go to the police with what he knows about her, which would leave Nick without an alibi. Victoria considers renting the garage apartment to Sam even though at first she is annoyed that Victor told Sam she had a room to rent. Noah confronts Adam and calls him a small man for letting Sharon stay in jail just because he is hurt that she was with Sam when everyone thought she was dead. Adam makes Noah feel guilty for not going to visit Sharon since she was transferred to prison. Adam goes to visit Sharon and she tells him that Sam isn’t a part of her life anymore, but Adam knows she is lying because Sam shows up for a visit.

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