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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Marissa finds out that J.R. had the custody hearing moved up. Both Liza and Colby blast J.R. for bribing the judge to get custody of A.J. Tad and Jake cannot find Cara. Cara spends time with David at ConFusion. When Tad comes in looking for his wife, Cara hides from him. She , but she finally calls her brother to say she's still in Pine Valley, so they'll stop looking for her. Kendal finds out from Zach exactly what happened when his plane crashed. Zach asks Griffin what is going on between him and Kendall. Greenlee will not bring up Gillian's name to Ryan, but she later tells Kendall about David mentioning her. David takes Cara back to his hotel room where they kiss. With the judge angry at J.R.'s tactics, Marissa is awarded sole custody of A.J.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

All abuzz about the fashion show, Brooke tells Hope that she looks fabulous, and she hopes she isn’t worried about Steffy. Hope replies that Steffy is gonna be Steffy and throw herself at yet another man, a man already taken. Steffy tells Ridge that Liam is waiting for the virginal Hope, and she doesn’t think he should have to wait that long. Liam shows up and says he is there representing Spencer Publications, but the night is going to be huge. Hope tells her mom that it’s her big night, and she is not going to let Steffy ruin it. She is going to enjoy every moment. Steffy tries to goad Hope about Liam having to wait with his cravings, but Hope comments that Liam loves and respects her, so she is not worried. Brooke slips beside Taylor and tells her she needs to do something about Steffy. It is so obvious with her sudden fascination with Liam. Brooke says Taylor must speak to her and if she doesn’t, then she will. Ridge speaks with Liam who reassures him that he was glad to be there for Steffy. He wouldn’t want to hurt either her or Hope. He will try to be there for Steffy, but he also will always be there for Hope. Ridge is happy to hear him say that.

Thomas notices Hope’s distraction and asks Liam to give the star a little pep talk. He has a question for her, but she says later as the show has to go on. On the catwalk, Ridge introduces Hope who introduces Hope For The Future. She talks about cheap thrills and holding themselves up to a higher standard. The show goes well, and she is ready for the showstopper. Liam still has something important to ask her, but she insists it must wait until after the showing. She has to practically throw him out of the dressing room. Ridge introduces the showstopper and says that he is proud to call Hope his daughter. Hope makes four passes on the walkway and on each one, Liam holds up a huge sign that reads “Will You Marry Me?” She is shocked and silent, but Liam approaches the stage and down on bended knee, he pulls out a diamond ring. She panics as she looks around at Steffy and the crowd with no words.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

At the hospital, Lexie told Sami that she’s not pregnant.  Sami didn’t believe her at first.  Lexie told her the problem wasn’t the fact that she wasn’t pregnant.  Maggie told Victor that she wanted him to make peace with Stefano.  At the DiMera mansion, Kate and EJ talked about finding a way to end the feud with the Kiriakis family.  Chad showed up at the mansion and EJ tried to convince him to stay and not turn his back on the family.  In the middle of their conversation, Sonny called Chad.  Sonny wanted Chad to bring EJ and Stefano to the hospital because he had a plan to end the feud.  At the Brady pub, Brady ran into Dario and Melanie.  After Brady sent Dario on an errand, Melanie ripped into Brady about why he hired Dario to keep him away from Melanie.  Brady wouldn’t admit to that.  Nicole showed up and heard Melanie rip into him.  Melanie also blamed Brady for why Maggie was shot and warned him to end the war.  After Melanie left, Nicole called Melanie a b*tch for the way she talked to him.  She wanted to know about his relationship with Melanie as well as where she stood with him.  At the Cheating Heart, Quinn and Taylor sat together and talked.  She told him she works at the Salem P.D.  He wanted to be informed if the police are closing in on him.  He reminded her that she had secrets too.  At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny told Justin that he had a plan to end the war and they headed to the hospital. 

At the hospital, Maggie continued to convince Victor to end the feud with Stefano.  Lexie was sorry about what happened to Sami and thought she should tell Rafe about her results.  Sami didn’t want to tell Rafe anything because she believed that she was pregnant.  She believed that Lexie got the test results wrong and she planned to prove it.  Sami walked off.  At the pier, Rafe saw Mandy and Dario together and Mandy looked upset as well as beat up.  Rafe wanted to take her to the hospital to get examined.  Later at the hospital, Rafe tried to convince Mandy to tell him who attacked her.  She was scared to do it because she thought he would come after her again.  Sami took multiple pregnancy tests to see if she were pregnant.  Lexie showed up at Sami and Rafe’s apartment to see Sami.  Lexie wanted Sami to see a gynecologist and get a pelvic sonogram to make sure nothing is wrong with her.  Lexie and Sami continued to talk about her condition and how Sami and Rafe wanted more kids.  Lexie told her that she and Rafe may still be able to have kids, but she should see the gynecologist first.  Victor was finally ready to make peace with Stefano.  Taylor told Quinn about the third girl that was attacked.  She knew that Mandy was one of Quinn’s hookers.  Taylor decided that she couldn’t keep quiet anymore even though he is blackmailing her.  He let her know that he planned to tell her dirty little secret.  Rafe saw Chad and Sonny shaking hands and asked EJ if the war is over.  EJ said it was and walked off.  Sami called Rafe and wanted him to come home because she needed him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anthony goes to General Hospital with a self-inflicted gash on his hand. He tells Epiphany that he hurt himself cleaning his pruning shears. Epiphany shoots down Skye's request for information about Jason. Anthony calls Skye from a few feet away and they discuss the exchange of information for money. Anthony gives her a time and location to meet. Matt tells Elizabeth that Siobhan is awake and looking for her. Epiphany brings Siobhan her belongings. Siobhan doesn’t put on her wedding ring. Siobhan thanks Elizabeth for saving Lucky. She says she realizes now that Lucky will go to Elizabeth when he needs help so she should let the two of them be together. Elizabeth tells her to focus on getting well. Siobhan asks Elizabeth to find Lucky so she can tell him about something important she knows about the people that drugged him. Anthony Zacchara is eavesdropping at the door. When Elizabeth leaves, Anthony comes into Siobhan's room and says the luck of the Irish is with the Italians today. Meanwhile, Skye is nervously on the corner Anthony selected as a meeting place. She looks behind a large crate and laying on the ground, she sees Jax.

Dante finally goes home. He tells Lulu about Jax and Sonny. She tells him about her concern for Lucky. He gives her a birthday present. It’s a key and a plaque that says Falconeri/Spencer. He asks her to move in with him. Matt tells Elizabeth that he saw her give the bottle of pills to Lucky and wants to know what secret she is keeping about the meds. She asks him to trust her. Lucky confronts CJ about drugging him. He tells him that now that the dope is back in his symptoms, he wants more. CJ checks for a wire and then tells him to take a pill to show his sincerity. Matt finds Lucky in the alley with CJ and pretends to confront Lucky about the pills he supplied him with. JT leaves and each of them asks what the other is doing. Lucky asks Matt to stay out of the investigation. Matt asks Lucky to keep Elizabeth out of it. Matt tells Lucky that Siobhan is awake.

Jason wants to leave the hospital because it brings back bad memories. Sam forbids him to leave until the doctors find out what is wrong with him. Robin brings Pathology report on Jason and tells him she found the cause of Jason's seizure and it was not related to the surgery or the mass in his brain and she doesn't know what to do about it. Patrick says they need to figure to treat it without compromising Jason's mental profile. Jason wonders why Robin has a cast on her arm. She tells him Sonny was manic. They tell Jason that he has a foreign object in his head and they have to remove it. Jason says he won't have another surgery and then he has another seizure.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Original Todd is able to convince Starr, unequivocally, that he is the "real deal". Then, he convinces Blair. But when she shows him photo albums of his "family", he sees that he's lost 8 years with them that he'll never get back and that "Victor" (current Todd) has stolen his life. And he tells Blair that he blames her for being fooled by and trusting this other guy when she, of all people, should know that only he is Todd Manning. Tea and Dani are torn on what to believe when Starr tells them she knows that current Todd is Victor. They, all three, realize, however, that current Todd means something to them regardless, and that this was not his fault. Jack still believes that current Todd is his father and original Todd is lying. Meanwhile, Natalie accompanies Rex to The Spotted Pony in Kentucky, which they find out is a strip joint, and where she concludes they are not going to find Gigi. But Rex is not going to give up. Cutter and Aubrey reflect the way they used to be when they were in love before they started their scamming business and before she fell for Joey. She tells him it's all over; she's done with him. Jessica argues with Robert Ford who wonders if she still has feelings for Brody and she is angry with his wanting Tess to come back. And they end up kissing.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby decides to go back to college, because she needs something positive to focus on. She advises Victoria to either move in with her or redecorate her house to try and get rid of memories of Billy. Victor is notified that Segundo has a fever, so he calls Sam for help and even offers him a part time job while his regular vet is away. Victor also offers Sam a cabin on his property to stay in. Sam says he is trying to get a part-time job at the animal hospital but he will think about staying at the cabin. Sam later shows up at Victoria’s wondering if she will rent him a room. Ashley shows Nick the picture someone sent her taken with the infrared camera. Nick thinks that they can get DNA off the envelope the picture came in, because the person had to lick the envelope to seal it.

Adam seems to be interested in Avery even though she is defending Sharon. While talking to Adam, Avery discovers that he destroyed the memory card because he enjoys watching Sharon suffer and he wants to see her completely alone with no one to help her. Avery tells Sharon that if she wants to get out of prison she must be strong and face the fact that the person she thought she loved is as sick as they come. Deacon continues to blackmail Phyllis insisting she date him so he won’t tell the police that he saw her the night she was chasing Diane with a rock in her hand. Phyllis sees Nick with Ashley and uses Deacon to make him jealous. Victor arrives at the prison and assures Sharon that she will never be alone because he will never give up on her.

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