Thursday 8/18/11 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 8/18/11 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Amanda tells Jake to give Trevor a big hug and kiss for her. Jake gives her good news about her lab results. Jesse lets Ryan know that Ricky Torres is dead. Greenlee lets Zach know that Kendall and Griffin had gotten a lot closer since he had been treating her. Griffin insists that Kendall eat lunch before she goes rushing back to the hospital. David confronts Cara about taking a one way flight out of town. Tad tells Dixie that he loves her and then they kiss. Greenlee tells Zach how that Griffin had saved Kendall’s life in the back of a ambulance. David tries to talk Cara out of leaving town. Cara interrupts Jake and Amanda kissing and lets them know that she is happy for Tad and Dixie. Tad lets Dixie know that he had married Cara to protect from being deported. Dixie lets Tad know that this kiss has to be their last. Cara says good-bye to Jake. Ryan stops by Kendall’s and lets her know that Ricky is dead. Zach asks Greenlee as to why she was in the room with him at the clinic. Before she can answer, Jesse interrupts. Jesse asks Zach exactly how much does he know about Ricky Torres. Greenlee comes to see David and finds him shredding up papers. Greenlee begins to question him as to what exactly he had done to her.

Dixie dreams of David. Cara also says good-bye to Tad. David, enjoying to see Greenlee squirm, tells her that Ryan’s first love may still be alive. Kendall questions Zach as to what that was all about between him and Jesse.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Hope that she was wrong about Bill, but she is not wrong about Liam. He is the man for her, and sooner or later he is going to want a woman, not a girl. The longer that Hope waits to please him, the easier it will be for Steffy to get him. Everywhere that Liam looks, he keeps seeing pictures of Steffy which reminds him of the hot kiss they shared. Steffy tells her dad that she is fine, although he is still worried since he almost lost her. And the less said about Bill the better. He took advantage of her. She hopes that doesn’t include Liam too since he saved her life. And her turning to Bill was sort of a way of replacing Ridge in her life. But almost losing her life changes her perspective. Maybe it’s luck….or maybe it’s a miracle, but Liam changed her life and she is open to the possibility. She wants someone that she feels special with. She realizes now she had tunnel vision and there are a lot of other guys out there. There is something there with Liam. Hope tells Brooke that her virginal daughter is going to lose her boyfriend, according to Steffy. Brooke is shocked that Steffy would say if Hope doesn’t make love to Liam that she will lose him. Just a few days ago she was madly in love with Bill, and now she is all over her boyfriend. Brooke tells her if she feels this is the right decision to wait, then hold onto those convictions. Liam will respect her for that. Liam looks up and there stands Steffy. She warns him that he shouldn’t leave his door unlocked…….never know who might wander in.

Marcus shares a basketball game one on one with Dayzee. He tells her that he loves his daughter and he’s told Amber many times that he is seeing Dayzee so she will just have to understand that although she may have other thoughts. Brooke tells Hope that the first time is always very special and she shouldn’t feel threatened. Hope says Steffy has taken it to a whole new level by making this a challenge. Maybe she needs to re-think her expectations. Hope knows it can be easy to be caught up in casual sex, and despite Steffy making her look like a total freak, she will just try to not let her get to her. Ridge is at the door and overhears this. Liam offers Steffy a drink and she drags out a bottle of expensive champagne; they shouldn’t waste it. Hope may have major issues and morals, but Steffy doesn’t want Liam to make the same mistake that most men do. Hope will hold out for that wedding band and then try to control him. Liam has seen her in the au natural and he can’t tell her that he wasn’t looking. She knows he has feelings for her so he needs to accept it. He admits he does see her differently. She tells him she thought she was into a strong, egotistical man like Bill but she sees that she was wrong now that she really sees Liam. Hope sits before her mirror and vows that she wants to wait until it is right. She hopes Liam can wait too. Steffy kisses Liam until he comes to his senses and pulls away.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

While Sami and Rafe were making out, she felt sick. She felt sick all day.  She told him that the last time she felt that way she was pregnant.  Rafe wanted Sami to take a pregnancy test.  She said her test was negative and she noticed that Rafe was a little disappointed.  He assured her that they have time to have a baby.  He saw her test and noticed that it said yes and not no.  They were excited and decided to go to the hospital to make sure.  Chloe was in the alley waiting for her date.  Someone watched her while she waited.  Quinn called the john thatís with Kinsey.  Quinn assured the john that heíll get his moneyís worth with her (he thinks Chloe is with the john).  Kinsey had second thoughts about being with the john.  He didnít like that and grabbed her.  Carly struggled to make it in rehab.  She wanted to leave the rehab facility.  She started screaming and having a fit about leaving rehab.  Nicholas showed up to visit Carly.  He saw Carly strapped to the bed in her room.  He assured her that he will stay by her side no matter what.  She apologized to him for everything.

Kinsey sent Chloe a text for her help.  Chloe rushed to find Kinsey.  Later, Chloe showed up at the hotel in time to stop the john from attacking Kinsey.  Chloe sent her away and stayed with the john.  Melanie talked to Dario outside of the Cheating Heart about Carlyís problem.  Melanie thought she was too wrapped up in her own life and should have been there for Carly.  Dario assured her that she did care about what was going on with Carly and couldnít have known what she was going through.  Quinn was inside the Cheating Heart talking to someone (who has a high profile) about setting him up with a hooker to get him over his problems.  After Chloe met with her john, she ran into Kinsey.  Kinsey didnít know how Chloe could turn tricks.  Chloe wanted to talk to Kinsey later.  Sami and Rafe arrived at the hospital.  Sami told Maxine that she needed to see a doctor.  She wanted a doctor that she knew.  Sami also told Maxine that she might be pregnant.  Maxine wanted to get Lexie to help Sami.  Sami trusted Lexie so she was okay with that.  After Sami took the test, she wanted the results.  Maxine told her that there was a problem.  Chloe yelled at Kinsey for trying to be a prostitute.  Chloe told Kinsey that sheís doing it because she doesnít have a choice and didnít want Kinsey to do it again.  Quinn told his prostitute Mandy that her john will meet her on the pier in a few hours.  Mandy wanted to make sure that Quinn checked the john out.  Quinn walked away.  Someone with a gloved hand had a weapon.  Mandy saw the guy and screamed.  The guy knocked the steel bar against some crates and went after her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Skye chides Tracy about her brief marriage to Gino Salido from a powerful New York Crime family. She accuses Tracy of killing him on their wedding night and milking his business. Tracy wonders how much Sky wants, but Skye says her silence isn't for sale; she just wants to expose Tracy. Skye then goes to Anthony to discuss their deal. Tracy unlocks a drawer and retrieves a file.

Elizabeth asks Matt to confirm her suspicion about a bottle of pills. He goes to the lab and tests the pills. He tells Elizabeth that the medications labeled 5 mg are really 2.5 mg. He tells her she needs to report it because they both could be fired for sitting on that kind of information. She asks him to trust her. Elizabeth tells Lucky what she found out. She tries to convince him to drop the case, but he is determines to put away the people responsible for the ring. Matt sees Elizabeth give Lucky the bottle of pills. The GH janitor that steals medications for Anthony once again goes into Siobhan's room. She wakes up and wonders where she is and why. He talks to her while tampering with her IV. Ethan comes in, interrupts him, and kicks him out. Siobhan remembers the stairs but not the car accident. Matt tells her that Elizabeth saved her life. Matt offers to go get Lucky, but Siobhan wants to talk to Elizabeth. The janitor that has been trying to kill Siobhan tells Anthony that she is awake and that he couldn't complete the job because the cop's brother walked in. Anthony decides to do it himself so he cuts his own hand with a knife to create a reason to go to the hospital.

Carly goes to the police station and asks for information about Jax. She overhears Dante accusing Sonny of Jax's murder so she assumes it is true and doesn't believe it when says he didn't do it. Dante tells her that Jax's plane broke apart and Jax hasn't been found. She thinks Sonny killed Jax because of Brenda. She tells him that Brenda was right to leave him because his life isnít safe for anyone. Carly vows to get back at Sonny. She tells them that he is afraid to be alone and that she is going to make their children hate him. Dante releases Sonny and tells him he has nothing to go to so he might as well move to his private island. He tells him that whatever he runs from comes back around full circle and that now he is that scared kid in Bensonhurst again.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

There is a real dilemma for all of Todd's "loved-ones" in determining which of the two Todds is the "real" one. Original Todd goes to talk to Starr and informs her all of what Irene revealed to himself, to current Todd and to Viki about how he is the real Todd and current Todd has only been "programmed" to be him. Although she later leaves when current Todd asks her to "come home", she seems to be bonding with original Todd and lets him put Hope to bed after she leaves. Meanwhile, current Todd is able to "reassure" Tea and Dani by telling them what Irene revealed. We know, however, that she's revealed that he's "Victor Jr." while original Todd is the real Todd. When Starr returns to current Todd's home after hearing the "truth" from original Todd, she is very alarmed to find out that it appears that current Todd has lied to her stepmother, half sister and brother and they are unaware. Blair admits that she still has "mixed feelings" about whether to move on and reveals she may trust original Todd when she overhears him telling the story to Hope about his romance with Blair when they were young.

Rex somehow believes that he may find some information about The Spotted Pony and can get some answers about why he keeps "seeing" Gigi. So he is ready to fly to the place he's found out about in Kentucky and asks Natalie to come with him. We also see that Cutter and Rama both know a secret regarding The Spotted pony in KY that could get Cutter into a lot of trouble if Rex ever finds out. Meanwhile, Brody is very worried that Delphina might reveal to Natalie that she knows that John is Liam's father and not himself. And when Natalie reveals that she heard that Todd knows the answer to the "unanswered questions", and Brody is also aware of that, he is determined to prevent Natalie from finding out that he is not her baby's father.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Noah, Hunter and Devon join Daniel’s birthday party and Devon tells Hunter about the barista job at Crimson Lights and she asks Kevin about the job but Eden tells Hunter that she has already taken the job even though she had told Kevin earlier she didn’t want the job. Kevin figures out that Eden only took the job because she didn’t want Hunter to have it but Eden tells Kevin she really wanted the job. Lily tells Cane that she can’t give him visitation with the kids because she can’t trust him and doesn’t know if she can ever forgive him for what he did to her and the kids. Lily returns to Daniel’s party to pick him up and take him to a hotel for a special birthday present. Lily and Daniel are in the middle of making love when Lily thinks of Cane and tells Daniel she can’t make love to him. Cane is served with divorce papers shortly after he talks to Lily and Lily apologizes to him but he tells her that it is okay because he knows that she wants to move on with her life.

Sofia confides in Tucker that her baby could be Malcolm’s or Neil’s and Tucker tells Sofia that she will be a good mother and always have him as a friend. Tucker tells Sofia that he and Ashley are separated and refuses to let her read the contracts that Katherine brought for him to sign. Once Sofia is gone he signs the papers to approve the sale of Jabot to Chancellor Industries because he doesn’t understand what the contract means. Paul tells Katherine that he had the ink from the letter the mother of Tucker’s child wrote to him and they figured out that Tucker’s son is between 20 –26 years old and he also tells Katherine that he is going to look for a woman that is in a lot of Tucker’s old pictures from his rock star days. Colin tells Jill that he and Genevieve have always had a volatile relationship and she disappeared after Samantha died but he never divorced her because he never had a reason to do so until now. Colin signs the divorce papers although he remembers that he and Genevieve once told each other that they would do whatever it took to keep their family together. Genevieve finds Jill and tells her that she and Colin slept together shortly before he called her to tell her that he was divorcing her. Genevieve tells Jill that if Colin divorces her it doesn’t matter because he will always love her.

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