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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Cara blasts David for bringing Dixie back into Tad’s life and also for ruining Griffin’s chances with Kendall. At home, Tad goes through a box of Dixie’s things that he was going to give to Kathy, but now since Dixie was back then he would probably give those things back to Dixie. Opal cannot believe that Dixie had moved in with J.R. Kendall walks into Zach’s hospital room and finds Zach gone. She begins to panic when Griffin wheels Zach back in from some tests that Zach had had done. Zach watches very closely as Griffin reprimands Kendall for drinking too much coffee because of her bad heart. Opal still wheels from the idea that Dixie is alive and well. David asks Cara what should he have done to the people just sit by and watch them die. Colby interrupts J.R. and Dixie. Colby lets Dixie know that she is glad that J.R. had asked her to stay here. Greenlee reminds Ryan of the miracles that David had done concerning Zach and Dixie. Kendall lets Zach know that all she wants is him. Zach assures her that he is here to stay. Tad tells Opal that Dixie had been on his mind for week before he had found her in the park underneath their star. David questions Griffin as to how Zach is doing and about the infection. David lets Griffin know that he wants Zach alive and well. Griffin wonders what exactly that David means that remark. J.R. sees all the whiskey bottles on the counter thanks to Dixie, but J.R. sees through her plan and tells her that her plan will not work on him. J.R. accuses Dixie of sleeping with David. Dixie slaps him. Tad walks in to check on Dixie and J.R. and to see how their night had gone. J.R. asks Tad and Dixie to testify for him in the custody hearing to regain custody of A.J., but both Tad and Dixie refuse to lie for him. Jesse and Ryan discuss Zach’s plane crash and somehow that David was connected to the crash. Greenlee confronts David as to how he had drugged her. Greenlee in a round about way asks David again if Leo is alive. David refuses to give her any information.

Greenlee finds out for sure that Leo is dead. Jesse tells Ryan that he will help him find the connection between David and Zach’s plane crash. Opal catches Cara at Tad’s picking up her things. Griffin finds Cara hiding out in the doctor’s quarters at the hospital. Griffin advises her not to make any difficult decisions. Tad tells Dixie all about his marriage to Cara. Liza stops by the Chandler mansion to talk to J.R. and runs into Colby. She tries to talk to Colby, but Colby refuses to talk to her. J.R. tells Liza his plans for regaining custody of A.J. Tad lets Dixie know that he still loves her. Cara makes plans to leave Pine Valley. Zach lets Greenlee know that he had lost Kendall to Griffin.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam fills his dad in that he got to Steffy in time to save her life. He makes his dad promise to stay away from her. Don’t try to fix things. He can be concerned, but doesn’t have to act on it. Bill says he doesn’t need a lecture on being committed to his wife. He wonders if Liam has feelings for Steffy too. He laments that he and Steffy shared some very intense moments, ones they aren’t likely to forget. Hope prepares for the fashion show with Oliver following her around snapping pix. Taylor tells Ridge about Steffy losing her balance and falling in the tub, knocking her out and only Liam was able to save her. Brooke is very grateful that Steffy is okay, but she won’t listen to Taylor talk about being concerned for Steffy when she was going after her sister’s husband. Taylor and Brooke go at each other over the fact that Liam is helping Steffy, but he’s Hope’s boyfriend. She will not let anything happen between Liam and Steffy.

Bill tells Liam that given what happened, it would be easy to mistake Steffy’s gratitude. But if there is interest beyond that, it is about Bill. Liam should stay focused on Hope. Liam says he is, and Bill needs to do the same with Katie. Leave Steffy alone. Steffy makes sure that Hope knows that Liam breathed life back into her. She thinks maybe she believes in that destiny and fate thing the Logans believe in. Getting irritated, Hope asks Steffy exactly how she feels abut her boyfriend. Steffy tells her the experience was life-changing. Steffy says she was a different person when she went under the water. It washed all of Bill away. She feels differently about Liam now. Hope reminds her that Liam is her boyfriend and he’s not going to come running to Steffy just because she is interested in him. Steffy taunts her with the fact that she may think she knows Liam, but he is a man and those long walks on the beach just won’t cut it. If Hope keeps denying him, Liam will be hers before she knows it. Liam sits alone in his house staring at a picture of Steffy, remembering her kiss with a gulp in his throat.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe meeting with the social worker went well.  The social worker seemed pleased with Chloe’s progress.  At the pier, Kinsey thought about how she answered Chloe’s phone and made a booking for her.  She called Chloe’s john and agreed to meet him.  At the pub, it turned out that Taylor and Quinn knew each other in the past.  At the police station, Rafe asked a female cop about a report on the call girl who was attacked.  She was hesitant because Roman didn’t want him on the case.  He convinced her that it would be okay because he’s not investigating it.  In the back alley, Justin was the one who saw Hope.  Justin’s doing pro bono work for the women’s shelter.  Hope told Justin about the prostitution case.  They both agreed that it was out of character for Roman to take her and Bo off the case.  Hope’s afraid the attacks will get worse.  Roman went to Sami and Rafe’s place.  Sami wanted to get a job at the police station as an administrative assistant. Roman didn’t think that it was a good idea and he didn’t think Rafe would want her to work there.  She was disappointed, but she didn’t want to take no for an answer. She applied for the position anyway.

Quinn called Chloe so she could meet a new client.  Abe talked to Taylor and told her about getting a job with the Salem PD as an administrative assistant.  Later Abe showed up at the police station and wanted Roman to hire Taylor as an administrative assistant.  Roman didn’t seem too happy about Taylor working at the police station, but he gave in and let her get the job.  A cop told Taylor about the attacks on prostitutes.  Taylor wanted to do the paperwork for that case.  Rafe and Hope saw each other at the hospital.  They looked at the hospital records.  They were both afraid things will get worse if they can’t investigate the case.  Quinn spoke to an officer. Quinn has an arrangement with the officer.  The cop wanted to discuss things on the phone, but Quinn wanted to talk out in the open.  Sami told Rafe that she tried to get a job with the Salem PD, but Roman turned her down because he thought Rafe wouldn’t like it.  Rafe would have been okay with her working there, but Taylor got the job.  Rafe assured Sami that he’s okay with her working.  Chloe met with her john in the back alley Hope was in earlier.  Hope showed up and surprised Chloe.  Chloe lied and said she was on her way to a music lesson.  Chloe’s job showed up and Hope questioned him.  He said he was meeting a date and went through the alley to get there.  He didn’t like being interrogated, but Hope told him it was a crime scene.  He eventually walked away.  Chloe didn’t know it was a crime scene.  Hope told her about the attacks.  Hope offered Chloe a ride, but she turned it down and walked off.  Hope noticed that Chloe was dressed up for a music lesson.  Kinsey met Chloe’s john at the Sapphire Club.  He offered her money and he was ready to get started.  Chloe went back to the alley while someone watched her.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Sonny is in jail at the PCPD – while he argues with Dante. Dante accuses Sonny of tampering of Jax’s plane. Jax stops by to visit Sonny while he’s in lock up. Jax accuses Sonny of causing his plane to crash – turns out Jax is just in Sonny’s head. Dante let’s Sonny go. Carly come up on Sonny and Dante arguing and slaps Sonny. Carly and Joss are being protected by Shawn. Carly stops by to see Jason (who is getting tests) and Sam is not really receptive to Carly being around. Carly interrupts Robin and Patrick to tell Robin thank you. Dante swings by Carly’s house and ends up talking to Shawn. He tells Shawn that Jax’s plane crashed and they can’t find Jax. Dante blames Sonny for the crash.

The brothers Drake try to explain Jason’s condition to Sam, however they end up arguing with each other and Sam kicks them out of Jason’s room. They continue the argument outside Jason’s room and Steve breaks them up. Steve takes them to the morgue to talk privately. Steve brings Robin into the conference regarding the brothers Drake arguing.

Skye and Tracy snipe at each other over taking care of Edward. Edward is still having chest pains. Skye makes a call to Anthony to schedule a meeting. Skye asks Tracy about Gino Soleito. Lucky visits an unconscious Siobhan. Lulu comes to talk to Lucky about his drug investigation. Lulu continues to tell Lucky that he is putting his recovery at risk. Steve stops by to check on Siobhan and tells Lucky about the issues between Elizabeth and Siobhan.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Blair, Téa, and Tomas wait impatiently for word from John McBain about the Todds. Téa brings up Blair kissing Todd. Téa throws Blair out. Téa admits to Tomas that she overreacted. Irene Manning tells Viki and the two Todds that one of them is her son Victor and that she went to great lengths to make them identical, including giving Victor Todd's memories and scar so he could do the work that the agency needed. Viki wonders why they now look so different. Irene explains that when Mitch Lawrence thought Todd was dead after leaving him in a cave, she realized that sending Victor looking like Todd would be a death sentence. She says she gave Victor the face of Mitch's brother Walker so he could get to know Viki, Blair, and Starr as Walker before approaching them as Todd. Viki tells Irene that she has scarred her two sons in so many ways that the least she can do is tell them who is who. She reveals that Current Todd is her son Victor and Original Todd is her other son Todd. "Victor" says she is a liar and orders John McBain to arrest her. John takes her away. Viki tells "Victor" that she is sorry and he tells her not to be; he knows who he is. Todd (Victor) goes home to Téa. she asks him what Irene told him.

Natalie asks John for the tape in the evidence room so she can have Madame Delphina try to determine what was on it or who erased it. John has no faith in Delphina's voodoo but lets Natalie borrow the tape. Delphina goes to Roxy's place and tells her that the spotted pony is important to other people besides Rex. Delphina sees a sharp object and the have-a-seat guy. Natalie rushes in with the tape and interrupts Delphina's psychic connection. Delphina says the tape is too hot to touch, many people have touched it, and the information that was on it could change lives, but she doesn't know what was on the tape. The psychiatrist that Marty murdered contacts Delphina and says she was robbed. She gets a message from another spirit that tells her Todd knows. Aubrey wants to know why Cutter's ears pricked up when Rex mentioned the spotted pony. He mentions the Buchanan stables and suggests she put the move on Rex. Cutter eavesdrops on Rex's conversation with David. David notices the spotted pony in the newspaper. Rex asks him if it means anything to him. David tells Rex that when he was a kid, the kid that spat on him every day had a spotted pony named Rex. Rex knows David made that story up and tells him the Buchanan creed is "Family first." David reveals that he may or may not have been at a place for discerning gentlemen in Anchorage KY called the Spotted Pony, but asks that Rex not tell Dorian. Rex asks Delphina if she can pick up anything about the Spotted Pony strip club. She says she can't but that it is no coincidence that he ran into David and David recognized the name.

Kelly and Dorian each tell the other that she is leaving Llanview. Dorian explains that she is going to Washington DC as interim senator because a scandal is forcing the current one to resign. Kelly tells Dorian that she is going back to London to be near her son, Zane and Joey is going with her. Dorian tells Kelly that she hasn’t told David yet but she knows he will be thrilled. David's agent brings him an offer for a part in Switzerland.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin tells Gloria he broke up with Chloe and she starts playing matchmaker so Kevin and Eden head to Jimmy’s to get away from Gloria. Kevin and Eden run into Daniel and Lily who are celebrating Daniel’s birthday. Eden and Lily decide they should all sing Karaoke but before Lily can pick out a song the nanny calls and she leaves for the park to give Maddie her favorite blanket. Lily isn’t happy to find Cane playing with the kids but he says he missed his children and wanted to see them. Sam manages to persuade Phyllis to go to the prison and talk to Sharon’s lawyer Avery to se if she can provide any information about the memory card that proves Sharon didn’t kill Skye. The ladies get into an argument and everyone wonders why Avery is late to the appointment. Jill has a heart to heart talk with Cane in which he explains to her that Genevieve wasn’t a loving mother to him and Caleb because she was so young when she had them she didn’t know how to be a mother. Cane tells Jill Genevieve was a wonderful mother to Samantha and he never knew the love of a mother until she became his mother. Jill tells Cane she misses him because they always had a special connection and she felt special because he chose her to be his mother. Jill tells Cane she will consider having a relationship with him again if he promises not to hurt her like he did and Cane apologizes to Jill for hurting her.

Colin goes over to Genevieve’s house and they argue about Samantha and then they kiss each other and head upstairs to make love. Colin later runs into Jill and asks for another chance but she tells him that she will never forgive him. Jill also tells Colin that even if she did forgive him they couldn’t have a relationship because he is married. Colin calls Genevieve to tell her he is filing for divorce and she hangs up the phone gets very angry and starts throwing things around the house and saying that Colin will never divorce her.

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