Tuesday 8/16/11 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

David has his usual appointment with Angie in order to check the progress of her eyes. Angie questions David as to how he saved so many people.  As Jesse and Maya spend time with Lucy, he sees someone’s shadow outside the door. Jesse opens the door and it is Mookie. Jesse orders Mookie to be gone when he returns home from picking up Angie. Greenlee and Ryan discuss Zach’s plane crash and how Zach survived with David’s help. Maya and Mookie argue and she reveals that she gave up their child for adoption, because she was afraid of him. Bianca pours out her heart to Marissa over Zach being home. Kendall asks Zach what happened after the plane crash. Greenlee defends David to Ryan. Mookie attacks Maya so she will tell him where their child is. When she refuses to tell him anything, Mookie pushes her down to the floor just as Jesse and Angie walk in. At the hospital, Bianca asks David how he saved so many people.

David and Marissa make amends and agree to have lunch the following week. Marissa lets Bianca know that she wants to spend the night with her. Ryan and Greenlee make love. Krystal asks David if Babe is alive, but he refuses to tell her anything. Zach senses that something special is going on between Kendall and Griffin.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam fills Hope in on how he saved Steffy’s life. She says luckily for Steffy he remembered how to do CPR. She’s glad he was there to be a good, compassionate friend. And this will rack up so many points with her dad. But she will have to fight hard to try and forget the image of a naked Steffy in his arms. She kisses him and tells him how wonderful he is and she is proud of him. Taylor catches up with Steffy and says she knows everything. Only Steffy says she almost died; Taylor did not know that part, just about Bill leaving her. Taylor says she lost Phoebe and now this. Steffy gushes that Liam was there and saved her life; one of the most beautiful things she had ever seen. Nick tells Jackie and Owen that he met with Bill and he has a business proposition for them. Bill wants revenge against Forrester. Nick says he is thinking of taking him on as a partner. Steffy tells her mom that the Logan stronghold was stronger than the bond she and Bill shared. Taylor thanks Liam profusely for saving Steffy’s life.

Nick tells Jackie that he has no idea what Bill is harboring against Ridge, but his blood is boiling and Nick is willing to give him a shot. With his money to bail them out and Spencer Publications behind them, they can be the biggest, most successful fashion house in L.A. He tells Jackie that there is no commitment made, but he told Bill he would get back with him soon. He knows she does not want to burn her bridges with Eric and Stephanie and he would never want to hurt Brooke. But they are struggling and this could put them on top again. Steffy apologizes to her mom for making her worried. Taylor warned her about Bill and he ended up lying and betraying her, but still she didn’t listen to Taylor or her dad. Now she just wants to concentrate on her life again, her friends, her work and not about Bill. Taylor thanks Liam and tells Steffy this is the sort of young man she should be hanging out with. Alone, Steffy tells Liam that for once she and her mother agree…..he is just the sort of guy she wants to concentrate on. She will always believe in him. She likes the idea of him watching over her. She gave him a kiss of gratitude, but she is going to find other ways to show just how grateful she really is. 

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

At the police station, Hope told Bo the news about Maggie.  An officer brought Bo a file.  Bo and Hope were shocked to find out that a high-priced call girl was attacked this time.  Bo thought that this attack should get the case reopened.  Hope wasnít so sure they could persuade Roman to open the case back up.  Jennifer called Hope and told her that Carlyís back.  Hope told Bo the news and that Carlyís going to rehab.  Bo was happy for Carly.  He and Hope continued to talk about the prostitution case.  Roman showed up and asked if they were working on the case behind his back.  Vivian was on the phone with Gus and was determined to keep Carly from kicking her drug habit.  She wanted Gus to find out where Carly was so she can make sure she doesnít get better.  At the DiMera mansion, Chad had his bags packed and was ready to leave.  Kate tried to talk him into staying at the mansion.  He refused to listen to her and walked out.  Taylor saw EJ at the hospital.  She wanted to check on Chad.  She knew Chad wasnít going back to the mansion.  She also told EJ that she overheard him talking to Stefano and knew that he wasnít changing.  Carly arrived at the hospital.  She saw Maxine.  Carly apologized to Maxine for the way she treated her.  Carly wanted to see Lexie, but she was in surgery.  Carly wanted to leave a letter of resignation.  Maxine and Melanie didnít want her to do that.  Maxine suggested that she take a leave of absence instead of quitting.  Vivian showed up at the hospital and taunted Carly.  Vivian told Carly that Quinnís her son.  She also told Carly how Quinn supplied her with her drugs.

EJ took Taylor to the pier.  He told her that he wasnít gong to stand by and let someone hurt his family.  Taylor tried to convince him that what he was doing was wrong.  He told her that he tried to change for her, but he couldnít do it anymore.  She finally realized that he would never change and was leaving and wonít be back.  Quinn got a call that a call girl was stabbed just like the other one a few weeks ago.  The call girl didnít work for Quinn, but he didnít like the attacks.  When EJ arrived at the DiMera mansion, Kate had a plan ready.  She wanted him to help her break up Chad and Abby.  She thought that Chad would come back to the family.  She wanted to do this plan for Stefanoís sake.  Carly and Melanie arrived at the pub and saw Quinn.  Carly slapped Quinn and was upset that he was really Vivianís son and supplied her with drugs.  Taylor showed up at the pub and saw Quinn.  She hid behind a menu while Carly was yelling at Quinn.  Quinn tried to explain how he didnít know who she was at first, but she wouldnít listen to him.  She stormed out of the pub.  Carly had a bag of pills and took them.  Bo explained to Roman that a pattern is forming with the prostitution case and that it needed to be reopened.  Roman didnít believe that since they didnít have any DNA or any other strong evidence.  Roman didnít want Bo and Hope investigating the case and that was the final warning.  Hope was in an alley investigating and someone was watching her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante takes Sonny to the police station to book him for assaulting an officer. Sonny surmises that it is just an excuse to keep him away from Jax. He says Jax isnít going anywhere. Dante wonders what Sonny did. Jax is trying to leave in his plane but finds out that the wires have been severed. When he gets it started the tower radios him that he doesn't have clearance. Mac goes into Jakes and finds Alexis, Diane, and Coleman playing strip pool. Diane encourages Mac to pursue Alexis. Coleman encourages Alexis to give Mac a chance. Diane tells Mac about breaking up with Max. Coleman tells Alexis about breaking up with Kate. Mac and Alexis are going to go have coffee, but Mac is called to the airport. Alexis gets a call from Sonny so the three of them leave together. Max reports to Sonny that the airport was crawling with cops. He says Jax won't be on the boat because he took off in his plane. An officer reports to Dante that the air traffic control grounding did not stop Jax from taking off. Dante tells him not to try to stop him because it will be one less body to clean up. Jax is pushing buttons on his plane's control panel with no response.

Abby gets upset when some women in the casino on Sonny's island think she is a hooker. He tells her not to keep letting things Brandon said to her in the past affect her self-esteem. Lucky wants to leave the church to go see Siobhan. Elizabeth tells him about the car accident. At General Hospital, the orderly that works for Anthony Zacchara goes into Siobhan's room, but Ethan comes in before he can do anything to her. Ethan calls Lulu to come to the hospital and stay with Siobhan. Lucky and Elizabeth arrive at the hospital immediately after Lulu. Lulu suspects that Lucky is on something. He tells her that he has to sell the part he is playing while working undercover and that she needs to stop looking for their father in him. Lulu reaches out for a shared opinion, but he doesn't have the same suspicions; he just wonders how Elizabeth knew where Lucky was.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Irene goes to face Viki and her "two" sons to tell the entire story of her pregnancy, birth of her "twins", how she gave up one and put him to use working for the CIA and then conspired to have him killed. And that is how original Todd turned into the completely different face of current Todd in 2003. She also speaks about how she was able to brainwash and program them both so that they have the "same memories" and the same lives and each believes that only he is Todd Manning. Brody goes upstairs to see "his" baby and reveals, privately to Liam that he has destroyed the tape that reveals that Marty switched the DNA so that people falsely believe Liam is Brody's when in fact he is John's. Downstairs, Natalie finds John, still not consciously aware of what was revealed on the tape nor having any clue that her baby is John's and not Brody's. But Roxy has urged her to find out the secret about what is revealed on the tape and seems to know that there is something Natalie has to realize regarding John. Delphina has also made a comment about that. Yet neither Natalie or John or anyone else have a clue that Liam is John's son.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the G.C.P.D., Ronan and Paul go over evidence in Diane’s murder investigation. Abby comes in and wants to know why Tucker had not been arrested for Diane’s murder. Tucker brings Ashley her mail and asks her out for a cup of coffee. She declines by telling him that she is attending Diane’s funeral. Tucker decides to accompany her to the funeral. At Gloworm, Michael and Victor have a meeting over Victor taking Newman Industries public. They decide to also attend Diane’s funeral. Jack and Kyle prepare to go to Diane’s funeral. At the funeral home, Lauren brings in a pic of Diane and sits it on the coffin. She turns around and sees Adam. Adam starts to leave, but Lauren suggests that he stay for Kyle’s sake. At the coffeehouse, Victoria lets Nick know how much that she misses Billy. Victoria mentions attending Diane’s funeral, but Nick suggests that he attend instead. Deacon joins Phyllis at “Restless Style” and lets her know that he knows what she had done when she had seen Diane the night of the murder. An officer at the P.D. tells Ronan and Paul that a camera belonging to the Wildlife Fish and Game had been stolen from the murder scene. Ashley receives a letter from an anonymous person containing a pic of the murder scene. Deacon asks Phyllis out on a date. Kyle blames himself for Diane’s death. Kyle lets it out that he had hid Jack’s class ring to keep the police from finding it. Michael is quite put out when he arrives at the funeral home and sees Adam there. Lauren lets Michael know that she had invited Adam to stay. Victor is surprised to walk in and see Nick at the funeral. Victor confronts Adam for being at the funeral.

At the funeral home, Ashley tells Nick about the letter that she received and a pic of the crime scene. Phyllis also arrives at the funeral home. The funeral service for Diane begins with the Reverend’s opening remarks. Michael, Victor and Jack also have something to say during the service. Victor promises everyone that he will take care of Kyle. Ronan and other officers walk in just as everyone is beginning to leave. Ronan tells everyone that he has something to say to them. Victor tells Jack that he has custody of Kyle. Abby lets Victoria know her concerns over the videotape. Ashley calls Nick about the info that she had told him about the letter that she had received. Adam confronts Ronan about the letter that Diane had written to the S.E.C.

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