Monday 8/15/11 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 8/15/11 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

David, Greenlee, and Ryan take Zach to the hospital for treatment. Kendall cannot believe her eyes that Zach is still alive. Dixie tries to reach out to J.R. about his drinking, but he doesn’t want anything to do with her because he feels that she abandoned him. Jack whisks Erica away for a trip to Paris. Greenlee calls Jack to let him know that Zach is alive but is battling a serious infection. Amanda wakes up from her surgery and tells Jake about a wonderful place that she had been that she hadn’t wanted to come back from. Jake asks if he had been in her dream. Tad walks in on J.R. and Dixie, arguing, and reprimands J.R. for his treatment of his mother. David treats Zach despite protests from everyone. Amanda assures Jake that things will be all right. Dixie promises to stand by J.R. despite his drinking and his not wanting her there.

Erica wants to come home to be with Kendall, but Bianca tells her that her coming home will lead the paparazzi right straight to Kendall. Kendall feels regret that she didn’t waited longer for Zach’s return to her and the boys. J.R. tries to force Dixie out of his home, but she refuses to leave.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam knocks on Steffy’s door as she slips and conks her head on the tub, going under. Hope laments that Brooke and Ridge have overcome so much. She’d like to think that is the sort of relationship that she and Liam will have. Taylor comes by as she has been trying to reach Steffy and she is not answering her phone. She’s even more worried when she hears Ridge say that Bill has gone back to Katie. He also tells Taylor that he socked Bill in the mouth. It’s over for him and Steffy; he won’t be a problem. Taylor tells him that Steffy doesn’t need a bodyguard. If he wants to be there for her, be her father. Liam is worried so he uses Bill’s key he was returning to get into Steffy’s apartment. He finds her and pulls her out of the water and gives her CPR. She’s appreciative that he saved her. He makes her promise that she’ll go to the hospital and have that bump on her head checked out.

Brooke sees Hope eyeing Ridge’s wedding gown sketches and can’t help but wonder about Hope’s love life, but doesn’t want to be too nosy. Liam advises Steffy not to hole up in her apartment, or try to get revenge. She has a second chance now; make the most of it by going back to work and putting all of this with Bill behind her. Hope tells Brooke that she wants to base her new campaign completely away from the blatant sexuality that Brooke displayed. She has seen things that caused her real pain. She has told Liam that she wants to wait until they know it is forever. She doesn’t believe in having sex unless there is a real commitment there. She’s always backed her mother up, but she wants something different for her life. She just hopes Liam can understand and accept. Liam urges Steffy to lick her wounds and get back out there. He convinces her that she will be fine. Don’t let this whole thing with his dad make her doubt herself. He’s going to leave, but he will check up on her. She asks him to wait and then she kisses him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

At the hospital, Hope asked Lexie if Maggie was doing better.  Lexie told her that she’s not doing better.  Lexie wanted Hope to sign papers because she’s Maggie’s power of attorney.  Lexie told Hope that Maggie doesn’t want to be a vegetable.  Lexie tried to convince Hope to take Maggie off the ventilator because that’s what she wants.  Chad and EJ talked about the feud.  Chad wanted to know who would be next.  Victor and Stefano talked about Stefano wanting to end the war.  Victor told him that it’s too late for that now.  At the pub, Carly was reunited with Daniel, Melanie, and Jennifer.  Daniel thought Carly should wait to go to rehab since she’s still detoxing.  Carly doesn’t think she should wait to go to rehab.  They assured Carly that they would help her get through everything.  At the pier, Vivian yelled at Quinn for helping Carly.  She also slapped Quinn.  He insisted that he did the right thing.  They continued to go back and forth until he walked away.  Vivian wasn’t finished with Carly. 

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin tried to reason with Brady about ending the feud.  Brady became smug and cocky and told Justin to mind his own business.  Justin continued to reason with him and reminded him that more people could get hurt if he didn’t end the war.  Taylor saw Nicole at the Cheating Heart and they got into an argument over Brady.  Taylor ended up blaming Nicole for the feud.  Taylor thought Nicole told Brady to go after EJ.  Taylor walked away from Nicole after she made that accusation.  Stefano thought Victor should reconsider the truce so no one else would get hurt.  Kate showed up at the hospital and agreed with Stefano.  Victor didn’t believe that Stefano was being sincere.  Lexie and Hoe showed up in Maggie’s room.  Lexie and Hope told Victor that Maggie had a living will and didn’t want to be a vegetable.  Victor wanted to challenge the will in court.  Hope talked to Victor alone.  Hope eventually left Victor alone with Maggie.  Hope told Lexie that she called Melissa about Maggie.  Lexie let Hope know that it’s time.  They went back in Maggie’s room.  Lexie told Victor what she would do to take her off the ventilator.  Stefano told Victor that he was sorry.  Victor wasn’t worried about safety now that Maggie’s dying.  Hope cried and Lexie told her that Maggie didn’t have a heartbeat.  Eventually, Maggie had a heartbeat and managed to tell Victor that she loves him.  Maggie wanted Victor to make peace with the DiMeras.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Spinelli flirts with Lulu in front of Maxie. When Lulu brings up Georgie, Spinelli mentally shuts down. Jason's test results show no signs of cancer. Jason awakens to find Sam by his bedside. Jason wants to leave the hospital to help Carly, but Sam forbids it. Dante tells Carly that there is an APB on both Sonny and Jax. Sonny threatens Jax with a gun. Robin ends up getting grazed by the bullet when Sonny shoots at Jax. Patrick is furious to learn Emma witnessed Robin getting shot. Jax witnesses Carly and Shawn bonding with Josslyn. Dante informs Sonny that he’s being arrested. Jason calls Carly for an update on Josslyn. Jason passes out in his hospital room.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

It's still an unsolved mystery as to who is the real Todd manning, whether the "two" Todds are twins or which, if either is an imposter. John, Brody and Tomas go to find Irene and tell her they can get her charged with murder and shut her down if she does not return to Llanview with them and answer their questions. Viki concludes to both men that if they cannot find in Irene's diary, what her big secret is regarding the birth of her individual or twin sons, then she's taken it to the grave and they will never know. But when she least expects it, John and Brody ring her doorbell and present Irene to her. Blair and Téa are both uncertain at to which of the two men is the real Todd and get into a brawl over which of them could "have" Todd if he had a choice. Destiny's mom, Phylicia, goes to confront Nora for her having the gall to talk Destiny out of having an abortion by milking he "keep Matthew" alive upon her. She tells Nora that being a teen mom will affect the rest of her daughter's life. Nora apologizes and is ready to tell Destiny she's ok if Destiny would prefer to abort. But Felicia tells Nora it's too late. They will be the mutual grandmothers of a baby they had never planned on.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lauren advises Kevin that he should try ignoring a woman to intrigue her so that he can find a woman who will appreciate the great guy that he is instead of women who only want him as a best friend. Kevin tries the advice when a pretty girl flirts with him at the coffeehouse and the girl tells him that she will definitely be back again. Michael has a talk with Kyle who asks him why everyone hated Diane. He tells him that not everybody hated his mother. He was her friend no matter how much they disagreed with each other. Michael asks Jack if he can help pay for the memorial service, because he feels he needs to do it for Diane and for Kyle. Kyle asks Jack to take him to the spot his mother was killed and Jack tells Kyle Diane is in heaven with Colleen and his grandfather John.

Abby is glad that Ashley finally believes her about Tucker but is puzzled as to why Ashley hasn’t divorced him yet. Abby tells Ashley she thinks Tucker killed Diane because she had poison sumac around her throat. Tucker is covering up poison sumac with calamine lotion and a bandage and telling everyone it is carpal tunnel syndrome. Abby tells Ronan her suspicions, and he later questions Tucker who refuses to take off his bandage in front of Ronan without a search warrant. Tucker finds out from Katherine that Ashley was willing to get an annulment in exchange for Tucker getting his company back. Tucker asks Ashley about it later, and she tells him it makes her angry that Katherine took away his company so she made the offer to protect him. Ashley puts some more calamine lotion on Tucker and bandages his arm again. Tucker asks Ashley to come home, but she doesn’t think that would be a good idea. Nina is heartbroken by the distance between her and Ronan and leans on Paul for support. The park ranger reports his infrared camera missing. Later someone is looking at pictures from the camera. Jack manages to get Ronan’s okay for Kyle to get the rest of his things out of Diane’s room and maybe keep something of hers that was special to him. Kyle walks in to Diane’s room and Ronan sees him looking at some pillows on the couch. He tells Kyle he can keep them if they had special meaning to him. Kyle tells Ronan that he has never seen those pillows before in his life. Katherine is thrilled when the Chancellor board of directors approves of her buying Jabot at twice the market value.

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