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AMC Recap Written by Joseph

David tells Erica that he might have saved someone that she loved and lost. Erica doesn't believe him and tries to look through his desk when he leaves the office. Jack comes in and tells her she shouldn't be taking risks. Cara goes to Kendall and asks if she can stay with her since she moved out of Tad's after Dixie returned. JR goes to Tad's and sees Dixie but refuses to believe it is really her. Greenlee is able to wake up Zach as Ryan finds his way to the room that they are in. Mookie and Maya sit together at Krystal's when Colby joins them which upsets Mookie so he leaves. Dixie apologizes to JR for missing so much of his life and asks him for another chance.

Jack and Erica talk at the yacht club about wanting to finally stop David. JR tells Dixie about all the bad things that have happened in his life since she's been gone but still doesn't believe she is Dixie. JR tells Tad to stay out of his life and that a fake mom wouldn't help him as he storms out. David finds Greenlee and Ryan with Zach at his secret room and tries to keep Zach's pulse going while Ryan and Greenlee discuss what they should do. Dixie and Tad talk about wanting to help JR. Colby thinks Maya should break up with Mookie but Maya says she will take care of things herself. Kendall prepares to go on a trip out of town with Spike and Ian but Spike has allergies. Zach tells David that he wants to go home but David does not think that's a good idea. Ryan wants to take Zach and argues with David over it. Tad tells Dixie she needs to leave JR alone but when Tad leaves the room, Dixie goes out to JR's and finds him drinking. Tad finds Cara's key at his house and wonders why Cara left it. Jack takes Erica away to a hotel and they kiss. Kendall gets Spike's medicine at the hospital and while she's there, David brings Zach to the hospital for treatment which shocks Kendall.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Justin that Ridge was only protecting his daughter and he respects that, so he felt like he had the punch coming. Nick stops by and Bill tells him that he called because he has a proposition for him. Nick says okay, he doesn’t have day, spill it. Bill says he feels like he owes Katie something. And he wants to retaliate by punching back and Nick can help him. Nick wants to know how he can be involved. Bill laments that he wants to buy Jackie M. Nick says he is interested in giving the Forrester a challenge, but the company is in his mother’s name and he would never sell all of it. Bill says never is a very long time. Ridge doesn’t exactly see what Brooke is hinting out when she says it wasn’t all Bill’s fault, and he wasn’t the one doing the manipulating. Steffy pursued him. Maybe she doesn’t even realize why but Brooke thinks she went after Bill because of who he is married to. Once again, it is the Forresters versus the Logans. Liam tells Hope about the punch her dad gave his dad. Steffy has Oliver drop some things by her loft as she wants to avoid the office for a while. She is sick of losing to the Logan’s all the time and Hope always getting what she wants.

Nick starts to walk away and Bill says okay, he’ll agree to 50%. Nick says there are a couple of people over at Forrester’s that he doesn’t like, but there are some that he does and he does not want to hurt Brooke. Hope practices her speech for the fashion show to make sure she is making the right statement. She does not want to follow in her mom’s footsteps, the darling of the internet, scandal and gossip. She tells Liam again that she wants him, but she wants to wait until it is right. Oliver is sorry that Steffy is hurting so much. He says he has to get back to the office now, but he will be there for her any time. Brooke giggles as she slips into the garden and plays hide and seek with Ridge. He calls her his little minx. She says he just needs a little reminder that nothing will ever come between them again. This will be their secret place where nothing will bother them again and their troubles will trickle away just like the waterfall. Nick is surprised since he thought Bill owned part of Forrester. Bill says yes he does. There was a time he wanted to own all of it, but no more. Now he wants to drive it into the ground. This is no time for sentimentality. He reminds Nick that his company is in the toilet and Bill has the cash to bail him out. He wants this to happen quickly; a win/win for both of them. Ridge doesn’t know it yet, but he’s about to have a heat-seeking missile bearing down on him. With Jackie M and Spencer Publications united, Forrester doesn’t stand a chance. Steffy lights the candles, puts on soft music, sips her wine, drops her robe and climbs into her bubblebath……only she slips getting into it and bumps her head and starts to go under. Liam is knocking at the door.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Vivian talked to Quinn about ruining Carly’s life.  Meanwhile, Carly was in a back alley.  She had no idea that Melanie and company knew how bad her addiction really was.  A junkie approached her.  The junkie offered her a hit for $20.  She was suddenly alone and shaking.  At the hospital, Victor remained by Maggie’s bedside.  He told Daniel that Maggie wasn’t safe at the hospital so he wanted her to be moved to his house so she can have protection.  Jennifer didn’t like that idea.  Daniel told Victor that she’s in a coma and that she has to stay in the hospital.  Victor thought the shooter might find Maggie in the hospital.  Jennifer suggested that he hire a private security guard.  Melanie blamed the Kiriakis and DiMera families for what happened to Maggie.  Victor informed Melanie that blaming him for what happened won’t keep Maggie safe.  Hope walked in an agreed with Victor.  Jennifer didn’t think it was a good idea and didn’t think Maggie should be moved.  Jennifer wanted to talk to Lexie first.  Lexie talked to Jennifer about Carly.  Lexie informed Jennifer that the board of directors saw Melanie’s plea for Carly.  The board also saw the pictures of Carly strung out on drugs.  Lexie warned Jennifer that she and Carly will both be out of jobs if she used the hospital name again.  At the DiMera mansion, Kate told Stefano that Maggie’s condition hasn’t changed.  He told Kate that it was a terrible mistake.  Kate wondered if Stefano was worried about Victor retaliating. 

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady told Nicole that Dimitri’s tailing people for safety.  She suggested that they distract themselves for a little while.  EJ met Taylor at the pub.  Taylor made it clear that she didn’t want him to keep lying to her.  He realized that Chad told her the truth about what happened to Maggie.  EJ told her that he didn’t want her around him anymore.  He thought she deserved better.  They continued to go back and forth with this conversation. Victor apologized to everyone for trying to tell them what to do.  Melanie apologized to him for jumping on him.  Jennifer and Lexie continued to talk about Carly’s addiction.  Jennifer told Lexie that Carly will get help.  It was too late for that.  Lexie told Jennifer that Carly has been relieved of her duties.  Jennifer was very upset and tried to get Lexie to change her mind.  Lexie said that Carly did this to herself.  Jennifer decided to quit.  Hope explained to Daniel that Maggie would be safer at the Kiriakis mansion.  Daniel wanted Maggie to get better first.  Hope had to go back to the station to get info about Carly.  Jennifer wanted to go with her.  Hope thought she had to work, but Jennifer said she didn’t.  Lexie called out to Jennifer, but she ignored Lexie.  Dimitri saw Chad and Abby on the pier and shot him.  EJ showed up and applied pressure to the wound.  Chad was in shock.  EJ wanted Taylor to tell Stefano that they’re going to the hospital.  EJ knew the bullet was meant for him.  Taylor was upset and stormed off.  EJ talked to Stefano and told him that Chad was shot.  Stefano fell in his chair and cried.  Stefano stormed off to the hospital.  Nicole and Brady were talking when Taylor stormed in the mansion.  She told Brady that Chad was shot.  Brady was shocked by that news.  Taylor yelled at Brady for putting a hit out of EJ.  She told Brady that Abby was there and could have been shot too.  She was so upset that she quit working for him.  She also told Nicole to stick with him because he’s right up her alley.  Stefano was at the hospital to see Chad and ran into Victor.  Stefano offered to make peace with Victor.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth finds Lucky and gives him an injection to counteract the effect of the drugs he was given. Johnny wonders what Anthony’s motivation is when Anthony gives him a piano. He wants to know about Anthony's the drug business. He has someone follow Anthony when he leaves. Anthony meets CJ and another man in the drug ring and tells them that Lucky's wife may have overheard their last conversation so they will need to find out what she knows. When Anthony returns home, Johnny is playing "Moonlight Sonata" on the piano.

Olivia goes to Carly's house to make sure she is ok and makes her a meal. They talk about Carly's relationship with Jax and about Sonny. Sam gives Monica a picture of Jake. Sam tells Sonny about Jason having something in his brain. Sonny asks Sam if she has seen Robin and Sam blows a gasket about Sonny being more interested in finding Robin than hearing about Jason's condition. Anthony's drug thief posing as an orderly listens to their conversation while watching Siobhan. Sonny hears Matt’s video-calls to Robin. In the background, Emma mentions the baby. Sonny takes off. Jax shows up at Robin's door with Josselyn and asks to borrow her car to get to the airport. Robin insists on changing Joss into dry clothes. Shawn watches from outside the window. Robin tries to convince Jax that his plan is a bad idea. Shawn come in from the back of the house and says he is there to take Josselyn back to her mother. Together, Robin and Shawn are able to convince Jax to let Shawn take Josselyn home to Carly. Mother and daughter are reunited. Sonny arrives at Robin's house.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Clint's arraignment hearing is underway and he does not fight the charges. But Jessica, Viki and his lawyer are concerned that he has a heart condition and prison could be a death sentence. Viki then offers to let Clint stay at her home, the judge approves and Clint thanks her. But she tells him he might not want to thank her when he finds out he's not her only house guest. Original Todd stays at Viki's while current Todd goes to confront him. David then visits and knows they both need information about the mysterious death of Todd's mother Irene whom he knows is not dead and informs them he can give them information that they need. While Destiny is ready to have the abortion, she gets a voice mail message from Nora pleading that she does not go through with it and offering to raise her and Bo's grandchild and help Destiny with everything she needs. So, Destiny admits that maybe she should consider doing that. Vivian is ok with Destiny reconsidering but Mrs. Evans finds Nora while she's at Clint's hearing and confronts her for interfering in Destiny's decision. John, Brody and Tomas go to Louisiana to find Baker and uncover the secret of who the real Todd is. Baker reveals that Irene Manning, Todd's mother is behind all of this. Natalie invites the fortune teller, Delfina to see if she can find out for Rex what happened to Gigi and talk to her in the afterlife.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Katherine confides in Jack and tells him she plans to sell Jabot to Chancellor industries before Tucker regains control of McCall Unlimited. A few minutes later Ashley arrives at Katherine’s and tells both Jack and Katherine that she will agree to the annulment if Katherine gives Tucker his whole company jabot included but Katherine says she won’t do it until Tucker is ready to handle hi business. Nick gets another call from the mysterious person that has Ashley’s phone replaying the conversation he had with Diane the night she died. Jack jumps up the suspect list when Ronan discovers that jack also has a Harvard ring. Jack tells Kyle that he wasn’t responsible for Diane’s death and when the police come searching for the ring at jack’s house they can’t find it. Kyle took the ring because he doesn’t want to lose his father since he has already lost his father.

Tucker tells Abby he slept with Diane and that he and Ashley are having marital trouble because she knows the truth. Tucker reminds Abby that he is keeping her secret about the car accident and he hopes that the secret doesn’t come out. Abby gets angry with Tucker and tells him to go to Hell. Chloe tells Katherine that Kevin broke up with her and as they eat Belgian chocolate Katherine advises Chloe to fight to make her future what she wants it to be. Nick meets with Ashley and tells her about the mysterious phone calls and tells her to be ready because this person could call her next. Nick also thinks the person that has her old phone could be Diane’s killer and Ashley tells Nick she is scared and Nick gives Ashley a hug while Phyllis watches them both with a jealous look on her face.

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