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AMC Recap Written by Joseph

Scott and JR argue about JR's drinking at the Mansion. Scott brings up wondering what Adam and Dixie would think of JR. Cara and Tad talk about their relationship as it relates to Dixie's return. They agree things are complicated as Tad gets a call that JR's been released from jail. Jack brings Jane back to Pine Valley and to Kendall's where Kendall confronts her for everything she did to Erica. Jane does not want to go to prison but Erica encourages her that she has to turn herself in and do the right thing. Jesse arrives and is shocked to see Erica and Jane together while Erica insists that David had to be involved in her kidnapping too. Greenlee continues trying to talk to and help Zach. David talks to Dixie in the park until Tad shows up and tells him to back off. Dixie wants to go see JR so Tad thinks he should prepare JR first.

Jesse, Erica, Jack, and Kendall discuss Project Orpheus. Kendall does not want to talk about it as Jack and Erica wonder about the possibility of Zach being alive. Jesse wants to take Erica back to jail for stabbing David but Jane takes the blame and claims it was her that stabbed David. Zach begins to realize that it's Greenlee he's talking to and asks her if Kendall met anybody. Greenlee tells Zach that nobody could ever take his place. Kendall finds Griffin at the hospital and tells him that they should be together but Griffin continues to bring up Zach. Erica tells Jack that they need to find Ben in order to find out if David was involved in her kidnapping. Cara packs her bag and leaves Tad's house after talking to Dixie. Tad tells JR to sober up and come to his house because he has something to show him but he won't let him in if he's drunk. JR ends up going to Tad's and is stunned to see Dixie. Cara goes to the hospital with her bag packed and looks down at her wedding ring. Erica goes to David's office and tells him that she knows he was behind everything, so he'll be in jail soon but David responds that he might have saved someone that Erica had loved and lost. Kendall tells Griffin that she knows Zach is not alive because if he were, he would've come back to her by now. Zach wants to see Kendall but can't get out then collapses, Greenlee tries to wake Zach up but can't.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam realizes Bill has more on his mind that choosing the cover of a magazine. He asks if he wants to talk about it. Then he proceeds to give Bill advise even if he doesn’t want to hear it. Bill shuts him up by saying Steffy is not wrong; he is going back to Katie. Hope tells Steffy that she is not gloating. She just hopes this is a wake-up call for her. She doesn’t know if this is for love or vengeance, but for everyone’s sake, she needs to stay away from Bill. Steffy is aghast that Hope is advising her to stay away from Bill considering her own mother has meddled for years in her own parent’s marriage. This time she is not backing down from the Logan’s. Hope can go tell this to Liam and he can pass it on to his dad. She orders Hope out. Brooke tells Ridge that she is worried about her sister because Katie is hurt about Bill’s involvement with his daughter. Ridge wants to change the subject since that is now in the past. Bill took advantage of his daughter and is still trying to do it by making promises to both women. He’s afraid of what Steffy might do when Bill ultimately lets her down. He stops by to see Steffy who is less than pleased to see him standing there. She confesses that Ridge was right; Bill went back to Katie so everyone thinks she got what she richly deserves for going after a married man. He gives her a big hug.

Steffy cries that she knows Ridge should feel good as he didn’t want her involved with Bill in the first place. He soothes her by saying she is his daughter and when she hurts, he hurts too. She promises she will never get herself in a place like this again, ever! Bill tells Liam that he knows he hurt Steffy and he regrets that. But Katie is his wife and he treated her unfairly too. Liam warned him about not getting too close to Steffy as it would spell trouble and he ignored that. But he can’t have two women and now he has made a re-commitment to Katie and he is going to stick to that, end of story. He hands Liam Steffy’s loft key and says the last person she will want to see right now is him, so for Liam to please give it back to her. Hope tells her mother that Steffy is never going to give up especially when she is hurting like this. Ridge shows up and Bill smirks and wonders what took him so long to get here. Bill is drinking a few shots. He claims that he did not lure Steffy in and Ridge will get no arguments from him that he should have stayed away from Steffy. He’s not going to explain himself, but he did fall in love with her and does care that she is hurting. He admits that he made a horrendous mistake, but Ridge of all people ought to understand that since he’s been in love with two women at the same time. And Bill should have known when that other woman is a much younger woman, lives are going to be ripped apart. Bill tells Ridge to stop; he doesn’t need a life lecture from him. He’s acknowledged his mistake and the pain it has caused, but he has a news flash for Ridge…..he is the one who caused Steffy’s life to be torn apart. Ridge hauls off and Bill’s mouth happens to be in the way of his fist. Bill reels from the blow and he touches the blood. He licks the blood off his finger and says there is nothing like tasting your own blood; it gets the adrenaline flowing. He knows Ridge is protecting his daughter so he will give him a pass, but that pass expires in just about ten seconds if he doesn’t get the hell out of his face. Ridge issues his own warning – stay away from Steffy. Bill has done enough damage and he will never let him hurt her again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

EJ grabbed Nicole while she was on the pier.  She didnít want to talk to him at first.  He told Nicole that he told Taylor that he took full responsibility for everything that happened.  He let her know that he wanted to make peace with Brady.  EJ believed that Nicole is the only one who could end the feud for good.  Dimitri (the Kiriakisí henchman) overheard EJ and Nicoleís conversation.  Nicole wasnít interested in helping EJ.  EJ used Johnny and Sydney as leverage to get Nicole to end the war.  EJ gave her a piece of paper to give to Brady.  She took it and walked away.  Dimitri held his gun while EJ had another drink.  At the Kiriakis mansion, Taylor arrived to see Brady.  He wanted to talk to her about her safety.  Taylor told him that he and EJ have to stop the war before itís too late.  Brady wants to end it.  Brady wanted Taylor to move into the mansion with him so she could be safe.  He warned her to learn what EJís capable of before itís too late.  Vivian saw Maggieís shooting and the reporter mention that Victor was the intended victim.  She was excited that her enemies were dropping like flies.  Now she wants to finish Carly off.  She wondered where Quinn was and she wanted to know about the mystery woman.  Quinn had breakfast for Carly.  Carly thanked Quinn for what he did for her.  Quinn didnít think she was ready to leave the hotel yet.

Brady and Taylor continued to debate about EJ.  Nicole showed up at the Kiriakis mansion to give Brady the note from EJ.  He called EJ after he read the note.  Brady told EJ it was too late and that he could go to H*ll.  Taylor questioned what was wrong with him.  Brady didnít believe that EJ wanted to make peace with him.  Vivian met with Quinn and they talked about Carly.  Nicole and Brady talked about EJ and Taylor.  Nicole told him that he knew that she knew Dimitri was on the pier.  She hoped Dimitri would be a better shot than Stefanoís henchman.  Brady warned her that she put herself in the line of fire.  Brady didnít want her to be anywhere near EJ until the feud is over.  He wanted her to move back in the Kiriakis mansion.  At the DiMera mansion, EJ flashed back to seeing Sami, Rafe, and the kids on the pier.  He also remembered his conversations with Taylor about what happened to her mother.  Taylor called him and she still refused to believe he hasnít changed.  He continued to tell her that he hasnít changed.  Sheís convinced that heís trying to be gallant by protecting her from him.  He didnít want to talk about that on the phone anymore.  She wanted him to meet her at the pub.  He agreed to meet her.  Carly saw Melanieís ad on TV and wanted to rush to her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick and Matt disagree on Jason's care. Matt thinks they should wait for him to wake up but Patrick thinks he should perform surgery to see what is happening with his brain. Matt decides they need the Chief of Staff, Robin, to make the decision. Robin agrees with Patrick. Jason goes to surgery. Sam, Monica, and Edward watch through the window. Robin talks to Mac about her discomfort with being Patrick's boss. She asks him if he is seeing anyone and he tells her no, because he hasnít set him up on any ambush blind dates with Alexis. Despite Alexis's objections, Diane and Alexis play a game of strip pool with Coleman at Jake's. Mac comes in to find Alexis the only person wearing more than underwear.

Jax changes his mind. Dante wants to find Sonny before he gets to Jax. Sonny and Shawn both go to Jax's plane looking for him. Shawn thinks it is best to proceed separately because while Sonny is wiling to kill for Josslyn, he, Shawn, is willing to die for her. He says he will find Josslyn and take her home without violence. Dante finds Sonny on the plane. Dante urges Sonny to stop blaming Jax for Brenda's departure. Dante makes Sonny put down his gun and begins to recite his rights. Sonny punches Dante, knocking him out, retrieves his gun, and leaves. Carly thinks if she hadn't gone to Jason, he wouldn't have been in an accident, and she might have been home before Jax took Jason. Shawn tells Carly that he saw Jax and Josslyn but he let them go because he had an episode. Carly says it wasn't his fault. He tells her to stay there and wait in case Jax or Sonny go there. He asks her where she thinks Jax might have gone for help. Jax and Josslyn arrive at Robin's door.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John contacts Tomas and tells him he needs his help in uncovering the mystery regarding Baker, his secret and why there appear to be two men with Todd's DNA. They are able to find out that Baker has gone to the Louisiana swamps. And John enlists Brody's Navy SEAL training to assist them on their mission. Everybody is questioning whether original Todd is an imposter or if the Todd they've known for 8 years has stolen Todd's identity. Rex tells Natalie he believes Gigi is alive and lost somewhere although they both know that Gigi has passed away and her heart has been given to Clint. SO they contact Madame Delphina to contact Gigi in the afterlife.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby is disappointed that she won’t be the spokeswoman for Beauty of Nature but Victor wants her to learn the business side of the company until Thanksgiving when he hopes to launch the campaign with her as spokesperson. Abby tells Victoria that she confronted Diane to try to get the key to where she hid the copies of her video confession to Tucker’s accident. Victoria goes to the park looking for the key and is seen by Phyllis, Deacon, and a police foot patrol. Abby overhears a conversation between Michael and Victor where Michael tells Victor that his contact at the police station told him that poison sumac was found around Diane’s neck and a key was found in her throat. Abby panics and tells Victoria about what she overheard and Victoria tells Abby they have to find out what the key opens before the police find out. Victor tells Ronan that Diane told him the night she died that Adam was trying to set him up for her fake murder and she gave him back his watch, which Adam planned to leave at the murder scene as evidence. Victor gives the watch to Ronan as evidence against Adam and hope that Ronan will arrest Adam.

Ronan discovers that Adam’s Harvard ring has a chip in it, which didn’t leave an imprint in Dane’s arm, but he still thinks Adam is a prime suspect. Deacon taunts Phyllis by telling her that he saw what she did and he also taunts Abby by giving hints that he knows about her taped confession. Daniel tells Phyllis that Billy left town because he and Victoria couldn’t work things out after she took Lucy away from them. Chloe is angry when Victoria tells her that Billy left for Hong Kong and Chloe can’t believe Billy didn’t say goodbye to Delia. Chloe gives Delia a bracelet Billy sent her and tells her that her daddy is away on business. Kevin breaks up with Chloe because she likes bad boys that leave her or guys that give her drama and since he is dependable she doesn’t put any effort into their relationship and takes him for granted. Ronan decides to figure out what the key found in Diane’s throat opens because that could be the reason she was killed.

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