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AMC Recap Written by Joseph

When Dixie asks him about Cara, Tad says he will explain everything to her later. Cara and Griffin talk at the yacht club about Dixie being back and the possibility of Zach being alive. Jake and Amanda spend time with Trevor at Krystal's before sending Trevor with Maya to be babysat while they go to the hospital. Angie and Jesse go to a hotel room to spend a night away by themselves. Ryan and Kendall go together to try and track down David but end up at Jesse and Angie's hotel room as David misled them. Greenlee continues trying to talk to and calm down Zach while he has flashbacks of his father. When Greenlee mentions Kendall, Zach sees Greenlee as Kendall. Tad tries to convince Dixie to go to the hospital while Cara listens in on them. Cara then goes in and introduces herself to Dixie while David watches them from outside the window.

Jake and Amanda arrive to the hospital. Jake talks to Griffin about loving Amanda while she goes to talk to Janet. Amanda and Janet have a heart to heart and hug. Ryan explains the David situation to Jesse and how Dixie is alive which shocks Jesse. Angie suggests they all try to work with David which Kendall starts to agree with. Kendall comments on how David has saved as many lives as he's hurt and thinks he won't hurt Greenlee. Ryan notices Angie's eye drops and thinks they may lead them to David. Zach continues talking to Greenlee as if she's Kendall so Greenlee goes along with it to try and keep him calm. Amanda is taken in for her surgery. Jesse and Angie argue about David. Ryan and Kendall come up short in their search. While Tad and Cara talked, Dixie went to the park where David finds her. Zach tells Greenlee as if she's Kendall that he's letting her go.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy is stunned and does not believe that Bill is breaking up with her and going back to his wife. He just couldn’t do that to himself or to her. He says he is a man of his commitment and he has responsibilities to Katie. Brooke is shocked that Bill is not home with Katie, but Katie tells him that he has gone to break it off with Steffy. He knows that if he ever does this again, he will lose Katie. Steffy reminds Bill that Katie’s heart attack was caused by stress so this could have happened at any time. He should not feel guilty. She hugs him and says she knows they will be together eventually as that is what he wants. Fate brought them together when they each needed the other the most. She feels Katie must have said something to brainwash him, but he says no he does love Katie and he’s not going to leave her. Steffy must accept that.

Nick doesn’t understand why Owen and Jackie are obsessing about Steffy just because she bought their loft. Jackie is surprised given that he likes Katie so much. He doesn’t share Katie’s opinion of Bill, but otherwise Katie thinks she can handle him so he’s okay with that. Bill tells Steffy that Katie is not messing with his mind. Katie is unlike any woman he has ever met. She rants that Katie is trying to change him, while Steffy accepts him the way he is. Bill says what he was doing was wrong so that is why Katie walked out on him. He was being stubborn and arrogant. She cries that she doesn’t like being dumped like this. Katie spills with confidence when she tells Brooke that Steffy is capable of many things, but not of stealing her husband. Bill is a complicated man, but she knows his strengths and his weaknesses. He needs a woman he can count on, not one who will tell him lies just to make him feel better. That is why he married her, she challenges him. She has something Steffy will never have. She has honesty, integrity and loyalty……she thinks this will make them closer than ever and they will go on with their lives as if this has never happened. Bill tells Steffy that he made promises and he realizes he can not keep them. He is committed to his wife. He loves her and before that he did not know how to love. No, she does not want to accept this. He says he knows he is hurting her and that is the last thing he wants. She slaps him and says she does not know him, and he’s not the man she thought she knew. He does not want her to wait for him. He wants her to get on with her life and be happy. She taunts him with the memory of her body, her mouth, her lips but he doesn’t succumb. She cries that he used her. He lied to her. She was a fool all this time, so just go back to Katie, just go. She watches him go and has a screaming fit, throwing things. Moments later Hope walks in and says the door was open. She knows what happened and Steffy must accept that she and Bill are over.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady and Nicole talked about everything that happened because of the shooting.  Bradyís going to make sure that no one he cares about gets hurt.  He wanted Nicole to leave town, but she didnít want to go.  She left the mansion.  At the DiMera mansion, Bo asked Chad if he knew anything about Maggieís shooting.  Chad said he didnít know anything and wanted Bo and Hope to leave the mansion.  Bo didnít believe that Chad didnít know anything, but he wanted Chad to call if he remembered anything.  After Bo and Hope left, Stefano was happy that Chad lied to the police.  Chad was upset with Stefano and walked out.  Taylor told EJ that she didnít believe that he was responsible for what happened to Maggie.  EJ explained that he and Stefano wanted to get Victor and that Maggie got in the way.  Taylor didnít believe him and didnít know why he wanted her to believe that.

At the police station, Bo and Hope discussed Maggieís shooting.  Theyíre convinced Chad knows something about the shooting.  DA Woods showed up and told Bo and Hope to give him an airtight case this time.  They told him how they interview Chad and that he covered for Stefano.  DA Woods intends to nail of the DiMeras.  DA Woods wanted Bo and Hope to stay on the case regardless of what Roman wants.  At the DiMera mansion, Kate told Stefano that Maggie made it through surgery.  Lexie was at the mansion to check on Stefano.  She wanted an explanation about what happened to Maggie.  Lexie was worried that Victor would come after the family now because of what he did.  Stefano apologized for failing her.  He wished that his existence didnít make her miserable.  She said it wasnít his existence, but his gangster lifestyle.  She wants him to change his ways.  Abby showed up at the mansion.  Kate wanted her to talk some sense into Chad.  Abby didnít want to do it.  Abby hoped that Chad walked away from all of them.  EJ told Taylor Maggie was shot because she fell for the wrong man.  Heís convinced heís the wrong man for her.  Taylor didnít want to give up on him.  Taylor was still convinced he was innocent.  He was sick of talking to her and walked away.  Chad saw EJ and tried to convince him not to give up on Taylor.  EJ wanted him to stay out of it because he wants Taylor to despise him.  EJ also told him to walk away from the family before itís too late.  At the hospital, Victor told Bo that Maggie was put in a coma so she can heal.  Bo told Victor that DA Woods put him and Hope in charge of the investigation.  Bo didnít want Victor doing something stupid.  Victor couldnít make any promises.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Lucky is still having hallucinations/memories about Elizabeth. Elizabeth finally finds Lucky. Patrick and Matt discuss Siobhan’s injuries. They talk about Elizabeth’s responsibility for Siobhan’s injuries and Dante overhears and defends Elizabeth. Patrick and Matt approach the Quartermaines and tell them that they need a family member to sign a release so that they can operate on Jason immediately.

Sonny is still looking for Josslyn. Skye tells Sonny that she doesn’t know where Jax or Josslyn are. Sonny finds Jax’s car abandoned in the storm. Sonny calls Alexis and tells her that Jax took Josslyn. Sonny asks Alexis if she’s heard from Jax and then hangs up on her. Olivia runs into the hospital and talks to Steve. Olivia tells Carly that Josslyn is missing. Carly is upset that Sonny knows that Jax took Josslyn. Carly still doesn’t want to call the cops – she doesn’t want to get Jax in trouble. Dante overhears Carly and Olivia’s discussion. Steve insists that Carly get her wrist taken care of.

Alexis and Diane got stuck in the storm – and seek shelter in Jake’s and with Coleman. Alexis tells Diane that Jason asked Sam to marry him. Alexis talks to Diane about her issues with Sam and Jason getting married. Meanwhile – Coleman keeps trying to tell them that him and Kate broke up – but neither woman seems to be interested. Diane pressures Alexis about her and Mac.

Edward learns that Jason has been in an accident. Jason is still in a coma. Patrick tells Monica, Sam and Carly that Jason has severe head trauma. Sam is able to see Jason and pours her heart out to him. Sam and Carly snipe at each other again. Skye brings Edward to the hospital. Monica is not happy to see that Skye is back in town. Monica checks on Edward to make sure that he is feeling all right. Edward in on to her game – he knows that she is concentrating on him because she can’t do anything for Jason. Carly and Edward both get a chance to visit with Jason privately and they each pour their hearts out to him. Sam tells Edward that her and Jason are engaged – which perks Edward up.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Viki laments to original Todd that the only person who knows the answer to the mystery of the two Todds is his mother, Irene Manning, who has been dead for 30 years. Original Todd thinks regular Todd altered the DNA results. He asks Viki if she believes he is her brother. She says yes, but she also believes that the other Todd believes he is her brother. He says she hasn't even offered him a hug yet. She says her brother doesnít like hugs. Tea wonders if Starr hit upon something when she suggested the two Todds could be twins. Todd accuses her of tampering with the DNA test. He says the other Todd is already taking over his life and the only person that doesnít doubt him is Jack. Irene Manning is angry that a DNA test is destroying her plan. Malcolm apologizes for losing the prisoner, but says the situation is still salvageable and no one will ever know who the real Todd Manning is. She says it's too bad he let Tomas Delgado go; he would have taken care of it. She tells him that she knows Viki will come looking for answers. Malcolm says Viki thinks Irene is dead. She presses a button under the desk and pulls a pistol from the drawer. She tells Malcolm he knows too much. Two security guards come in and take Malcolm away. Tomas asks Blair where they stand while she figures out which Todd is her children's father. She asks him to wait to have this conversation until after the new DNA test results come back. When she brings up Tomas's past, he asks her if it is about him or the man with the scar on his face. She tells him not to blame anyone else when he has continuously lied to her. He says the only truth he has withheld is that he is falling in love with her.

David wants to know why Nate is not being charged with assaulting Matthew. Bo says it was an accident. David feels that Bo is keeping secrets from him because he isn't worthy to be a Buchanan. Bo assures him that he is a Buchanan and that he is just as important to him as Matthew is. Nora overhears Destiny telling Matthew that she has decided not to keep their baby. Destiny admits that she is pregnant. Nora wants her to have the baby because it is her grandchild. She tells Destiny that if she will have the baby, she and Bo will raise him. Destiny says she can't do to her child what her father did to her and that her appointment is tomorrow. She runs away. Nora tells Bo about the pregnancy. Starr tells James about the two Todds. She reveals that Baz kissed her. Starr and James make love.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack tells Victor he will never take Kyle away from him no matter what the document Diane signed says and Victor tells Jack it will be hard to take care f Kyle if he is in jail for killing Diane. Ronan questions Phyllis again and tells her that he has a sworn statement from her manicurist which says that her nails were broken and dirty when she came in to have them fixed the day after Diane’s murder. Phyllis tells Ronan that her nails were dirty because she was potting sunflowers with Summer but Ronan says she had to have done that at 7 AM because the manicurist says that she came in to fix her nails at 8 AM. Nick calls Ashley and wonders if she has deleted her messages and Ashley tells him she lost her phone and got another one then Ashley recalls losing her phone at the park the night Diane was killed. Nick later meets with Ashley and tells her that he met with Diane at the park and they had a heated conversation and after he left he noticed that his phone had accidentally called her so she might have some weird stuff on that message. Ashley tells Nick that she also had a heated confrontation with Diane that night and lost her phone. Nick later gets a call in which he hears himself tell Diane that he will kill her before he lets her hurt his family.

Tucker has a rash from poison sumac that is in the park and he puts alcohol on it and covers it with a bandage. Katherine is worried that Tucker being a suspect in Diane’s murder could hurt his company but he tells her he was with Ashley that night so everything is fine. Ronan can’t find any DNA evidence on the fake nail but he has proof that Phyllis is lying so she moves up on the list of suspects. Phyllis tells Nick about her conversation with Ronan and he tells her he will talk to the DA so Ronan will stop bothering her. Michael tries to persuade Victor not to take Kyle away from Jack but he is determined to enforce the agreement Diane signed and bee Kyle’s guardian. Katherine can’t stand to look at Ronan after he refuses to explain why he left so suddenly after his surgery. Victor looks at Diane's picture in the newspaper and remembers standing at the stream in the park and looking down and seeing Dianne's lifeless body in the stream.

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