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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

David keeps searching for Dixie, while Ryan and Griffin look for Greenlee and hope that will lead them to the other missing Pine Valley residents. At the Martin home, Krystal fends off David's insults. Jesse goes to Kendall's in search of Erica but leaves empty-handed. Ryan wonders if Dixie being alive could mean that Zach is, too, but Kendall can't even entertain the idea. Ryan tells Griffin that Dixie is alive. Cara drives Angie to the hospital for her appointment with David where she asks him what exactly is going on. After asking her to sit down for it, David explains his advanced research project to Angie and hands her some eye drops to use until surgery, assuring her that she will see again. Jesse decides to take Angie on a road trip, so they can be alone. At the park, Tad informs Dixie that he found their now-9-year-old daughter, Kathy. Then he takes Dixie home to see Opal, Krystal, and Kathy. Dixie is disturbed when she sees a wedding photo of Tad and his bride, wondering who she is. When Opal runs to the hospital looking for Jake, Cara learns that Dixie is alive and claims to be happy for all the Martins. Opal assures her that Tad still cares for her, but Cara doesn't want to go there.

While Zach's machines keep beeping, Greenlee screams for David to let them out. Zach comes to and recognizes Greenlee. Then he tries to remove his I.V. and stop taking drugs, so he can get back to "her." Greenlee realizes Zach thinks she's his mother, who he wants to protect from his evil father, Alexander Cambias. Ryan's GPS starts blinking, indicating that David's on the move, so he prepares to follow him out of town.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill brings Katie home from the hospital and makes sure that she sits or lays down and won’t let her take a walk on the beach. Katie hates that Bill had to go to Steffy to comfort him or confide in her. For this to work, she has to know that she is the only woman in his life. The ring on her finger means something, a circle with no beginning and no end. She hates that she didn’t see this coming. She can’t believe she almost lost him to someone else, and she doesn’t want to go through that again. He thanks her for reminding him about their commitment. She says as long as they are in this together, she will never stop fighting for him. But he has to let Steffy go. She kisses him and sends him on his way. Hope drops in on Steffy and tells her that she knows all about her and Bill. She doesn’t see how she could do that to her Aunt Katie. Steffy says this is not about the Forrester’s and the Logan’s, but then she wouldn’t understand that coming from little Miss Virgin. Hope tells her do them all a favor and stay away from Bill. He is not going to leave Katie now. Steffy points out he’s only staying until Katie recovers then he will come back to her. Hope tells Liam that his dad brought Katie home from the hospital this morning and all is looking good. She wonders how long he has known about Bill and Steffy’s affair.

Steffy is delighted to find Bill standing in her loft and rushes into his arms. She’s so glad as she just knew that he would come. Nick helps Owen by shoving the Classified in his face. Jackie feels hurt that her own son is trying to get rid of her, but admits it is hard to keep her clothes on here all day, so they need more privacy. Liam tells Hope that he knew about Bill and Steffy, he just didn’t know how serious it was until the night of the vows. He realizes now that she is genuinely in love with his dad. She knows that he handled it the best way he could considering his loyalty to his dad. He finds it hard to pull away from their kisses. He knows she wants to wait for sex, so guess he will be taking a lot of cold showers. Nick is sarcastic and is less than pleased to find Owen cooking breakfast in his kitchen. Fun isn’t the word he’d use, and he reminds them not to get too comfortable. This is only temporary. Bill is impressed that Steffy is cooking; she says their first home-cooked meal. She laments they are going to have such an amazing future together and she intends to make him so happy. He tells her that Katie is out of the hospital. She’s not worried as she knows Bill is not the kind to break his promises. She thinks it is a good sign that she is out of the hospital and it won’t be long before she is back on her feet and they can be together. She only hears what she wants to hear. She tells him not to let Katie make him feel guilty. He says he is sorry, but he is honoring his vow to Katie. As much as he loves Steffy, he is going back to his marriage.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano was upset that EJ wanted Chad to walk away from the family.  Stefano continued to yell until he collapsed.  Chad told EJ that Stefano didnít have a pulse.  Chad wanted EJ to call the police, but EJ hesitated.  Kate showed up and saw Stefano unconscious.  She went to get his insulin.  Chad wanted to know what was EJís problem.  EJ thought things would be better if Stefano died.  Stefano finally came to and Kate wanted to know what happened.  EJ told her what happened to Maggie.  Stefano told Kate that he got sick because he was upset with EJ.  Stefano and EJ started arguing again.  At the hotel, Will and Gabi made love for the first time.  Bo and Hope showed up on the pier to find out what happened to Maggie.  Roman didnít think Bo and Hope should work on the case.  Roman thought it was a conflict of interest and he wanted them to leave.  At the hospital, Daniel called Maggieís time of death.  The nurse was about to turn off the monitor when Maggieís heart started beating again.

Taylor found Abe at the police station and wanted answers about what happened to Maggie.  Abe thought she wanted to know if EJ was arrested yet.  Taylor wanted to know if the DiMeras were involved.  Abe told Taylor about what EJís done in the past.  She refused to believe he did it. Daniel told everyone at the hospital what happened and that they got Maggieís heart started again.  Victor knew that Daniel had something else to tell them.  Daniel told them that Maggie was still in danger.  Since Maggie has myasthenia gravis, she is in a medically induced coma and is on a ventilator.  Victor wanted to see Maggie, but Jennifer wouldnít allow it.  Daniel didnít want anyone to see her.  Brady wanted to stay at the hospital with Victor, but Victor wanted him to leave.  Victor didnít want Brady to get revenge for what happened to Maggie.  Victor wanted to take care of things himself.  Abby overheard their conversation.  At the pub, Bo and Hope talked about Romanís action and how he keeps taking them off of cases.  Hope mentioned the budget cuts, but Bo didnít believe that.  Bo thought that Roman was letting his promotion get to his head.  Bo didnít understand why he would take them off of the DiMera investigation after what EJ did to Sami.  Hope wanted him to let it go because Rafeís letting them help with the investigation.  Bo wanted to go see the DiMeras.  Chad didnít understand what was going on with the DiMeras.  Kate didnít seem to care about what happened to Maggie and EJ didnít seem to care about what happened to Stefano.  Chad said he was sick of all of them.  Bo and Hope arrived to talk to the DiMeras.  Later on, EJ and Taylor talked about Maggie.  For some reason, EJ took the blame for what happened to Maggie.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Siobhan is in critical condition. Elizabeth reveals to Matt that Siobhan fell down the stairs before the car accident. Steve asks Elizabeth to tell him what happened. Dante counsels Elizabeth to say nothing more than that she and Siobhan had an argument. Elizabeth suddenly has an epiphany and tells Dante that she knows where to find Lucky. Jason is in the hospital, unconscious. Monica and Sam keep each other company in the waiting room. Carly asks Sam how Jason is, and Sam blasts her for interrupting their dinner and dragging Jason out. Carly thinks her daughter is more important than their dinner. Sam points out that Carly didn't go home to find out if Josslyn was in danger before imposing on Jason. Carly tries to make it about Sam being jealous, but then steps over the line of civility and tells Sam she has no idea what it is like to lose a kid. Sam slaps her and tells her that this isn't about Carly or her kids; Jason is in serious condition. Carly warns Sam not to underestimate her love for Jason or Jason's for her. Sam says she hopes Jason's love for Carly hasnít cost him his life. Patrick comes out and tells Monica, Sam, and Carly that Jason has suffered severe head trauma and that he is unconscious and unresponsive. Monica is concerned that it is just the same as his earlier accident.

Carly tells Olivia that Jax is back and that she has to find him before Sonny finds out. Epiphany forbids Carly to leave the hospital so Olivia agrees to go to Carly's house to check things out. Sonny goes to Carly's house and finds the door open and Josslyn's toy on the floor. He asks Mercedes if she saw or heard anything, but Mercedes had been doing the Laundry when Josslyn disappeared. Olivia arrives at Carly's house and tells Sonny that Jax is back in town. She tells him that Carly and Jason are at the hospital after being in an accident. She suggests calling Dante to report a kidnapping. Edward Quartermaine isn't feeling well at the fundraiser at the Metro Court, so Skye takes him to a room upstairs. While they are talking, Sonny bursts in demanding to know where Jax is. They don't know anything and Sky wants to know why Carly isn't there herself. Olivia tells them that Jason and Carly were in a car accident. Jax is on his way to the airport with Josslyn until his car breaks down and they have to continue on foot. Shawn is injured, disoriented, and having flashbacks of gunfire and screaming children. He manages to make his way to Jax's deserted car and takes shelter there. A small dog joins him.

Michael and Abby are still on Sonny's island. Abby is uncomfortable about an expensive dress Michael gives her. She tells him that isn't his style; it's Sonny's. She tells him it is disturbing that he is trying to be just like his father. Michael doesn't understand what is wrong with that.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John runs a DNA test that confirms that both of the "2 Todds" share the same DNA. Nobody knows what to make if that or how that can be explained except Starr suggests they could be twins. Meanwhile, Baker meets with an unseen woman who tells him he failed with his "mission" involving "the fugitive" (original Todd) since he escaped from captivity, found his way to Llanview and found Todd Manning and cannot be found again. When original Todd realizes he is not going back to jail, he knows he has nowhere to stay until Viki tells him he can stay with her, seeming as though she knows that original Todd really is her brother. We then see the woman who is behind the 8 year captivity of original Todd right as Viki concludes that the only person who knows why there are 2 Todds is the woman who gave birth to him, Irene Manning. We then see that it's Irene Manning who is working with Baker to prevent original Todd from being with the people who know him. Destiny admits to her grandmother that she is pregnant and needs authorization to get an abortion. Her grandmother is supportive to her and she decides she will come back to live with her parents. Matthew, however, remains in a coma and unaware that he got Destiny pregnant. Nate goes and talks to Nora and finds out that if she convicts him for assaulting her son, she also has to convict her son for shooting Eddie since that was Nate's motive to assault him. Nate tells her that he does not wish any harm to Matthew and won't implicate her son.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victoria tells Ashley and Traci that Billy left her and went to Hong Kong. Later while Victoria and Ashley and Victoria are talking about Billy, he sends a text to Ashley, Jack and Traci telling them not to worry about him, because he is in Hong Kong. Ashley packs her things and moves into the Athletic club, because she can’t forgive Tucker for lying to her about sleeping with Diane. Tucker finds an employee who tried to sell his private information to a tabloid and fires him. Katherine tells Neil that she is trying to have Tucker and Ashley’s marriage annulled so that Tucker will be so distracted fighting the annulment that he won’t notice when she sells Jabot back to Chancellor Industries for double the market value. Adam gets his one-night stand Elena to tell Ronan they were together all night but Ronan discovers credit card receipts that show that Adam could have killed Diane and still had time to get back to the Athletic club and be with Elena. Ronan also gets a search warrant to search Adam’s apartment and finds his Harvard ring, which could be what left a mark on Dianne’s arm.

Sharon’s lawyer Avery explains that she works with a team of law and journalism students who so far have helped 25 innocent people regain their freedom. Sharon is grateful to Sam for all his support and always finding a way to make her smile. Jack finds Kyle in Switzerland and tells him that his mother was killed. Kyle is devastated and heads back to Genoa City with Jack. When they get home, Victor arrives at Jack’s house and stuns him with the papers that show that Diane left custody of Kyle to him.

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