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AMC Recap Written by Gisele

At the hospital for her burns, Janet speaks harshly to Jake who asks if she torched Oak Haven. Amanda tells her mom that she needs Jake, especially right now, because she has cervical cancer and has to undergo a hysterectomy. Janet assures her daughter that she will survive this then praises her mothering. Jake suggests that they adopt many children. Janet asks Jake to do what she can't -- be there for her Mandy. Amanda wishes that her mom would have been as supportive when she was growing up, so they could have had a healthy relationship. Jake assures his wife that she has him and their son, Master T., to rely on, then holds her and asks her to believe that everything will be all right.  Crying and hugging Jake, Amanda promises to try.

Opal worries that her gal pal has been hurt in the fire, but Cara assures her there were no dead bodies in the rubble. Cara wonders where Tad is. Krystal offers to lend Cara some clothes for her trip with Tad, because she wants them to be happy together. Tad is stunned when Dixie walks up to him and hugs him.  At first, he can't believe she's really alive and asks where she's been. When Dixie says David's name, Tad explodes that he wants to kill him, but Dixie stops his outburst when she gets short of breath. After calming her, Tad and Dixie sit together in the park watching the starry night sky. After they put Erica and Marian to sleep in Zach's secret room, Kendall and Bianca sit and talk about what just happened. Bianca calls Marissa for support until she has to leave to go play a video game with AJ. Kendall asks Bianca to be left alone and promises to call her if Erica or Marian wake up.

Ryan angrily demands that David tell him where Greenlee is, then makes a deal to leave him alone if Hayward tells him all about his Project Orpheus. David admits he's been experimenting illegally with stem cells, which made it possible for Greenlee to walk again. Griffin arrives with news of Janet's hospital stay for burns and asks David if it's true that Dixie Martin is alive. Ryan stops David from leaving and grabs his cell phone to seek evidence that he was talking with Greenlee. After David leaves his apartment, Ryan assures Griffin that they will get answers because he slipped a GPS tracking chip into Hayward's phone, so they can find Greenlee. Greenlee can't believe Zach is alive but can't get out of David's secret room to inform Kendall. When Zach opens his eyes and grabs her hand, Greenlee assures him he's safe, until he starts seizing and she starts screaming.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Last three minutes missing due to President Obama's special report statement.

Katie insists on knowing from Bill, just who he is lying to, her or Steffy. She lashes out at him that why did he marry her in the first place, just another conquest. She thought they would be pushing and challenging and loving each other for the rest of their lives. So now she’s just become this pitiful hospital patient that he will stay with until her heart gives out. He insists that no other woman alive could convince him that he had a real heart, much less speak from it. She realizes he has abandonment issues, but her dad walked out too….so you just have to find a way to get over it. She wants a man of integrity and if that is not him, then he can walk out right now and go back to Steffy. She’s serious. He’s a good looking man and many woman will throw themselves at his feet, but if this is the man he is, she does not want him. Ridge shows up at Steffy’s new place and wants to hear more about it from her. He realizes why Steffy turned to Bill, but says turning to a married man is not the answer. She says she still feels betrayed by Ridge, but that had nothing to do with Bill. They love each other and that won’t change. He knows she had an infatuation with Bill, but he doesn’t call that love. She insists it is. Ridge will just have to learn to accept it. Taylor explains to Brooke that she didn’t say anything sooner as Steffy wanted to tell them herself. Brooke tells Taylor that now that Katie has had a heart attack, he is not going to leave her. Her daughter is acting out and will be hurt. Taylor needs to warn her and be there for her.

Taylor reminds Brooke that she doesn’t need help in counseling her daughter. She disapproves of this too, but Steffy has her own place now and she is not going to tell her to turn off her emotions and not feel anything. Ridge tells Steffy that Bill has made promises to Katie, so somebody is lying. Steffy says she knows it is going to take time, but she will give him that time. Eventually he will come to Steffy. Katie tells Bill that she is not a watcher anymore. She has a voice and she will be heard. He gained a heart and she got a backbone; he can’t throw all of that away….end it with Steffy and then beg Katie to forgive him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At Sami and Rafeís apartment, Will was walking out and Rafe called out and let him know he dropped his wallet.  A condom fell out of Willís wallet.  Rafe wanted to talk to Will about the condom.  Rafe thought that Will and Gabi should wait to have sex.  Will didnít care for this conversation.  Will assured Rafe that he wonít hurt Gabi and that he will love her even if they donít have sex.  At the hospital, Melanie was worried about Maggie.  Jennifer assured her that Maggie will be fine.  Meanwhile Daniel had trouble finding Maggieís bleeder because sheís still bleeding.  The nurse told Daniel that her heart rate dropped.  Daniel was scared they were going to lose Maggie.  Brady tried to hug Melanie, but she didnít want to be near him.  Dario wanted to walk with Melanie so she could calm down.  Nicole was at the hospital too.  Brady told her that he thinks Melanie blamed him for what happened to Maggie.  She wanted to know about Maggie and Brady told her.  Brady believed that EJ lied to him about wanting to call a truce.  Bo and Hope arrived at the hospital and asked Victor what happened to Maggie.  Bo wanted to question Victor about what happened to Maggie.  Victor wasnít ready to answer questions.  Hope told him that they had to find out what happened to her.  Brady told Bo and Hope that it was the DiMeras.  Melanie continued to give Brady the cold shoulder.  Lexie was going to help with Maggieís surgery.  Victor didnít think a DiMera should help Maggie.  Hope reminded him that she is next of kin and they will make the decisions not Victor.  Hope and Jennifer thank Lexie for her help.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ yelled at Stefano for what happened to Maggie.  Stefano told him to back off.  They continued to work on Maggie.  Lexie zoned out during Maggieís surgery.  Chad and EJ continued to talk about Stefano.  Chad didnít like the way EJ treated Stefano until EJ told him about how Stefano ruins the lives of his family.  Chad wondered why EJ stays around Stefano if heís horrible.  EJ felt it was too late for him.  EJ wondered if itís too late for Chad too. Chad was convinced that he could walk away from Stefano if he wanted.  EJ wasnít so sure of that.  Abby showed up at the hospital to be there for Maggie.  Hope called the Hortons, but they are away.  Bo talked to Victor about what happened.  Victor blamed himself for everything that happened to Maggie. Bo figured out that he was on the pier with Stefano because Brady attacked EJ.  Bo didnít want Victor to talk to anyone about what happened.  Bo is going to check on the investigation.  Daniel gave up on Lexie and asked the nurse to page another doctor.  Lexie finally snapped out of it and assisted Daniel with the surgery.  Daniel finally found the bleeder, but Maggieís blood pressure crashed.  Maggie went into cardiac arrest.  Daniel used the paddles to shock her, but it didnít work.  Will and Gabi talked about being together and how much they loved each other.  They were ready to take their relationship further.  They ended up going to a hotel.  Rafe investigated Maggieís shooting at the pier.  Nicole told Brady not to go after EJ because the police need the shooter to be alive.  Melanie told Victor that Daniel and company were trying to revive Maggie.  Daniel continued to work on Maggie to no avail.  Lexie told him to stop.  Daniel told the nurse to mark the time of death.  She wanted to know if she should turn off the machine.  He told her that she may as well do it.  The nurse called the time of death at 8:47 p.m.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

To Maxie’s dismay, Spinelli is smitten with Lulu. The three end up stuck at Crimson because of a power outage. Robin and Patrick return home for a romantic night together. When the power goes out, Patrick heads back to the hospital. Shawn and Jax butt heads over Josslyn. While Shawn has a war flashback, Jax hurries away with Josslyn. Elizabeth causes a car accident, leaving Siobhan, Carly and Jason injured. Dante arrives on the scene and calls for help. The three victims are rushed into GH. Monica is sickened when she sees an unconscious Jason. Olivia tries to reassure Carly that Jax won’t kidnap Josslyn. Siobhan and Jason are in critical condition. Monica calls Sam with the grave news about Jason.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Destiny declares to Shaun and Vivian that she believes she should get an abortion. But Vivian tells her that since she's not going to turn 18 until she's too far along in the pregnancy to get it done, she has to get parental consent from her legal guardians, whom she's recently found out are her grandparents who lied to her about her brother Greg actually being her father. Nobody knows when or if Matthew will recover, and he has no way of knowing that he got Destiny pregnant. He also cannot tell anybody what has been discovered regarding Nate assaulting and putting him in the hospital and the circumstances surrounding that. Nora emotionally tells Bo they must put Nate in a cell for assaulting Matthew and realize there's no reason to absolve him when they've also found out Nate is a porn star. But Bo has talked to Nate who told him how he was blackmailed to do the porn film and that he was angry justifiably at Matthew when he learned Matthew killed Eddie and let him take the rap for it. He knows it was an accident that Matthew wound up in the hospital and not Nate's intent. She does not care when it means that Nate will go free and get to have a future when their son does not. But he tells her that the very reason Nate assaulted Matthew is because Matthew had not yet confessed until it was too late, due to the fact that they told their son not to when they remember he was going to come clean against their wishes. So, Bo concludes if anybody is to blame for what happened to Matthew, it's them and not Nate. Meanwhile, John is about to reveal who is the real Todd manning, while both current and original Todd along with everybody in Todd's life, await the verdict.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jill and Nina worry about Chance when they find out that he is on a classified mission and can’t contact them. Jill leans on Colin and Genevieve looks jealous when she sees Jill and Colin together. Lily and Daniel kiss and she tells him that she is ready to file for divorce from Cane. Lily later tells Cane she is filing for divorce and he tells her he won’t fight it but he asks her to consider giving him visitation rights for the sake of the twins. Victor decides that Abby shouldn’t be the spokeswoman for Beauty of Nature and tells Victoria about Abby causing Tucker’s accident and that Diane had the tape to prove it.

Genevieve visits Victoria to offer her condolences to Victoria about Diane’s death and when Victoria tells her she just missed Victor and that he is at the gym punching the heavy punching bag Genevieve heads over there and Victor gives her a boxing lesson. Chloe worries that she and Kevin are drifting apart because he doesn’t agree that she should be keeping Delia away from Billy. Nina is hurt because Ronan didn’t tell her that he was back in town. Nina is also angry with Ronan because he refuses to explain why he left town so quickly after his surgery. Nina and Esther encourage Jill to reach out to Billy so she goes to Victoria’s house to talk but Victoria tells her that she hasn’t heard from Billy. Victoria later gets a call from Hong Kong airlines since Billy left his phone behind on the flight and her number was listed as the emergency contact number.

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