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AMC Recap Written by Joseph

Janet starts a fire at Oak Haven so that they can all escape. Annie goes to Ryan's and sees Emma. Tad talks to Kathy about her grandpa and Dixie passing away. Griffin confronts David about the obituaries in his safe and wants to know if he saved any of those people. Greenlee is stunned to find Leo alive. Erica and Janet join Bianca and Kendall at Kendall's home after breaking out of Oak Haven. Griffin questions David about whether or not Dixie and Zach are still alive. Erica and Janet inform Bianca and Kendall that there are others that broke out with them from Oak Haven. Annie is happy to see that Emma is happy and apologizes to Ryan for everything she did before she leaves and is taken away by police. Greenlee and Leo reminisce on old times and get close. Cara goes to the hospital after hearing about the Oak Haven fire which makes Opal worry about Erica. Erica and Janet bring Marian and Dixie to hide out at Kendall's which surprises Kendall and Bianca, who can't believe that Dixie is alive.

Jack calls Ryan as he is looking for Greenlee but Ryan informs him that he hasn't seen her either. Greenlee talks to Leo about her happiness with Ryan and tells Leo that she loves him and Ryan both. Cara and Griffin treat Janet at the hospital for her burns. Janet informs them that Dixie is still alive. Cara doesn't believe her but Griffin tells her that it could be true. Marian talks to Kendall about no longer being unbalanced and Kendall tells her about trying to kill David. While they talk, Dixie runs away. Tad sits in the park and talks to the sky towards Dixie. David goes to Ryan's and Ryan grabs him, demanding to know where Greenlee is. Greenlee kisses Leo but then it ends up that it was all a dream as Greenlee wakes up on the floor where David left her. Griffin tells Cara that he has to find out the truth about the obituaries. Tad asks above for a sign of Dixie's blessing for him to move on. Dixie then finds her way to the park and ends up right behind Tad. David tells Ryan that he didn't do anything to Greenlee but Ryan refuses to let him leave. Greenlee gets up, similar to when she did in her dream and found Leo, but this time she walks to the bed and sees Zach laying there.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy asks Bill what is going to happen to them. He huffs that he told her; he is going to be there for his wife. All he can think about now is his wife getting well and Katie needs him to get well. He’s sorry, but that’s the way it has to be. He explains that this is an extraordinary situation and he can’t even tell her when he will see Steffy next, but nothing he told her about their future is a lie. She tries to stop him when he has to go back to the hospital. He tells her not to make this any harder than it already is. She finally says she loves him even more that he wants to do the right thing about Katie. Katie unhooks the wires and tubes, spots a coat left on the table in her room and puts it on. She gets her belongings with iPhone and calls for a cab. Taylor reveals to Ridge that she knew about Steffy pursuing Bill for some time….but she thought it was merely a crush and that she would not act on it and certainly Bill wouldn’t since he was a happily married man. She tells both Ridge and Brooke that she did not approve of this and that is why she went to see Katie and told her. Ridge realizes Steffy is going to be heartbroken. Brooke says it is exactly what she deserves. Katie suddenly shows up at Steffy’s. Steffy is concerned and asks her to sit down. Katie sits down, says she is okay. She just wanted Steffy to know that Bill is not going to leave her, and he will never step foot in this place again. Steffy opines that she is sorry that Katie had a heart attack and that all of this happened, but what Katie just said was not the impression she got from Bill.

Ridge tells Taylor and Brooke there is no use in assigning blame here. It is up to them to act as responsible parents. Brooke lashes out that Steffy always wants what she wants when she wants it and it’s up to them as her parents to say no. Ridge can’t stand the thought of that man’s hands on his daughter and how upset she will be when Bill dumps her. Everyone panics when they realizes Katie is not in her room and they have no idea where she is. Katie tells Steffy that she is beautiful so she can understand why Bill would want her, but she also is cold. Steffy says Katie and her sisters are addicted to drama and Bill wants a normal life. She’s disappointed in his decision, of course, but she’s not going to jump out of a window. She can wait. Bill returns to Katie’s room. Katie is not far behind. She confronts Bill that he made promises to her and he also made promises to Steffy. She wants to know the truth. Which one was he lying to?

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

At the pier, Maggie fell into Victorís arms and told him that she tried to warn him about being shot.  Stefano looked shocked.  Victor told Maggie to hold on.  Stefano looked at Marco who left.  Victor yelled at Stefano.  Stefano tried to defend himself, but it didnít do any good.  Victor blamed him for what happened to Maggie.  Stefano called 9-1-1 and told them about the shooting.  He left.  Victor wanted Maggie to hold on because help was on the way.  He asked why she had to come to the pier.  She weakly told him that she loved him.  At the Cheating Heart, Taylor found Nicole.  They talked about Nicoleís relationships with EJ and Brady.  They also talked about Sydney.  Nicole told her how she gave Brady up to be with Sydney and it was for nothing.  Nicole believed Brady wouldnít understand her need to be with EJ.  Taylor told her that she and Brady talked about Nicole.  Nicole wasnít happy about that.  The two started arguing about what Taylor did with EJ.  Sonny and Chad found EJ and Brady shaking hands in the forest.  EJ told Sonny and Chad that he and Brady werenít trying to kill each other.  EJ had no interest in killing Brady for attacking him.  EJ admitted to doing terrible things in the past.  Brady was shocked to hear him admit it.  EJ and Brady talked about Arianna as well as the other people he hurt.

At the hospital, Jennifer had an idea for Daniel and Melanie to help Carly.  Jennifer told them to make a video asking the public to help find Carly.  Carly called the drug dealer because she didnít get her drugs yet.  The drug dealer was with Quinn while he was on the phone with Carly.  The drug dealer told Quinn that Carly wanted more drugs.  Quinn said to give them to her.  Later, Carly wondered what she was doing by taking the drugs.  She thought about the intervention with Jennifer, Daniel, and Melanie.  Quinn showed up at the hotel room while Carly was having a fit.  Quinn thought Carly took the pills.  Carly tried to deny it, but Quinn said he saw someone with drugs.  He continued to ask her about the drugs.  He wanted her to talk to him about her problem.  She finally caved and began sharing her life story with him.  Maggie arrived at the hospital and Jennifer, Daniel, and Melanie rushed to see her.  Jennifer saw the blood on Victor and thought he was hurt.  He let her know that it was Maggieís blood and she needed help.  Stefano made plans for Marco to leave town and never come back.  At the pub, EJ didnít want Chad to tell Stefano about what he saw in the forest.  Chad told him that Stefano already knows.  Brady burst in the pub and screamed at EJ for what happened to Maggie.  EJ didnít know what Brady was talking about.  Brady informed EJ that the war isnít over since Stefano intended to kill Victor and not Maggie.  Brady called Nicole and told her about Maggie.  He believed that the truce was a setup.  EJ and Chad confronted Stefano about what happened to Maggie.  Stefano insisted that it was an accident.  EJ was very upset with Stefano.  Taylor was upset when Nicole told her that EJ and Bradyís truce was a setup.  Taylor was upset and realized that EJ will never change.  Daniel prepared Maggie for surgery.  Maggie called for Victor and he apologized.  Maggie told him how the shooting wasnít his fault.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lucky is soaking wet and shoeless in an abandoned church. He sees flashes of his first wedding to Elizabeth and talks to a hallucination of present-day Elizabeth. Elizabeth finds Lucky's phone. Siobhan demands that Elizabeth tell her where Lucky is, but Elizabeth doesn't know. Siobhan grabs the bag that Elizabeth is holding and wants know why Elizabeth has Lucky's shoes. She says she is going to report Elizabeth for having drugs in her purse. Elizabeth reluctantly reveals that the medicines are to counteract the drugs in Lucky's system. Siobhan begins ranting about Elizabeth taking advantage of the situation to get Lucky back. Siobhan tries to snatch Elizabeth's purse and they both fall down the stairs. Elizabeth is ok. She helps Siobhan into the car to take her to the hospital. Siobhan accuses Elizabeth pushed her down the stairs. Elizabeth leans over to shake Siobhan to keep her conscious and the car swerves.

Sam asks Jason to help her with planning the wedding. Skye sees Jax making plans to leave on his jet. Shawn tells Jason that he should keep security on Carly and Josslyn because he suspects that Jax won't be gone for long. Jason agrees and adds that Franco is still a threat. Shawn says his goodbyes and says time for him to move on. Jax goes into Carly's house and takes Josslyn. As he opens the door to leave, Shawn is about to knock. At the Skipping School fundraiser at the Metro Court, Olivia offers a sympathetic ear to Sonny. Edward tells Skye he wants to know why she really came to Port Charles. Skye tells Carly that she saw Jax by the river 20 minutes ago. Carly goes to Jason's house to tell him Jax is back. Sam and Jason wonder why she didn't call the police. Jason drives Carly back to her house. Suddenly they have headlight shining into the window and veer to the side.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody is awaiting the answer about who is the real Todd Manning. Starr goes to visit original Todd in the jail cell with a list of questions that only her father could answer. He knows all the answers but she suspects that this man "did his homework" and that is why he knows things that her real father may not remember from the distant past. Viki informs John that the man in question (original Todd) knows and remembers things about their relationship and history that an imposter could not know or fake. Dani accompanies destiny and Shaun to the Ob-Gyn clinic where Vivian confirms that Destiny is pregnant and explores the options. Yet nobody likes to face the fact that she can either abort, give her baby up for adoption or raise a baby as a teenager. And they remark that Matthew is not "there" for her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Diane narrates this episode similar to Mary Alice on Desperate Housewives. We discover that everyone who got a text message to meet Diane at the footbridge played a part in her death, because each of the suspects either gave her a bruise on her body or left something behind to place them at the scene of the crime. Phyllis broke a fake nail that the police found after her physical confrontation with Diane. Tucker got a leaf in his hair after Diane pushed him off her when he lunged at her. Nick and Diane struggled over his phone because Diane didn’t want him to call the DA to tell him that she was trying to blackmail the Newman family. Nick also threatened to kill Diane if she did anything else against her family. Adam grabbed Diane’s arm hard enough to leave a mark after their confrontation and Abby fought with Diane so hard that she broke her hotel room key which the police found in Diane’s mouth.

Victoria continues to worry about Billy and why he left so suddenly and she is very nervous about being questioned by the police about Diane’s death. Ashley tells Tucker she doesn’t know if she can ever forgive him but when Ronan questions them Tucker and Ashley say they were together all night long. Nick and Phyllis also tell Ronan they were together all night long but Abby can’t provide an alibi because the bartender at the Athletic club can’t remember the exact time she left the bar. Adam offers to provide an alibi for Abby and he can do the same for her but she refuses the offer so Adam talks to the woman he slept with that night. In flashback we discover that in one of the many physical struggles with the suspects Diane dropped her phone, which fell in the bushes and was still on and it may hold the evidence to lead the Police to Diane’s killer

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