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AMC Recap Written by Joseph

Tad worries about JR and considers canceling his trip with Cara, but Krystal tells him not to. Cara tells Griffin that she's going away with Tad and wants to know what happened between him and Kendall. Griffin tells her that his personal and professional lives must remain separate. David brings Greenlee to the place where he can treat her. Opal asks Jake to help get Erica out of Oak Haven. Erica tries to talk to Dixie but Dixie says that she does not know her. Erica tries to get answers from Dixie but all she gets is Dixie drawing a star. Ryan and Griffin break into the safe in David's office where they find obituaries of people from Pine Valley. David realizes that Greenlee was lying about the numbness in her legs and thinks Ryan tried to set him up.

Griffin and Ryan look through the obituaries in David's safe. Tad and Cara talk to Jake about being there for Amanda throughout her cancer. Amanda joins them as they toast to family while Tad and Cara tell them about their upcoming trip. Erica wishes she could get Dixie to Tad so Janet tells her she has a plan to escape. Cara and Tad prepare for their trip but Opal calls Tad and tells him that Kathy needs him. Jake and Amanda talk about their rough patches in their relationship but promise to be more in love than ever now. Ryan and Griffin watch the CD from David's safe which is a video where David says that if Griffin is watching it, he's likely on death's door and is leaving himself in Griffin's hands. Greenlee tries to get away from David but he grabs her and injects her with a needle. Janet comes up with an escape plan to set a fire at Oak Haven which Erica agrees to. David returns to his office to find his safe now empty. Greenlee wakes up in the room where David left her and finds Leo lying in a bed.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The Doctor tells Katie that her heart is trying to recover from a serious trauma. Bill says she’s the boss so do as the doctor says and get some rest. The Logan sisters wait outside with Bill. They want to know if he meant what he just said. He says yes; nothing is more important than her recovery. But now he has something he has to go do while Katie is resting. He won’t be long. Brooke is happy they aren’t going to lose their sister and Katie isn’t going to lose Bill. Liam and Hope rush to the hospital and are filled in. Brooke says Steffy won’t cause any more problems for Bill again… least not today. Steffy greets Bill. She is sure that Bill told Katie about them. She knows he will feel responsible for Katie being in the hospital, but he didn’t mean to cause this. Bill says Katie knows everything. That is what caused this. Steffy laments that she is sorry. She knows they don’t get along, but she would never wish this on her or her family. She’s not too pleased though when Bill tells Steffy that now the whole Logan family knows the truth. The truth hurts. He is only focused on Katie right now. The sisters won’t come after him. Hope and Liam join Donna and Brooke in Katie’s room and tell her that they are glad she is okay. They know everything and they are there to say they love and support her.

The doctor tells Katie and her sisters there was no significant damage to her heart, but they want to keep her here for a few days for monitoring. Liam slips out to try and call his dad. Brooke catches him first and accuses him of already knowing about Bill and Steffy. He tells her that he told his dad it was wrong, but it wasn’t something planned. It just happened. They speak again in Katie’s room and she overhears them discussing a way to get to Steffy and tell her to back off. He even mentions that she is living in Owen and Jackie’s old loft. Bill tells Steffy that this is no longer about them, Katie needs him…..they could still lose her. He has to focus on her. He’s sorry, but it’s not going to happen the way he and Steffy planned. Katie made him a better man; a man who would not walk away from his responsibilities. He gave her his word and he can not walk away. He is not pretending; he does love her too. Steffy keeps reminding him that he loves her. She loves him and wants to be with him. She begs him that now that this is out in the open, they don’t have to hide it. She’s waited long enough. He assures her that he is sorry, but he can’t leave Katie. He wouldn’t be able to live with himself. Katie lays there in her bed and thinks back on what Brooke and Liam just discussed. With blood in her eyes, she drags herself out of bed and unhooks the tubes.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

At the pier, Brady saw Taylor crying and asked her what was wrong.  She was happy that itís finally over.  She told him that EJís telling the truth this time.  Brady got a call from EJ.  EJ wanted to meet him near the lake.  At the pub, EJ repeatedly told Nicole that heís not going after to Brady.  Nicole said she believed him.  EJ told Nicole that heís trying to change.  EJ told her that the vendetta was going to end tonight.  At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie was hurt that Victor wanted to cancel their date.  Victor apologized for hurting her.  He couldnít tell her why he had to cancel their date.  He promised to make it up to her.  She was willing to cut him some slack this time.  She left, but she knew that the lies were starting.  At the DiMera mansion, Stefano told Marco to make sure everybody is on alert.  Stefano doesnít trust Victor.  Marco asked if Brady was the one who attacked EJ.  Stefano knew it was Brady.  There was no way Stefano was going to let what Brady did go unpunished.  Chad overheard Stefano talking to Marco about the plan to get the Kiriakisí.  Chad interrupted them and wanted to know what was going on.  Stefano told Chad that thereís a vendetta against their family.  Stefano wanted Chad to give an informant some money.  Chad took the money and walked out.  He kept listening to Stefano and Marco talking and was determined to figure out what was happening.

Melanie visited Maggie.  Melanie wanted to know how things were going with Victor.  Maggie told her how he canceled their date.  Melanie wanted to know why he would do that.  Maggie thinks it might have to do with Brady.  Melanie didnít say anything.  Melanie eventually told her that EJís starting to remember what happened to him.  Maggie wanted to know if Brady knew about EJ remembering the attack.  Melanie told her that Brady knew about it.  Maggie was convinced that was why Victor canceled their dinner plans.  Maggie was going to find Victor and get answers from him.  Victorís henchman Dimitri asked if he had plans for Stefano.  Heís convinced he can bribe Stefano to end the vendetta.  Later on, Maggie showed up at the Kiriakis mansion and confronted Dimitri.  She demanded to know where Victor was.  She threatened to tell Victor that he didnít help her if he refused to help her.  He warned her that she didnít want to be there.  She walked out, but overheard that he was going to the pier.  She went off to the pier.  Stefano gave Marco orders about where everyone had to be.  He wants his henchman to watch Victor closely.  Stefano confronted Victor about Brady attacking EJ.  He reminded Victor how he lost Tony because of his family.  Maggie overheard the conversation.  Stefano wanted Victor to admit that Brady attacked EJ.  Victor believed that Brady was provoked.  Victor grabbed for documents in his pocket.  Maggie saw Marco pull out his gun and aim it at Victor.  She rushed out from where she was hiding and called Victorís name.  Marco shot his gun and Maggie fell in Victorís arms.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Johnny goes to the docks, only to have his way blocked by Max and Milo. Sonny enters behind Johnny and asks if Johnny is planning to headquarter his new drug operation there. Johnny says it's not his operation and he doesnít care what Sonny does to Anthony. He tells Sonny that everyone he cared about is gone so he has nothing to lose unlike Sonny who has lots of little Sonnys running around. Sonny asks him if he is stupid enough to threaten his family to his face. Johnny asks Sonny if he is stupid enough to do something about it. Sonny tells Johnny if he wants to keep the peace agreement, then he needs to put a leash on his father and stop the drug distribution.

Elizabeth begs Dante not to call in Lucky's condition and ruin his life. He agrees to keep it quiet but he won't lie to Lulu if she asks. He "doesn't see" her taking meds to help Lucky. Siobhan leaves a message for Lucky, saying that she is worried about him. Lulu goes to Lucky's place and finds the door open but no one home. Ethan comes by to check on Siobhan because she had a nosebleed earlier. She tells him about her trip and not finding Luke. He tells her about Lucky taking on a drug investigation. Anthony tells JT that the weird private detective that thinks someone is dealing drugs out of the bakery is ensuring that it will be the last place anyone will look when he sets up his real operation there. Siobhan listens to their conversation that describes their plans. Anthony hides when Elizabeth arrives at the bakery talking to Dante on her cell phone. Siobhan hears Elizabeth tell Dante that she is the only person Lucky trusts. Siobhan follows Elizabeth and Anthony follows Siobhan. Elizabeth finds Lucky's phone but Lucky isn't with it. Lucky is soaking wet in an abandoned building. Siobhan tells Elizabeth to tell her where her husband is.

Patrick takes Robin to the spa for a massage, but she gets paged and has to go back to the hospital. She gives her spa coupon to Epiphany and makes her take a break. Patrick goes into the spa room in a towel, only to discover Epiphany in the room. Epiphany leaves. Matt takes Maxie to dinner at Metro Court only to discover that Jackal, PI is watching them. Maxie gets up and stops Jackal, PI when he is scrutinizing a customer's dessert. She tells Olivia to put the couple's meal on the Crimson account. Matt tells Maxie to take Spinelli to GH so a specialist can diagnose what is wrong with him. Patrick takes Robin to the spa for a massage, but she gets paged and has to go back to the hospital. She gives her spa coupon to Epiphany and makes her take a break. Patrick goes into the spa room in a towel, only to discover Epiphany in the room. Epiphany leaves. Carly tells Olivia that she is sad about the custody case because she wanted Jax to be in Josslyn's life. Sonny goes to Metro Court to let Carly know he is back in town. Jax, dressed in black including a cap, exits a small hotel room. He goes to an alley, calls someone, and tells them to get the jet ready for him and one passenger. Skye Quartermaine overhears.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody is discussing and wondering what has happened regarding "the two Todd Mannings". Jack tells Starr he doesn't believe a word of the strange guy who is scamming them and knows that the Todd we've known for 8 years is their father. But Starr questions how this man who looks exactly like Todd she knew before the surgery seems to remember so many things about her that only Todd would know. Tea asks current Todd what is going on and admits she has her doubts that he is real and she is considering that maybe original Todd is telling the truth. Blair talks to Tomas who confesses his involvement with Baker, the CIA and original Todd years ago. Yet they both admit they have no answer as to whom is the real Todd Manning and who is an imposter. Viki goes to the jail cell to talk to original Todd, in awe that he looks exactly like her brother whom she has known until 2003 although she realizes she's believed that "current" Todd is the real Todd after getting reconstructive surgery. original Todd brings up memories and recalls conversations he's had with his sister that only Todd would know and urges her to know and believe that he is the brother she's shared the special bond with throughout his life. She doesn't know what to say, do or think. John and the cops are then determined to find out what Baker's scheme is, why original Todd has been locked up for 8 years and they are ready to do a DNA test to unravel the mystery of who is in fact the real Todd Manning.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ronan questions Adam, Jack, and Victor about Diane’s death and they each remember something that they don’t tell Ronan. Adam remembers putting Diane’s blood on a rock and then taking her and dragging her back and forth from the rock to the riverbank then putting Victor’s watch under another rock. Adam also remembers Diane telling him that the same videographer who helped him the day of the Newman IPO has a copy of a tape she made telling the SEC that he was responsible for the plan to make everyone believe Victor was dead that day. Jack recalls going to the footbridge and demanding that Diane tell him where Kyle is and grabbing Diane’s arm and saying or else. Victor remembers Meeting Diane at the footbridge and her telling him about Adam’s plan to set him up for her death but Victor doesn’t tell Ronan that Diane got angry with him when he refuses to help her get out of town to be with Kyle and she lunged at him and started to hit him. Victor does tell Ronan that Adam was trying to set him up for Diane’s death and any evidence they find at the crime scene to implicate him was planted there by Adam.

Jack finds Kyle and heads to Switzerland to pick him up once Ronan tells him he is free to leave since he hasn’t been charged with a crime yet. Paul and Ronan argue when he refuses to explain why he left town so suddenly and also because he hasn’t called Nina to tell her he is back in town. Billy and Victoria make love and Billy tells Victoria he is sorry before she heads to the kitchen to make coffee. Billy finds the picture that Victoria had made for his birthday and packs it up with the rest of his things and leaves the house while Victoria is getting coffee later Billy is on a plane looking at a picture of Delia and telling the picture that he is sorry.

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