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AMC Recap Written by Joseph

Cara and Tad continue preparing to go on their trip as they kiss and grow closer. Bianca and Marissa argue with JR over AJ. Jesse talks with Brot about his constant worries that Maya will realize Lucy is hers. Angie stops Mookie from hurting Maya by kicking him out of their house. Asher informs Colby that he's moving out to fix his life as he had become dependent on his pain pills. Marissa informs JR that she has gotten a temporary restraining order against JR and a court order for temporary full custody of AJ until JR can prove he's a sober and responsible parent. Maya explains her relationship with Mookie to Angie and reveals to her that she moved to Pine Valley because she was pregnant and was afraid Mookie would hurt her and the baby. Jesse considers telling Angie the truth about the baby but realizes how much pain it would cause. Asher tells Colby that they can't be together until he figures things out and becomes the man she deserves.

Mookie tells JR that he's quitting the gatehouse because Maya left and gets in his face when JR tells him that he doesn't care. JR punches Mookie leading to Brot and Jesse breaking up the fight. JR ends up pushing Jesse which results in JR being arrested for assaulting a police officer. Marissa and Bianca tell Tad about their confrontation with JR so Cara encourages Tad to go see JR. AJ tells Marissa that he misses the nice JR and not the mean one. Asher and Colby say their goodbyes as Asher exits the mansion. Maya tells Angie that she gave up her baby and comments on Lucy looking so much like her baby. Tad talks to JR at Krystal's and says he can't help him anymore. Tad tells JR to grow up and clean up his own mess which leads to JR telling Tad that he hates him as he's escorted out in handcuffs.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie cries while begging Bill not to leave her. They are better than this. Donna and Brooke hear the alarm go off in the I.C.U. room for Katie. The doctors rush in and command Bill to leave. The Logan sisters demand to know from Bill why Katie was so upset…and what happened earlier in his office that made her collapse. They are both dumbfounded when they hear that he told Katie he was involved with someone else…..and it is Steffy. He tells them that they don’t know how upsetting this is to him too. They understand how Steffy could get under his skin, but he loves Katie and they expect him to do the right thing by staying with her. He has to show them the kind of man he really is…..a man of conviction or a man who will walk out the door in a time like this. Oliver drops some work off to Steffy’s new loft. He’s amazed that she always seems to get what she wants and now it is Bill. She laments that it is going to be difficult, but Bill is going to end his marriage to Katie and be with her.

Bill calls Steffy just long enough to say he can’t fill in details, but Katie had a heart attack and is in the hospital. The doctor tells Bill that Katie’s condition is tenuous and she nixes the idea of him wanting to see her. He insists that he has something that Katie needs to hear, so the doctor relents. He sits by Katie’s side and tells her that he is so sorry; he does love her and wants her to please come back to him. Barely awake, she touches his hair. Steffy tells Oliver that this won’t change anything. Bill will wait until Katie is more stable and then he will come and be with her. The doctor tells Bill that she has never seen anything like this. Katie’s turn for the better is nothing more than remarkable. The sisters hover around and welcome Katie back. Katie has Bill say that he’s not going anywhere. She says she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. He asks her to never doubt what she means to him…..her strength, her goodness and her beautiful smile. With the sisters beaming, he kisses her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

At the pub, Nicole left messages for Brady.  Taylor walked in the pub leaving messages for EJ.  Taylor doesnít want anyone to get hurt.  Taylor doesnít think that EJ would hurt Brady.  Nicole reminded her that she gave EJ the gun.  Taylor didnít think that EJ would use it.  Nicole told Taylor that she should forgive EJ and marry him if she wanted to end the Kiriakis/DiMera war.  Nicole believed that EJ was the one Taylor cared about.  Victor arrived home at the Kiriakis mansion and overheard Brady talking about not wanting Melanie and Daniel to be targets.  Victor told Brady that he found out from security that EJ was on the property.  Brady said that EJ was there.  Brady also told Victor that EJ knew he was the one who attacked him.  They talked about Bradyís situation.  Brady wanted to know what Victor would do.  Victor told him he would handle things.  At the DiMera mansion, Stefano wanted to know if EJ remembered his attack.  EJ didnít answer him.  Stefano assumed EJís silence meant he remembered who attacked him.  Stefano also thought he was protecting someone.  EJ said he didnít remember the actual attack.  Stefano thought he was lying.  EJ was through with the conversation and walked away.  Stefano started to go after him when his phone rang.  Victor called and wanted to have a civil conversation with him.  At the police station, Rafe told Bo and Hope that Carly called the hospital and asked for a few days off.  The missing personís call was canceled.  Hope wondered why no one knew where she was.  Roman said to move on from the case because they have another case.  Itís a prostitution case.  Once Bo and Hope left the precinct, Rafe wanted to know what Roman needed him to do.

Bo and Hope went to the hospital to question the prostitute.  She wasnít much help because she was attacked from behind.  Roman put Rafe on misdemeanor cases.  Rafe thought Roman believed that he wasnít ready to work.  Roman was concerned about Rafe.  Rafe assured Roman that he was ready.  Brady showed up at the pub and saw Nicole.  Nicole told him how he didnít return her calls.  They started talking about the Kiriakis/DiMera war.  Stefano and Victor continued their conversation.  Victor wanted to talk to him alone.  Victor wanted to end what EJ and Brady started.  Stefano was upset, but he agreed to meet with him.  Taylor saw EJ on the pier.  He let her know that he wonít go after Brady.  Taylor knew he would do the right thing.  After they talked, EJ knew he couldnít forgive himself for everything that happened and knew she couldnít either.  He kissed her head and walked away.  Roman talked to Bo and Hope about the prostitution case.  Bo told Roman they had nothing.  Hope told Roman that the prostitutes are afraid because no one will help them.  Roman told them they donít have the manpower to work on the case further.  Hope would do it on her own.  Roman said she would be fired if she kept working on the case.  Hope wondered if he would care more if the witness wasnít a prostitute.  Roman wanted her to drop it.  Bo and Hope left the station while Rafe overheard everything.  Later, Bo, Hope, and Rafe worked on the prostitution case behind Romanís back.  Maggie showed up at the mansion while Victor was on the phone with his henchman.  Victor told Maggie he had to cancel their date.  Stefano told Marco that he was going to meet Victor.  Stefano knew that Brady attacked EJ and he would pay for it.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Tracy talks to Edward about Michael. Skye makes a surprising appearance. Edward invites Skye to stay with them. Tracy and Skye snipe at each other. Skye says that she is back for a benefit of Jax’s – but Edward doesn’t believe her. Anthony sends flowers to Tracy. Michael and Abby are still on the island. Abby isn’t happy that Michael took a few days off for them.

Shawn surprises a towel-clad Carly. Shawn is worried about Carly and Josslyn. He doesn’t think that Jax is gone for good. Shawn babysits Josslyn for Carly. Carly is worried that Shawn is giving up his life to look after her and Josslyn. Carly finds out that Shawn used to be a science teacher. Jax is back in Port Charles.

Jason drops by and visits Sonny. Jason still can’t find the 20 million that Spinelli hid. Sonny and Jason talk about Anthony and the Trujillos. Sonny refuses to talk about Brenda. Sonny tells Jason about the letter that Brenda left with Robin for him. Jason can tell that Sonny is off his meds – and wants him to do the responsible thing and take care of himself. Sonny tears up Brenda’s letter and throws it in the trash.

Epiphany tells Robin that she won’t be wearing the color-coded scrubs. She thinks Robin is getting a little crazy with her ideas for the hospital. Maxie comes in looking for Matt – and Robin is not happy. Matt talks to Patrick about the reign of Robin. Patrick misses his wife and thinks that she is over-working herself. Robin and Patrick flirt with each other at the front desk. Patrick kidnaps Robin.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Rex thinks he sees Gigi in the mirror. Echo tries to make him understand that he could not have seen Gigi. He points out that they didnít see the surgery to remove her heart, so it may not have happened. She suggests that he get therapy to deal with his grief. He tells her he doesnít need a psychiatrist; he just needs to find Gigi.

Nora tells the court to drop the charges against Clint because he made a false confession. The judge wants to know why Clint confessed to a crime he didn't commit. He says that since he was dying he wanted to do them the favor of closing the case. He pleads guilty to all the other charges. He is remanded to jail to await sentencing. David Vickers tells Bo that he got the gum from Nate. Bo concludes that Nate hurt Matthew and asks him not to tell anyone. Dani tells Nate that she will keep his secret. Todd tells Dani not to have anything to do with Nate. Todd threatens to hurt Nate if he ever comes back. Bo arrives as Nate is leaving. He tells Nate about the chewing gum wrapper they found in their house. Nate admits that he hit Matthew when he was angry, but he didn't mean to hurt him so badly. Nate tells him he reacted to the news that Matthew killed Eddie Ford. Bo tells Nora that he got a confession.

Blair talks to Dorian about her confusion with the two Todds. Dorian tells her that new Todd is the fraud. Blair calls Tomas and tells him she wants to know everything he knows about both Todds. Tea visits original Todd in jail. She tells him she will protect her husband, and demands to know who original Todd is. He wonders why she is there if she has so much faith in the other Todd. He asks her how she fell for fake Todd. Tea tells him that she is not going to let him destroy her family. He corrects her that Starr, Jack, and Danielle are his family. He tells her details of their time alone together that only the two of them know about from when she saved him after he washed up on the beach. Tea goes home looking as if she had seen a ghost and tells Todd that he is a monster. When Viki goes down to the cell with Clint, she sees Original Todd.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon’s new lawyer Avery tells Sharon that the judge she had for her trial has never had a case overturned at trial. Sharon tells her lawyer all the details about Skye’s death and why Adam doesn’t want to give her the memory card that could prove her innocence. Avery decides to get close to Adam to see if she can discover what he did with the memory card but she doesn’t know that Adam knows that she is a famous lawyer who is working on Sharon’s case. Ashley confronts Tucker and demands to know if he slept with Diane and Tucker finally tells her the truth that he and Diane had a one night stand before he and Ashley got serious. Ashley is hurt because Abby could go to jail because of his lie. Ashley and Tucker are in the middle of arguing about this when Katherine arrives to tell Tucker she is challenging the validity of his marriage because he was incompetent when he entered into it. Katherine is determined to protect Tucker from the woman that caused his accident. Tucker tells Katherine she had better get ready for war because she has no right to interfere in his personal life.

Michael gets word that Nikki has returned to rehab telling the staff that she needed some time alone. Michael persuades the DA that Victor doesn’t have a reason to leave town so the charges of jumping bail are dropped. Jack gets some help from the state department and finds out that there is one boy whose description fits Kyle and they will send him a picture soon. Nina arrives at the mansion because she hasn’t been able to get in touch with chance and is worried about him. Paul is called in as a consultant on Diane’s murder case but since the case has gotten so much press attention the FBI sends Ronan to help with the case as well.

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