Tuesday 8/2/11 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

A computer screen is shown and on it is an article about “cervical cancer.” Jake is shown asleep on the sofa. Amanda comes in to join him. Amanda tells him that she was worried about him since he hadn’t came home the night before. In his hospital room, David tells the person to whom he is talking to find Dixie. Angie walks in and overhears David talking about leaving the hospital. Angie reminds him that he is not going anywhere until he cures her blindness. Jesse watches Maya with Lucy. Jesse tells Maya that he wants to talk to her a few moments. At home, Kendall remembers her conversation with Griffin in which he had told her that Zach may be alive. Kendall begins to have chest pains. Ryan and Greenlee discuss the fact that David had told her that Leo may still be alive. Jack joins them and tells Greenlee that he is going to Brazil to talk to the surgeon that had Jane’s surgery. Greenlee cannot believe that Jack believes Erica’s story about being kidnapped. Jesse offers to send Maya to college. Angie offers David her support in exchange for him helping her to regain her eyesight. David tells Angie that he will have to postpone her surgery. Jake offers Amanda encouragement that they are going to beat this cervical cancer. Kendall comes to the hospital to confront Griffin.

Maya turns down Jesse’s offer to go to college. Jesse calls Brot to let him know about Maya. Angie walks in and tells Jesse that David had postponed her surgery. Greenlee confronts David as to who had been in the room with her and if it had been Leo. David insists that Greenlee accompany him to find out the truth about Leo. Kendall and Griffin argue, as usual, over David and Griffin’s working for him. Griffin lets her know that he is now helping Ryan. Kendall becomes upset that Griffin is helping Ryan. Griffin insists that she let him examine her. Griffin finds that her heart is beating fast. Mookie abuses Maya once again by grabbing her by the arm. Angie tells Mookie to take his hand over Maya and leave her home. Greenlee takes David away from the hospital. David demands Greenlee’s cell phone so Ryan could not follow them. Kendall tells Ryan to back off David.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill bends down over Katie who has collapsed on the floor of his office. He calls the paramedics. He goes back to Katie and begs her to hang on. The paramedics arrive and find out she was a heart transplant two years ago. Bill is frantic at the hospital when they won’t let him follow Katie into the ER. Steffy tells Liam not to get all moody on him. She and Bill are very happy. He is on his way now to tell Katie that he is leaving her. She tells Liam that she can make Bill happy and he deserves a good life. Liam says he wants nothing more than that either, but he doesn’t think it is with her. Steffy says he is the kind of man she wants to be with the rest of her life…..he was there for her when her Dad walked out, when her grandmother betrayed her. This isn’t some dirty, quick affair; they are in love. She compares their coupling with him and Hope. Liam says it is okay that Hope wants to wait for them to be together. And Katie loves Bill so this new reveal is gonna kill her. Over lunch, Donna fills Brooke in on the Katie/Bill renewal vows the night before. She is sure their sister is in good hands. They both agree that Stormy’s heart is serving her well. Amidst this good feeling, Bill calls and tells Brooke that they need to get to the hospital pronto; Katie has collapsed.

Brooke and Donna rush to the hospital and Bill fills them in on what little he knows. The doctor finally comes and informs them that Katie did have a heart attack and she will be monitored closely. They will know more in a couple of moments. He insists on seeing her. Steffy wants to call Bill; Liam disagrees. Perhaps it is taking him longer to tell Katie than he realized. Steffy says she will never ever walk out on Bill. She laughs when she says she is gonna be his step-mom. She and Bill have something that he will never have with Katie. They have found each other and they are never going to let that go. By the end of the day they will be starting their life together. He thinks she is being so damn cocky, but he’s worried that she will be let down. He doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Steffy points out that Bill will be sensitive and gentle, but he’s definitely going to make Katie understand this. Liam reminds her that she is a Logan, and the Logan’s will be circling the wagons. She should be prepared to find Donna and Brooke on her doorstep. Brooke tells Donna that they must remain strong, show their support. Bill is with her and if anyone can pull her through, it will be him. He sits by her side as she begins to come to. He tells her that she is in the hospital. She has just had a heart attack, but she’s a fighter and she’s going to come through this, there is no quit in her. And she means so much to him. His life is so much better with her in it. She can count on him. He will not leave her side. Nothing is more important than her believing that. She utters Steffy’s name and asks if he is leaving her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Kinsey was on the phone with T.  She told him she couldn’t meet him because she had plans.  He thought she was doing something with Sonny.  She finished her call and saw Chloe.  Kinsey remembered seeing Chloe with someone at the hotel. Chloe wanted to know why Kinsey was staring at her.  Kinsey told Chloe that she saw her with someone at the hotel.  Kinsey wanted to know if Chloe was getting paid for sex.  Chloe lied and said she met him online and he loaned her money.  Chloe caved when Kinsey didn’t believe her.  Chloe told her about her money problems and how she wanted her son back.  Kinsey promised not to tell anyone about Chloe’s secret.  At the DiMera mansion, Kate was on the phone with Randy (Chloe’s john) and reminded him what he had to do in front of Chloe’s social worker.  She was talking to herself about what she was doing to Chloe when Chad showed up.  He wanted to talk to her about setting him up so Abby could see him doing business for Stefano.  Kate didn’t think she did anything wrong.  Chad thought she knew what she was doing.  He wanted her to stay out of his business.

Daniel and Melanie were worried about Carly.  Nurse Elise overheard them and told them that she talked to Carly.  They asked her questions about Carly.  Gus saw Vivian at the cemetery.  She visited Lawrence’s gravesite.  Vivian credited Quinn again for helping her get revenge on Carly.  Gus reminded her that he was the one who sent the pic online and got the drugs to Carly.  Gus went off on her when she said it didn’t bring Lawrence back, but now she has Quinn.  After Vivian walked away, Gus thought Kate might be more loyal.  Carly was having nightmares and flashbacks about what happened.  Quinn asked if she was okay.  His phone rang.  He told someone to make sure that Carly doesn’t leave his hotel room while he’s gone.  After he left the hotel room, Daniel burst in and found Carly.  Melanie also showed up and asked Carly how she could do this to her.  Daniel tried to convince Melanie that she tried. Melanie didn’t think she tried hard enough.  Daniel was eventually upset with Carly and said that they were through with her.  Carly got back in the bed and started crying.  Later on Jennifer overheard Daniel talking to Nurse Elise about Carly.  Jennifer was surprised that Carly called.  She wasn’t sure if Daniel would tell her about it.  He also told her that he found Carly. Daniel didn’t want to talk to Jennifer anymore.  Jennifer wanted to talk.  She wanted to get through this together for Carly’s sake.  Kate saw Kinsey and Chloe together talking about Chloe’s performance.  Chloe is convinced that she will have her son back soon.  Kate was upset and confronted Chloe. Kate told her that she spoke to Philip and he put Parker on camera.  She told Chloe that Parker said “Daddy”.  Kate kept taunting Chloe by telling her that Parker will never know her.  Kinsey wasn’t going to let Kate talk to her like that so she told her off.  Kate eventually walked away.  Chloe wanted to get a drink and her phone rang.  Kinsey answered her phone. Someone called looking for “Lola”.  Kinsey thought the guy was looking to book Chloe for a singing gig and she took his number.  Jennifer and Daniel continued to talk about Carly.  They eventually made up and said they loved each other.  They kissed each other.  Carly kept picturing Lawrence and freaked out.  She called Melanie, but wouldn’t say anything so Melanie hung up.  Carly called the drug dealer and wanted drugs.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny returns home and begins destroying things. Michael and Abby go to Sonny's island to look for Sonny. Enrique, the casino manager, tells Michael that Sonny is back in Port Charles. Robin goes to Sonny's house to deliver the letter Brenda left for him. He doesn't want it. He tells her that they can't be friends as long as she is friends with Jax so she has to choose. She sees that he hasn't been taking his mood stabilizer and warns him that if he continues on this path, it won't end well. Sonny tells her to get out. She leaves the envelope on a table.

CJ goes to Johnny's penthouse, confirmed that he shot up Lucky and asks for his payment. Johnny comes home just in time to see Anthony strangling CJ and stop him. Tracy goes to Johnny's and tells him to leash his father. Johnny tells Anthony that he'd better do what he says or he will report him his fake corporations to the feds. Anthony calls Skye Quartermaine and tells her to come right away.

Dante and Lulu return to Port Charles and make up for lost alone-time. Ronnie interrupts then to tell Dante about the drug investigation Lucky is working. Lulu tells Tracy she didn’t find Luke, but that she traced him to Helena. Tracy predicts that someday Luke will lose the Spencer-Cassadine war. Elizabeth finds Lucky in terrible condition with paranoia and delusions after CJ injected him with an unknown drug. He doesn't want to go to the hospital. Dante finds them and stays with Lucky while Elizabeth goes to get medicine. Lucky hits Dante with a pipe. Elizabeth returns and finds Dante and Lucky gone. Lucky is standing on a ledge.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Destiny finally admits to Dani that she is pregnant from the one time she had sex with Matthew and now that they both know that Nate put Matthew in the hospital, Destiny tells Dani she mustn't let him get away with it. Bo and Nora know that the person who came to their house and assaulted their son has a gum wrapper which they are keeping for evidence although they cannot figure out who it would be. Nate secretly tells his brother that it's only a matter of time before Bo and Nora find out that he put Matthew in the hospital so he has to leave town in order to avoid a prison charge and he informs Robert that Rick "motivated" him and Deanna to do the porn flick by threatening to tell Matthew's parents what he knows if they refuse to do it. David finds out that Nate chews the gum in question although he is unaware that Nate assaulted Matthew. Bo discovers David chewing Nate's gum, asks where he found it and David tells him it's from the kid who got The Vicker Man erased by doing the porn flick.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Murphy is surprised to find Diane dead inside the stream at the park while he is fishing he calls the police and then Katherine so she can tell Jack the news. Jack is shocked and so is Adam but later we see Adam throwing things in garbage bags inside Diane’s room. Nick and Phyllis awaken in the Restless Style office and Phyllis notices a scratch on Nick’s chest and Nick explains that he got the scratch getting a baseball out of the bushes. Phyllis’s fingernails are dirty and broken so she makes an appointment at her nail salon to get them clean. Ashley tells Tucker she didn’t sleep lat night and then she takes a leaf out of Tucker’s hair while Tucker notices that Ashley’s watch has stopped because its full of water. Jack hires Paul to find Kyle in Switzerland and bring him home. Billy is surprised that Victoria was the one to bail him out of jail not Jack and Victoria offers to take Billy home.

Abby tells a bartender she doesn’t remember what she did last night because she blacked out and Victor is arrested on his jet for trying to leave Genoa City and breaking the terms of his bail. Nick and Phyllis struggle to decide if the should cover Diane’s death for Restless Style and Nick is surprised to hear that Phyllis thinks Diane got exactly what she deserved. Tucker and Ashley search Diane’s room for the tape and Victor offers to help Jack search for Kyle the DA tells Victor his bail was revoked and he will be spending the night in jail but Victor tells the DA that isn’t going to happen.

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