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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall sits alone at a table at the Yacht Club when Jack comes in to join her. Jack asks Kendall about Griffin, but Kendall is very quiet about what is going on between her and Griffin. Kendall notices how that Jack will never stop fighting for Erica. At the hospital, Greenlee reminds David that he had promised that he would take care of her. Tad and Cara make plans to go away on a trip just the two of them. Tad and Cara kiss. Erica sees Dixie in a room at Oak Haven but cannot get the nurse to believe her that it is Dixie. Erica yells to be let out of the room. Janet joins her in her room and lets her know that if she keeps seeing dead people she will never be let out. Kendall lets Jack know that she will never believe Erica’s story. Tad and Cara make plans to go to Martha’s Vineyard. J.R. wanders around in the park after he wrecks Bianca’s car. J.R. sees Marissa and A.J. playing with a kite. He stoops down to watch them. Griffin opens up to Ryan as to what had been going on with David and his patients when one of them could be Zach. Kendall walks in and is confused as to what they were talking about. Greenlee tells David about her dream and if anyone was in the room with her. David confesses that there was someone in the room with her. Greenlee questions him as to who was that someone. J.R. starts to go after A.J. when Tad steps up and stops him from going after A.J. Janet agrees to get Ralph to let Erica in to see Dixie as long as she only stays five minutes. Erica goes into the room to see Dixie. Griffin tells Kendall that it is time that he open up to her and tell her everything.

Tad warns J.R. that unless he straightens up he may never see A.J. again. David confesses to Greenlee that the person in the room with her was someone who had been taken away from them too young. Greenlee realizes that it must be Leo. Griffin lets Kendall know that Zach may be alive. Kendall doesn’t believe him and throws Griffin out. Greenlee tells Ryan about her talk with David and about her dream of someone being in the room with her and it may have been Leo. J.R. meets up with a homeless man in the park, who offers him a drink. Dixie goes ballistic when Erica mentions David. Later, Dixie bangs on the wall to let Erica know that it had been her in the next room at the quarry. Tad and Cara make definite plans to go away.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor looks at a shocked Katie and says she is sorry, but she deserves to know about her husband and Taylor’s daughter. Katie scoffs and says it is not true, it is absurd. She knows Steffy has been throwing herself at Bill, but they are just fantasies. She thinks Taylor has a lot of nerve to come in here and say these things. Taylor assures her that she is not lying; she saw it with her own eyes. Katie tells Taylor that she doesn’t know what motivation Taylor had by coming here, but Steffy is sick and she is the one that Taylor needs to talk to. Steffy tells Bill that what they feel for each other is not wrong, but Katie may not let him go. She kisses him and vows that he will never go back to Katie ever. Bill has to literally push her off of him, fighting for 30 more minutes. He reminds her that he has a board meeting…..and he needs to still tell Katie. He doesn’t like this sneaking around and being deceptive. Amber feels like she is running Marcus out of his home. They’d had such a good time with their child, Rosie, and now he is leaving. Marcus says he is not moving that far away and he will see Rosie every day. Dayzee shows up to escort him out. She tells Marcus that Amber threw her a look and thinks she has a problem with her. Marcus tells her that is okay; he wants to re-kindle a relationship with her. He has a kid now and that might complicate things a bit, but he’s happy that both she and Rosie are in his life. Amber is unhappy to see them kissing.

Steffy calls Liam over to her new digs and wants his opinion. She realizes right away that he knows about her and Bill as he is looking for him. Bill returns to the office. Katie tries to act nonchalant and informs him that Taylor was just there. She launches into a long speech about how Taylor was there to warn her about a torrid affair he was having with Steffy. Bill is silent throughout it all, while Katie continues. Steffy is just a stupid little girl, playing little girl games. He wouldnít throw what they have away for that. She demands that he tell her it isnít true. He wouldnít do that to her after renewing their vows last night For the first time, he turns around and looks at her. Dayzee comes back to Amber’s for something she left, and Amber tells her that she really minds her putting the moves on Rosie’s father. And no matter what Dayzee thinks of her, they have been getting closer and Dayzee can think otherwise if she thinks it is gonna be a slam dunk what with her and Rosie in the picture. Katie realizes from Bill’s face that it is true. Is he telling her that this whole time he has been with Steffy. She rails at him that he must think she is an idiot. She always defends him and what a joke. She has held him up as a paragon of honor. She wants to know how long it has been; Steffy’s mouth on the same mouth that kissed Katie, the same hands that he puts on Katie. She feels like she is gonna be sick. She goes out of control and Bill says he will cancel the board meeting. He turns just in time to see Katie collapse to the floor.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

EJ talked to Taylor on the pier.  He noticed that she had a gun.  He thought he might have interrupted her when she wanted to throw out the gun.  He assumed that it was Bradyís gun.  She told EJ that Brady was protecting himself against him.  EJ wondered how Brady knew to be prepared for a bloodbath.  EJ thought Taylor warned Brady about what he was going to do.  He also believed that sheís on Bradyís side and not his.  They continued to talk about Brady as well as what he and Stefano did to Sami and Rafe.  She tried to warn him that a Kiriakis/DiMera feud would be devastating for any innocent people who arenít involved.  Taylor eventually told EJ that she still loves him.  He wanted her to marry him.  She said she couldnít marry him now after everything that has happened.  EJ called her a hypocrite because she wants him to forgive Brady, but she canít forgive him.  They continued to talk when Taylor put the gun on EJ.  EJ grabbed the gun from her.  She walked away from him, and EJ kept the gun.  At the pub, Sonny ran into Gabi and Will.  Sonny had tickets to a baseball game.  Gabi suggested that Will go with him.  T saw them together and gave Sonny a hard time again.  Kinsey and Chloe were talking outside of the pub when Quinn called.  Quinn demanded to see Chloe or else.  Later on, Kinsey ran into T and they got together and went to his room at the Sapphire Club.  Nicole was at the Kiriakis mansion and found Brady knocked out.  He told her that Taylor hit him.  They talked about the Kiriakis/DiMera feud.  Nicole didnít want anything to happen to Brady.  She eventually left the mansion.

Kate saw Quinn at the Sapphire Club.  She told him about Chloe having a recital.  She thinks Chloeís trying to prove that her talents arenít just in the bedroom.  Quinn knew Kate was after something more. He also reminded Kate that heís not working with her anymore.  Quinn walked away so Kate realized she had to get some dirt on Quinn.  She remembered how she saw him with Vivian.  She saw Gus and tried to get him to tell her what she knew about Quinn and Vivian.  He didnít give her any info.  He was going to tell Vivian that she asked about her relationship with Quinn.  Kate was more determined than ever to find out whatís going on between Vivian and Quinn.  Quinn saw Chloe at the Sapphire Club.  He told her that she couldnít make moves without clearing it with him. She didnít think it was a problem.  He wanted her to cancel her performance.  She couldnít because the social worker was going to be there and she didnít want to look like a flake.  He said that he could go to the social worker and tell him what he knew too.  Eventually, Quinn got off her case and allowed her to do the show.  She still had to meet with the john.  Nicole met with Taylor and they talked about Brady and EJ.  Taylor told Nicole that she gave Bradyís gun to EJ.  Taylor believed everything would be okay.  Nicole didnít think that was true.  Brady was about to go to his room when EJ showed up.  EJ gave him back his gun.  Kinsey and T were in his room at the Sapphire club when she saw someone slip Chloe money.  She ended up going in a room with her john.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Elizabeth and Matt talk about Lucky’s former drug addiction. Matt speaks highly of Maxie which infuriates Liz. Maxie and Spinelli get trapped in the sewer. Maxie manages to find Sam’s engagement ring. Lucky wakes up from being drugged and has hallucinations of Elizabeth, Siobhan, Maxie and Jake. Ethan and Siobhan are worried that Lucky might be doing drugs again. Carly is having a hard time accepting Jason and Sam’s plan to wed. Someone is following Carly. Maxie tells Sam and Jason that she found the ring. Elizabeth finds Lucky in an alley.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Original Todd makes himself known to all the people Todd knows. It seems only Tomas knows his "secret". Current Todd scoffs and tells him everybody knows he's a fake and only he (himself) is Todd Manning. Yet it seems Blair, Tea, and Starr wonder if that's true when they see the "old Todd" played by Roger Howarth until 2003 remembering exactly what he looked like then. Nate urges Dani to listen to him and realize that he and Deanna had no choice except to do what Rick wanted, because Rick knew that he assaulted Matthew and threatened to tell Bo and Nora and have Nate sent to prison. Finding out for the first time that Nate is the reason why Matthew is in the hospital, Dani asks Nate why he could not trust her knowing this. Meanwhile Destiny is hiding that she is pregnant by Matthew. She goes to talk to Bo and Nora and is able to put two and two together when Nora tells her she knows somebody assaulted her son. Knowing it must be Nate, Destiny does not reveal this to Bo and Nora, much less that she is pregnant. But Shaun and Vivian know that she is and wonder what to do.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack wants to throttle Diane after she tells him that he will never see Kyle again unless they get married. Jack tells Diane he doesn’t want her; all he wants is Kyle. The Newman clan worries about Nikki. They find out that she left the group that she was on a day trip with. Someone told her about the tabloid headline that said she was a slut and then insulted her. Victor tells Victoria and Abby that he will take care of Diane, because when someone messes with his family, they have to pray. Billy gets into a war of words with Victor about Victoria and is arrested; but Jack later bails him out. When Diane tells her that she slept with Tucker, Ashley slaps her in the face. Abby, Victoria, Tucker, and Ashley all decide that Diane must be stopped before she hurts anyone else they love.

Diane asks Nick to give her money to get out of Genoa City and later Diane gets into a fight with Phyllis who overhears her conversation with Nick and tells her that she is finally asking to be paid for sleeping with someone. Michael who seems to be Diane’s only friend offers her money to get out of town and she agrees but then Adam tells her that the plan is back on if she recants her testimony to the grand jury. Diane agrees and goes to her hotel room to write a letter to the grand jury. Diane then sends a text message to everyone who is a member of the I hate Diane club to meet her at the footbridge. Diane sees that Adam deposited the money he promised into a Swiss bank account. Diane calls Kyle and leaves a message telling him they will be together soon then hangs up the phone. The people who got Diane's text message are acting very strangely. Nick and Phyllis return to the Restless Style office and have sex. Diane is face down in the water near the footbridge.

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