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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica, Marian, Annie and Janet argue as usual. Marissa visits David to let him know that she is with Bianca now and she doesn’t like what he is doing to Erica. Cara joins Griffin in the park and finds out that he and Kendall are through. Cara questions Griffin as to what he is keeping from Kendall. Angrily, J.R. gets out of the pool blaming Tad for pushing him in. Dixie wakes up yelling for David to stop. Opal, acting insane, arrives at Oak Haven and is shown into a room where Annie, Erica, Janet and Marion are. Erica is confused as to what Opal is doing here. When they are alone, Opal lets Erica know that she believes her story about being kidnapped. Annie listens to their talk and plans to break Erica out .Griffin is still clammed up about his dealings with David. Tad gets a call that Opal had been admitted to Oak Haven. Annie joins Erica and Opal and tells them to take her with them or she will tell. Marissa joins Bianca and A.J. at a table at Krystal’s. Cara questions Griffin if David has him involved in anything illegally. David from his hospital bed, questions the person on the phone if Dixie had been found. Tad runs into Marian at Oak Haven. Marian hugs him as Dixie feels a connection to him from inside her isolation room.

Cara visits David and withholds his meds in order to get some information from him about Griffin and what he has Griffin involved in. Griffin comes in and tells David that he quits working with him. David tries to point out to him all the good that they are doing. Tad drags Opal out of Oak Haven, leaving Erica and the others behind. J.R. tries to get A.J. to come with him, but A.J. refuses by telling J.R. that he hates him. J.R. leaves the diner with a bottle and Bianca’s keys. Griffin resigns working with David. Erica pushes Annie to the floor. Erica is taken to isolation, but not before she sees Dixie. Cara and Tad plan a getaway from the mundane life in Pine Valley. J.R. gets under the wheel of Bianca’s car. Bianca misses her car keys .

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill slyly asks Steffy where is his room; he will need a home office. She likes the sound of that. This will be their home and for now she will keep him in the bathtub over there as her pet alligator. She loves her sword necklace from him and feels like she is more official now…..or at least will be when he ends it with Katie. She is anxious and wants to be with him. He tells her they want the same thing, so just give him some time to work it out. She says it is so hard; she doesn’t want to wait. She’s with him, but it’s not their real life. This is just a place now for her to wait and hang around for him. Katie tells Taylor that she won’t stand here and listen to her badmouthing her husband in front of his son. She knows all about Steffy throwing herself at Bill and she is not concerned; she knows who the aggressor is. Brooke shows up and Liam takes this opportunity to grab Taylor and get her out of the room, leaving Brooke and Katie to talk. Katie says she is not going to play into Taylor’s hand and listen to her rants. She trusts that she knows Bill and he loves her, and Steffy will just have to realize that. Liam tells Dr. Hayes that she is not going to say a word now against his father. She muses that she is. She is going to help his father to have the guts to do what he hasn’t been able to do. He has a sweet little wife at home and a hot little number on the side, so he has no reason to want to change that.

Brooke leaves and Taylor whooshes in and says she hopes Katie has time for her now. Steffy tells Bill that he can say all he wants, but she is not going to back away from him. He is unique and fascinating and she wants him more than ever. Liam tries to call his dad, but Bill and Steffy are kissing, and Bill ignores the call. Liam knows it will be too late by time he does. Katie apologizes to Taylor for being rude before. Taylor apologizes too; she was annoyed and thought Liam was trying to get rid of her. Taylor doesn’t hold it against Katie for dropping their therapy session, but now she has new information. She reveals that she has known for a while that her daughter, Steffy, has feelings for her husband. Katie rebukes this as being a phase and she is not worried. Taylor tells her that she should be; Bill has plans to leave her. Katie grasps her chest.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Vivian questioned Quinn about the woman that was in his room.  Quinn didn’t want to tell her.  She didn’t care because she was happy that Carly’s going down.  Carly dreamed about everything that happened to her.  She thought that everything was a dream.  She started to shake and knew she was in detox.  She remembered she took pills and how she woke up in an alley.  Nicole saw EJ on the pier and wondered why he wasn’t in the hospital.  He told her he checked out of the hospital.  He told her how he remembered what happened when he was attacked.  She wondered if he knew who did it.  He knew it was Brady.  She tried to put the blame on Rafe, Sami, or the other Bradys.  EJ knew Melanie wouldn’t lift a finger to help them so it had to be Brady.  Brady was on his way to take care of EJ when Taylor showed up.  She tried to talk him out of killing EJ.  He told her that EJ’s on to him.  She believed he should leave town with Nicole.  He didn’t want to listen so she called the police.  He knew she wouldn’t tell the cops anything.  She prepared to leave and saw a vase.  She hit Brady in the head and knocked him out.  She wanted to take care of everything.  She took the gun and left.

Maggie and Victor had dinner at Chez Rouge.  Victor invited Maggie to go away together.  She was upset because their families and businesses are in Salem.  They eventually admitted that they love each other and kissed.  Dario and Melanie went to the police station.  Dario wondered if Rafe could help find Carly.  He’d help if Bo and Hope asked since it’s not his case.  Dario wasn’t so sure Hope would help Carly.  Rafe assured Dario that Carly would be found.  Quinn helped Carly out by giving her aspirin.  She thanked him for all of his help.  EJ saw Nicole at the pub and wanted to know what he could do to repay her for her help.  She asked him not to kill Brady.  He wanted to do something for her and not Brady.  She was upset and told him that she would make sure justice was served if he killed Brady.  After their date, Victor and Maggie went to Maggie’s house and were about to make love.  Taylor was on the pier with Brady’s gun.  She saw EJ and put the gun back in her pocketbook before he saw her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anthony Zacchara asks the drug dealer about his progress with Lucky Spencer. He responds that the only thing that could stop Lucky from coming back for more would be that he didn't have the money. Anthony tells him that Lucky might be setting him up and if that is the case, Lucky will need to be taken care of. The dealer adamantly refuses to waste a cop and risk a life sentence. Tracy Quartermaine is waiting in the spa for her appointment with a towel over her eyes. When a man's hand appears on her shoulder, she says she'd like him to work on the tension in her shoulders in the treatment room. When Anthony Zacchara asks why they should wait, she removes the towel and tells him he is stalking her. He insists that he is just there for a manicure and facial. Tracy tries to leave, only to discover that the door won't open. After Anthony charmingly chats for a while, he tells her that the door is pull to open, not push and that it was never locked.

Elizabeth sees an unfamiliar man trying to get into the med closet at the hospital. He doesn't have a badge so Elizabeth says she is calling security. Epiphany stops Elizabeth and gives Orlando, the new employee, directions to the storage closet. Epiphany then tells Elizabeth that hall monitoring is not part of desk duty and that if she can't be professional she should go home. After everyone leaves, another badgeless man enters the med closet. Lucky is sweating profusely. Siobhan catches him going through her purse. She tells him she doesn't have enough money for a decent high. He tells her he was just going to put her new debit card that says, "Siobhan Spencer" into her wallet. She tells him he is different lately, paranoid, suspicious, and defensive like an addict. He is disappointed in her lack of faith in him. He asks her why she is still there if she thinks he is a druggie and his ex in a pusher. She tearfully tells him she is there because she believed him when he said he wanted her. Elizabeth calls Lucky and tells him she thinks she has information for him. He goes to GH and she tells him about the orderly incident. He concerned that the orderly knows Elizabeth suspects him. He tells her to be careful and not put herself in danger because he doesn't want to lose anyone else. Lucky admits to Elizabeth that the pills are tempting. Siobhan, who has followed Lucky, sees them hugging. She leaves the hospital with a terrible headache. When she arrives home, she still has the headache and now her nose is bleeding too. The man that successfully entered the med closet follows Lucky. When he arrives at the meeting point to see the dealer, he throws the bottle of pills on the ground and calls Siobhan to apologize. CJ, the dealer, retrieves the bottle and wonders why all the pills are still in it. He tells Lucky that they are each going to take one now. Lucky says he can't while he is on duty. When Lucky tries to leave, two men wearing ski masks restrain him while CJ injects him.

Carly brings Patrick up to speed on Jax's departure from Port Charles with Brenda and her son, and Sonny's disappearance immediately thereafter. They talk about Sonny and Jax's tactics with the custody case. Robin comes in and sees Patrick giving Carly a bite from his fork. Robin tells Carly never to eat off her husband’s fork again, and then lectures her for ambushing Jax. Robin doesn't believe Carly when she tells her she had nothing to do with it. Carly tells Patrick that it was nice having breakfast with someone who doesn't judge her. Patrick wonders if Robin is jealous of Carly. A man with blue jeans and dress shoes follows Carly when she leaves Kelly's. Carly keeps calling Jason to check on Sonny, but Jason doesn't answer. To Carly's astonishment, Elizabeth suggests that Jason could just be spending private time with his fiancée. Carly had no idea they were engaged. Sonny, unshaven, unbuttoned, and uncufflinked, sits alone on the front stoop of a graphitized abandoned brownstone, drinking coffee from a to-go cup. A passerby drops a dollar in the cup. Sonny pushes the door in and enters the building. He comes out shaven and changed, and rips the "for sale" sign off the door.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

During the premier of "Vicker Man," everybody is shocked when David's movie is erased and replaced by the porn film of Nate and Deanna. Nate has no way to explain himself and Dani is distraught and furious. Yet nobody knows where the porn film came from until Rick stands up and introduces himself assuming that he will become a success after showing all the movie patrons his brilliant work. David and Dorian tell him they will arrest him since she is the mayor, his father is the police commissioner and he destroyed " Vicker Man." But he tells them that he does not have access to the porn film. It's now in the possession of "that bootlegger who did it". Little does Nate know what he did when he let Rick give him the DVD. Rex is on the warpath with Jack Manning and goes to confront him with a gun although everyone is distracted and cannot see Rex. Original Todd is ready to reveal himself when Baker finds him and is ready to kill not only him but current Todd, Tomas and John and any or all people who know "the secret," but original Todd manages to subdue Baker, tie him up, then appears to reveal his identity at the theater to all the people in Todd Manning's life.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Katherine retains her conservator ship of Tucker’s company by demonstrating to the judge that Tucker can’t understand complex financial concepts. Tucker tells Katherine that he feels more contempt towards her now then he did when he first met her. Tucker later tells Ashley that he feels bullied by his own mother. Diane accuses Victor of domestic abuse after their verbal argument where he broke a camera and threw it in the fireplace but Diane tells the police that Victor threw the camera at her head because he was angry that she had sued Nikki for alienation of affection and had the pictures to prove it. Victor is arrested and tells the police his side of the story but the police don’t believe him. Victor is let out on bail but before he is arrested he kicks Adam off the Newman board of directors. Leslie advises Adam to return the money to his hedge fund investors because that will help his case. Adam blames Diane for his troubles and vows to get revenge on her. Katherine persuades jack that Tucker and Ashley’s marriage should be annulled because he wasn’t in a good mental state after the accident. Katherine gets an attorney to see about an annulment of Tucker’s marriage.

Abby tells Tucker and Ashley about Victor’s arrest and Adam being kicked off the Newman board and a few minutes later Victor calls and tells Ashley Diane has a copy of Abby’s video in which Abby confesses that she hit Tucker with her car. Victoria goes to Diane’s room to tell her that the Newman’s will make sure she gets what she deserves. Victoria sees pictures in the paper of Victor and Nikki in bed and calls to talk to Nikki at the rehab but is informed by the staff that Nikki is missing. Diane tells Jack that Kyle is in boarding school in another country and tells Jack that maybe they should get married so that Kyle can have a real family. Jack thinks Diane has lost her mind and Diane takes her clothes off telling Jack that she knows he could never resist her. Jack and Diane are unaware that someone is watching them outside.

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