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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica is reunited with Janet, Marian, and Annie at Oak Haven. Erica and Annie argue as usual with Janet stepping in as a referee. At Fusion, Madison goes over new concept ideas for her product line, “Fierce.” David tells the person to whom he is talking to find Dixie no matter what it takes. David unhooks all the tubes attached to him and tries to get out of bed, but stumbles. Griffin arrives just in time to help him. Dixie lies on a bed in an isolation room at Oak Haven. Dixie sits up and once again realizes that she is locked up. At the Chandler mansion, Scott confronts J.R. over the stockholders at Chandler Industries. J.R. lets Scott know that all that matters is him getting his family back. J.R. gives Scott permission to take over Chandler. Greenlee tries to talk to Kendall concerning Griffin, but Kendall doesn’t really want to hear it. Griffin demands that David tell him what is going on, but David refuses to tell him anything. Tad comes up with a plan for Jack to get in to see Erica at Oak Haven. Dixie yells for someone to let her out. J.R. comes to visit A.J., but Tad questions him if he is drunk. Griffin arrives at Fusion to see Kendall.

At tad’s home, Krystal and Marissa stand by to protect A.J. from J.R. Tad promises that he will bring A.J. by later to see J.R.. A.J. lets them know that he doesn’t want to go to J.R. Jack gets in to see Erica and wants her to tell him everything about her kidnapping. Griffin still refuses to tell Kendall anything about David. Madison sits on a park bench working on her product line and eating a hot dog when Scott stops by. Scott and Madison exchange pleasantries and a few laughs as though nothing had happened. Jack believes Erica about the kidnapping which is a relief to her. Tad stops by J.R.’s to let him know that A.J. didn’t want to come. J.R. picks up the bottle and starts to take a drink. Tad takes the bottle from him and knocks him in the pool. Greenlee comes to David for help with her legs. David is reluctant, at first, but then agrees. David insists that she cannot tell anyone. Dixie sees Jack and Erica hugging.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor rants that she doesnít want to hear Billís excuses. He didnít leave his wife like he said he would, and she is drawing the line in the sand right now. He blurts out that he had every intention of telling Katie, but he walked into his house and one of the people gathered there was a minister. His wife had planned a renewal of their vows. Now was not the time to tell Katie that he was leaving. Taylor laments that she realizes he has some feelings for Steffy, but she will not be his little plaything. He tries to convince her that she is more than that; he is in love with her. He doesnít need 45 minutes in Taylorís office to know how he feels about his wife or Steffy. Steffy throws it in her face that Taylor married Whip and then they both realized she did not love him, but Ridge. So she did the right thing and ended it. Taylor tells them that Bill can come there any time and tell her how much he loves Steffy and wants to be with her as long as he is single. But as a married man, he is not welcome there; she wonít allow it. Liam tells Hope that just because they want to wait doesnít mean they canít have fun. She thinks it is so romantic what Bill and Katie did in renewing their vows and getting a fresh start. Katie walks into the office and is surprised that Bill isn’t there yet as he had this important board meeting. She is excited to see what the future holds. She is not worried about Steffy constantly throwing herself at Bill. Hope is so happy that all the Logan women are happy again.

Taylor tells Bill that he doesn’t even have to bother to drive up her driveway as long as he has that ring on. He says he hears her loud and clear and walks out with Steffy begging him not to. She rails at her mother that she had no right to do that. Taylor says she is a parent and this is her house and she will not condone this. It’s for the best. Liam calls Bill as he is driving away. Liam advises him not to tell Katie. He gets that Steffy is sexy and hot, but Katie is his loving wife. Steffy calls someone and thanks them for having things ready so fast. Taylor overhears Steffy make the call when she calls Bill and tells him that she has a new place and would like to meet him there. Turns out it is Owen and Jackie’s old place, complete with the bathtub in the living room. Bill says she can count on him being there a lot….their own little hideaway. He gives her a gift, a gorgeous silver/diamond sword necklace fashioned after his. He puts it on and tells her that she wears it well. He wants her with him and that will be soon. If she can just wait for him a little longer, she will have her chance for happiness. He promises he will never leave her. Taylor surprises Liam when she walks into the office and wants to see Katie. He stammers that she is in a meeting and won’t be available. She senses that he knows, and starts talking about Bill and her daughter when Katie walks in. Liam tries to intervene, but Taylor informs Katie that she needs to talk to her about Bill and her daughter.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Bo and Hope were shocked to see the picture of Carly.  Bo didnít think she was the type to do drugs.  Hope mentioned how she had a drug problem too.  Bo thought Hopeís situation was different because she had a bad reaction to a prescribed drug.  Hope wondered if it could have been Photoshopped.  Hope thought they could help Carly.  Jennifer and Daniel showed up at the station and wanted to file a missing personís report on Carly.  Jennifer and Daniel talked about where to find Carly.  Jennifer told Bo, Hope, and Roman about whatís going on with Carly.  Bo wondered if Carly went to buy drugs.  Jennifer hoped she didnít since she knows she has a problem.  Hope noticed something on the surveillance.  She saw a drug dealer who was round at the time Carly disappeared.  Bo wanted to pick the guy up.  Vivian and Gus talked about Carly.  Vivian credited Quinn for getting revenge on Carly.  Gus reminded Vivian that the plan was his idea and not Quinnís.  Quinn realized Carly was the one Vivian wanted to destroy.  Carly woke up and wanted to know how she got to his hotel room as well as what happened to her.  He explained how he found her in an alley.  Carly began to talk about Lawrence and Nicholas.

Brady told Nicole that EJ remembered Melanie being on the pier the night of the attack.  Heís sure EJ will remember Brady being there soon.  Nicole warned Brady that Stefano would make him pay.  She also thinks the DiMera/Kiriakis feud will start again.  Taylor believed that EJ changed and he wouldnít hurt him.  Nicole didnít believe it.  EJ continued to grill Melanie about being on the pier.  Melanie denied being on the pier.  She was about to leave, but he grabbed her.  She was about to scream, but he covered her mouth.  Dario walked in EJís hospital room and warned him to let her go.  Dario and Melanie eventually left and EJ looked at Melanieís face and knew that he was right.  Later, Melanie and Dario showed up at the Kiriakis mansion and warned Brady that EJ remembered her being on the pier.  After Dario and Melanie left, Brady got a gun.  Bo and Hope found the drug addict.  He claimed he never saw her before.  Bo reminded him that if he had drugs, it would be his third strike.  The guy suddenly remembered seeing Carly.  He told them that a guy took her away.  He described Quinn.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Coleman hits on Tracy at Jake's Roadhouse. Anthony Zacchara tells him he is wasting his time. Dissatisfied with her Manhattan, Tracy spits it out. Coleman stops Anthony from going behind the bar until Anthony tells him that the place looks flammable. Anthony makes Tracy a new drink that she likes. He starts talking about a fruitful relationship. She tells him they will never do business or anything else together. Michael snaps at Abby when she tries to persuade him to dance, then immediately apologizes. Alexis tells Jason that she no longer thinks his engagement to Sam is a good idea. Sam tells her that they are still getting married while Alexis hyperventilates into a paper bag. Maxie is upset about losing Sam's engagement ring. She tells Jackal PI about the day she and Spinelli got together, but he doesn't remember. When he calls her "Sugar pants,Ē she yells at him not to call her that; she is Maximista. Jackal, PI finds some frosting on the wall and believes it is a clue. They suddenly find themselves caged in.

Lulu encourages Nikolas not to let the Cassadine horrors define him or let his grandmother sway him. He tells her that as a Cassadine. He doesnít think he has a choice. He tells her that from the moment he landed in Port Charles, he has been the inconvenient dark secret of the family and everything has been all about Lucky. He says now he wants to life a life in which he meets his own needs instead of everyone else's. She asks him if he knows anything about Luke and he tells her the only thing he knows is that she needs to leave that island and never come back. Lulu observes that Nikolas is drinking Luke's choice of drink. Nikolas chides her for dragging Dante halfway around the world to find Luke. He asks her what she would have done if Helena had killed Dante. He tells her that like their mother, Laura, the only thing Lulu is interested in is being a hero. Lulu tells Dante she is ready to go home because she has come to realize that she can't save anyone. Helena is presented with a fistful of large diamonds. She says she wishes she could have seen Javier's face when he discovered they had double-crossed him. She observes how much they can accomplish when they work together. Finally, she says he has a visitor. Luke hovers outside the window of the room Lulu and Dante are in. Helena tells Nikolas that he is the image of his father. He observes that the whole point was to groom him into a suitable replacement for his father. He asserts that he is not the image of anybody and tells her not to take any bets on what he does next. After he leaves, Helena calls someone and says it looks as if they will be alone in this and that the Spencers have never been more vulnerable.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody is getting dressed in their formalwear and ready to attend David and Dorian's production of "Vicker Man". Markko is back in town after working on it but has not brought Langston with him although Dorian wants them back together. Dorian gets into a brawl with the woman who tried to seduce David knowing she is the actress to play Dorian. Blanca Morales hosts the television news show about all the Llanview residents and their gossip while they attend the show. Original Todd finds out about it and tells John he must attend although John had not previously planned to. Original Todd stays back and watches the show on John's television and is unable to accept seeing all of the people in his life with this "other guy" who calls himself Todd Manning. Rex is also home alone and distraught with Shane and determined not to let Todd and Jack get away with Gigi's death. Todd and Jack know that somebody out there wants their head on a platter. Rick, the porn producer shows up unexpectedly and makes Nate very uneasy. And as soon as we see the movie start with David narrating it, the screen goes blank and a new "film" appears with Nate stripping out of his cap and gown and ready to have a sex scene at The Minuteman.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lauren and Jack go on the CBS show the talk to promote the new Jabot Cosmetics line and Tucker makes a surprise appearance on the show to say how happy he is about the success of the new line. Tucker is asked if he plans to expand the product line given the wonderful sales of the product and he can’t answer the question. Ashley can’t help him because Katherine is standing close by so he pretends that he couldn’t hear the question and the ladies run out of time to ask the question again. Katherine goes over some contracts with Tucker and then she asks him to sign one and he signs it telling her he is sure the contract is fine. Tucker later goes to a hearing to restore him as president of his company and revoke Katherine’s conservator ship and the judge is about to give Tucker control of his company when Katherine arrives asking to take to the judge.

Victor arrives and happily gives Adam a report from the grand jury that says that he is being indicted for stock Manipulation and fraud along with other charges. Victor advises Adam to get a good lawyer. Adam has a talk with Diane telling her that she shouldn’t have betrayed him because now he is done with her. Diane lies at f first but then tells Adam that she couldn’t go to jail because Kyle needs his mother. Diane asks Adam to allow her to be part of the plan but he tells her there is no plan anymore. Victor approves of the naked heiress being the spokeswoman for beauty of nature but he must approve everything before they go forward. The SEC as part of the indictment investigation seizes Adam’s computers. Victoria gets a call from Nikki telling her that she was served with papers at rehab because Diane is suing her for alienation of affection. Victor assures Victoria that he will handle Diane because Nikki doesn’t need this while she is in recovery. Victor has a talk with Diane and demands that she drop the lawsuit and Diane shows him Abby’s video confession that she hit Tucker with her car. Victor breaks the camera after Diane shows him the video but she tells him that she has copies in a safe place and if he wants the copies to disappear he had better get out his checkbook.

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