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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jesse and Angie have a disagreement over Maya being their full time nanny. Maya arrives ready to move in. Jake and Amanda arrive at the hospital for her meeting with Dr. Hamilton. Amanda bumps into Cara at the hospital and Amanda lets her know that she has cancer. Tad stops by to check up on J.R. and to ask him about seeing Dixie. In the park, Brot leaves a half eaten box of doughnuts on the park bench when he gets up and leaves. When he comes back he finds Dixie eating the doughnuts. Dixie starts to leave, but Brot tells her to finish eating. Tad shows J.R. a stack of letters that Dixie’s Dad had sent to him. Cara offers Amanda sympathy over her having cancer. Angie accompanies Maya to tell J.R. that she is quitting him and taking a job at Angie’s and Jesse’s. Jesse questions Maya about her past. Jesse tells Frankie that he had done a background on Maya and found out that she given up a baby. Mookie becomes angry with Maya when he finds out that Maya will be working for Angie full time.

Angie and Mookie have a confrontation over Maya. Maya walks in on them arguing and is ashamed of Mookie’s actions. Amanda and Cara both apologize to each other for their past actions. Cara goes home and tells Tad what had been going on the hospital concerning Jake and Amanda. Tad lets Cara know about his meeting with J.R. Jesse is quite upset when he talks to Brot about Maya and his possibly losing Lucy. Mookie follows Maya and Angie back home and just stands staring at them. Brot takes Dixie to an insane asylum.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy wakes and realizes that Bill has not called or left a message. At home, Bill is distracted when he should be worried about the board meeting. Katie comes in and says she tried to wait up for him last night. He apologizes and says he did not want to wake her. He’s appreciative of last night’s renewal of vows if he did not say it before. She kisses him and says they have the rest of their lives for him to make it up to her. She urges him to go to his board meeting and be his best. They’ll get together later. Nick is surprised to find that Owen and Jackie have sold their loft. He did not even know it was on the market. He’s even more shocked when Jackie tells him that she’d like to pare down and consolidate; move in with him. Steffy reaffirms to Taylor that she is soon going to be with the man she loves and she is going to be happier than she has ever been in her life. She knows it happened last night; Bill told her he was going to leave Katie. Taylor says perhaps, but she doesn’t know that for sure until he calls and she just hates to see her moping around waiting for the call. Bill calls and tells Steffy that he is on his way.

Karen drops in on Katie and tells her that she is impressed with her brother, Bill, he’s a completely changed person due to Katie. Katie admits that Bill is a wonderful husband and father and perhaps she pushed him a little bit at first. But loyalty and family is who he is; a man of his word. Jackie is ecstatic when Nick tells him that she can stay….but only temporarily. She has to start looking for a new place immediately. Steffy and Bill fall into each others arms and smother each other with kisses. She wants to go upstairs and he stops her. She realizes he is still wearing his wedding ring and wants to know why. He explains that he has not left Katie yet and how Katie surprised him with renewal vows and this is going to take a little more time. He has an important board meeting now and his personal life pours into his professional balance sheet. Steffy doesn’t care. She wants him to prove his love by being with her; forget Katie, forget the board meeting and the company. Taylor returns to the house as she forgot a file. She senses everything is not right with Steffy. When she too sees Bill with his wedding ring, she jumps to the conclusion that he’s not leaving Katie and lashes out at him that Steffy is not going to be caught in the middle. He lied to her just like a lot of men have to their women. She grabs Steffy and says she is doing what she should have done before now and that is to put an end of this today.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

A homeless person found Carly passed out on the ground.  He started kissing Carly.  She tried to resist and he slapped her.  Quinn rescued Carly.  He tried to help her, but she tried to resist him.  She thought she was beyond help.  Carly thought he was a cop.  He told her he wasn’t.  Carly passed out and he carried her away.  At the Cheating Heart, Nicole told Brady that she didn’t want him moving on with Taylor.  He let her know that Taylor was drunk.  They started talking about EJ and him remembering what Brady did to him.  They also talked about their relationship.  At the hospital, EJ insisted that Melanie was on the pier when he was attacked.  He remembered bits and pieces, but he knew that she was there.  Taylor wondered why she’d be there.  Taylor tried to convince EJ he was wrong, but he was convinced she was there.  EJ changed the subject and talked to her about why they couldn’t be together.  At the pub, Abby and Melanie ended up getting into it after Abby told her that she knew about Carly’s problem.  Melanie was beyond upset with Abby.  Melanie ended up apologizing to Abby for yelling at her.

Bo told Woods that they have a strong case.  He told Woods that fake Rafe was going to confess.  Woods told Bo that someone had to pay for Bo’s mistake.  Bo understood that someone would be punished while Woods’ hands will be clean.  Quinn took Carly to his room and put her in the bed.  She wanted to know who he was and asked her not to tell anyone.  She passed out again.  Vivian showed up at Quinn’s place.  Quinn covered up Carly’s face and answered the door.  Vivian talked to him about destroying Carly.  When Vivian left, Quinn took the cover off of Carly’s face.  He wanted to know who Carly was.  He found her wallet and looked at her hospital I.D.  Hope wanted to know how Bo’s conversation went with the DA.  Hope thought Woods might be conspiring with Internal Affairs.  Bo told her Woods is going to blame them to save himself.  Hope blamed herself for what’s going to happen.  Roman told Hope that she’s got her old partner back because Bo was demoted.  Bo and Hope liked the idea of working together again.  He’s happy to be back with his partner.  Detective McCarthy showed Bo and Hope the picture of Carly.  Bo was shocked.  Taylor told Brady that EJ’s starting to remember things.  Brady wanted to know if he remembered him.  She told Brady that EJ remembered Melanie being on the pier.  He doesn’t want Melanie involved.  Melanie went into EJ’s hospital room.  He let her know that he’s starting to remember things.  He told her he remembered her being on the pier.  He knew she didn’t hit him, but she was covering for someone.  He asked her if Brady was the one who hit him.

GH Recap Written by Rebecca

Jax is in Paris, while Carly reads a story to Josslyn and Shawn stops by for a visit. Carly tells Shawn about the custody case. Shawn tells Carly about life in the war. Jax is getting back on a plane. Nikolas arrives on the Greek Islands only to find Lulu there. Nikolas argues with Helena about the family legacy. Nikolas confronts Helena about Aiden’s paternity.

Siobhan and Liz’s fight continues on the roof of General Hospital. Meanwhile, Lucky is at home obsessing over a bottle of pills. Monica confronts Liz about Jake being her grandson. Steve brings Olivia flowers and tells her about his grandparents. Olivia’s air conditioner breaks down and Steve watches her fix it – amazed.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Everyone prepares for tonight's premičre of David's film. Roxy hires Rama as a stylist in Foxy Roxy's. Vimal's mother comes in for a manicure. Rama begs Cristian to take care of her. Vimal's mother tells him that her daughter in law is a saint for looking after he sick friend Aubrey instead of herself and her unborn baby. Rama wonders how she will explain not being pregnant to her in-laws. Cristian offer to get her pregnant. Vimal's mother is ecstatic to meet David Vickers in person. Rama plans to sneak into the premiere Todd Manning gives Vimal three tickets to the premiere.

David is surprised that Rex is trying to blackmail Dorian. Rex asks Clint to press charges against Dorian for refusing him medical attention. Rex plays the sympathy for Shane card so Clint threatens Dorian. Clint warns Rex that he is playing a dangerous game with Todd Manning. Vicki can't believe that Clint is still planning to go to Statesville for a murder he didn’t commit. Viki asks Natalie if she loves Brody enough to lose her sister and if she still has feelings for John. Natalie tells her mother that she will always care about John, but they are over. 

Original Todd manning dreams that Brody asks Vimal if he is going to tell John that he is really Liam's father. In the world of the waking, Vimal tells Brody he will keep the secret. John does a DNA test to verify Original Todd manning's identity. Roxy almost sees Original Todd in John's room. John rummages through the drawers in Todd's office, puts an object into a plastic bag, and then pockets it. Todd tells Tea that he had been involved with some deadly people and one of them was Sam's kidnapper. Tea wonders why Todd keeps talking about losing them. Tomas tells Blair about his career in the CIA. Dorian presses him into taking Blair to David's Premiere. Dorian tells him privately that she has been waiting for Blair to meet a man who will make her get over Todd. Tomas calls john McBain and as he is leaving a message that he needs to talk to John about Todd manning, Original Todd picks up the phone.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack worries when he is unable to reach Kyle on the phone and Diane makes up a story that he is in summer school so that he will be ahead of his class when school starts again. Jack tells Diane that she better not try to undermine his relationship with Kyle or sneak Kyle out of town or she will be very sorry. Jack demands that Diane have Kyle at her place for his visitation tomorrow night when he returns from his business trip. Abby announces to the press that the naked heiress is the new spokeswoman for beauty of nature and the news gets a lot of positive press for Newman enterprises. Genevieve arrives and gives Victoria and Abby marketing ideas for the new campaign as a gift to them. Genevieve later has a glass of lemonade with Jack and tells him Abby’s big news and offers him ideas to counter Beauty of Nature’s new campaign as a gift to him.

Diane wants to make everyone who hurt her pay before she leaves town and Deacon wants to get revenge on some of the same people who wronged him so he tells Diane that he has a copy of the video confession Abby made telling everyone that she hit Tucker with her car. Deacon explains to Diane that Victor paid the cameraman for the tape. Diane pays Deacon $100 for the tape and gets ready to leak the story. Victor brings Sam to the penitentiary to support Sharon and Sam calls the DA to try and persuade him to give Sharon the deal he had offered her but he refuses because he heard about her almost wedding to Adam. Victor hires a very famous lawyer Avery Bailey Clark to handle Sharon’s appeal. Sam and Adam gets into a physical fight at Adam’s place and Adam wins the fight and throws Sam out of his room. Adam later gets a call from someone and tells that person they shouldn’t have called him and its best that they stay under the radar.

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