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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Jake gets the results of Amanda’s biopsy and goes home. Jesse and Angie spend time with Lucy until he gets a call from Brot and goes to the hospital. Opal lets Amanda know how concerned she is over Erica, then she asks about her problem, but Amanda assures her she's going to be fine. At the hospital, Jack, Kendall, and Bianca are distraught over Erica having stabbed David and being at Oak Haven, a psych hospital. When David wakes up following surgery, Griffin begins to question him about what he meant when he said the “others.” Stumbling around the park, Dixie quickly hides when she thinks that someone will see her. David refuses to give Griffin any information about the Orpheus Project. Mookie and Maya arrive at Angie’s apartment, so she can help watch Lucy. Mookie begins to look around for something to steal, but Angie catches him when he picks up a sculpture off the table and puts it under his shirt. At the hospital, Jesse and Brot get DNA results which prove that Maya is indeed Lucy’s mother. Jesse fears she may want her back. After Mookie leaves, Angie questions Maya about him, because she senses that he is very controlling. Griffin is upset by David’s secrecy. David tells him about the numbness in Greenlee's legs, although he realizes she may only be trying faking to get more information for Ryan. David orders Griffin to back off. Frankie lets Jesse know that David will recover. Frankie refuses to tell Jesse Maya's medical history.

When Jake tells Amanda that she has cancer, she tries to be brave and asks him to find someone else if she dies so that Trevor won’t be without a mother. Jack tells Opal about Erica's convoluted story and claim that she was just released from her kidnapper, Jane. Although Jack doesn’t buy the story, Opal does and insists that they help Erica. Kendall confronts David about what he had been doing to Erica and urges him to punish her for shooting him, not her mother. On her way out, Kendall sees Griffin in the hall and confronts him about the secrets he's been keeping from her. Kendall gives him an ultimatum to either tell her what is going on or end their relationship. Griffin chooses David and walks away. After Maya speaks of her difficulties at the Chandler Mansion, Angie asks her to move in with her and Jesse and be their full time nanny. David talks to someone on the phone and insists that Dixie be found.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The minister tells Bill that he knows it is difficult speaking from the heart, but just pretend all the guests aren’t here and tell Katie how he feels. Slowly Bill says they don’t need the Bible so the minister can put that away. He says all the right things…..he knows what happiness is when he opens his heart to someone….what she has given him whether he asked for it or not…..yes he loved her on their wedding day and he vowed he would always be honest with her…..and no matter what the future holds he will always love her. When it’s her turn, Katie says she knows Bill must be uncomfortable with this, but she wanted to remind him how unique and special they are and their marriage worth fighting for. Before him, it was only half a life, half a heart. He made her heart beat…..her heart whole. And it’s proved to her just how strong they are and they can overcome anything together. She knows there have been times that she disappointed him and he felt betrayed, but she never stopped loving him and she never will. She feels like she is looking at him for the first time and he looks amazing. Their future starts tonight. Reverend Haskell says once again with these vows that he pronounces them husband and wife.

Taylor tells Thomas and Steffy that they are all going to pull together and heel as a family. She just wishes that Steffy wasn’t placing all her future with a married man like Bill. Steffy reminds them that Bill is not waffling like her father did. Bill is telling Katie right now that he is leaving her. She gloats that the future of Forrester Creations is her, Bill and Thomas. She even feels badly for Bill. This is not going to be easy on him. He will have to let Katie down very gently so of course it will be difficult on him and take time. Bill sulks afterwards and lets Katie know this was not something he planned; it was sprung on him. She thought he would be happy that she was reaching out and trying to make a fresh start. He laments that he knows her heart was in the right place, but this was the last thing he expected. It was a mistake and she should not have just popped it on him. He meant all he said tonight. She misconstrues it and thinks he is worried about her heart. She assures him that she is fine. Her heart is not an issue. He can take his time, but go back outside and come in again and it will be only her….in their bed and they can say what they want to each other in private. As she disappears into the bedroom, he pours himself a big stiff drink and gulps it down.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Vivian was ecstatic that her plan to ruin Carly seems to be working.  She wondered if Carly saw the pictures she put of her online.  At Carly’s suite, Jennifer gave Carly water.  They talked about what Jennifer did to help her.  Jennifer’s determined to help Carly.  Suddenly, the phones (landline and cells) started to ring.  Melanie called Daniel about the pictures of Carly.  They were off to see Carly.  At the Cheating Heart, Brady and Taylor talked about EJ giving up custody.  They eventually kissed and Nicole saw them.  Nicole was upset about it.  Nicole wanted to know if Taylor showed up in Salem to ruin her life.  They started arguing.  Brady had to break up the fight.  Stefano questioned EJ’s decision to give full custody of the kids to Sami.  EJ was determined to make sure that Sami had the kids.  EJ changed the subject and told Stefano he remembered what happened when he was attacked. 

Jennifer was shocked to see the pictures of Carly.  Daniel showed up to check on Carly.  They talked about the pictures.  Jennifer told Daniel about finding Carly unconscious.  Carly admitted that drugs were there for her when she had trouble dealing with things.  Melanie showed up at the suite and they all tried to reach out to Carly.  Carly got upset and stormed into the bathroom.  Later, Melanie realized she was in there too long.  Carly snuck out the window.  Later, Vivian saw Carly on the pier.  Vivian mentioned the drugs and Carly wanted to know if she took her picture.  Vivian let her know that Nicholas saw it too.  Carly walked away.  Daniel, Jennifer, and Melanie went to look for Carly.  Jennifer hoped that Carly didn’t go looking for drugs.  Stefano wanted details about what happened during his attack.  EJ remembered bits and pieces of what happened to him.  EJ was convinced it wasn’t a random mugging.  Carly sat on a crate.  She looked through the trash and the dumpster and found beer and drank it.  Someone approached Carly while she was passed out.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Epiphany walks in on Patrick and Robin making out in one of the rooms, gives Patrick a set of sheets, and tells him to change them. Siobhan watches Elizabeth break into tears after rummaging through things at General Hospital looking for something. She blames Elizabeth for Lucky's choice to investigate a drug case. Lucky tells Siobhan she had no right to talk about him with Ethan. He tells her to make up her mind whose recovery she is going to mess up, his, or Elizabeth's. She tells him that he and Elizabeth are going to derail each other. Lucky meets his former dealer on the docks. The dealer gives him some samples to try. Monica goes to see Jason at his penthouse and tells him that she has found out that she's lost a grandson she never new she had. She asks him how he let it happen. He tells her that he kept Jake's paternity a secret to protect him. She tells him she misses the little boy he used to be before he changed into a different person. Elizabeth goes to Jason's and vents to Jason about her encounter with Siobhan. She tells him she can't get over the guilt of Jake's death, especially not when she has people like Siobhan telling her that she is irresponsible and that she killed her son. Sam counsels Elizabeth not to let other people's opinions define who she is because if she does, she will eventually judge herself by their terms. Elizabeth notices Sam's lug nut temporary engagement ring and they verify that they are engaged. Elizabeth wants to leave because she thinks she is intruding, but Sam tells her not to feel bad about leaning on people when she needs to. Jason says Elizabeth has to find the person she used to be and he believes she can do it. Speaking of himself, he says not everyone can do that. Elizabeth goes back to the hospital and up to the roof to get some air. Siobhan arrives moments later and begins taunting her about how high it is and what might happen if someone fell off.

Ethan goes to Johnny’s and tells him that if he or his father is involved in the drug thing at the hospital, Lucky must not get whacked. Kristina comes in from the balcony and Ethan asks her if she is playing games now because he pretended to be with Abby. Johnny tells him that Kristina came to ask him to fire Ethan. Johnny tells Ethan privately that he knows Ethan secretly likes Kristina and warns him not to let it become a problem. Then he fires Ethan. Kristina gets a dizzy head rush when she stands up to leave. Alexis translates a piece of paper that Molly found in an old book. It reads, in Slavic, "Something bad is in the air." when she reads it aloud, a sudden gust of wind blows their candle out. Alexis says the paper is just one of the silly things their old housekeeper in Greece used to say to scare her and Stephan when they were little. Molly is uneasy anyway. After Molly goes to bed, another wind startles Alexis and blows the paper off the table. Alexis scrambles to retrieve it, re-reads it, and then stuffs it into a folder. Dagger in hand, Helena tells Lulu that Laura cost her two of her sons and its time to even the score. Lulu asks her if she wants Luke to suffer the loss of his children. Helena tells her that she wants the Spencers to suffer the loss of Luke. She says she is going to help Luke to break free from his family. She tells Lulu to stay there and greet her father so he can reject her. A shadowy figure appears outside the window. Nikolas comes in the front door.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jessica and Robert Ford are getting along although she tells her mom she will never forgive Natalie and Brody who are moving out of Viki's and into their own place with Liam. Tea goes to talk to John about the suspicion surrounding her husband and brother, while original Todd hides in the bathroom unseen and listens intently to their conversation. John appears to be connecting the dots between what original Todd tells him and what she is. Viki admits that she does not feel she knows her brother and Jessica is feeling the same thing. Starr is torn between Sebastian and James, and Sebastian is clearly interested in her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Diane and Phyllis get into a verbal and physical fight over Nick and Nick puts a stop to the fight and tells Diane one more time that it is over between them and asks her not to come to the Restless Style office anymore. Phyllis later persuades Michael to help her file a restraining order against Diane and Diane is hurt when Michael gives her the restraining order because she has lost her only friend. Diane and Adam both vow to make everyone who hurt them pay for what they have done to them. Adam breaks Sharon’s heart when he tells her that he would never marry her because she betrayed him with Sam. Sharon finally realizes that the man she loved never existed she made him up and she tells Adam that he knows she is innocent. Sharon tries to call the DA but to take the deal and testify against Adam so that she can stay in Genoa City until her appeal is heard but its too late because the transfer her to the state penitentiary. Sharon is put in her new cell and is surprised to find Victor waiting inside for her.

Billy continues to have problems with Chloe after Delia sees him in the park and runs to him and they spend some time together. Chloe tells Billy that she is going to tell the judge and he will stop his supervised visits with Delia. Kevin and Victoria try to persuade Chloe to reconsider, but she insists that Billy can’t be around Delia as long as he continues to gamble and drink. Abby and Victoria both encourage Billy not to give up and to keep fighting for Delia. Billy tells them that he will fight, but he doesn’t want Victoria to help him. Victoria thinks that Beauty of Nature should sponsor the Naked Heiress reality show, but Michael thinks it is a bad idea. He says that the Naked Heiress will be bad for the company. Abby secretly meets with her reporter friend to tell her she is having a press conference at the Newman Enterprise offices.

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