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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Griffin searches David’s office for clues as to what he is up to but is confronted by Ryan, who wants to know what he knows about the Orpheus Project. Erica chokes David and orders him to stop lying. Tad and Cara have dinner and drinks at Krystal’s after he says good-bye to Dixie. J.R. sees Dixie in the park. David acts as though he knows nothing about Erica’s kidnapping and who did it. Jack doesn’t believe Erica's explanation, and Jesse is more than a little confused. Erica is arrested for stabbing David when she grabs a knife and sticks it in his belly.

In the park, J.R. pours his hear out to Dixie, who is asleep, about his life with Marissa and how she betrayed him. Kendall joins Tad and Cara at Krystal’s. Jack suggests to Erica that she get help. David tries to take her out of ConFusion when she grabs a knife and stabs him. Ryan lets Kendall know that Griffin has been betraying her about what he knows about the Orpheus Project. J.R. is drunk and goes to Tadís to pick up A.J., but Krystal refuses to let his son see him like that. She tries to call Tad, but J.R. stops her. J.R. flops down in a chair, crying hysterically. All Krystal can feel for him is sympathy. Tad accompanies J.R. home and puts him on the sofa. J.R. lets Tad know he saw Dixie. Kendall feels betrayed, once again, when she finds out that Griffin lied to her. David is brought into the hospital. Jake wants to help treat him, but David insists that he only wants Griffin. David insists to Griffin that he must save his life because of the others. (What others?) Erica is taken to the same psych hospital, Oak Haven, where Janet is.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Karen gushes on about how Bill and Katie are the King and Queen of Spencer Publications……..and she is very honored to be here tonight as they renew their vows. Taylor reminds Steffy as the woman who is left, this is going to hurt Katie a lot when Bill tells her that he is leaving her. No woman deserves that. Steffy says well she is happy; she is in love. Taylor tells her she needs to keep her eyes open when around men like Bill. Steffy wishes Taylor understood her. She wants no lectures. Ridge may not be able to leave his precious Logan women, but Bill is. That proves that he does love Steffy. Katie reveals to Donna that they went through a rough patch, but they made it through. She is inspired by Brooke and Ridge and wants to show Bill how committed she is to him. Bill is not happy. He snaps at Liam that he could at least have warned him about this. He does not like surprises. He had a busy day and certainly did not intend to renew his vows. He blurts out to Liam that he was with Steffy most of the day. He confides that he loves Steffy and was on his way home to tell Katie that he was leaving her. Now what’s he to do?

Hope boosts Katie that she and Bill are solid. He had many chances when Steffy threw herself at him, but he stayed true to Katie. Liam tells Bill that he can’t throw his marriage to Katie away. Bill cannot do this in front of her whole family. Liam tries to talk him out of it when Katie bursts in and asks Bill to hurry and get dressed; the entire family is waiting. Steffy asks Taylor just to be happy for her, and not to tell her Dad. She will tell him when the time is ready. Bill is leaving Katie and is making a commitment to her. Thomas walks in and hears enough to know Steffy is heading for trouble. Liam has a troubled look on his face as the Reverend Haskell begins the renewal vows. Karen, Donna and Liam all have words to say and Liam finishes that this renewal is a time for him to remember how much he and Katie love each other. But it’s not just for him, but for all of them. The strength of their relationship affects all of them. Before the minister can finish, Bill says he has something to say. He looks Katie in the eye and says it is obvious that their family and friends care about them and their marriage and he wishes he could live up to everything they described. “Katie, there is something you need to know.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole showed up and fought with Kate.  Kate thought Taylor ruined everything for the DiMeras.  Nicole defended Taylor.  Maggie showed up at Victorís place.  He was happy to see her, but she was there for Brady.  She thought Victor tricked her because he wasnít supposed to be there.  Brady texted Maggie and told her he postponed the meeting.  Victor wanted her to stay, but she walked out.  At the pub, Gabi wanted to know why Sonny didnít tell her he was gay.  Sonny didnít realize that he had to share his sexual orientation with everyone.  T was upset with Sonny for not telling him he was gay.  Will tried to calm T down, but it didnít work.  T didnít want people thinking he was gay too.  Sonny and T started to argue.  Victor walked in the pub and yelled at T.  Sonny thanked Victor for defending him.  Maggie saw what happened and tried to sneak out, but Victor noticed her.

At the hospital, Melanie talked to Daniel about Abby implying that something is wrong with Carly.  Melanie tried to reach Carly, but didnít get an answer.  Melanie went to check on Carly.  Vivian snuck into Carlyís suite and mixed pills in her water.  Carlyís still unconscious.  Vivian poured the mixture down Carlyís throat.  Jennifer went to Carlyís suite and found Carly on the floor.  At the DiMera mansion, Kate and Nicole eventually made up and had drinks.  Kateís convinced that Nicole loves EJ.  Stefano arrived and talked about getting revenge on EJís attacker.  Gabi praised Sonny for the way he handled T.  Kinsey showed up at the pub and Sonny talked to her.  He wanted to be friends.  Kinsey wasnít sure, but finally agreed.  Gabi asked Will if he had a problem with Sonny being gay.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Elizabeth refuses to take a leave of absence from work. Siobhan and Lucky butt heads regarding the drug ring investigation and Elizabeth. Helena tells Dante that she knows he is Lulu’s boyfriend. Lulu shows up at the Cassadine compound to defend Dante. Lulu plans on taking Helena’s place during a meeting with Luke. Patrick agrees to distract Robin from her chief-of-staff duties. Olivia and Steven talk about Elizabeth’s obsession with Lucky. Siobhan asks Ethan to talk to Lucky about the drug investigation. Siobhan confronts Elizabeth and makes her cry. Patrick and Robin enjoy a picnic in one of the hospital rooms. Spinelli is convinced the bakery is a front for drug dealers. Anthony and Johnny play along when Spinelli shows up at their apartment. Maxie is worried about Spinelli’s frame-of-mind. Ethan talks to Lucky about dropping the case.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dani expresses her love for Nate and regrets distrusting and accusing him of sleeping with Deanna. Right when they think everything is good, however, Rick finds them and Nate demands to know what he wants. He gives Nate the DVD yet does not reveal to Dani what is on the DVD regarding Deanna. Meanwhile, Starr is with Sebastian brainstorming the weird and secretive behavior of their two respective dads and what that might have to do with Sam reporting that he has met a guy who looks just like Todd Manning before he got his face changed. They then end up kissing although she says she is committed to James and not interested in him. John meets original Todd on the docks and does not know what to make of his stories that the Todd we know has stolen his life and only he (original Todd) is Todd Manning. When John notices that people want him dead, he lets original Todd stay at his home in an attempt to find out some information from him. Agent Baker appears at Dorian's and talks to current Todd after talking to Tomas and he assures Todd that "that guy" Todd just met who claims to be Todd Manning is dead and out of their hair. But Baker later gets a call informing him otherwise and he is alarmed. Dorian meets Baker and he and Todd convince her that he hired Baker to help them find the guy who attempted to kidnap Sam and make sure the town is safe. But she later comes across Baker's business card and discovers he's a secret agent.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kyle hugs his dad and tells him that he can’t visit him tonight because he is going to stay with a friend for the night. Diane takes Kyle to the airport and says a tearful goodbye to him promising they will soon be together again. Diane later stops by the Restless Style office and sees Nick making love to Phyllis on top of the desk. Jack tells Katherine that Tucker is a little bit off and is concerned that he is hiding something about his condition. Katherine and Sofia continue to argue about what Tucker would want for McCall and Sofia makes it clear that she will always side with Tucker. Sofia goes to visit Tucker and he tells her the truth about his medical condition that he can’t understand contracts or statistics. Sofia promises Tucker that she will keep his condition a secret and she and Ashley both promise Tucker that they won’t let anyone get the upper hand on him not even Katherine. Katherine asks Neil to investigate about Tucker’s condition and if Jack is right then Katherine vows to protect Tucker’s company even from Tucker himself.

Adam asks Sharon to marry him she says yes and later tells Sam the news and breaks his heart. Sam tells Sharon that marrying Adam is a mistake because he thinks that Adam had evidence that could clear her name and didn’t use it. Sharon defends Adam and tells Sam that if Adam had evidence that could clear her she wouldn’t be in jail. Sam calls Piper and tells her that he is going back to New Mexico because Sharon doesn’t need him. Sam writes a goodbye note to Sharon while she is marrying Adam. Sharon tells Adam how much she loves him and says I do but when it comes Adam’s turn he says I am sorry why the hell would I want to marry you.

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