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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Tad goes to Krystal’s and has a memorial service for Dixie where he shares memories with Opal, Liza, Krystal and Cara. JR walks in and is touched when he hears Tad talk about how loving Dixie and being his stepfather changed his life. Kathy sees Dixie at the park but by the time she goes to get Cara Dixie is gone. Brot, Angie and JR also see Dixie in the park but both Brot and Angie think she is a homeless woman and even though Angie can’t see she senses that Dixie is scared and in trouble. JR just thinks he is seeing things because he is drunk. Marissa tells AJ that she and Marissa are together and is surprised at how well he takes the news. Marissa is however worried about how AJ will be affected by seeing JR drunk earlier.

Erica asks Jane to show her a picture of herself with her former face Jane shows her the picture and tells Erica that her mother always told her she was ugly. Erica thinks that is a horrible thing for any mother to say and persuades Jane to let her go and promises not to press charges against Jane if Jane promises to change her face back to her own and stop trying to be her. Ben promises Jane he won’t leave her alone so Jane let’s Erica go. . Ben takes Erica back to Pine Valley and Erica finds Jack and Jesse at Confusion and she tells them the ordeal she has lived through but they don’t believe her and think she has gone crazy. David goes along with the story and tells Jack and Jesse he thinks Erica is suffering from posttraumatic stress syndrome.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie drops in on Brooke at the office. Brooke says she does not need another apology. Stephanie bribed Thomas with the shares and now Taylor won’t let him give them back. Stephanie says the repercussions are now on Steffy. She was so hurt by all of this with Ridge not coming back to their family. Brooke tells her the ripple affect has just begun. Stephanie reminds her that she was there for her before when she was ill, so now she’s asking her to be there for her again. Taylor catches Steffy in her bedroom and Bill with his shirt off. She’s ticked and tells him to put his clothes on and get downstairs right now. Bill tells Taylor that he’s in love with her daughter. It’s as simple as that. Steffy will not be the other woman. He’s on his way home now to tell Katie that he is leaving her. Meanwhile Katie has a room full of people gathered for a surprise party. She’s not pregnant, but other than that she won’t give them a hint what it is all about. She’s waiting for her husband as it involves him.

Stephanie conveys to Brooke that she has to make it up to Taylor and Steffy, but she wants to make amends with Brooke first; just hear her out. She admits Brooke has a lot of goodness in her and a big heart. She can’t believe she did the things she did to her. Brooke points out that because of what Stephanie did, she will never know how far the tentacles reach out and will hurt others, not just Brooke. Stephanie says she has learned a lot from this; lies are always destructive. She admits she holds grudges, but she feels Brooke has already forgiven her. That’s a good quality and makes Brooke to be a rather extraordinary person. It took a long time for her to realize that and she won’t do anything again to hurt her. Steffy and Taylor argue over Bill and what sort of man he is….one capable of murder. Steffy says they love each other and while they have not made love yet, they will. They belong together so it will happen. Nothing can keep them apart. Everything is as it should be. Bill is beyond surprised when he walks into his beach house and sees even his sister, Karen, is there along with Donna, Justin, Stephen, Pam, Hope and Liam. Then the minister arrives and Katie announces they have made it through a lot of challenging times and it’s proven to her they can make it through anything. This is a renewal of hope and she wants to hear those words again, their love forever. She kisses him (talk about a deer caught in the headlights!).

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Vivian was happy that her plan to get Carly seemed to be working.  She told Gus that Carly was about to crack.  At the hospital, Daniel and Carly continued to talk about her feelings for her.  Carly continued to deny her feelings for him.  She eventually snapped at Daniel because he called her special.  Melanie checked EJís chart and called him a jerk.  She walked out the room.  EJ remembered seeing Melanie on the pier when he was attacked.  Taylor was shocked that Lexie told her that EJ is giving up on life.  Stefano showed up and wanted to know how EJ was doing.  Lexie told him how he was.  An alarm went off in EJís room.  At the police station, Hope was frustrated about a phone call.  Bo told her that itís over.  Hope refused to accept that.  EJ and Stefano were going to get away with what they did.  Roman brought in a perp.  She told the guy he shouldnít have broken his friendís arm.  The perp thought he could get away with it since she got away with trying to set Bo on fire.  She was upset and yelled at the guy.  Bo wanted Roman to get him out of there.  Vivian saw Daniel, Melanie, and Carly at the pub and wanted to celebrate Carly being an addict.

EJ told Taylor that he had a dream about his attack.  He told her how he saw a woman on the pier with him.  He wanted to know why Taylor was there.  She wanted a key from Lexie.  She wanted to know if he really gave up his kids.  He thought it was a good idea at the time.  He thought that a part of him might have did it to impress her.  She walked out of the room and ran into Stefano.  Stefano wanted to talk to her.  He wanted to know what it would take to get her to leave town.  She refused his offer.  He said to do it or sheíd pay.  She refused to listen to his threats.  Lexie asked EJ about what happened.  He had vague memories of a woman.  Later, Hope questioned Melanie about whether EJ mentioned anything about the imposter.  He didnít say anything to her.  Carly went back to her suite and popped a pill.  Later, Melanie went back to EJís room and he remembered that she was on the pier the night of his attack.  Taylor warned Stefano that he might lose EJ just like she did.  She told Stefano how EJ gave up his children so heís trying to do the right thing.  Jennifer tried to call Carly, but she was passed out on the floor.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anthony Zacchara brings flowers to Abby at ELQ. He then tells Michael that he wants to invest in ELQ. Tracy overhears and tells Anthony to get out. She blames Michael for Anthony being there and wants to know whether it was Michael or Abby that leaked confidential information to Anthony. Abby and Michael wonder who really did leak the info. Anthony discusses his plan to run ELQ into the ground and then buy it for peanuts with the trusted top officer of ELQ.

Lulu and Dante camp in a cave on Cassadine Island. Lulu suggests that Dante apply for a job there so he can keep an eye out for Luke. When he does, Helena immediately concludes that Luke sent him as a spy but interviews him anyway. Her interview ends with her telling Dante to take off his shirt. Lucky returns to work. Mac doesnít believe he should be back yet, but against his better judgment, he gives Lucky an assignment involving billions of dollars worth of pills taken from the hospital and probable mob activity. Lucky tells Elizabeth about the case and she wonders if he is purposely trying to self-destruct like his dad. Lucky makes a call to a former dealer to set the stage as if he has relapsed and is looking to score. Maxie coaxes him to try the computer, with no luck. Maxie asks Lucky to spread the word to the beat cops to refrain from ticketing Spinelli for loitering outside the bakery that Jason has him staking out just to keep him out of trouble. Robin begins instituting changes to the hospital policies in her role as interim chief of staff. Matt begs Maxie to talk to Robin, but she won't. Matt asks Patrick to divert Robin's attention from policy. Robin asks Elizabeth to return to work on desk duty. Steve thinks it is a bad idea. Siobhan gets a clean bill of health from Matt but becomes incensed when she sees Elizabeth reporting to the Triage station. Steve tries to persuade Elizabeth to go back home. Siobhan asks Lucky if he will leave her if she re-files the malpractice suit.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Agent Baker, who held original Todd captive, finds his way to Llanview knowing he's escaped but assuming he'd dead (along with a secret nobody wants him to reveal). Meanwhile, at the docks, somebody tries but fails to drown original Todd when a homeless man saves his life. Original Todd attempts to explain his situation to the man but he finds it a bit odd. He does, however, tell original Todd that he can refer him to a "good guy" who can help him out. He's the owner of Rodi's bar and a cop named John McBain. Original Todd then remembers Baker talking about John McBain and then decides to call John. Meanwhile, Starr and Sebastian are wondering what their two respective dad's secrets are and how it relates to the Spiderman character who attended Sam's party and took him. Tea then asks Tomas some questions about his secret yet he cannot tell her.

Brody goes to find Vimal knowing that Vimal intends to tell John that Liam is John's child and not Brody's. After overhearing that Vimal has a lot of secrets he wants to keep from his own family, he knows that Vimal does not want his own parents to know that he went to prison for DNA altering nor that he and Rama are not having a baby. So he urges Vimal not to tell anyone what he knows about Liam.Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria receives a package that she had ordered for Billy and realizes that today is his birthday. Billy comes out into the corridor of the hospital and is confronted by a nurse asking him as to why he isn’t in his room. Billy lets her know that he is checking himself out. Ashley and Jack arrive to take Billy home with them to celebrate his birthday. Sam visits Sharon in jail and asks her to trust him that he wants the best for her. Diane shows Adam the papers that Victor had signed turning over custody of Kyle to Victor. At work, Tucker reads through a client’s file, but gets frustrated and tosses it aside. Victoria looks at the picture that she had made of herself and Billy. Victoria remembers happier times with Billy. Sharon tells Sam not to worry about Adam. Sharon apologizes to Sam for deceiving him about what her real name was. Diane reminds Adam what had happened to Sharon. Adam lets her know that Sharon is paying for the choices hat she had made and warns Diane not to cross him. Jack brings Billy to Tucker’s office to celebrate his birthday. Tucker offers Billy a drink, but jack feels that Billy doesn’t need a drink. Billy orders a “Bloody Mary.” Ashley tells Victoria about the birthday party she has planned for Billy. Victoria refuses to come to the party. Victoria shows Ashley the pic that she had had made for Billy. Leslie tells Sharon that she is being moved to prison tonight. Leslie tells Sharon that Spencer wants to meet with her.

Jack shows Tucker the new earnings figures for Jabot. Sam visits Adam and pushes him against the wall. Sam demands that Adam use the evidence that he has to free Sharon. Spencer tells Sharon that he wants her to help him to send Adam to prison. Sharon refuses. Ashley gives Billy John’s ring. Reed shows Victoria a picture of Mackenzie, the baby and J.T. Diane tells Kyle that he is leaving town. Kyle refuses but then agrees to do as his Mother asks. Jack shows up much to Diane’s surprise. Adam visits Sharon and lets her know that he still loves her and wants her to marry him.

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