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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Ryan finds out from talking to Cara that David found an oncologist to cure her leukemia and then Griffin became David’s research assistant. Cara inadvertently doodles the project Orpheus logo on a napkin at Krystal’s. Ryan goes to tell Kendall what he found out but decides not to tell her that he suspects Griffin is involved in project Orpheus until he gets more proof. Griffin confronts David and demands to know how many people he experimented on for project Orpheus. David tells Griffin that Greenlee and Maria were the only two patients and assures Griffin that Cara wasn’t part of the project. David reminds Griffin that he put him in touch with the oncologist that saved Cara and for that reason alone he should keep his mouth shut. Griffin wants to do the right thing to keep David from hurting other people but decides his sister being alive is worth anything he had to do in the past or must do now.

Jane overhears David telling Greenlee that he settled for Erica because he couldn’t be with her and besides being with Erica got him the ownership of the hospital again. Jane also overhears Jack telling Greenlee he will keep fighting to get Erica away from David. Jane returns and tells Erica the conversations she overheard and tells her that she was right about David. Jane wonders what she should do now and Erica tells her that she knows exactly what she should do now. Erica hears banging on the wall and we discover that Dixie’s room is on the other side of Erica’s wall. Dixie manages to make a key out of a piece of wire and opens the door to her room and leaves. David calls someone and tells him to move all the patients except Dixie he will take care of her. Kathy sees a dazed Dixie walking in the park, but Dixie doesn’t see her and Kathy calls her mommy. David goes to Dixie’s room and is upset to discover she is gone.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor tells the group that circumstances have changed. Her friendship with Stephanie is over, but she still is trustee of the will and she will protect Thomas. Nothing is the way it was and it will never be again. So they can forget going back to business as usual. She shakes her finger at Stephanie and says she was the brainchild of this mistrust….Thomas wanted no part of it and tried to get out of it. As Ridge's other family, she is not going to take this any more. She will protect her own. Steffy tells Bill that after what her dad did to her mom, she really hopes she sticks it to him. Bill realizes she wants revenge; she calls it justice. Taylor calls Steffy and asks her to thank Bill for his excellent advice. Steffy thanks Bill with a kiss and tells him that they are going to have control some day. He wants to know everything about her and asks to see her bedroom. She drags him to her room, saying she is getting another place soon, but for now this is it. She sits on the bed and says yes this is the room she grew up in. He sits on the bed too and tells her that she is magnificent and incredible. He kisses her, but she tells him that she can’t be the other woman. Very quickly he says he will leave Katie. He can’t deny his feelings for Steffy.

Taylor lashes at Ridge and Brooke that he was not always there for the children. It was almost like she was a single parent. She raised her children to know that if they lived their life with decency, good things would come to them and they would be rewarded. So the disaster that just happened did not come from Thomas’s mind or heart. That was Stephanie’s doing, and she gave him those shares and wrote the irrevocable trust, so one day they will belong to Thomas. Now she is going to make sure they stay with him. Ridge wants to know if on that tragic day that he loses his mother, he’s going to lose the company too….is that fair? She says she is sorry, but that’s the way it’s going to be. Ridge knows that she is just lashing out at him and in time she will see it is a mistake. Brooke hopes and believes it will be a very long time before Stephanie goes to the great beyond, so this will not be a problem. Brooke says she has made a lot of mistakes in her life, so she can understand how Stephanie must feel. Her heart still goes out to her. Steffy changes into a teddy and Bill continues to kiss her and tell her how beautiful she is. He swoops her up and takes her to the bed. He takes off his shirt and kisses her passionately again. Unexpectedly Taylor returns home and marches right up to Steffy’s room and knocks on the door….only to find it locked. She wants to know why and if Steffy has someone in there. (maybe you shouldn’t ask if you don’t want to know).

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

EJ was on the floor when Nicole showed up at the DiMera mansion.  He begged her to help him.  Nicole started to dial, but stopped herself.  She wanted him to give her a reason why she should help him.  He continued to beg for her help.  He apologized for everything.  Nicole admitted that she was the one who let Fake Rafe out of the warehouse.  She thought Fake Rafe would take care of him, but he didn’t do it.  She mentioned that she’s easily fooled.  EJ told her not to put herself down.  He didn’t blame her for not wanting to help him.  She wanted to know if he’s apologizing because he needs her.  He said he meant it.  She reminded him that they had everything, but he blew it.  He told her that he gave the kids up.  At the Cheating Heart, Brady and Taylor talked about EJ.  Taylor claimed she was mad that EJ’s not going to prison.  She also said she’s staying in Salem because she promised her mother that she would stay near Nicole.  Melanie showed up and talked to Dario.  Dario invited her to a concert in Chicago.  Detective McCarthy showed up and talked to Dario about robberies happening on the riverfront.  Melanie wanted to know why she was asking.  Everyone who has a rap sheet was questioned.  Dario denied being there because he was working.  Brady wanted to know what was going on with them.  They didn’t tell him anything.  Brady ended up offering Dario a job.  Brady felt he owed Dario something for his help with EJ.  Dario was interested in the job.  Taylor wondered why Brady offered Dario a job.  She asked Brady if he wants to be with Melanie.

Jennifer told Maggie that she’s not seeing Daniel anymore.  Maggie wanted details.  Jennifer explained everything to Maggie.  Maggie assumed they broke up because Jennifer still loves Jack.  Jennifer claimed she’s not in love with Jack anymore.  Carly put a pill from the baggie in her mouth as Daniel was about to knock on her door.  He thought about what Jennifer said about Carly having feelings for him.  He decided to leave instead of knocking on Carly’s door.  Carly was going to throw the pills in the toilet, but decided to put them in a drawer.  Lexie was at the nurses’ station when Nicole brought EJ in the hospital.  Lexie wanted to know if Nicole attacked EJ.  Nicole told her that she found EJ like that.  EJ remembered Melanie’s feet.  He told Lexie that he remembered what happened.  EJ told Nicole that he remembered a woman was at the pier when he was attacked.  At first, EJ thought Nicole did the attack on him.  She told him that she wasn’t at the pier.  Brady told Taylor he’s not into Melanie.  Brady ignored Nicole’s text. She tried to warn him that EJ was starting to remember.  Nicole thought Brady would be sorry for ignoring her text about EJ.  Lexie said that EJ had swelling on his brain and that he needs steroids to get rid of it.  Nicole went to EJ’s room and they talked.  She said that he sounded sincere, but she doubted that he regretted anything that he’s done.  He said that he did regret hurting her.  He apologized to her again as she left.  At the hospital, Daniel told Carly that Jennifer told him about her feelings for him.  Carly was upset about that and denied her feelings for him.  She said she’s still trying to get over losing Bo and she’s working too hard to think about being with someone.  Lexie thanked Nicole for finding EJ and said he could have died if she didn’t get to him in time.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam asks Alexis how she would feel about her and Jason getting married. Alexis gives her blessing. Maxie drops the engagement ring 16 stories down the side of Jason's building. Sam meets Jason on the rooftop where he is waiting with candles and champagne. Jason asks her to marry him and she accepts. He gives her a lug nut as an interim engagement ring.

Brenda is leaving Sonny. Carly tells Brenda she needs to make good on that better or worse promise she made. Brenda wants Sonny to apologize and say it was a mistake. Sonny asks Brenda if she would stay with him if he gave up the business and they moved away from Port Charles. She loves the idea. He then tells her it would all be a lie because power is his defining characteristic, acquiring power is what he does, and he won't give it up, not even for love. She asks him if he isn’t going to stop her. He tells her that she is doing the right thing because the person he is will never be what her image of him is. She returns the rings to Sonny and then goes to Robin's with the intention of returning to Rome tomorrow. She gives Robin an envelope to give to Sonny later.

Jax says a tearful goodbye to Josslyn and Morgan. Morgan tells Carly that Jax is leaving town. Brenda tells Jax that she left Sonny. He takes her to Europe on his private jet. Sonny receives a call alerting him that Brenda and Alec left with Jax on his plane. Livid, he tells the caller to get his plane ready because he is going too.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo returns and has lunch with David and Dorian who want him to go after Echo for kidnapping and attempted murder. But Rex wants him to release his mom from jail and reminds Bo that the cops have failed to bring Dorian's nephew to justice for having Rex's son's mom killed. Bo is thereby torn between his loyalties to his biological son and his friendship to Rex. Jessica is still furious with Natalie and Brody. They are tired of her hostility toward them and her failure to accept responsibility for her actions. But Robert comes by to visit Ryder and Jessica is happy to see him and agrees to take Bree with her to the park with Robert and Ryder. Vimal has left the note for John to inform him that Liam is his son and is ready to resign from his job working for Todd. But before John can notice what he's written, Brody sees it, removes it so John does not get to see it and goes to talk to Vimal asking him what he knows. meanwhile Vimal's parents have travel around the world to see their son, daughter in law and new baby unaware that Rama lied about being pregnant and Vimal is ready to divorce her. Rama is staying at The Minuteman with Aubrey and Cutter. Aubrey is clearly not over Joey nor ready to get back with Cutter. Joey, however, is moving on with Kelly.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick and Phyllis meet at “Restless Style” to discuss the article that she is doing on Adam and Sharon. Phyllis lets Nick know that Adam may be punishing Sharon but for what. Diane and Victor meet to discuss Kyle and how that she wants Victor to take care of Kyle. Jack accompanies Kyle to a baseball game.

Adam finally gives in and visits Sharon in jail. Sharon lets him know that she had never meant to hurt him. Victor questions Diane as to why she had returned to Genoa City. Diane lets Victor know that she wants Kyle to stay with him so he can have a stable home life. Jack and Kyle arrive at Gloworm after the game and he has a surprise for Kyle. Kyle opens the envelope and finds that it contains a brochure about baseball camp. Jack lets him know that it is Father-Son baseball camp and he wants to accompany Kyle on the trip. Sharon tells Adam that she knows how hard he had worked on finding information to free her. Sam interrupts Adam and Sharon. After a few choice words, Adam leaves Sam and Sharon alone to talk. Sam warns Sharon about Adam. Sharon defends Adam. Nick agrees to let Phyllis do the article on Sharon and Adam. Phyllis makes a call to find out what exactly had been on the memory card and what Adam had done with it. Victor suggests adopting Kyle and calls Michael to draw up the necessary paperwork to make it official. Diane signs the papers but gets a stern warning from Victor if she tries to double-cross him. Diane calls Adam and lets him know that it is done, but she wants Kyle out of town immediately. Leslie lets Sharon know that Adam had had the information in his possession to clear her name, but he hadn’t used it. Sharon wonders as to why he had done this. Sam and Adam have a run-in at Crimson Lights.

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